IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2012-04-25

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th1ahi aks.06:26
aksth1a: hi06:27
th1aSo... any SchoolTool in Nepal news?06:27
aksth1a: nope, not yet06:27
th1aIs the pilot over?06:27
aksth1a: busy with OLPC deployments, things didn't pick up well with rural gov't schools06:28
aksth1a: planning to try out in some private schools where we deploy our content06:28
th1aSchoolTool didn't work well in the rural schools?06:28
aksth1a: it did work, but the teachers there didn't seem to be motivated to use it06:29
aksth1a: despite the training and our support06:29
aksth1a: it's the human factor06:29
th1aWas the administration interested?06:29
aksth1a: the admin seems to be happy with the old paper and pen way they had been working :(06:29
th1aThat may be perfectly rational for them.06:30
th1aYou may need to figure out what the one task that can get SchoolTool in the door is.06:31
th1a(or just wait for it to appear)06:31
aksth1a: hmm..06:32
th1aOr, more to the point, find the thing that needs to be done that SchoolTool can help with most effectively.06:35
th1aWell, I hope you'll be able to upgrade your translations to work with the newest SchoolTool when you give it another shot.  The new user interface is vastly improved.06:37
th1aThanks for the update aks.06:41
* th1a goes to get ready for bed.06:41
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th1ahi aelkner, yvl, replaceafill.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
th1aOK, so I have to go in a half an hour because Jennifer scheduled Julia's three year checkup for 10:20.16:32
th1aSo let's make it quick and you guys can talk amongst yourselves if you need to straighten out more CanDo details.16:32
th1aSo, replaceafill, how's our demo look for Joe?16:32
replaceafillth1a, i've been able to sync my branches with trunks16:33
replaceafillthat is cando, flourish and gradebook16:33
replaceafilltimewise, i think it wont be ready for this afternoon, but for sure tomorrow16:34
th1aYou can't make the projects?16:34
replaceafilli do want to ask you guys about a way to navigate the skill tree16:34
replaceafillth1a, i just need a way to select the skills that will go into the projects16:35
replaceafilli mean, throuh the UI16:35
th1aHow'd you do it before?16:35
yvlskill assigning to the courses is not enough?16:36
replaceafillyvl, i could create a project for each skillset associated with the course16:36
replaceafillthat would be the skills gradebook16:36
yvlin my head you don't need to16:37
yvljust use the existing worksheets assigned to the course16:37
yvli.e. the skillsets of the course16:37
yvlbut maybe I'm wrong16:37
replaceafilllike the report sheets in the gradebook16:37
yvlnot really - I think they're "deployed" first16:38
aelkneryeah, that's somthing different16:38
yvlsince the skillsets are not to be edited per-section16:38
yvlI think there's no need to duplicate them16:38
th1aThe report sheets have to be "deployed" because they have to be permanent.16:38
aelknerwell, for may reasons, actually16:39
th1aSkills are "permanent" anyhow, so how you organize them isn't crucial.16:39
yvlI would have used ISectionSkills16:39
yvlit inherits Worksheets16:40
yvland in theory it should be enough, as it already gathers assigned skillsets to the course16:40
yvlso unless I made bugs, you should be able to use ISectionSkills(section) directly16:40
yvllike IProjects16:40
replaceafillnow i get it16:41
replaceafillISectionSkills *is* IActivities16:41
replaceafillthe container for worksheets :)16:41
th1aLet me make clear here that for the purposes of todays demo, we only need a working gradebook with some math skills.16:41
th1aHow they get there is not the issue.16:41
replaceafillth1a, that's easy16:41
th1aI would hope!16:41
replaceafillif you really want it for today, it's possible to have it16:42
replaceafilli just wanted to do it the *right* way16:42
th1aToday is much better than tomorrow, since Joe and Dave are meeting today.16:42
replaceafillwith yvl explanation is clearer to me now16:42
replaceafillth1a, ok16:42
replaceafillyvl, i did find an issue with the Assign Skill Set view16:43
th1aI might be running around early this afternoon so you should email Welsh directly.16:43
replaceafillit doesn't allow me to go back16:43
th1a(and cc: me)16:43
replaceafilllike a Done button16:43
yvlI might have forgotten that16:43
replaceafillth1a, ok16:43
th1aI'm ok with going fast with the UI now and missing a few things like that.16:43
th1aWe need to get the main pieces in place so we're not blocking each other.16:44
replaceafillok, i'll use ISectionSkills to render the worksheets in the gradebook16:45
th1aSwitching topics quickly...16:45
th1ayvl: Are you working on dates for Portugal?16:45
yvlfailing that :)16:45
th1aYou need to get back to Antonio on that ASAP.16:45
yvlI tried to write an email today16:45
yvlI've no idea what to write16:45
yvlapart from "so?  what's the plan?"16:46
yvland failed to translate that into a decent email.16:46
th1aI think you basically need to find out when flights go from crazy expensive to just somewhat expensive and book a flight.16:46
th1aAnd tell them you're coming.16:46
yvlfor how long?16:46
yvlto do what?16:46
th1a3-5 days.16:47
th1aYou could ask about that.16:47
yvlI can't book a flight for 3-5 days16:47
