IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-12-07

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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, yvl, menesis.16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
th1ahello lithuania...16:34
yvlhey guys :)16:35
menesishello america16:35
th1aWould you like to start us off yvl?16:35
yvlgetting sick set me back a bit16:35
yvlI only put ~2 days of work at ajaxification16:35
yvlso... there's some good news and some bad news :)16:36
yvlgood news is that I really like the way it's turning out16:36
yvlbad news it's not finished yet16:36
th1aIs there a data model problem?16:36
th1aThat's a little joke between aelkner and I.16:36
yvlah :D16:36
yvlThe ID Discussion :D16:36
th1aI told him to stop saying that because it makes the problem sound much worse than it is.16:37
th1aWell, unless there is REALLY a data model problem.16:37
yvlI actually put some refactoring in that was long overdue16:37
aelknerdata model solution :)16:37
yvlit was just too low hanging fruit to postpone16:37
th1aYes, I suggested he use "data model opportunity" in the future.16:37
th1ayvl: Now is the time to do that.16:38
yvlthat's what I thought16:38
yvlall in all, I'll have some shininess to show on Monday16:38
th1aAs long as it works soonish I'm happy.16:38
yvlit will16:38
th1aThanks yvl.16:39
yvland it will also lay some groundwork for future ajaxification16:39
yvlof other stuff16:39
* yvl done now.16:39
menesisI have little to say16:40
menesisI took a day off Monday16:40
th1aThat's fine, as long as you don't have little to say and lots of billed hours.   ;-)16:41
menesisit is only 1 hour this week16:41
menesismonday off16:41
menesisand yesterday laurynas asked my help on another project in pov16:42
menesisthat is due Monday16:42
th1aOK.  This is a good week for it.16:42
menesisso I am working there yesterday and today16:42
menesisalso friday was short..16:42
menesisI was to document apache configs16:43
menesismade it work for me16:43
menesisassigned bugs etc16:43
menesisbut not written all this to a book page yet16:43
menesisalso created project16:43
menesisif you haven't seen it yet16:43
* replaceafill is already using it16:44
menesisI was also updating some zope packages/schooltool versions16:44
menesisthat's all16:44
menesisor you have got spam already ;)16:44
th1aThanks menesis.16:45
replaceafilli've been working on the spanish translation of the book16:46
replaceafillhere's the screenshots page in spanish
replaceafilli have some i18n, mostly for menesis16:47
replaceafill*i18n questions :)16:47
replaceafill1. what do we need  to do to get the schooltool description in the software center in spanish?16:47
menesisnot sure16:48
replaceafill2. what do you recommend for registering i18n issues like:16:49
replaceafillIntervention index.html:16:49
replaceafill- Goal met16:49
th1aDid you try googling 1)?16:49
replaceafill- Relationships in responsible persons list16:49
replaceafillth1a, no16:50
th1aregistering i18n issues?16:50
th1aregistering where?16:50
replaceafillsomething like the css bug16:50
th1aSeems like the thing to do to me.16:50
replaceafilli mean, i've been finding stuff like:16:50
replaceafillthe importer uses 'Location', 'Equipment' or 'Resource'16:51
replaceafillmaybe it could use one single letter16:51
replaceafillto avoid the i18n16:51
replaceafillthat kind of stuff16:51
th1aThe spreadsheet?16:51
replaceafilland Groups16:51
replaceafillthey are created in English by default16:51
replaceafillso i was wondering if a bug with multiple updates was the right solution16:52
replaceafillor maybe a blueprint, idk16:52
replaceafilli think bugs are too noisy for this16:52
th1aI don't like blueprints.16:52
th1aOne bug or many.16:52
replaceafilli'd rather one bug, like with css16:52
th1aFine with me.16:52
replaceafillalso, i helped maker-kin to set up his instance in mac osx16:53
replaceafillwell, i tried :)16:53
th1aUnless Excel has its own i18n machinery, i'd think the only solution would be multiple versions of the template.16:53
th1aOr we could dynamically generate it.16:53
aelknersounds right16:53
th1areplaceafill:  He actually got it working.16:53
replaceafillth1a, yes i noticed16:54
replaceafillbut what he brought to my attention was:16:54
th1aWe really could dynamically generate it, but it would take some work.16:54
replaceafillit points to old instructions16:54
