IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-04-17

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aelkneryvl, replaceafill, hey16:37
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:37
yvlhey guys16:37
* th1a is loading up the car...16:38
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* yvl runs off to make some coffee16:38
* replaceafill has no questions about cando yet16:39
* replaceafill has been working on making the third nav scrollable16:39
replaceafillfeedback is welcome:
aelknerlooks nice16:41
aelkneri don't imagine there will so many sheets that a << >> would be much help16:42
replaceafillaelkner, i was thinking the same16:42
replaceafillwe could add it though, if necessary16:42
aelknerit's cleaner that we don't have that, and it saves real estate16:42
aelknerthat's my two cents16:42
replaceafillthanks aelkner16:43
yvlnice replaceafill16:46
yvlbtw << / >> is quite old school16:47
yvlreplaceafill, if you want extra work... ;)16:48
yvlmake a sliding animation16:48
replaceafillsure :)16:48
yvlif user clicks the arrow while sliding animation is playing16:48
yvlscroll visible-1 tabs16:48
yvlintstead of 1 tabs16:48
yvlpretty, intuitive and solves everything :D16:49
replaceafilli'm not sure i follow...16:49
yvlsay, user clicks >16:50
yvlgently slide by 1 tab16:50
yvl(and say, sheets 1..6 is visible)16:51
yvlif user clicks >, while sliding >16:51
replaceafill1..5 :P16:51
yvlslide by 4 tabs instead of 1 tab16:51
aelknerkind of like android16:52
yvlbut you'd need sliding anim :)16:52
yvlkind of like... well, everything almost :D16:52
yvlor maybe not :)16:52
yvlbut might be fun16:52
yvlany questions about the... whatever?16:53
aelkneri have some16:53
aelkneri looked at and last night16:53
aelknerso i see layers and nodes are directed graphs with no root16:54
aelknerand that nodes have layers as well16:54
aelknerwhat are the business concepts for layers and nodes?16:54
aelknerwhat are they from the user's point of view16:54
yvllayer defines (as discussed in sprint) structure of the document model16:55
yvlin CTE, it is cluster, pathway, occupation, course16:55
yvlpathway is child of cluster16:56
yvloccupation is child of pathway, etc16:56
aelknerwhat they currently think of as global comps?16:56
yvlskills, not comps16:57
yvlbut I don't understand your question16:57
aelknercurrently, they don't have the new cando, so they don't think of them as skills16:57
yvloh, they they16:57
yvlumm, no, not comps16:58
yvlthey don't have a concept of layer, it's built in16:58
yvlso, assuming we define layers the way I mentioned above16:59
yvland create a node "Agricultural Business Fundamentals"16:59
yvland set it's layer as "Course"16:59
yvlif you want to set it's parent node, the node layer must  be occupation17:00
yvlfor example, node "Agricultural Commodity Broker"17:00
yvlif you want to read more about levels...17:01
yvlsee a google doc David shared with us17:01
yvl(thank God he was taking notes)17:01
yvlCanDo 2012 Dev UserStories17:02
yvlespecially part:17:02
yvlVERSO database of competencies17:02
yvlthat explains why we can have several hierarchies defined17:02
yvlhope this makes things clearer17:04
yvlanything else aelkner?17:04
replaceafillcan you guys point me to an app that uses the sliding tab logic yvl explained? i think i got it but i'd like to see an example :)17:05
yvlFFox 4 on Windows :D17:06
replaceafilli can install it :)17:07
yvlFFox 11 :D17:07
replaceafillphew, that will be easier ;)17:07
replaceafilli'll take a look at it thanks!17:07
replaceafillthe one in ubuntu does it!17:07
aelkneri'm using 11, what are you referring to?17:08
aelknerreplaceafill, the one in ubuntu does what exactly?17:09
replaceafillif you have a lot of tabs17:09
replaceafillyou get the behaviour yvl described17:09
replaceafillusing the left/right arrows to move17:09
aelkneri don't see any arrows17:10
aelknerjust the down-arrow at the right17:10
replaceafilldo you have lots of tabs open?17:10
replaceafilllike 20?17:10
aelknerah, now i see it17:10
replaceafillthe user can also keep the arrow pressed and the tabs go faster17:11
aelkneri see that holding down makes the scroll go faster17:12
aelkneri'm not sure what yvl meant by: if user clicks >, while sliding >17:13
replaceafilldouble click an arrow17:13
aelknerah, double click17:13
replaceafilli think that's the behavior yvl described17:13
replaceafilli like it, and it can be useful for cando17:14
yvland instead of double-click you can trigger the behaviour "if clicks when tabs are sliding"17:14
aelknerah, that's what you meant by that17:14
replaceafilldo you guys think a (+) would be useful for the gradebook in the third nav?17:15
replaceafillfor adding worksheets?17:15
replaceafillwe already have the option in the menu...17:16 maybe no17:16
yvlpersonally, I would remove option from menu, and add [+] in tab17:16
