IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2012-02-02

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replaceafilldogi, ping00:39
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dorpleHello. I'm new here - go easy!16:58
dorpleIs there somewhere for feature requests for schooltool??16:59
dorpleNo one here? :(17:05
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th1adorple did not give us much time to respond.17:51
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KhalsaBreaking news: People do not understand IRC or asynchronus communications18:49
th1aYeah, it isn't for everyone.18:49
th1aPart of the reason I went to two monitors is so I can see this channel on top all the time, but I still might not notice something for an hour when I'm focusing on something else.18:50
KhalsaI have hilites and a couple channels activities give me libnotify alerts so I don't have to do that :)18:51
Khalsaor growl alerts on my macbook18:51
KhalsaI mean I still keep two monitors, but irc window is not showing18:52
th1aIt is hard to get sufficiently fine grained notifications though.19:13
th1aAt least on GNOME X-Chat.19:13
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