IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-12-06

replaceafilli can't find the BOOTSTRAP_PYTHON reference in trunk anymore...00:00
replaceafilli think i'm looking at a different branch00:00
replaceafillcan you run: bzr revno00:00
replaceafilli get 2836 in launchpad's trunk00:00
maker-kun$ bzr log | head00:01
maker-kunrevno: 252400:01
maker-kuncommitter: Justas Sadzevicius <>00:01
maker-kunbranch nick: trunk00:01
replaceafillmaybe is not sync'ed anymore00:02
maker-kunwtf? :|00:02
*** klausade has joined #schooltool00:02
maker-kunreplaceafill: should I fetch from another repo?00:02
replaceafillmaker-kun, i'd recommend launchpad00:03
replaceafillbzr branch lp:schooltool/trunk00:03
replaceafillmaker-kun, oh yes, that's old :D00:04
replaceafilli mean source.schooltool.org00:04
replaceafilltimestamp: Fri 2009-09-11 12:29:55 +030000:04
replaceafillwhat point you there? we should change any instructions telling you to00:04
replaceafillsorry, what pointed you there?00:04
* maker-kun can't remember :\00:07
maker-kunProbably I came to but I can't remember how.00:09
maker-kun(still branching from lp:schooltool)00:10
replaceafillthe current buildout uses virtualenv to create the instance00:10
replaceafillthere's a rule in the Makefile:00:11
replaceafillwith the needed packages00:11
replaceafillyou will need the equivalent ones in osx00:11
replaceafillmainly python-virtualenv00:12
maker-kunVirtualenv is already installed (as you can see from my pastes I was under virtualenv :P )00:13
replaceafilloh, you were? cool00:13
maker-kunwow, this revision is running \o/00:13
maker-kunzope uses jinja? :o00:14
replaceafillhmm not really00:14
replaceafillwell, it can00:14
replaceafillbut we don't00:15
replaceafilli think jinja is a dependency requirement for a package we use00:15
maker-kunshit :(00:15
maker-kunPretty sure is for osx :\00:16
replaceafillyes, sounds like an issue with a c library00:17
maker-kunI have to go, sry. Thank you so much for your help. See you, prob tomorrow :D00:18
replaceafillsure, np00:19
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replaceafillnow i'm curious about mac osx :)00:30
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maker-kunFinally my school tool worked \o/ . On osx (I'm using brew) libcu-dev == icu4c (be careful with CPP and LD flags). Hope this informations will be useful.11:13
maker-kunMay I ask you if you have a database with some data usable for testing?11:14
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th1amaker-kun:  Glad to see you got it running.16:34
maker-kunWhat about the database? I mean, don't you have any ready-to-go database for testing?16:37
maker-kunMay i get the link? :)16:37
maker-kunGreat, thanks.16:42
th1aHow's performance seem?  Last time I tried SchoolTool on Mac (years ago) it was very slow.16:42
th1aIt seemed that there was some kind of delay every time Python needed to do a DNS lookup (which turns out to be often).16:43
th1aWhatever was going on it was too deep in the plumbing for me to figure out without a good reason.16:43
th1aIt was also a little crashy.16:44
th1aThat was also probably some lower-level issue.16:44
maker-kunth1a: it seems a bit slow when imputing the xls, but apart from that it's pretty responsive.16:53
th1aThe import takes a while because it is a pretty huge file.16:54
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th1ahi replaceafill:  We need to put in some website tweaking time this week at some point (not now though).19:38
replaceafillah ok19:38
replaceafillwhat are we doing?19:38
th1aAdding some shading.19:38
replaceafilltomorrow? thursday?19:39
th1aLater today?19:42
replaceafillah sure19:42
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* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in 1 hour20:09
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* replaceafill is back20:58
th1aOK... Vinny had a suggestion...20:59
th1aI guess I should look it up.20:59
* replaceafill goes see the basecamp20:59
replaceafill"Perhaps you could add a faint drop shadow to all of the content rectangles including the slider."21:01
replaceafillok, let me try21:03
replaceafill3 boxes with shadows21:08
th1aTry the others -- that's more what I'm worried about.21:08
replaceafillth1a, refresh21:12
th1aWhat's the shadow situation for the top bar?21:12
replaceafillit has one, but is minimum21:13
replaceafilland kind of blends with the gray background21:13
replaceafillthe ones i just added are black21:14
replaceafillthe one for the navbar is #bbbbbb21:14
th1aTry giving it the same.21:17
replaceafillth1a, refresh, that's exactly the same21:18
th1aYeah, that doesn't work.21:19
th1aUndo that and we'll ask Vinny.21:19
th1aI don't think there are any other outstanding issues.21:20
replaceafillcool, i like the shadows in the boxes btw21:20
replaceafilli'll push this to the website21:21
replaceafillwebsite updated21:23
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