IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2012-03-12

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th1ayvl:  It is still an hour until meeting time, right?15:25
th1aAre you guys on DST yet?15:25
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aelknerhey th1a16:06
th1ahi aelkner.16:06
yvlhey th1a16:06
yvlit's 16:06 here16:07
th1aYes, I thought so.16:07
aelkneri expected us to met at 9:30, but i guess it's still earlier in el salvador16:07
yvl(Unity is so unobtrusive that you don't notice personal messages even if you'd like to ;) )16:07
aelknercan we look at my section locations/equipment changes in my demo instance?16:09
aelknerin other words, can we start the meeting with me while we wait for douglas?16:10
th1aGive me a minute.16:10
th1aGo ahead aelkner.16:15
aelkneras manager:16:16
aelkneri got the section locations and equipment views to work, but one thing16:16
aelkneryvl, we don't have a way of overriding the table formatter that i can see16:17
aelkneror the filter i mean16:17
aelknerso the filter forms are appearing where i figure we wouldn't want them16:17
th1aWe don't need the search/filter views in the main page.16:17
aelknerlike in the seciton view itself16:17
th1aWe don't have them for anything else there.16:17
aelknermy point exactly16:19
aelkneryvl, ping16:19
th1aSo take them out.16:19
yvlpong, aelkner16:19
th1aI don't think there is any argument for them being there.16:19
aelknerthat's good since noone is arguing for it16:20
th1aYou're the one that put them there at all.  ;-)16:20
yvlthey're enabled by default16:20
yvlthey can be disabled16:20
yvlsee group/browser/flourish.zcml16:21
yvlsearch for DoNotFilter16:21
yvlor see basicperson/browser/flourish.zcml16:22
aelknerah, interesting, i thought there should be some kind of viewlet for that16:22
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th1aOK, I see aelkner.16:23
yvlaelkner, you can also inherit from table/ : DoNotFilter16:24
yvland modify filter do return only locations16:24
yvlname it LocationsOnlyFilter or something16:24
aelknertrying your first suggestion...16:24
yvlthat is not visible, but silently filters out everything that is not a location16:24
yvlsame for equipment16:25
yvlIf you want multiple tables that differ slightly, looking at group/browser/group.py16:27
yvlGroupLeadersTable and GroupMembersTable may help16:27
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aelknerth1a, i got rid of the filter widgets:16:29
th1aOK.  Cool.16:30
th1aLooks fine to me.16:31
aelknerso should i close the book on the bug and merge with trunk and all that?16:32
th1aDid you write any tests?16:33
th1ahi replaceafill.16:34
replaceafillhey th1a16:34
aelknerth1a, no, i really should i guess16:34
th1aYes, we do that now.  ;-)16:34
aelknerok, will do16:34
th1aIt is the latest thing.16:34
yvlbtw, I can see you implemented filtering logic in the table itself somehow16:34
replaceafillth1a reading the logs, are you now 1 more hour ahead?16:34
yvlcould you please move that to filters?16:34
yvl(well, I can't see the code, but I'm guessing)16:35
aelknercheck out my personal branch for the last two diffs16:35
th1aWe're ahead.  You're on time.16:36
replaceafillth1a, ah ok16:36
aelkneryvl, i didn't do anything with filters, i just got the views to work the way i needed them to16:36
yvlok aelkner16:37
aelknerth1a, that's my report16:39
aelkneri can work on a critical bug after i'm done with the section locations tests16:40
th1aDo you have any?16:40
aelknersorry for the flooding16:41
aelknerthat url is long16:41
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yvl ?16:42
th1aI guess you have a few.  So yeah, go ahead and work on those.16:42
th1a works too.  ;-)16:43
th1aSeriously though, I worry that you guys use such restrictive searches that if I forget one field the bug is completely missed.16:45
th1aOK, thanks aelkner.16:45
yvlI made the basic interfaces and the objects16:46
yvlstarted kind of slow, had to remember some stuff16:46
yvlpicking up speed now16:47
yvlworking on some basic API atm16:48
th1aYes, it took me a while to dredge things up...  we went over everything so many times I just felt like we couldn't forget it if we tried!16:48
yvlon the downside, I'm in "it's done when it's done" mode16:49
yvlif I knew all the little things that need to be done, it would be done already ;)16:49
yvlbut it's looking good16:49
yvlI'll probably start looking at scoring on Wed16:50
yvlsee how that fits in16:50
yvllooking at the planner...16:51
th1aYou're scheduled for 7 days on the document model, ending Wednesday.16:51
th1a(8 days, actually)16:51
th1aThen seven days on the evaluation model.16:51
th1aSo that seems reasonably accurate.16:52
* yvl will shuffle the order a bit though16:52
th1aAs long as the whole thing doesn't horribly slide I won't complain.16:52
th1aIf this gets way off, there will be a serious cascade of fail.16:52
yvlwell, I'll aim for doing that before the deadline, say 3 work days16:53
yvlit should get done roughly on time then ;)16:53
yvlas it usually is with things like this16:54
