IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2011-12-19

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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl, aelkner.16:31
yvlgood morning16:31
th1aDid you happen to look at, yvl?16:32
yvlactually, no16:32
yvlI took two days off, Fri and Mon (today)16:32
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:32
th1ayvl: Are you working this week?16:32
yvlbut not next week16:33
th1aI'm assuming nobody is really working next week.16:33
yvlthen, working Jan 2-12, vacation 13-20, then working :)16:33
replaceafillth1a, i will16:33
th1areplaceafill:  OK, I figured you'd be around replaceafill.16:34
aelkneri leave this thursday for three weeks16:34
th1aWhen are you getting back aelkner?16:35
aelknerjan 816:35
aelkneractually, it's ore like 2 1/2 weeks16:35
aelknerjan 8 is sunday, so i can make the meeting the next day16:37
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th1aSorry to yell.  ;-)16:37
aelkneryes, i figured i wold need to16:38
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th1aOK back to yvl.16:38
th1aAnything to report from Thursday?16:39
th1aWhere will we on Ajax by the end of the week?16:39
yvlI actually sat down and experimented with relationships UI on paper16:39
* yvl is not @ office now, so don't have means to send paper stuff to you16:40
yvl(phone camera is reaaaaaly low res)16:40
yvlthe reason I did that is16:40
yvl1) you asked me to ;)16:40
yvl2) our relationship UI sucks big time16:40
yvl3) we'll be adding complications - substitute teachers and whatnot16:41
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yvl4) we'll be adding photos16:41
th1aYes, that's fine.16:41
yvlso at the moment I think we should merge adding and removing members into a single page, single table16:41
yvland add either16:42
yvl- "current members" for Search Filter16:42
yvl- [Current Members] [Everybody] tabs above the persons list16:42
yvlthis winter I would actually like to make each person row composed of 2 or three lines16:43
yvlwith a photo column16:43
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yvlth1a, can we do a skype chat tomorrow?16:43
yvlI'd send you some drawings and it would be much faster than trying to write stuff16:43
yvland about timeline...16:43
yvlI'll probably have the searches ajaxified by the end of this week16:44
yvlsince I'm taking some time off...16:44
yvlon Jan16:44
th1aYes, let's leave it in a sensible place.16:44
yvlI think we can remake the relationships in fist week of Jan with what I have now16:45
yvland I'd aim for having "partial" membership, working but with somewhat unpolished corner cases by mid Feb16:46
yvlby partial I mean - substitute teachers and student "statuses"16:46
yvlso that's that from me16:46
th1aSounds like a plan.16:47
menesisI was fixing some build stuff16:48
menesiscatching up with versions that appeared in ubuntu precise16:49
menesise.g. mechanize 0.2 and Chameleon 216:49
menesisto support them16:49
menesisI will have to upgrade z3.form, zope.pagetemplate and others16:50
menesisin progress16:50
menesissolved buildbot problems16:50
menesiswould like to make bugfix release tomorrow16:51
menesisnot much done, sorry16:51
menesisbook/apache is also in progress16:52
th1aYes, in particular I'm getting emails about hosting multiple schooltools practically daily.16:52
th1aCan you remind me of what bug or question has the answer to that and I'll just add it now.16:52
menesisapache rewrite rules are actually documented in /usr/share/doc/schooltool/README.Debian16:54
th1aDo you have a draft of anything in bookish form?16:54
th1aThat I can branch?16:54
menesismultiple schooltools need new scripts. it is not only documentation16:54
menesiswill push what I have16:55
th1aOK.  Thanks.16:55
th1aThanks menesis.  I'd just like to get something up on that before we go on break.16:55
th1aIs there any point in having replaceafill look at this?
