IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-12-23

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th1aI feel like I can add bugs much faster now.07:04
th1aEven duplicates!07:09
replaceafilli like you're using it for the book too ;)07:11
replaceafillfor remembering stuff07:11
th1aI feel like there didn't use to be a button that let you add a bug while you were looking at a bug.07:12
replaceafillth1a, if we someday move, i'd like us to have a spanish subdomain07:27
replaceafillgoogle doesn't index the spanish version of the site well :(07:27
th1aWe'll be doing that very soon.07:27
th1aHuh.  OK.07:27
th1aGood to know.07:27
th1aWe need to get some analytics going after we move too.07:27
th1aI just have to remember to tell aelkner to sort his bugs by date when he gets back...07:34
th1asome of these school pages aren't highlighted in the top bar either.07:36
replaceafillah yes, and we need to check some breadcrumbs too07:36
th1afuck I put a bug report screenshot in the book.07:39
th1aGetting tired... almost finished...07:40
th1aUg.  Report sheet page done.07:57
* replaceafill is translating/testing the apache setup07:58
th1aI think I can get through journal...07:59
th1aThat was quick.08:08
th1aThat'll probably need some proofreading before you push it to the site.08:11
th1aGood night replaceafill!08:11
replaceafillgood night th1a08:11
th1aGot my quota done!08:11
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