yvlit's not writing the actual implementation that's hard :)16:54
* yvl is rambling16:54
yvldone here.16:54
th1aSo... I guess you feel pretty confident you're remembering what we talked about accurately...16:55
yvlat least I don't expect any major screw-ups16:55
th1aOK.  I'll trust you.16:55
yvlthanks th1a16:55
th1aAnd save the time in making you re-explain it to me remotely.16:56
yvlI really appreciate it!16:56
th1aThanks yvl.16:56
menesisI haven't done a release yet16:57
menesisbut I have done some steps towards that16:57
menesisstill see you all working on further fixes16:58
th1aDon't wait for those at this point.16:58
menesisI have work on other project16:59
menesisso my time is divided16:59
menesisbut will do a schooltool release soon16:59
th1aYes, don't let it slide too long now.17:00
th1aWe don't want a last minute train wreck.17:00
th1aAlso, if you've already silently decided that we're screwed, please let me know.  ;-)17:01
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menesisno, all is ok17:01
* th1a has learned a little about menesis's internal monologue.17:01
th1aOK, thanks menesis.17:02
replaceafilli've been cleaning the gradebook overview template17:03
replaceafilli've removed some unnecessary elements <divs> <spans> that made it bigger than it needs to be17:04
replaceafilli also worked on some related styling issues17:04
replaceafilllike the popup menus bug in chrome17:05
replaceafillkeeping the last (right) menu in the frame17:05
replaceafilland finally, i got the gradebook to look (almost 100%) the same in chrome and firefox17:05
replaceafillthat was bothering me17:05
replaceafilli also fixed a keyboard navigation issue with linked activities17:06
replaceafillthere are finally two things i want to get rid of in the template17:07
replaceafillyvl, what's your opinion on this:17:07
replaceafillremember the old skin section journal?17:07
replaceafillit used a regular html table17:07
replaceafilland allowed you to type the value and refreshed the view17:08
replaceafillit even saved the values using ajax calls17:08
replaceafillwell i was thinking of getting rid of the <input type="text" /> in the gradebook17:08
replaceafilluse regular <td>85</td> cells17:08
replaceafilland add the input until the user clicks on the cell17:09
replaceafillif it's editable17:09
replaceafillthat would make the template even smaller17:09
yvl+1 so far17:09
replaceafillanother thing i'd like to do is to move all those "Activity33_student234" ids17:09
replaceafillto use row + column ids17:09
replaceafilllike the old journal did17:09
replaceafillit attached the student id to the row17:10
replaceafilland the activity id to the column17:10
replaceafilland it generated the id/name of the cell from them17:10
replaceafillagain it would make the template smaller17:10
replaceafill(maybe i'm trying to get rid of too much...?)17:10
yvl+1 so far :)17:11
replaceafillah cool :)17:11
replaceafillah yvl17:11
replaceafillif i start writing the cando prototype17:11
replaceafilli should use the branch you set for the sprint, correct?17:12
yvlthat would be nice17:12
yvlI'll push something there soon17:12
replaceafillah ok17:12
yvllike a schooltool.cando.browser ;)17:12
replaceafilli'll use that then17:12
replaceafillth1a, my work is available in the vps17:13
replaceafillbut dont look at it :)17:13
replaceafillit's still broken17:13
th1aDid you look at the profiling etc. in Chrome dev tools?17:13
replaceafillah yes17:14
replaceafillfirefox is starting to dissapoint me :(17:14
replaceafillsince i've done a lot of firebug stuff latetly17:14
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replaceafilli noticed it was getting really slow over time17:14
replaceafilli had to restart it like 3 times17:14
replaceafillso i moved to chrome :)17:14
aelknerme, too17:15
replaceafillbut i still dont understand the environment very well17:15
aelkneri don't even firebug anymore17:15
aelknerchrome is more reliable and has all the same features17:15
replaceafilli think i just have to get used to it17:15
aelkneractually chrome's firebug is even cleaner looking17:15
replaceafillanyway, the html produced is smaller17:15
replaceafillbut it can be even smaller17:15
replaceafilli'll work on that today17:16
th1aI'll be interested to know the before/after when you're done.17:16
replaceafilland put the features i broke back17:16
replaceafillth1a, sure, i'll prepare a demo with the old/new versions17:16
replaceafilli also found some inconsistencies in the gradebook17:17
replaceafilllike missing breadcrumbs17:17
replaceafillbut the more important ones:17:17
replaceafillActivity category should not be required for creating activities/course activities. If we keep it required we should make sure that the user has at least one category set. If we keep it required we should add a prompt to it.17:17
replaceafill(from my notes)17:17
replaceafillWhy is due date required?17:17
th1aIs it?17:17
th1aIt shouldn't be.17:17
replaceafillFor course worksheets hide_unhide_worksheets.html still uses a Hidden? column. Should we make it Visible. In the same view the word "Deployed" is still used.17:17