th1aOr will it just drive him insane?16:56
menesisyes I would like to squeeze the needed bits in upcoming packages update16:56
replaceafilli tried to reproduce it but couldn't16:56
th1aIs there any point in trying to peer into the database?16:57
th1aThis is on the release, btw.16:58
yvla good question... I'll see if I can at least reproduce this16:59
replaceafilli'm going to install the deb packages in my 11.10 vm16:59
yvlbtw, when reproducing security bugs16:59
yvlit's a good idea to turn off devmode16:59
yvlin case you can't reproduce16:59
th1aIt may not be easily reproducable.17:00
th1aThat is, I guess it isn't really complete to say you can reproduce it by following the steps in the book.17:00
th1aYou'd need to follow the steps in the book and probably created and delete a few things repeatedly.17:01
th1aReproducing my mistakes along the way.17:01
th1aSo perhaps looking at the database doesn't tell you anything that the UI doesn't.17:01
yvlbtw, can you elaborate what you mean by "can't see"17:02
th1aActually, the whole section isn't added to the calendar at all.17:02
th1aYou can't overlay it.17:02
yvlbut it is scheduled, right?17:02
th1aEach class appears in the Journal too.17:03
yvlok, I'll look into that17:03
th1aOK.  There is only one teacher and one section.17:04
th1aIt is probably caused by some kind of deleting, re-creating at some point.17:04
yvlsomething did not get updated17:05
yvl(and I hope you're looking at your calendar in correct term)17:05
yvl(or you won't see the section)17:05
th1aYou mean by date?17:06
th1aI looked at the whole year.17:06
th1aMaybe that's become overly zealous?17:07
yvlmight be17:07
yvland please check the actual schedule dates for that section17:08
th1aWell, it is a simple setup so you can grok it quickly too.17:08
yvlwell, I'll check ;)17:08
th1aObviously it makes me unhappy when my simple example for the book breaks. ;-)17:09
yvlI can imagine :)17:09
th1aOK.  back to replaceafill.17:09
replaceafilllast week i found an error in our test setup17:10
replaceafillwhich menesis already fixed, thanks :)17:10
replaceafillworked on the book17:10
replaceafillproofreading and translating th1a's changes17:11
replaceafillwhich again helps me to find new bugs17:11
replaceafilllike feeding a pdf to the xls importer :D17:11
replaceafillwhile styling the csv import views i found an issue in the section import view17:12
replaceafillregarding white spaces17:12
replaceafilli still have to check into that and update the example in the view17:12
replaceafillalso found an error in the password change dialog17:12
replaceafillbecause of a string changed (the OK button)17:13
replaceafilland added an .explicit-close-dialog for the pack database and password change dialogs17:13
replaceafillthat's a css class :)17:14
replaceafillth1a, i also fixed the bugs you reported on friday17:14
replaceafillfor the course list in the section add view i used the ICollator to allow sorting localized strings17:15
replaceafilli have a question for yvl17:15
replaceafillwe have a problem with the addSchoolToolCourse.html view17:15
replaceafillit allows you to set a camefrom parameter17:15
replaceafillto redirect you properly on cancel17:15
replaceafilleither to the courses container or the course index view17:16
replaceafillbut courses can have __name__s like 'matemática'17:16
replaceafillso you get an unicodeencodeerrros from the redirect(url) call17:16
replaceafillwhat would be the appropriate way of encoding/decoding the url?17:17
replaceafilli tried using quote/unquote, but couldn't make it17:17
replaceafilli mean, from urllib17:17
yvlencode with idna17:18
yvlI hope we have some examples of that somewhere17:18
replaceafillthanks, i'll look into that then17:19
replaceafillfinally, just a small comment17:19
replaceafillin /manage17:19
replaceafilli think some links like "Courses", "Sections" should take you to the year you're looking at that moment17:19
replaceafillfor example, if you have several years17:19
replaceafillclicking on "Courses" always take you to /courses17:20
th1aYes, that's a significant issue.17:20
replaceafilli propose it should take you to /courses?schoolyear_id=201117:20
replaceafillor something like that17:20
replaceafillthis is ok for /person /resources, etc which have no school year containment17:20
* yvl has some grudge over the whole ?schoolyear_id thing :P17:20
replaceafillyvl, maybe using sessions appropriately will fix it?17:21
