IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-11-29

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yvlth1a, sorry to bother you this early, but a comment on would be very helpful15:40
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th1ayvl: ayt?17:27
yvlpong, th1a17:31
* yvl waves hands with anticipation :)17:33
yvlbtw, I hope you don't mind me putting down
yvldidn't want it to get lost in IRC logs17:34
* yvl is about to leave17:41
th1ayvl, back.17:41
yvlhey th1a17:41
yvlmy pleasure17:41
th1aI think I'm going to focus the next release on transcripts.17:41
th1aBasically transcripts and their dependencies.17:42
th1aHaving that done by around the end of January.17:42
th1a(or February)17:42
th1aThat gives it some shape.17:42
yvlsounds good17:43
yvlyou'll need to educate some of us on transcripts though :)17:43
yvlok then...17:46
yvllooks like it's going to be a few fun releases17:46
th1aIn terms of the original ping, looks like you went ahead and made the fix on your own, so never mind.17:47
th1aYou're excused.  ;-)17:47
yvlthanks to menesis :)17:47
* yvl is going to work on dynamic relationship views for the next few days17:47
yvlthanks th1a17:47
yvlthat feature is fun17:47
th1aIt will make users happy too.17:47
yvland I think it'll make other developers happy too ;)17:47
yvleverybody wins!17:48
yvlsee you tomorrow meeting :)17:48
th1aHave a good evening.17:48
menesisI suggest using blueprints more17:49
th1aProbably we should.17:50
menesisand use
yvl+1 menesis :)17:50
* yvl goes home17:50
menesisI have updated with more milestones an hour ago17:51
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menesisuploaded 2.0 packages to precise21:29

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