yvlbut that's me, not Tom17:16
aelkneryou'd have to ask tom whether he likes having both, but i think having the + is a good idae17:16
yvlboth would also be nice17:16
aelknersome people may not understand the +17:16
aelknerff has the menu option for those kind of users17:17
yvlor how to use a browser17:17
replaceafillkk, i'll add one and ask th1a about it :)17:17
yvlthen again, adding worksheets is a rare action17:17
replaceafilli did think about the dropdown to list worksheet names!17:17
replaceafilllike the one in ff17:18
* replaceafill is trying to convert the gradebook into ff :D17:18
aelkneryvl, so i'll look at the cando doc you mentioned and continue to grok the data model17:18
yvlaelkner, don't forget to pull now and then17:19
aelkneri think my first task would be to create an xls import for the layers and nodes17:19
yvlI'm committing regularly ;)17:19
aelknerto trunk, right?17:19
yvlthat too17:19
aelknerthanks for that17:19
aelknerwhat are you working on presently?17:21
aelkneror i should say, lately17:21
yvladding skillsets and skills TTW17:21
aelknerwhat about ttw layers and nodes?17:21
yvlsome time at the end of the week17:22
yvlI'll do those last17:22
yvlfirst, skills/skillsets17:22
yvlthen, assigning skillsets to courses, overriding required flags and such17:22
yvlthen replaceafill can start using them for skills gradebook17:22
aelknerskills don't depend on the nodes?17:22
yvlthen nodes and layers probably17:22
aelknersorry if that's a dumb question, i haven't gotten that far in the model17:23
yvlin short - no17:23
yvlnodes can be linked to skillsets17:23
yvland I'll have to change the views to "deploy" enitre nodes to courses17:23
yvland present deployed skillsets sanely17:24
yvland so on and so forth17:24
yvlbut in essence, nodes/layers are built "aside" of skills/skillsets17:24
yvlwhere skill roughly represents activity17:25
yvland skillset roughly represents a worksheet17:25
aelknerkind of like comps were assigned to sections or courses in the past, right?17:25
yvlyes, as in like they were assigned to courses17:26
yvland no, you have to create projects to assign directly to sections17:26
yvlthen again17:27
yvlwhen assigning, you used to navigate to something, like program or whatever, and then assign all the comps17:27
aelknerok, we never assigned to sections, i just made that up17:27
yvlnow you will navigate nodes17:28
aelknerbut i'm following you...17:28
yvland assign all related skillsets17:28
replaceafillit was possible to assign to sections17:28
replaceafill"additional" skills17:28
yvlnow they are called Projects17:28
replaceafillfrom other programs/areas17:28
aelknerright, that's what i thought17:28
yvlit will be easy to implement project creation from existing global skillset17:29
aelkneri mean vaguely, it's not fresh yet17:29
aelknerso basically, you are replacing the old structure which was bolted on with a new one that is cleaner17:29
aelknermore flexible17:30
aelkneri just have to get used to the new terminology17:30
aelknermy apologies if i seem to ask the same question twice in the meantime17:30
yvlno problem17:31
yvland please be verbose ;)17:31
aelknerso i probably should start with skillsets import since i would be able to see the ui along side17:33
aelkneras you get that done17:34
aelkneranyway, i have some much quicker questions, silly ones as i groked17:35
aelkneroh, before that, are you unclear on my last point?17:35
yvlwell, skillset and node import is not sepparate17:35
yvlat least the way I thought about it17:35
aelknerah, yes17:35
aelknerthe skillset import has to allow for node ids17:36
aelknerok, i'll start with the layers and nodes17:36
aelknerback to the quick questions and then i'll let you go17:37
aelknerin your remove subscribers you use items() rather than keys() even though you don't use the object17:38
aelkneris that because you need to visit the object before deleting it?17:38
aelknerdo you know what i'm asking?17:39
yvlfor no reason, actually17:40
aelknerok, just checing17:40
aelknerthe use of the list() is important for delete loops of that kind17:41
aelknerok, the other quick question17:41
aelknerthe Data.fs only cares about the dotted path to the class and the __dict__ which is pickled17:42
aelknerso the fact that you changed class derivation and interface implementation for IActivities17:43
aelknerdoes not matter or require evolve17:43
aelknerdo i have that right?17:43
yvlunless I made a mistake :|17:43
aelknerthat's cool, isn't it?17:44
yvlwell :)17:44
yvlif I didn't make a mistake, it's cool :D17:44
yvlbut yes, it should not require evolution17:44
aelknerwell, if you made a mistake, we would have caught it as soon as we ran with an existing Data.fs17:44
aelknerok, that's it for me17:45
aelkneri'll have more questions tomorrow :)17:46
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