IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-03-20

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th1areplaceafill:  Do you have a package instance handy?17:07
replaceafillth1a, not really, only sandboxes17:08
replaceafillduh! but i'm running ubuntu now :D17:08
replaceafilli can install it17:08
replaceafillth1a, what do you need?17:08
th1aI'm getting a bug in the new person view.17:09
th1aWhen I filter I get just an unstyled fragment in response.17:09
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replaceafilllet me install the packages17:09
th1aDo you get that in your sandbox?17:10
replaceafillyou mean when you search persons, right?17:10
th1aI'm getting http://localhost:7080/persons/@@index.html/ajax/table17:11
th1awhich probably is not where I should be.17:11
replaceafillit works here
replaceafillok, installed17:17
replaceafillloading sample data...17:17
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replaceafillsample data loaded.. searching for people17:18
replaceafillth1a, confirmed17:18
replaceafilli get the same17:18
th1aWe need an extra qa step here...17:19
th1aIt is the old "make the release in Lithuania and go to sleep" problem.17:22
replaceafillthe only difference that i see between the two is a <base />  tag in the package version17:24
th1aI'm sure it is just something like that.17:25
th1aOK, menesis read his mail.17:26
th1aWhat does a <base /> tag do?17:27
replaceafillif you set a relative url in the page17:28
replaceafillis resolved like base + url17:28
th1aAh.  That sounds like the kind of thing that could cause it.17:28
replaceafilli'm not sure, because the form action has the full url17:28
replaceafilli'm setting up a fresh trunk to test17:29
th1aI of course, don't know what I'm talking about.  ;-)17:29
replaceafillno, definitely works in a fresh trunk17:33
replaceafillsame happens in the contacts search :(17:41
replaceafilli bet the money i dont have that it's jquery17:42
replaceafillwe're using 1.7.1 in trunk17:43
replaceafillpackages use 1.6.217:43
replaceafillth1a, confirmed17:57
replaceafillchanging the resources and registration in the package version, fixes the problem17:57
replaceafillthe package version uses jquery from ubuntu17:58
replaceafillwhich is 1.6.217:58
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menesisreplaceafill: maybe there is an easy fix that allows it to work with 1.6.2?19:02
replaceafillmenesis, i think we now depend on 1.7.1 because of the deferred logic19:03
replaceafilllet me check...19:03
menesisI had to make lucid packages use included jquery, because it was packaged differently19:03
replaceafillhhmm no, deferred was included in 1.5, so it's not that19:03
menesisif needed I can do the same to oneiric/natty19:05
menesisprecise has 1.7.1 already19:05
replaceafillall i can see from bzr log is that yvl changed it when he worked on the ajax stuff19:07
replaceafillrev 332519:07
replaceafillbut i'm not sure what part of his js needs it19:07
replaceafilllet me check... :)19:07
replaceafillno, also in 1.5 :(19:08
replaceafilli don't see anything relevant in
menesisreplaceafill: yvl should know better, why he upgraded19:20
menesisreplaceafill, th1a: what did you test?19:20
replaceafillsample data loaded19:21
th1athe group searches19:21
replaceafillgo to persons or contacts19:21
replaceafillsearch for anyone19:21
menesisnew packages that I made today?19:21
menesisfor oneiric?19:21
menesisI'll fix in the ppa19:21
replaceafillthat could be it19:24
replaceafillit's used for the counter logic of the spinners19:24
replaceafilland it's new in 1.719:24
replaceafilland that part fails in firebug when you set breakpoints19:25
replaceafillin table.js19:25
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replaceafillalso if you click on a number of the batch you see the spinner doesnt disappear19:27
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th1amenesis: ayt?19:59
menesisth1a: leaving20:01
th1aWhat's the status?20:01
menesisI have released and packaged schooltool and journal today20:02
th1aI mean, with the search bug.20:02
menesisthe search20:02
menesisI did not look what could be done with javascript20:03
menesisuses some new feature20:03
menesisI made packages use jquery included in source20:03
menesisand uploaded them20:03
menesisalready built20:03
th1aOK, so as far as we know the only outstanding bug in the packages is the pdf one?20:03
menesisI noticed the font dir issue later20:04
th1aThat's fine.20:04
th1aI just need to know what I can tell people to expect.20:04
th1aOK, seems to work now.20:07
th1aGo get some sleep menesis!20:07
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?20:20
replaceafilljust wanted your opinion on a little experiment:20:24
replaceafillarrows next to the zoom buttons20:24
replaceafill(not the best place for those buttons i think)20:24
th1aYes, what are those?20:24
th1aOh, I see.20:25
th1aWell, here's another outstanding issue I haven't even broached...20:25
th1aThere's stuff jammed into the "Name" dropdown that needs another home.20:26
replaceafillthe show/hide functionality for totals?20:26
th1aBasically we need some other menu spawn point.20:26
th1aMaybe even something like the little gear Google uses now for such things.20:27
replaceafillwe could use the right part of the third-nav20:27
th1aYeah, although the tabs can run over that far.20:28
th1aOr do they scroll before then?20:28
replaceafillno, they fill the whole third-nav before the scrolling20:29
replaceafilli think at some point the third-nave will need horizontal arrows20:29
replaceafillinstead of that ugly vertical scroll20:29
th1aI would say that for the moment what you have is fine and we need to resolve the overall issue in the next couple months.20:30
th1aI have no particularly awesome ideas for resolving it.20:30
replaceafillcould you suggest a better color than yellow for focused cells20:31
replaceafilli tried the ones in the calendar colors vinny sent, but they looked dark20:32
replaceafillfor the the black text we use20:32
th1aHow about #bdd7f020:34
replaceafillah, i like it20:34
th1aThe calendar blue after hitting "lighten" in Agave a couple times.  ;-)20:35
replaceafillkk, i'll leave that one20:35
replaceafillthanks th1a i'll go back to fix the zoom buttons20:35
th1aIn what way?20:35
replaceafillto make them work :)20:35
replaceafillthey're broken because of the template changes20:36
th1aWell, think about what to do about too many tabs and maybe throwing a settings type menu in there somewhere.20:36
replaceafilli'd like to give this plugin a try for that:
replaceafillit can scroll horizontally20:37
replaceafillto the focused tab20:37
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th1aVinny sent another draft of the report card.  It looks good.20:39
replaceafillah yes20:39
replaceafillwith comments20:39
replaceafilli like it20:39
th1areplaceafill:  I just switched two gradebook/modal bugs over to you.21:18
th1aThey're just things we should do sometime before the next release.21:19
replaceafillis it yahoo or launchpad takes a while to send you the bug update email?21:19
replaceafillah, ok21:21
th1aI think Launchpad intentionally waits for the same reason Welsh doesn't want every cando score displayed in the record.21:22
replaceafillin case you make multiple updates in a row21:22
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