IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-12-22

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aelknermenesis, ayt?19:21
menesisaelkner: yes19:22
aelknerdude, that was a harsh note you left there, i was told that we weren't releasing until april19:25
aelknerand th1a watned me to merge my chenges into trunk before i left for italy, so i did19:25
th1aWell, perhaps not "trunk."19:25
th1aPresumably the issue is that menesis IS doing a release from "trunk" right now.19:26
aelknerth1a, if not trunk, then what would i merge to?19:26
aelknerok, tell you what, as i head out the door for italy19:27
aelknerfine that the merge was backed out19:27
aelkneri can pick up when i return with my own branch19:27
aelknerand then we can discuss getting it merged after i iron out some things19:27
th1aWe're still going to be working on it when you come back aelkner, so it doesn't matter one way or another.19:27
aelknergot it19:28
aelknerok, never mind menesis19:28
th1aThe only risk would be if we all forget about it until April when I ask what happened to those course worksheets?19:28
menesisaelkner: sorry if that sounded harsh19:28
menesisI see it has lots of new code19:28
aelknermenesis, np19:28
menesisand a few small problems19:28
menesisso it needs a review and fixes19:28
aelknerth1a, it won't fail to get into trunk when i return19:29
th1aIt doesn't need to be merged -- just not forgotten about entirely.  ;-)19:29
th1a(which has happened...)19:29
aelknerright, i promise it won't19:29
th1aHave fun aelkner!19:29
aelknercya guys jan 9, happy holdays19:29
menesisaelkner: I will try it, thanks for that work19:29
menesiswish you good weather , aelkner :)19:30
aelknermenesis, and don't worry, i'll fix any bugs that it may have caused19:30
aelkneras they say as you get off a plane, bu-bye :)19:30
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th1areplaceafill:  It wouldn't be a bad idea to give links that bring up contextual menus a different color.19:34
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KhalsaHowdy, just found out about and checking out schooltool, perusing around - other than for proxying port 80/443 connections, is there any further recomendation or requirement to setup apache+mod_proxy?21:15
th1ahi Khalsa.21:15
th1aSuch as?  Do you have something in mind?21:16
th1a(this isn't my area of expertise)21:16
KhalsaI dunno, I'm just trying to figure out how small a vm I could deploy this too if one of the orgs I work with is wanting this (they just emailed me asking to check it out)21:16
KhalsaIf they say yes I'll just end up diving into it anyways though, so I suppose just saying Hellp :)21:17
th1aWhat part of the world are you in Khalsa?21:18
KhalsaHouston, Texas, USA21:18
th1aAh, OK.21:18
th1aI guess it is the right time of day for you.  We have a lot of interest from Asia and Khalsa sounded kind of Asian.  I'm in Providence, RI.21:19
Khalsaare you in IRC often, or is this a one-off occasion I'll run into you here :)21:19
th1aYes, I'm the project manager and am around pretty much every day during the week.21:20
th1aI have two little girls now so weekends are offline...21:20
KhalsaI always prefer projects where I can ping the devs in irc21:20
th1aWe have devs in Lithuania, El Salvador and the US, so we cover most time zones.21:20
th1areplaceafill:  Is the font size in the gradebook stored in the database for each user?21:45
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th1aKhalsa:  btw, I won't actually be online much next week.22:52
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replaceafillth1a, no, not yet23:51

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