replaceafillto a branch from 200916:54
replaceafillcould we take that down?16:54
replaceafillor update it16:55
replaceafillso people go to LP16:55
replaceafill3. th1a i got an empty page in the book:16:55
replaceafilloh man!16:56
replaceafill4. menesis where could i set up my spanish book branch in
replaceafill(that was my first question for menesis) :)16:56
replaceafilli want to put the spanish version available in schooltool.org16:56
menesis2. I don't have a solution for 2. maybe it is a problem in the edit group title form and others. I have fixed i18n of default demographic fields (e.g. ethnicity) and it seemed to display good in different languages16:56
th1aIs there actually a link to that or is it just hanging out?16:57
replaceafillth1a, there is16:57
menesisbut it was more by accident16:57
replaceafillat the bottom16:57
replaceafillYou can now undertake the Server Settings.16:57
menesis2. or sorry, if you are talking about xls, no idea what to do. I think everything is in english in the xls?16:58
th1aIt should go to and the setup_initial should go away entirely.16:58
menesisadmin-passwd.html is a cryptic name16:59
menesisI wanted to paste a link16:59
menesisfor someone who asked how to launch schooltool16:59
menesisand did not find a /running.html or something to point to16:59
replaceafillit's in the installation instructions, right?17:00
menesisa page that says "SchoolTool is a server, to use it, open localhost:7080 in your browser17:00
th1aIt could use a separate page.17:00
menesisyes, it is somewhere else17:00
menesisin install insctructions, and in admin-passwd17:01
replaceafillok, to write my report17:01
menesisbut the person has installed already, but does not find how to use it17:01
th1aBasically, we do need to make it harder for people to miss the book entirely.17:01
replaceafillsorry, to wrap my report...17:01
th1aWe need a link in the interface.17:01
replaceafillth1a and i added shadows to the website yesterday17:02
replaceafilli found that safari needs khtml-* rules :)17:02
replaceafilland it seems like opera has its own too -o-*17:02
* th1a sighs.17:03
th1aWelcome to the future.17:03
th1aPainfully similar to the past.17:03
replaceafilli think i should review the app/book css to adjust shadows at least17:03
th1alet's see what we decide for the header.17:03
replaceafillah yes17:04
th1aSo no rush.17:04
replaceafilli think that's it from me17:04
th1areplaceafill:  please file the xls issue as a separate bug.17:04
replaceafillth1a, ok17:04
th1aDo you know what I mean when I say generate it dynamically.17:04
th1aUsing whatever that library is called.17:04
th1axlwt or whatever?17:04
replaceafillth1a, yes17:04
menesisthere is sampledata.py17:05
replaceafilla view to get the xls17:05
menesisthat generates dynamically into database17:05
replaceafillth1a, i think we should add css classes to the book for some images17:05
th1aIt would create the spreadsheet on the fly in the right language.17:05
menesiscould create a xls output similarly17:05
replaceafillth1a, see the first two images collapsing17:06
replaceafilldo you see the first two images17:06
replaceafillwith no margin17:06
replaceafillbetween them17:07
replaceafillseems like one single image17:07
th1aThat's good, because they really should be one image.17:07
th1aI just can't do that easily.17:07
replaceafillah ok17:07
replaceafillnever mind then :D17:07
th1a(of course it is possible)17:07
replaceafillok, now i'm done17:07
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:07
th1aaelkner, and I have a topic to continue from a phone conversation yesterday.17:08
aelknerdo you want to start?17:08
th1aI just want to preface it by saying that going forward when we...17:08
th1a...develop new features going forward, we need to be focusing UI from the start, not "get the model right and think of the UI later."17:08
th1aSo, we need to discuss the UI for this...17:09
th1aBasically, teachers need to be able to share/copy activities between different sections.17:09
th1aParticularly if they're teaching multiple sections of the same course.17:09
th1aBasically every activity for one Algebra I section will be repeated in each of the others.17:10
th1aNow, aelkner and I have been talking about course level, schoolwide solutions to a related issue.17:10
th1aBut this is just for easy sharing by an individual teacher with himself.17:11
