IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-12-20

replaceafillth1a, should all our "Add" buttons be "Submit"?00:06
replaceafillth1a, because of the bugs i just fixed, some buttons and labels have changed in the section/timetable views00:11
replaceafillshould i update the section chapter accordingly?00:11
replaceafillAdd -> Submit, etc00:11
replaceafillth1a, email sent00:26
* replaceafill goes to take a shower00:26
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th1ayvl:  Skype?16:00
yvlhey th1a16:00
yvllet me check when our office cam is free16:00
yvland I'm scanning ATM16:00
yvlLaurynas says in webcam will be free in ~1 h16:01
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yvlth1a, I'm about ready16:51
yvlshall we Skype in, say... 15 min?16:52
yvloh, and I emailed you some doodling16:52
yvlth1a, you appear to be offline17:05
yvldid you happen to change your Skype ID?17:05
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?18:54
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th1areplaceafill:  I'm here.20:52
replaceafillhey th1a sent you a couple of mails21:03
th1aCan you make the bar lighter?21:04
th1aWhat if it is the same as the background color?21:05
replaceafillah ok21:05
replaceafilllet me change it21:05
th1aIt isn't like it needs to pop out at you.21:05
replaceafillmaybe a border for the toolbar...21:09
th1aRefresh either one?21:09
th1aI'm not seeing it.21:10
replaceafillhmm, reload?21:11
replaceafilli see it...21:11
replaceafilli mean, the refreshed version21:11
th1aI see it in firefox now.21:12
th1aYes, perhaps a border.21:13
replaceafillok, let me add one21:13
th1aOK, now I can only refresh in Chromium.  :-D21:16
th1aI think that's fine, really.21:16
th1aDo you?21:16
replaceafillclick on the insert/edit link button21:16
replaceafillgoing back to the toolbar: we just need a hover for the buttons now21:17
replaceafillthey have one, but it's too similar to the background21:18
replaceafillhard to notice21:18
th1aI guess make it the color of the cancel button.21:19
th1aALso, next should be a secondary button.21:19
replaceafillah ok21:19
replaceafillprevious too, right?21:27
replaceafilli mean, secondary button21:27
replaceafillth1a, done21:28
replaceafillso, we're done with the fck editor, right?21:29
replaceafillhover is in place btw21:29
th1aUh... you could make the hover lighter.  ;-)21:29
* replaceafill is running out of hover colors :(21:34
th1aI was going to suggest just a little math.21:34
replaceafillthey all look too dark21:34
th1aThen just go back to the one you had.21:34
th1aYou could see it.21:34
replaceafillok, the old one is back21:34
th1aWe're done!21:35
replaceafillisn't too dark?21:35
th1aMaybe I have to look at it...21:35
th1aIt is ok.21:35
replaceafillpushing then and marking the bug as done21:36
replaceafilli'm adding the fckeditor to my i18n issues btw :)21:40
replaceafillit has translations we could use21:40
th1aAh, good.21:40
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