IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-04-24

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sirexyvl, got this error:
sirexI use celery, which requires python-dateutil>=1.5.0,<2.0.0 and it seems, that a package from schooltool requires python-dateutil==1.4.112:35
sirexMaybe you have an idea how this can be solved?12:36
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th1ayvl: ayt?17:59
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th1ahi replaceafill.19:11
replaceafillhey th1a19:11
* replaceafill hasn't had connection until now :(19:11
th1aTuesdays are my day to start late and work in the evening anyhow.19:15
th1aI've found two other guys to skate with me Tuesday morning.  ;-)19:15
th1aAnd the weather was pretty much perfect today aside from a little wind, and all the kids are in school...19:16
replaceafillperfect time to skate ;)19:16
replaceafillhere is really really really windy19:16
replaceafillthat's why i lost the connection19:17
replaceafill(i think)19:17
replaceafilli can hear the wind: wuuuuuuuuuu19:17
th1aOK, so anyhow, we need to put together a quick CanDo demo.19:18
th1aBasically Joe Ucha has some new boating sites starting, and we're going to want to get them up and running on the new CanDo rather than the old.19:19
th1aSo David sent me his list of math skills, and aelkner and I were working on tweaking the spreadsheet to fit the new import formula.19:19
th1aAfter an overly long discussion yesterday...19:19
replaceafilli was lurking ;)19:20
th1aSo remind me... at this point we can just do project based CanDo gradebooks, right?19:20
replaceafilli was expecting to start the skill based one on thursday19:20
replaceafillit should be ready by monday i guess19:21
replaceafilli don't see much difference19:21
th1a"skill based" meaning based on the organization of the skills in the document?19:22
th1aOK, step two (after aelkner gets the standards in) I guess will be you making up the project structure so they can do their demo.19:23
th1aIn fact, they have projects defined in the spreadsheet, so you can create real projects.19:23
replaceafilldo you have the spreadsheet to see it?19:23
replaceafilli mean, so i can see it :)19:23
th1aOK, forwarded.19:24
th1aWe're ONLY interested in the math skills sheet.19:24
* replaceafill checks19:24
replaceafilli saw yesterday's conversation ;)19:24
th1aThat is, the Hands On Math Exercises are basically projects.19:26
th1aSome of them don't repeat much but definitely, say, HE-PP-5 would be a good example.19:26
th1aOf a project addressing multiple math skills.19:26
replaceafillhe-pp-5 is the magic rule exercise, correct?19:32
th1aI'm not even sure.19:32
replaceafilland involves skill 2.1, 2.2, 2.3.. 4.1..19:32
replaceafillExercises-General sheet:19:33
replaceafillline 919:33
replaceafillrow 9 :/19:33
th1aAh, I see.19:35
replaceafillHE-MC-2 might be a better example19:43
th1aSure.  Or both.19:43
replaceafillit has more skills19:43
th1aSeveral would be good.19:43
th1aSo I guess aelkner's branch (trunk, whatever) doesn't have the CanDo gradebook.  Or maybe he just hasn't looked for it, or something.19:43
replaceafillso, should i create projects with their associated skills?19:43
replaceafilli haven't integrated my stuff yet19:44
replaceafilli was thinking of doing that early next week19:44
th1aLet's chat about it in 1 hour and 15 minutes with aelkner.19:44
replaceafillah ok19:44
th1aI'm supposed to talk to him at 2:00.19:44
replaceafillcool, i'll be here19:44
* th1a goes to pick up Vivian.19:48
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aelknerreplaceafill, hey20:53
replaceafillhey aelkner20:53
aelkneri have the sample math skills set up on my demo server:20:53
aelknerare the skill titles the kind of length you anticipated in your gradebook design?20:54
th1aYou can't assume titles are short.20:55
aelknerhey th1a20:56
replaceafillaelkner, yes20:56
th1ahi aelkner.20:56
aelknerso, as ou can see, i have the sample skills loaded20:56
aelknerthere was nothing in their data to indicate required or not (that i could see)20:56
aelknerobviously, no labels or external ids20:57
aelknerbtw, the one set of ids they had seemed to be like SOLs, does that sound right?20:57
replaceafilli think labels would need to be 1.1, 1.2, ....20:58
replaceafillthe local_id column in the Math Skills sheet20:58
th1aYeah... probably.20:58
aelkneri can change that real quick, one sec20:59
aelknerlabels fixed21:00
aelknerok, now what?21:01
aelkneroh, what about the skillset labels, same thing?21:02
aelknerthe titles are supposed to appear as tabs, right, shat are the labels for?21:03
th1aThat probably makes sense.21:03
aelkneroops :)21:03
th1aIt just depends on how long the titles are.21:03
th1aAlso in real life people can make up whatever labels work for them.21:03
aelknerso they can be blank for now21:04
th1aI don't think the skillset labels will be used at all in this example.21:07
th1aSo we need to hand this process off from aelkner to replaceafill.21:14
replaceafillaelkner, could you please share the XLS you used to import the skills?21:15
aelkneri'll email it to you21:15
aelkneryou'll have the code you need in trunk21:16
aelknerfile sent21:17
replaceafillthanks aelkner21:17
aelknercould you send me a link to the gradebook when you have it all loaded?21:19
replaceafillth1a, question21:19