th1aSo, I had some overly abstract ideas, jelkner had a simpler one, which is what we're going to try.17:11
th1aBasically, you have an activity in the gradebook, click on it, get the pop-up, pick uh...17:11
th1a"Share" or "Copy" or whatever we call it...17:12
th1ayou get a modal that -- for starters at least -- just has the other sections, this term, of the same course, taught by you.17:12
th1aSo it constrains the number of sections.17:12
th1aYou pick the ones you want to copy the activity to, hit Submit, Voila!17:13
aelknerwait, worksheet checkboxes17:13
th1aOh, yes, you have to pick the actual worksheets.17:13
th1aSo even though this is usually a fairly short list, it can be long.17:14
yvlif I may interrupt with my two cents... :)17:14
aelknerbasically it's a product of sections and worksheets/section17:14
yvlthis is quite similar to what CanDo does with competencies, isn't it?17:14
aelknerthat's a multi-step, right?17:14
yvlI mean the part where competencies are assembled into groups and then assigned to courses, sections or whatever17:15
aelkneryes, it's a multi-step process i believe17:15
yvl(and competencies are schooltool.requirement activities or something)17:15
yvl(the same thing gradebook uses for worksheets essentially)17:16
yvlso if you could build such group for a... teacher for example17:17
yvldeploying to worksheet would become one click17:17
yvland worksheet activities could be considered as a generic acivity group also17:17
th1aI think yvl is on his way to recreating my more abstract approach.17:17
yvlprobably :D17:17
aelknerthat's the deployment approeach17:17
th1aIt just requires the teacher to understand more than he wants to.17:18
yvlin my mind, no :)17:18
yvlsay, something like add activity17:18
yvla tab "from other worksheets"17:19
yvlyou get presented with a list with checkboxes17:19
yvland "Add All"17:19
yvlmy wording is horrible of course17:19
yvlbut I might be missing something essential17:20
yvlok, now that I think of it, it would cover the "pull" part17:21
th1aI think it is pretty close to my original idea.  As soon as I heard jelkner's idea, I knew it would be more intuitive to teachers.17:21
th1aIn the meantime, I think I answered for myself the question I was going to ask.17:22
th1aWhich was "what happens in the dialog if the list of sections/worksheets is too big."17:22
yvlI would like to also see a "copy activities" or something that allows to select multiple activities to copy to "random" sections17:22
th1aBut I can see from the demo that you just get a scrollbar at right.17:22
th1aWhich is fine with me.17:23
* yvl shuts up now17:23
th1aYou might need to tweak the settings a bit to make sure it doesn't try to grow off the screen instead of scrolling.17:23
aelknerth1a, i just had a thought17:23
th1ayvl: I'm trying to keep it simple for now.17:23
yvlit might be the best idea to do so17:24
aelknerif we make one, and would consider it safe, assumption17:24
th1aBut yes, there are many variations, probably all of which would be implemented given enough time...17:24
aelknerand that the teacher can only copy a given activity to one worksheets per section17:24
aelknerwe could have a rather short dialog with only one pulldown menu per section17:24
aelknerwith --not to this section-- as the default17:25
th1aActually, that's probably ok.17:25
aelkneroh, another thought just occured to me17:25
th1aWorst case scenario, someone complains about having to open the dialog twice.17:25
aelknerto save the user effort in a common case, where all sections have the same worksheets17:27
menesismenu item "Copy to" and a dialog:17:27
menesisSection 1: Worksheet_ Exams_ Labs_17:27
menesisSection 2: Worksheet_ Exams_ Labs_ Other_17:27
aelknerwe could have on more pulldown at the top, kind of lke a select all17:27
aelkneri'm just going to keep writing here...17:27
aelknerso there would be a small dialog, on line per section17:28
menesischoose one.17:28
th1aI think simple.17:28
th1aLet's make it as simple and clear as possible.17:28
aelknerone line at the top with select all type dropdown17:28
th1aWe're not jumping to power users.17:28
aelknerhow is what i'm suggesting not simple17:28
th1aLet's just not jump to that yet.17:29
aelknergo ahead17:29
th1aIt adds complexity to the form.17:29
th1aWhat if the user didn't name them all the same.17:30
menesisdraw something17:30
menesisit's hard to imagine17:30
aelknereasy, the list has a union of all names17:30