replaceafilllike remembering stuff17:21
replaceafillcan i add the schoolyear_id parameter in the meantime?17:21
yvlif only somebody used traversal :P17:21
yvlschoolyears/2011/courses instead of /courses?schoolyear_id :P17:22
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yvlsure, please add that17:22
replaceafilli think that's it from me17:22
replaceafillth1a, you'll take next week off, right?17:23
th1aI'll be checking in, answering emails.17:23
replaceafillah ok17:23
th1aNo meeting next week.17:23
* replaceafill done17:23
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:23
aelknerok, so i made the changes that we discussed on wed17:24
aelknerand we need to go over it some more to find text changes17:24
aelkneri did most of the 'deploy as course worksheet' view, but i have questions about that, too17:24
aelkneri loaded what i have onto the demo server17:24
aelknerperhaps we could go over this after the meeting17:25
th1aLet's just look at it quickly as part of the formal meeting.17:25
th1aThen discuss it further after.17:25
aelknerok, first the change to /school17:25
aelknerthat's what i meant17:26
aelkneri moved the link for report sheet templates to the bottom17:26
th1aCan you add a "There are 2 report sheet temlates..." comment?17:27
aelkneror 'There are no report sheet templates...'17:27
aelknerthe ranged values score systems show min - max now17:28
aelkneralso in the course worksheet templates area17:28
aelknerany other score system comes up as the name of the scoresystem, as in Comment17:29
aelkneroh, and i changed the due_date field to not be required anywhere17:30
aelknerand added a Done button to the report sheet templates view17:31
aelkneryeah, small stuff there, so then i moved onto deploy as course worksheet17:31
aelknerkeep in mind the view does nothing on submit, same as cancel17:32
aelkneri need to go ahead and make it do the change to the data after we discuss some things17:32
aelknerbut in the meantime, as teacher001 (teacher001):17:33
aelkneri added and Actions linkset and put the link there17:33
aelknerit takes you to a form for choosing the term or whole year and overriding the title17:33
th1aFirst time I've seen a scroll bar in the tabs.17:33
th1aCan we add numbers to those titles?17:34
th1aIn the tertiary navigation.17:35
aelkneroh, you have a more narrow screen than me i guess because i don't see a scrollbar17:36
aelknerunless you just added a worksheet or something17:36
th1aOK, we can discuss the titles later.17:36
aelknerok, so can we discuss the tactical issue of performing the deployment?17:38
th1aAll right, we can continue, but I'm going to...17:38
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:38
th1aSo is everyone going to be here Wednesday?17:38
aelknerok, brb17:38
yvlsure, th1a17:38
replaceafillth1a, i will be17:38
aelkneri'll be here17:38
aelknercya guys then17:38
th1aOK.  See you then!17:38
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replaceafillthanks everybody17:39
* th1a is going to make a snack.17:39
aelknerok, th1a, i'm ready when you are17:50
* th1a is back.17:50
aelknerok, so here's the thing about deploying the current worksheet as course worksheet17:51
aelkneractually, multiple things17:51
aelknerfirst, if the teacher (course leader) has set up a worksheet and decided to make it a course worksheet17:51
aelknerif they set it up in the fall term, and then choose the spring term in the form, what does that mean?17:52
aelknerkeep the current worksheet as it is and deploy a copy of it to spring only?17:52
th1aThe first thing that is happening is that a tempate is created.17:52
th1aThen the template is deployed to the selected terms.17:53
aelknerso in the case i just named, keep the worksheet where it is and do the steps you just mentioned17:53
aelknerso there's a new template, deployed to spring, and the original stays as a regular worksheet in the fall17:54
aelknerjust in the one section where it was created17:54
aelknerah, i think you are making it easier for my data model problems :)17:55
aelknerin other words, in no case do i need to change the current worksheet17:55
aelkneri just need to create template/deploy17:55
aelknerah, much better17:55
aelknerand the view should return to the same worksheet regardless of Submit or Cancel17:55
aelknersince that worksheet is not being renamed, that will be easy to do17:56
aelknerand i won't need to redirect like i thought i did to handle in-place changes to a worksheet17:56
