IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2012-03-13

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replaceafillyvl, you gone?16:37
yvlnot yet, replaceafill16:37
replaceafilldo you have 5 mins?16:37
replaceafillto waste :)16:37
replaceafilli want your opinion on something16:37
yvlsure! :)16:38
replaceafillcells are now regular <td>s16:38
replaceafilluntil you click them16:38
replaceafillif you change the value, they stay as <input />s16:39
replaceafillif not, they're converted back to <td>s16:39
replaceafillthat means, less form data sent to the server16:39
yvlnice :)16:40
replaceafilldid you see my message about jquery .data(...)16:40
replaceafillbeing "broken"16:41
yvlsorry, no16:41
replaceafillah np16:41
replaceafillanyway, it scared me so much...16:41
replaceafillthat i'm using attributes to store the original value of the cell16:41
replaceafillinstead of using $('td').data(...) :)16:41
replaceafilli want your opinion on these:16:42
replaceafill1. enter a value on the cell16:42
replaceafilleither valid (in the range of the score system), invalid (negative)16:42
replaceafillor extra credit16:42
replaceafill(above the maximum)16:42
replaceafilldo you see the cell background changing?16:43
replaceafillthat is done using a view and $.ajax(...) call16:46
replaceafillchecking the actual scoresystem16:46
replaceafillof the activity16:46
replaceafillinstead of the old way of passing the huge javascript with data for all the activities16:46
replaceafillbut i'm not sure which one is better :(16:47
replaceafillthis one means hitting the server frequently and getting small payloads16:47
replaceafillthe old one means, passing a lot at the beginning16:47
replaceafilland 2.16:48
replaceafillthe popups menus for the activity columns are also empty at the beginning16:48
replaceafillthey're loaded until you click on them the first time16:48
replaceafilland they're also a view on the actual activity16:48
yvlcan you preload them?16:49
replaceafillwhat do you mean?16:49
yvlimagine a person has a slow connection16:49
yvland clicks on activity16:50
yvland nothing happens16:50
replaceafilli set async=false on the call because of that16:50
replaceafillto avoid the nothing happens part16:50
replaceafillbut it can fail easily16:50
replaceafilli think16:50
yvl-1 on async = false16:51
replaceafillah ok16:52
yvlI think that's asking for trouble16:52
yvlbut I might be wrong :D16:52
replaceafillyes, i feel the same way16:52
yvlreally :D16:52
replaceafillno, really16:52
replaceafilli dont like it either16:52
yvlthere could be something like load_menus after the document.ready16:52
yvlthat loads the menus in a separate call16:53
replaceafillyou mean, like loading them in the background?16:53
replaceafillhhmm, interesting :)16:53
yvland a spinner instead of a menu while menus not loaded16:53
yvlbut that's extra work16:53
yvlfeel free to not do it :D16:53
replaceafillbut do you see a problem with stuff being called on other views16:54
replaceafilllike the menus or the validation16:54
replaceafillthey're are simple views, but separate anyway16:54
yvlthat seems ok to me16:54
replaceafillah cool16:55
yvlwe'll... probably won't kill the server :D16:55
replaceafillthat was my biggest doubt :)16:55
replaceafillhope so ;)16:55
replaceafillok, i'll stick with this approach then16:55
replaceafillit's cleaner16:55
replaceafillyou can query the actual objects, instead of passing js around representing their states16:55
replaceafilllike scoresystems, etc16:55
replaceafilland i think it will make the gradebook view class simpler16:56
replaceafillsince it doesnt have to calculate all this stuff16:56
yvllet's roll with this and see where it takes us :)16:56
yvlfirst make it work16:56
yvlthen make it --fast-- complicated :D16:56
replaceafillyes drill sargent!16:57
replaceafillthanks yvl16:57
yvlbut seriously, great job, replaceafill16:57
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replaceafillyvl, preloading works like a charm :)17:58
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* replaceafill now inserts sleeps in the popup_menu views to simulate a slow connection ;)18:00
th1areplaceafill:  You should show aelkner how to do that too.18:38
replaceafillth1a, how to simulate a slow connection?18:38
replaceafilli just insert a sleep(...) in the view18:39
replaceafillsince the view is called several times18:39
replaceafillfor each menu18:39
replaceafillthey take a while to load18:39
