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dadenghey th1a, good afternoon18:13
dadengaelkner good afternoon18:13
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dadenghi johnbehling18:38
johnbehlingi'm looking for help with CAS on schooltool-200918:38
johnbehlingi followed the instructions on the, but then i was unable to access schooltool18:39
johnbehlingi get this error: b: evolving in mode EVOLVEMINIMUM18:40
johnbehlingis there a debug setting for main.conf?18:40
dadenghey u have to get the gurus, hang around until aekner or th1a are around18:41
johnbehlinggreat! thanks!18:41
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ignasjohnbehling, hmm, is that all you get?18:49
ignasjohnbehling, what about the logs in /var/log/schooltool18:49
johnbehlingnothing in the access log18:49 db: evolving in mode EVOLVEMINIMUM in paste log18:50
ignaspaste.log ?18:50
johnbehlingnow i can get to the login url but it's blank18:50
ignasand if you remove the CAS configuration from schooltool.cong everything works?18:50
johnbehlingblank page18:50
ignascan you pastebin the snippet you are adding somewhere?18:51
johnbehlingthe snippet from main.conf?18:51
ignasalso that message seems to be a not-error it's just a log message18:52
johnbehlingi think the problem before was just that i hadn't reloaded apache after restarting schooltool18:53
johnbehlingbut now with the configuration in place18:53
johnbehlingi get a blank login url18:54
johnbehlingi mean page18:54
ignasinteresting, I think it is supposed to redirect you to the CAS server :/18:55
ignasthough can't recall precisely worked on in 3 years ago :D18:55
ignasi'd try "curl -vvv http://where_schooltool_is"18:55
ignasand see what is being returned18:55
johnbehlingi think i'm making progress, now it kicks me to the tomcat cas server but it's trying to use the wrong url18:55
johnbehlingis there somewhere in the plugin where i can configure the login / logoff urls?18:56
ignaslet me try and get the code :)18:56
ignashmm, it seems that those are hardcoded :( it just takes the server and adds "login" to it18:58
ignasor "validate" if it needs validation18:58
ignasso you'll either have to ask someone to fix that and package a new version or add some rewrite rule in apache in front of your CAS server :) while they get it fixed :D18:58
johnbehlingweird it's sending me to /caslogin19:00
johnbehlingthanks for the help19:00
ignascaslogin ?19:00
ignasthat's weird i'd expect:
johnbehlingyes when I open up the schooltool url it sends me to the tomcat server /caslogin19:01
ignascan you try going to login directly?19:02
ignasor do the "curl -vvv" thing?19:02
ignasto see if it is schooltool that is sending you or is it tomcat19:03
johnbehlinggot it working now! i think i was missing the trailing slash in my server definition19:07
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ignasnp :)19:10
ignasglad to be still useful :D19:10
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?20:58
replaceafillth1a, back21:00
replaceafilli'm trying to reproduce a bug jelkner found today so i can report it :)21:01
th1aYeah, I saw that.21:07
th1aAny luck?21:07
replaceafilli think i got it now, it's kind of related to this:
th1aOh... it is not a permission issue?21:09
replaceafilljelkner has 4 terms with linked sections21:09
replaceafilland he set up the schedule only in the first one21:09
replaceafillnow, when he tries to access term 2, he gets an exception21:09
replaceafillinstead of the page saying you have not scheduled the section21:10
replaceafillthat's the bug21:10
th1aAh.  I see.21:31
th1areplaceafill:  Anyway, Vinny sent us some colors.21:53
replaceafillah yes21:53
replaceafilli saw21:53
th1aI'd like to get those in place so I can start doing screenshots.21:53
replaceafilljust one comment on the buttons21:53
replaceafilllet me get the pdf21:53
replaceafillah yes, vinny sent colors for states, right? inactive, active, hover21:54
replaceafilland we were using classes like: ok, cancel, and neutral21:54
replaceafillare we changing to vinny's scheme?21:54
th1aIs Vinny's consistent with the UWG?21:55
th1aThey don't have ok/cancel/neutral right?21:55
replaceafillin the guidelines i only remember the 3 states too21:56
replaceafilllet me check21:56
replaceafillyes, p2421:56
th1aYeah, I think we should follow that.  You don't have to change all the button classes though.21:56
th1aJust make them all look the same.21:56
th1aUnless you have some plan for a global find/replace.21:57
replaceafillno, we can use default/active/hover/ easily i think21:57
replaceafilli'll have that for you ready tomorrow, so you can see21:58
replaceafillfor the gradebook:21:58
replaceafillwe're using gray text for the cells21:59
replaceafillbut i think that if we use teal for "ok", we'll have to change to white text, right?21:59
replaceafillsame for red21:59
replaceafilland for the calendar:22:00
replaceafillis this layout for the calendars on the left?22:00
replaceafillor for the jquery ui widget?22:01
th1aCan we use it for jquery?22:01
th1aIt should work for both.22:01
replaceafillah ok22:02
replaceafillah, we use little calendars in the yearly view too22:02
th1aAnyway, yes replaceafill, please try to plug those in by tomorrow's meeting.22:10
replaceafillth1a, kk22:10
th1aI need to start making screenshots.22:11
replaceafillcool, will do22:11
th1aI think the only thing left out at this point is the calendar events, and really, they may just be fine as is.22:11
replaceafillah true22:11
th1aaelkner_:  What was that bug david found?22:12
aelkner_if the limit_keys is None, it crashes, so i fixed that22:13
aelkner_i'm currently updating demo instance22:13
aelkner_th1a, have you checked the link yet, i need to restart as daemon22:15
th1aI have not checked it.  Is there anything to see other than the absence of an error?22:16
aelkner_never mind, i'm restarting as daemon now...22:18
th1areplaceafill: also, do you like the dots in the margin?22:22
replaceafillnot much22:22
replaceafilli was thinking about the button pattern22:22
th1aYeah, I don't think it is an improvement.22:22
replaceafillor is it my pdf viewer?22:22
replaceafilli see a bg pattern in the buttons?22:22
replaceafilldo you?22:22
replaceafillin the button states22:23
th1aOh... I asked if he wanted that in the header.22:23
th1aI don't know why we'd just have it in the buttons.22:23
replaceafillah ok, i'll only use the colors then22:24
th1aI'll ask him.22:24
th1aAlso, I've been thinking more of a graph paper grid pattern might be nice in the margins.22:25
replaceafillgraph paper pattern?22:25
replaceafilldo you have an example?22:25
replaceafillwant me to try one?22:27
th1aOh... if you want to.22:27
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