th1aAnd then they're like "Oh shit, nobody told me that was important, what do I do now."17:30
aelknerif section 1 has Sheet1, Sheet3217:30
aelknerSheet2, that is17:30
th1aaelkner:  I understand what you are proposing and its potential value.17:30
aelknerand section 2 has Sheet2, Sheet317:30
th1aI'm just saying, we don't need it in the intitial implementation.17:30
aelknerthe dropdown cold have all three17:31
aelknerwhat i'm talking about would be inexpensive to develop and easy to use17:31
aelknerbut besides that, it's a terrible idea17:31
th1aWe can add it at any time aelkner.17:31
aelknerok, but anyway, that's one paradigm, as you said, from a teacher's pojnt of view, like jelkner17:32
aelknerwe were also going to discuss course leader17:32
aelknerand the idea of deploying/hiding on a cross-section scale17:33
aelknerwith a deploy/hide set of views pretty much looking the same as report sheets17:33
th1aNo, we are not talking about that now.17:34
th1aWe can discuss that on the phone if you want.17:34
th1aWe don't need everyone else for it.17:34
aelkneri had prepared notes for discussion as it involves adding to the data odel17:35
th1aGo ahead.17:35
th1aIf it is a data model problem.17:36
aelknerwell, i need the focus to shift, and if you're not done with the modal thing, we should finish that17:36
aelkneri'm just saying, not just the phone for deploy feature, here, too17:36
th1aI'm ok with it.17:36
th1a(with the modal discussion being done)17:37
th1aGo ahead.17:37
aelknerso, we take that up the modal discussion monday and i focus on deployment until then, ok17:37
aelknerso shifting focus here, it's one thing for a teacher to have better tools for copying activities around17:38
aelknerbut in some cases, a course leader, say a more senior teacher17:38
aelknerwill have the desire to take the task of setting up everyone's gradebooks17:39
aelknerthey alone, along with any admin user, can deploy or hide a set of worksheets17:39
aelknertwo things at play here17:39
menesisjust make it work for an average teacher17:40
aelknerone is the convenience the task provides the other teachers, not need to set up some of the activities17:40
aelknersecondly, the course leader has a control (as admin has with report sheets)17:40
aelknerno teacher can hide or otherwise change a report sheet activity17:41
aelkneror sheet for that matter17:41
aelknerthis amount s to giving the teacher a mid-level admin function17:41
aelkneri believe that is the intent of having a course leader in our data model17:41
aelknerso those are the two needs that are adressed17:42
aelknerthe view for deplying/hinding would look the same as the admin uses for report sheets17:42
menesisteachers manage their activities themselves17:42
aelknera table, with terms as columns, deploy to whole year as an option17:43
aelknermenesis, this is different17:43
menesisbut yes there are similarities between copying an activity or rather whole sheet to deploying a worksheet17:43
aelknerwe allow the teacher to play around with their gradebook, like a sandbox17:43
menesisdeploying report sheet, rather17:43
aelknerbut admin has control over their report sheets17:43
aelkneri'm just talking about giving a course lead the same type of contol17:44
aelknerso any other thoughts on this 'course leader as second level admin' concept?17:44
menesismaybe. that's a different issue.17:44
menesiswhat should he be able to do17:44
menesisneeds more crowds and security declarations i guess. who can add/ copy/deploy what17:45
aelknermenesis, the course leader is the only who we're talking about besides admin as always17:46
th1aThey already have elevated permissions within the group.17:46
th1aIt isn't a new concept.17:46
th1aIt does not present a data model issue.17:46
aelknerbut seriously, i'm only talking about using what we already have17:47
aelknerthe question is, will this deploy/hide feature really be useful to a course leader17:47
* th1a didn't want to talk about this because I suspected nobody else would have an opinion.17:47
th1aWho else would do it?17:48
aelknerit would surprise me that nobody else would care about data model concepts like security and adding data to the model17:48
aelkneri haven't even gotten to the way i would add the templates to the course17:49
th1aOK, keep going.17:49
th1aYes, deploy/hide is useful to the leader.17:50
aelknerso we have IActivities(section)17:50