aelknerin the case of being in fall and deploying to spring, the user won't see anything new17:57
aelknerbecause the newly deployed sheet won't appear in that section17:57
aelknerbut that's not necessarily a problem, just thought i'd mention it17:58
aelknerif this is all ok with you, i know what i need to do for that17:59
aelkneri could have that ready tomorrow morning for your inspection17:59
aelknertesting, etc.17:59
aelknernow, how about the text17:59
aelknerfirst the new form17:59
aelknerthe legend may be redundant with the term or year label18:00
th1ait is ok18:00
th1aIt looks fine.18:01
aelkneri did ok with text18:01
th1aWe probably need a "What is this" at some point.18:01
th1aIt looks fine.18:01
aelknershocking :)18:01
aelkneryes, i can add that, too, if i find the time before leaving18:01
th1aMaybe you don't need "whole" before year in the fieldset.18:01
th1aThere is no big rush.18:02
th1aThis won't be released until April.18:02
aelknerwell, getting rid of 'whole' makes the sentence inply that a year could be selected18:02
aelkneras in, a year other than the current one18:02
th1aIt does either way.18:03
th1a"current year" would be different.18:03
aelkner'Select term or current year to deploy' then?18:04
aelknerbut nothing different for the Term or Year hint, right?18:04
aelknerok, do you want to poke around and correct any text otherwise?18:05
th1aNothing jumps out at me.18:06
aelknerok, you can always email me anything that comes to mind18:06
th1aOK, so we really want to avoid having duplicate titles end up in end user gradebooks.18:07
th1aEven if we're just appending numbers.18:07
th1aBy the way, you always want to set off the numbers with a dash or space or parenthesis.18:07
th1aNot just at the end118:07
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aelknersure, i always did that for report sheets18:08
aelknerby always, i mean, since we came up with the new view a month ago18:08
aelknerso i will apply that same logic to the course worksheet deployment18:09
aelknerok, i'll look for you tomorrow when i'll be sure to have something to demo for you18:10
th1aOK.  Thanks aelkner.18:10
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replaceafillth1a, can you help me? in what places do we use the fckeditor widget?18:48
replaceafilldescription fields (demographics)18:49
* replaceafill greps the code18:49
replaceafillah comments score system18:51
replaceafillcalendar events18:55
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* th1a wakes up from a long winters nap.19:37
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?20:09
th1ayes, replaceafill.20:09
replaceafillth1a, i'm on this one:
replaceafilland have a question20:09
replaceafillwe use the fckeditor widget in:20:09
replaceafill- add/edit person/resource forms20:10
replaceafill- comment scores in deployed report sheets in the gradebook20:10
replaceafill- add/edit forms in calendar events20:10
replaceafilli was wondering what width we should use in every case20:10
replaceafillcheck for example:20:10
replaceafillas teacher00420:11
replaceafillsee the width of the Description field20:11
replaceafillalso, as teacher00420:12
replaceafillnow as manager:20:12
th1aWhat would be the standard width of a regular textbox?20:12
replaceafillyou mean an input[type="text"] or textarea?20:13
th1aI see.20:13
replaceafillyou can see both examples in the last URL20:13
replaceafillDescription and More notes fields20:13
th1aLets go with that then.20:13
replaceafillthat's 286px btw20:13
replaceafillok, all the fckeditor widgets should be 286px width, no matter where they're used20:14
replaceafillwe can customize the widths on a case-by-case basis btw20:15
th1aJust follow the guidelines.20:15
th1aAnd make it a less greenish gray.20:15
replaceafillit's just that for notes or some stuff made sense to me to have wider widgets20:15
replaceafillbut ok, the guidelines width it is20:16
th1aThat's still fairly wide if you're only writing a paragraph or two.20:16
th1aWhich I think would usually be the case.20:16
th1aBut it is also the kind of thing that we can change easily enough.20:16
replaceafillok, i'll fix this one then20:16
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th1areplaceafill:  Pushed some changes to the book.  If you can proofread that I'd like to push to the site.23:06
replaceafillth1a, ah ok23:06
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