th1aWell, they're upgrading from like, 1.3 or something to 2.1.16:47
yvlit's either 3 or 4 or 5 ;)16:47
th1aI'm sure a little explanation will help.16:47
yvlso basically I'm just having trouble composing the email16:48
yvlI'm very bad at asking obvious stuff16:48
yvlpolitely I mean16:48
th1aI would just get an idea of how quick you can sanely get there, suggest that, and ask how long Antonio thinks they can use you.16:50
th1adwelsh just called... just a sec.16:50
* replaceafill thinks the skills gradebook should be now the default redirect for the CanDo tab16:53
th1aIt isn't?16:53
replaceafillit was the Projects gradebook16:54
replaceafillsince we didnt have the new one :D16:54
th1ayvl:  I imagine they'd just like a couple days to help get oriented.16:54
th1aI don't see them as two separate gradebooks per se.16:54
th1aTwo sets of tabs.16:54
replaceafillbut we only have one tab in the primary navbar16:55
th1ayvl:  The premise here is not that you will literally be cutting code with them.16:55
yvlwhat will I be doing then? :)16:56
th1areplaceafill:  In my mind I have one gradebook which I flip between skill group tabs and project tabs.16:56
yvlwell, I guess I'll wait and see16:56
th1aExplaining what has changed.16:56
th1aAnswering questions.16:56
th1aI'd think.16:56
th1aTwo or three days of discussion will probably save them a LOT of confusion.16:57
th1aAlso, I'd like to know how they want to handle the UI, etc.16:57
th1aJust telling them things like "OK, now we have all the colors in one CSS file."16:57
th1aInstead of making them find it.16:57
th1aWe don't have a lot of written developer documentation, as you may have noticed.  :-D16:58
th1aThat's why it is probably best for you to get there sooner rather than later.16:58
yvlsounds about right16:59
* yvl sent a request to my travel agency16:59
th1aOK, I'll send an email to Antonio in the meantime.16:59
th1aNow, I have to go.17:00
th1aPerhaps you guys could do brief reports to each other which I'll read afterward and discuss.17:00
replaceafillyvl, question17:00
yvlok, see you th1a17:00
th1aThanks guys!17:00
* th1a goes to the pediatrician.17:01
yvllistening, replaceafill17:01
replaceafillfor ISectionSkills i need to use ISkillSet instead of IProject, correct?17:01
yvlit's a read-only container17:01
yvlok, it's supposed to be a read-only container ;)17:02
yvlsee SectionSkills. values / worksheets / all_worksheets17:02
yvlso... ICourseSkillSet if that's what you're asking17:03
yvl(and I think I forgot to make the ICourseSkillSet inherit IWorksheet interface17:04
yvlCourseSkillSet inherits GenericWorksheet though17:05
yvlhope this answers the question, replaceafill17:05
replaceafilla sec, i'm looking for the code to point you to17:05
replaceafillif i understand you correctly, in that line17:06
replaceafilli need:17:06
replaceafilland probably remove the ensureAtLeastOneProject :)17:06
replaceafillbut i have some viewlets registered in that case for IProject17:07
replaceafilllike the active viewlet and so on17:07
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yvlyes, no need for ensureAtLeastOneProject17:18
replaceafillgone :)17:18
yvlso if you want to register for common interface... feel free to use ISkillSet17:18
yvlor maybe better an intermediate interface17:18
yvlthen make ICourseProject and IProject inherit that17:19
replaceafillISectionSkills(section) returns None on getCurrentWorksheet(person)17:21
* replaceafill goes see why17:21
replaceafillah, IProjects again ;)17:23
yvlit can return none when no skills are assigned to the course17:23
replaceafillah! course skill sets are associated with the course17:25
replaceafilland in the gradebook they're the worksheets are associated with the section17:25
replaceafillso doing absoluteURL(worksheet, request) is not valid anymore17:26
yvlhmm, we could return LocationProxy's in SectionSkills...17:28
replaceafilli think that's the only part i have trouble with now17:30
replaceafillthe url of the worksheet17:30
replaceafillthe rest seems to work changing IProject to ISkillSet17:31
yvlallright then17:32
replaceafillthanks yvl17:33
yvlhappy coding!17:33
aelkneryvl, see what i did in my recent commit to trunk?17:36
aelkneryou had a classImplements statement that only helped the tests, but i needed relationships to work in reality :)17:36
yvlI see17:38
* yvl forgot to do that in skill.zcml17:39
yvlsee - it's done for Skill, forgotten for SkillSet17:39
yvlthe <implements> directive17:39
* yvl out17:39
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?18:50
* th1a is heading out the door.18:50
th1aWhat's up?18:50
replaceafillthe demo18:51
replaceafilli'll send the link to dwelsh18:51
replaceafillah sorry :)18:51
th1aI get a traceback...18:51
th1aWell, without the gradebook at the end.18:52
replaceafillah yes, we don't have a view for the project itself18:52
replaceafilljust for its gradebook18:52
th1aI just lost the end of the link the first time for some reason.18:52
th1aLooks good!18:52
replaceafillit's cheating... but it works for the demo i think18:53
replaceafillcheating in that it's not the full functionality yet18:53
th1aIt is fine.  They'll be excited.18:53
replaceafillok, sending out the link18:53
th1aGood work replaceafill & aelkner.18:53
* th1a heads out the door.18:53
replaceafillsee u18:54
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