aelknerthis is where the activity tree for the section gradebook is kept17:50
aelkneris uses annotations, of course, and IActivities is jsut an unfortunate name (legacy before worksheets existed)17:51
aelknerit's really a container of worksheets, same as the report sheet templates off of gradebook root17:51
aelknerso i propose adding IActivities(course), doing basically the same as IActivites(section)17:52
aelkneryvl, here's where you get to complain, and i say too bad :)17:52
yvlyour funeral17:52
aelknerbut seriously, i think this is a sensible continuation of a paradigm17:52
yvlwell, whatever makes this woek17:53
aelkneryvl, you're allowed to state your case, i was just kidding17:53
yvlwe'll figure it out when porting CanDo17:53
aelknerah, yes CanDo17:53
aelknerthat's another case of annotations of the section17:53
aelknerthere are so many cases of annotations17:54
aelkneruse in schooltool, that is17:54
aelknerif they are an evil, then using them once is no better than using them ten times, IMHO17:54
th1aIs there a question at the end of this?17:55
aelknerso basically, all kidding aside, it seems the practical thing to do to continue the paradigm17:55
aelkneruntil we finally come up with our own solution to the problem17:56
aelknerok, greate, so agreed on adding annotation to course, no the next thing17:56
aelknerthe difference between report activities and regular ones is in the add form17:57
aelkneri'm assuming we want these course sheets to contain regular activities, not report activities17:58
aelknerregular ones can be averaged17:58
aelknerreport sheet activities have a dropdown including Comment Score System17:58
aelknerso the average is N/A in th gradebook for report sheets17:59
th1aThey're regular activities.17:59
aelknerok, confirmed17:59
aelknerwhich is nice because IActivites(course) is more straightforward than IReportSheetTemplates(course)18:00
th1aaelkner can continue but I'm going to...18:00
* th1a drops the bag of gravel18:00
replaceafillth1a, i have a question after aelkner is done please18:00
th1aHave a great week/weekend guys!18:01
th1areplaceafill:  I will still be here.18:01
yvlgreat week and weekend to all!18:01
aelkneryvl, i agree that the cando refactor will be a good time to discuss data model in gradebook18:02
th1aWe're not going to be refactoring the gradebook anytime soon.18:02
aelknerif we are going to solve one thing with 9 units of effort, then solving the rest with one more makes sense18:02
aelkneror we could keep thing the way the are :)18:02
aelknerin any event, i'm confident we won't regret adding IActivities(course)18:03
aelknerthat's all I have to say on that, have a great week/weekend all!18:03
replaceafillth1a, on the i18n issue of the xls importer18:04
replaceafillwe want to generate the xls dinamically in the user locale *AND* we want to parse in that locale too right?18:05
th1aWe would like to.18:05
th1aThe question is how plausible it actually is.18:06
th1aaelkner:  more questions/issues?18:06
yvlyay, just got the first hacky implementation working (search in courses)18:07
th1aAh, good.18:07
replaceafillyvl, is it possible to get the original string from a translated one?18:08
yvlin general - no, replaceafill18:08
aelknerth1a, i don't want to interrupt others now, i just had the floor for some time18:08
yvlbut it is possible to hackily guess it18:08
replaceafillthat's what i thought18:08
replaceafillyvl, is it?18:08
yvlsince I have very few courses... it feels decently fast in chrome18:08
yvlinsanely fast, in comparison with what we had :D18:08
yvlreplaceafill, it is possible, but I'd prefer not to do it18:09
replaceafillyvl, it's just that's the only solution i can think of if we're allowing people to send xls in their locale18:09
th1aWhat do we need to translate?18:10
replaceafillunless we use codes or something18:10
th1aThis is for the days of the week?18:10
replaceafillsuppose someone send "Terça-Feira"18:10
replaceafilland Location, Resource, etc18:10
yvlwe CAN compare what we got with translated version in same locale user sees in browser18:11
yvlbut it's threading on a thin ice18:11
yvlwe could also add a dropdown to select a language of XLS file18:11
th1aSo this is just for where we need to read a string that has a particular significance to the app.18:11
th1aNot, say, a person's name.18:11
th1aIt seems to me that codes are the way to go and to generate localized legends on the spreadsheet.18:12