replaceafilli'm inserting spinners while they load18:39
replaceafillyvl's idea ;)18:39
th1aWe just need to make sure everyone gets the cool ideas passed onto them.18:49
replaceafillreload and click on the Photo activity column18:50
replaceafillevery menu takes 5 to load18:50
replaceafill5 seconds18:50
replaceafillyou should see a spinner18:50
replaceafilland then the menu18:51
th1aI see a gray rectangle.18:51
th1aWell, and the regular cursor spinner.18:52
replaceafillit's not pretty18:52
replaceafilli hope not many people sees it :)18:52
replaceafillanyway, it can be improved18:52
th1aWhat's the gray rectangle?18:52
replaceafilljust the background of the popup title18:53
th1aThe regular spinner is just the regular spinner?18:53
th1aI don't know what you are showing me here.18:53
th1aIs something new?18:54
replaceafillah never mind, sorry th1a18:54
replaceafilli know i don't have to show you unfinished stuff18:54
th1aI like to see unfinished stuff, but I get confused about where we are in the process.18:54
replaceafillthe new is that the menu is loaded dinamically18:54
th1aBut you're delaying it purposely?18:55
th1aAnd if you hadn't done something I wouldn't have seen the regular spinning cursor?18:55
th1aGOOD WORK!18:55
replaceafillbut the spinner should go away after a while18:55
replaceafillit does right?18:56
replaceafilland you see the actual menu18:56
th1aOK... I have to go get Vivian now.18:56
th1aYes, it works!18:56
replaceafillthanks th1a18:56
replaceafillsorry for the confusion18:56
th1aCatch you in a bit.18:56
replaceafillsee u18:56
* replaceafill removes the intentional delay18:57
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?19:59
replaceafillah never mind20:00
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replaceafillth1a, well, yes mind20:04
replaceafillth1a, this gradebook ajax work is not landing in precise, correct?20:04
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* replaceafill goes to get lunch20:44
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th1areplaceafill:  David Ally is having trouble getting on to his demo instance.22:08
replaceafillhhmm aelkner is running that one22:09
replaceafilli guess it went down when linode repaired our vps22:09
th1aOh... do you know how to kick it?22:09
replaceafillnot really is a sandbox22:10
replaceafilli'd have to mess with aelkner's /home dir22:10
th1aDo yours restart automatically?22:10
replaceafillcambodia's does22:11
replaceafillnot the other ones22:11
replaceafilli can create an init.d for david's too22:11
replaceafilljust would need aelkner to point me to its directory22:11
th1aI'll try calling aelkner.22:12
aelknerth1a, it's started22:16
aelknerreplaceafill, hey22:19
replaceafillhey aelkner22:19
aelkneri can set up the init.d if i have sudo privileges22:20
replaceafilli'll do it, just point me to the directory of the instance please22:21
replaceafillit's not an init.d, i have a cronjob22:21
replaceafillthat checks if goes down22:21
replaceafillwell, both :)22:21
aelkneri'll private chat it to you22:21
aelknerreplaceafill, a question22:39
aelknercan you tell me where i can find the full api for the results of the query call in stests?22:40
aelknerfor now, the only examples we have are .type(text)22:40
aelknerwe don't have any tests yet that select from a drop-down22:40
replaceafillthis one is also useful for me:
aelknerhmm, looking at that api, i don't see anything for that22:41
replaceafillfor that? you mean selecting a drop-down?22:42
aelknerfunny how we don't have any tests yet that change the contents of a drop-down22:43
replaceafilllook at this:
replaceafilland then at this:
replaceafillin yvl's response look for "At the moment, do what users do."22:45
aelknerah, the gradebook22:46
aelkneri didn't bother to look there :)22:46
replaceafilli'm not sure if that experiment landed in trunk22:46
replaceafilli think it didn't22:46
replaceafillat that point we were only testing the test runner22:47
aelkneryes, there are no stests in the gradebook22:47
replaceafillthere are only like 4 stests in the whole codebase22:47
replaceafillapp, person, journal, and resources22:48
aelknerjournal has some?22:49
aelknerhow about this:22:49
replaceafillyes, that's the way22:49
aelkneri'll try that a second22:49
aelknerreplaceafill, that did the trick, thanks22:54
replaceafillnp aelkner22:54
* replaceafill has fallen in love with http://jsperf.com23:37

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