replaceafillhere's where i'm still confused, sorry21:19
replaceafilluser will load this xls21:19
replaceafilluser will go to the "projects" gradebook21:20
th1aAre we talking about this demo or the end state.21:20
replaceafillthis demo21:20
replaceafillwell, actually, no21:20
replaceafillthe end state :)21:20
replaceafillwhat confuses me is that in a recent meeting i heard that the user will be able to create "custom" skills inside the projects21:21
replaceafillmaybe i got it wrong21:21
replaceafilli was expecting the user would "select" from the already imported tree of skills21:21
replaceafillthe "old" cando way21:21
replaceafillfor example, i would create a project "Magic Ruler"21:22
replaceafillthen click Add: Skill21:22
replaceafilland instead of filling the skill data again, he would select from the tree21:22
replaceafill2.1, 2.2, etc21:23
th1aSorry.  Julia took a poop.21:24
th1aTeachers adding their own skills is probably not a first pass feature.21:24
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replaceafillth1a, so for Joe's demo, we need a course, a section, instructor, a few students21:32
th1aOh, yes.  I'd say 15 or so students.21:32
replaceafillsample data students are ok, right?21:33
replaceafilli mean, from the sample data xls21:33
* replaceafill notice we start having several sample data xls files :D21:33
replaceafillth1a, maybe i should start the skills gradebook now and use it for this demo21:34
replaceafilli mean, associate the skills to the section and have them displayed in the gradebook21:34
th1aEither way.21:35
replaceafillso we see the all the parts working together21:35
th1aThey'd like to have something to look at tomorrow afternoon though...21:35
replaceafilli'll go with the current projects gradebook then21:35
th1aPlus, they'll probably prefer using the project based approach anyhow.21:35
th1aFor entry, at least.21:36
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replaceafillth1a, current projects gradebook:21:45
replaceafillclick Add: Skill21:46
replaceafill*that* is the source of my confusion :(21:46
th1aWell... feel free to take it out.21:46
th1aDId someone ask you to put it there?  ;-)21:47
th1aWe're going to have to try to make that skill title float somewhere...21:48
th1a(also, that box should say title rather than description, right?21:48
replaceafillah yes21:48
replaceafilli take out Add: Skill21:48
replaceafillso when the teacher gets to the projects gradebook, he sees the projects already created?21:49
th1aAt this point projects aren't global.21:49
replaceafill*that* sounds like the skills gradebook to me21:49
th1aTeachers can create projects.21:49
th1aThey should also be able to share them eventually.21:50
replaceafillbut how do they "add" skills to the project?21:50
replaceafilland i really apologize if this seems trivial to you21:50
th1aFrom the existing skills?21:50
replaceafillselecting! right?21:50
replaceafillnot creating21:50
th1aProjects are going to pretty quickly spread though.21:51
th1aIf Joe has a predefined set of projects (that is, he does)21:51
th1athen those should automatically be associated with his standard courses.21:51
th1aSo that will be coming soon.21:51
replaceafillthat's the skills gradebook to me21:51
th1aIt is just different organization.21:52
th1aOne is organized by the structure of the discipline.21:52
replaceafillskills gradebook -> projects automatically created FROM the skills associated to the course/section21:52
th1aOne by the structure of the curriculum.21:52
replaceafillsorry not projects, i meant skillsets21:52
th1aLook at it this way:21:52
th1awhen teachers are entering grades, they want the project view.21:53
th1aThey'll be scoring a cross-section of math standards for each kid for that project.21:53
th1aAt the end of the quarter, they'll be looking at the skillset view:  Which fraction skills did this kid pass?21:53
replaceafillthanks! that really helps21:55
replaceafillso, teachers will select the skills for their projects from the ones associated here:
replaceafill(that's just an example btw)21:55
replaceafillclick Skills21:55
replaceafillthere you assing the Skill Sets to use for that course21:56
replaceafillthe Done button in the Skill Set view should be smarter21:56
th1aWell, initially at least.21:58
th1aEventually everyone will want the option to do everything.21:58
replaceafilllike using skills from a non-related course into their own21:58
replaceafillok, i think i can start with this to have something for tomorrow's meeting21:59
th1aOK.  Cool.22:00
th1aaelkner, I think your phase of the operation is successfully completed.22:00
aelknercool, we have skills assigned to courses22:01
aelknerreplaceafill, can they already be graded then?22:01
replaceafillaelkner, that's what i'm going to do now22:01
aelknerth1a, for the demo, at least22:02
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aelkneri can see that i need to add a course skills importer22:03
th1aOh... yes.22:04
th1aHow did that work before?22:04
replaceafilltww i think22:04
replaceafillthey didn't have importers for assign skills to courses/sections afaik22:05
th1aYes... well, I wouldn't necessarily rush to do it immediately.22:05
aelknerah, ok, right22:06
th1aWe've got a lot of parts moving right now.22:07
* replaceafill goes to get lunch22:09
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