replaceafillyvl, i agree, someone changes "Martes" for "martes" in rosetta, the user uses old generated xls, and errors :(18:13
replaceafillMartes is Tuesday too :P18:13
th1aActually we could use dropdowns IN the xls file probably.18:14
th1aGenerate an i18n-ed dropdown with the translated days of the week in the proper cell.18:15
th1aThat's only worth trying if it actually works everywhere we need it to, I think.18:15
replaceafillwe have to find out if the xlwt can do it too18:15
th1aI think the way the spreadsheets repeat would make it not work.18:16
yvlwe can do an ugly solution18:18
yvladd a "translation" sheet to the XLS18:18
yvlwith word pairs18:18
yvlTusday, Terça-Feira18:18
replaceafillso users match the values?18:18
yvlbut it'... really not elegant18:19
yvla much better solution would be to design the sheet so that such values would be not significant18:19
yvluse tables18:19
th1aI think non-english codes are better.18:19
yvl[monday] [tuesday] ... [sunday]18:20
yvl[ ] [X] [X] ... [ ]18:20
menesisexport translated values, and match by translated values on import.18:21
menesisshould work when importing/exporting in same language18:21
yvlhard to rebuild when a clerk that looks in Lithuanian for convenience18:21
yvlexports and gives the sheet to fill to another clerk18:21
yvlthat does not look at it in Lithuanian18:22
yvlok, time to go home18:23
yvlso long! :)18:23
replaceafillthanks yvl18:23
th1areplaceafill:  You should look at redesigning the spreadsheets with i18n in mind.18:23
yvlwhat about my vacation on Jan?18:24
replaceafillth1a, kk18:24
yvlwe'd like to buy plane tickets this week18:24
th1aOh, just book it whenever you want.18:24
yvlhappy SchoolTool'ing guys! ;)18:25
th1areplaceafill: As usual remember that no great process went into designing the current forms, other than ignas thinking about it.18:25
th1aI don't think anyone else has a strong attachment to their current form.18:26
replaceafillth1a, i was thinking that maybe we could just use notes in the header cells, with some help18:26
replaceafillin the user's locale18:26
replaceafillbut i understand what you mean18:27
ignasth1a, i'd do the in a completely different way now if I would have to do that :D18:27
replaceafillsomething like this:
replaceafilljust and idea18:29
th1aThat's a sentiment frequently expressed around here ignas.18:30
th1areplaceafill:  at least spreadsheets are easy to prototype.  ;-)18:30
th1aI like yvl's idea about printing the values in cells and then having checkboxes.18:31
replaceafilli don't think xlwt has the power to do forms (after a quick glance at the docs)18:32
replaceafillbut i'll investigate18:32
ignasahh you are talking about spreadsheets not web forms :D well - those i'd only fix up a bit :)18:32
th1aWe're just pushing SchoolTool's i18n support, so we have to clean it up in all the corners.18:33
ignasmakes sense, though when importing you can probably detect language from the spreadsheet and act accordingly most of the time18:33
ignasas in - strict in what you produce, lax in what you accept :)18:33
th1aaelkner:  Shall we continue?18:40
aelkneri didn't get a chance to mention the fact that the course view is not ready to accept a Customize link of a Deployed Sheets link at the bottom, but perhaps we could just add those links to the Actions linkset18:42
aelknerCustomize Worksheet Templates18:42
aelknerDeploy Worksheet18:43
aelknersomething like that18:43
aelknerremember, these are not report sheets18:43
aelkneras we agreed they have to be averaged18:43
aelknerbut first, your thoughts on the link titles?18:44
th1aI have none at the moment.18:44
aelknerok, not important, easy to change later18:44
* th1a creates a course...18:45
aelkneri'll just go with what i suggested to have links to use18:45
aelkneranyway, those two links can lead to the same two views that we have for report sheets18:45
th1aWhy wouldn't we have  Deployed Sheets under Responsible Parties?18:46
aelknerthe School tab view was designed to have viewlets, i.e., clients that provide links or tables and such18:46
aelknerthe course view is not written that way18:47
th1aCould you change that in a day?18:47
aelknerdo we want to is one question18:47
aelkneryvl would have had a thought on that i would think18:47
aelknerhow about we go with the two action links i mentioned until Monday?18:48
th1aIt isn't like "Course" is some minor unimportant concept.18:48