th1aIt definitely shouldn't be.17:18
aelkneri thought i changed that17:18
th1aYou guys are out of sync.17:18
replaceafillit would be good if course worksheets had better breadcrumbs too17:18
replaceafillam i?17:19
th1aI guess activity categories probably shouldn't be required.17:19
replaceafillDue Date is required17:19
replaceafilland that's trunk17:19
replaceafillaelkner, maybe you didnt push it?17:20
replaceafilli mean, to trunk17:20
th1aI think he was referring to the Hidden thing.17:20
replaceafillok, so17:21
aelknerreplaceafill, no, i only changed the Worksheets view17:21
aelkneri thought i addresses both views17:21
aelknerwhat happened was, i addressed the Server->tabs view17:21
aelknerto use Visible rather than Hidden?17:21
aelknerbut i didn't do the same for course worksheets17:21
aelknerdo you want to do it?17:21
replaceafilli'm on the gradebook now17:22
aelknerthat is the gradebook17:22
replaceafilloverview view :)17:22
aelknerthats why i asked, since you were woring in that area17:22
aelkneri can do it though17:22
replaceafillgo ahead17:22
th1aYes, you can do it aelkner.17:22
replaceafillth1a, i'll start with the cando prototype probably on wed17:22
replaceafilli mean, the gradebook prototype17:23
replaceafilli have to sync the journal with my changes17:23
replaceafilli guess i'm done17:23
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:23
th1aAny opinions about the cando report sketch I sent out Friday?17:24
replaceafillmine was just the black little bar17:25
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replaceafillyou could try the dark gray17:25
replaceafilland "simulating" the scales through the table rows17:25
replaceafillin your mock the vertical scale line cross the table rows17:26
replaceafilli just wonder how are you going to do that, but never mind, i'll wait for the real example :)17:27
th1aOh, I think I see what you mean.17:28
th1aSo I'm probably going to work on that a bit more but mostly leave it for once we have the real data now.17:29
th1aI am going to look at an SVG hexagon background like the new business cards.17:29
replaceafillyvl, can you help me with some jquery?17:29
th1aKind of like this (but with a fixed aspect ratio:
yvlreplaceafill, I can try :)17:30
replaceafillyvl, it's about live/delegate/on :)17:30
replaceafillif i create $('input[class=foo]').click(...)17:31
replaceafillbut i inserth the foos dynamically17:31
replaceafillthey dont get the handler registered, correct?17:31
replaceafill(or whatever the right terminology is) :)17:31
yvlthe answer is probably no17:31
replaceafillso you have to use live17:31
yvlwhat do you mean by "insert the foos dynamically"17:31
yvlthe inputs17:32
replaceafilllike having a event that creates $('<input type="text" class="foo />')17:32
yvlthen no17:32
replaceafillso you have to use live17:32
replaceafillor delegate17:32
replaceafillsince they attach for curren use and the future :)17:32
replaceafillbut i've been reading that in version 1.7, they're kind of obsolete17:33
replaceafillbecause of on()17:33
replaceafillhave you use it?17:33
replaceafillany advice?17:34
yvlone sec17:34
th1aI will take this pause to...17:35
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:35
th1aSee you Wednesday, gentlemen.  Thanks!17:35
yvlthanks guys17:36
yvlreplaceafill, /me back17:36
yvlI haven't used it17:36
replaceafillthanks everybody17:36
aelknercya guys wed17:36
yvlbut if you do, please use on17:36
replaceafillyvl, ah ok17:36
yvlor you can attach them manually17:36
yvlfoo = $('<input type="text" class="foo />')17:36
replaceafilldidnt think of that :)17:37
replaceafilli'll try on(...) and if it's too much trouble i'll do it that way17:37
replaceafilli had another question...17:37
replaceafill... that i can't remember now :(17:37
yvl(but probably you want to use .on)17:37
replaceafillwhat's the name of the pattern you used for flourish.js/table.js?17:37
replaceafillthe private/public approach?17:38
replaceafilli wanted to read about it17:38
replaceafilli want to use it17:38
replaceafilli wrote a lot of shitty code to make the features work, now i want to clean it up17:38
replaceafilli mean js code17:39
replaceafilland i thought the gradebook could use a public api like that17:39
replaceafillbut i'm not good at designing api's :(17:39
yvl ...17:41
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replaceafillthanks yvl17:41
yvlit's not that I like it *that* much17:41
yvlbut I somewhat like it ;)17:41
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replaceafillth1a, so meetings start at 9:30 your time now, correct?18:06
replaceafill7:30 am for me18:06
th1aOh, we forgot to discuss that.  ;-)18:07
th1aYou never have DST, right, so you always have to switch to 7:30 in the summer, right?18:07
th1aI guess it is time to do that then.18:08
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replaceafillyvl, interesting post
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?22:59
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