th1aIs there some other option I'm not aware of?18:48
aelkneri was saying that we choose the option of adding temp links to Actions meu until Monday where yvl can way in on whether we turn the course view into a viewlet manager18:49
aelknerand how that decision relates to doing it in other views18:49
th1aHow might it relate to doing it in other views?18:50
replaceafillaelkner, you can use extra content in a page18:50
replaceafilllook for the page_content provider18:50
aelkneroh, is that the viewlet manager that the School tab view uses?18:51
replaceafillthe interface you want for the manager is page.IPageContentManager18:52
aelkneri found the template and i see that it renders after the main_content div18:52
aelknerso that means the Done button will come before it18:53
replaceafillyou can put the done in an additional viewlet18:53
replaceafilli mean, move18:53
aelkneri guess, if that's what we need18:53
aelknerbut anyway, having that manager and not using it would be a shame18:54
aelknerthanks for pointing me there, replaceafill18:54
aelknerso th1a, i can use that manager for the Deployed Worksheets link at the bottom18:55
aelknerand add the Customize Worksheet Templates to the Actions menu18:56
aelknerin any event, the two views will act just like the report sheet views, including the ability to overwrite the title18:57
aelknerand the deploy view leads to the Hide/unhide view, etc.18:57
aelknerbtw, another thing to decide18:58
aelkneror i should say confirm with you something that seems necessary18:58
aelkneror is should say, the course leader will have the same inability to change anything about a deployed worksheet, like the score system or anything18:59
aelknerso if teachers enter grades and the course leader realizes a mistake in the activities, they have to hide, deploy an edited version of the template19:00
aelknerit's the same issue with report sheets, but i just wanted to mention it19:00
aelknerenough said?19:01
th1aYes.  YOu can't edit a deployed sheet.19:02
aelknerok, cool, confirmed, thanks19:02
aelknerthat's all i need to discuss19:03
th1aThank you aelkner.19:05
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maker_Hello. May I know if some features are todos and/or well-accepted, considering what the program aims at?22:00
th1ahi maker_.22:01
th1aWe're certainly open to feedback.22:02
maker_First of all, student photos (I mean, avatar); then student reports (i.e, disciplinary notes, absences, etc)22:02
th1aPhotos are on the short todo list.22:02
th1aWe like examples of reports if you have them.22:02
th1aWe just don't like to guess about exactly what people want in a report.22:02
th1aBut yes, definitely we need more reports.22:03
th1aAnd very specific requests for reports!22:03
maker_I was talking with an italian school director. It's a little different from the american system, so probably many features are unnecessary for you.22:04
th1aWell, we don't intend to be specific to America.22:04
th1aWe just don't necessarily understand other requirements until people tell us.22:04
maker_th1a: I mean, when a teacher opens a student report, it would be nice to have, apart from a small anagraphic, its notes (disciplinary, delays, etc)22:05
maker_parents contacts, a photos22:05
th1aWhich version are you using?22:06
maker_Latest, from bazaar.22:06
th1aWe have the contacts slider, but yes, there should be more integration with other components in the basic view.22:07
th1aSo yes, these are things on our short list.22:07
th1aJust to be sure -- your instance is green, not red?22:10
maker_th1a: that's to say anyone is assigned yet?22:10
th1aNot actually working on it yet.22:11
th1aLet me see...22:12
th1aThis is the working "short list."22:12
th1aI'll add more about the student view now.  ;-)22:13
maker_th1a: \o/ thanks, probably these days I'll give a look to schooltools, to see if I could give my help :)22:15
th1aCool.  Are you in Italy?22:18
th1aHow's SchoolTool running on your Mac?22:21
th1aDoes it seem slow?  Crashy?22:22
th1a(other than slow on the big import...)22:22
maker_th1a: it's pretty responsive, and afais stable.22:23
th1aIf you took notes on the setup I wouldn't mind a copy.22:24
th1aI guess I might be able to reconstruct from IRC.22:24
maker_th1a: I don't have any irc log, but may I can give you my $ history22:29
*** maker_ has quit IRC22:47

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