IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2011-09-26

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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner_, menesis, yvl.16:30
yvlgood morning16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
th1amenesis:  Should my packages be unbroken yet?16:32
menesisth1a: yes16:32
th1aThis is using our regular ppa?16:32
menesisI have uploaded all needed packages to the ppa16:32
menesisyes. for oneiric only.16:33
th1aMaybe the ARM packages are still being built or something.16:33
th1aOr is there anything I need to do to downgrade certain packages, etc?16:33
menesismaybe arm packages are not built...16:34
menesisnot in the ppa16:34
th1aRight now I'm getting python-schooltool python-schooltool.gradebook python-schooltool.intervention python-schooltool.lyceum.journal and schooltool held back16:34
menesisso, on ARM, you may need to downgrade and zope.container to natty versions16:35
menesisthe most obvious problem was that lyceum was not available16:35
th1aI certainly wouldn't be surprised if the ARM packages take longer, since they're presumably just built in a hive of pandaboards.16:35
menesisbut I uploaded it yesterday16:35
th1amenesis -- it may be necessary to downgrade on arm simply because of the delay, right?16:36
menesisdon't know about arm16:36
menesisI don't see this architecture on packages.ubuntu.com16:37
menesisor the ppa16:37
th1aOh... yes.16:38
th1aMaybe there just aren't ARM packages at all in PPA's yet.16:39
th1aThat would explain why it isn't working too...16:39
menesiswhere do you install from?16:40
th1aActually, I just upgraded the existing installation on the PandaBoard.16:40
th1aOK, so yes, it looks like PPA's don't do ARM yet.16:42
th1aWhich isn't a problem aside from my trying to use the PandaBoard as my test server...16:43
menesisyou can download natty versions of the problematic packages and
menesisand "sudo dpkg --install zope*deb" them16:43
th1aI think trying to do this testing on ARM is a recipe for disaster.16:44
th1aMaybe I need to set up a VM on my main box here.16:44
menesisI did all work and testing on an Atom netbook16:44
th1aThe horsepower isn't the problem.16:45
menesisbut finally, I have my work laptop back since Friday16:45
th1aOK, I'll sort out what to do later.16:45
th1aAnything else menesis?  So if I test the new packages on i386 and they work, then I should give the green light to translators?  Are the flourish translations anywhere surprising?16:47
menesistranslators, yes.16:48
menesisI should check if all the new templates are imported16:48
menesisbut I did commit them to trunks16:48
menesisthe last hour and a half I was looking at intervention and found many i18n problems, most of flourish strings are not translatable16:49
th1aOK.  Double-check that.16:49
th1aWhat are the problems?16:50
menesisI only looked carefully at the core schooltool16:50
menesiswrong domain, strings in flourish.zcml not extracted16:50
menesisbut also, the Interventions breadcrumb and menu item in the sidebar are not translated16:51
menesisafter all other fixes16:51
th1aSo tell aelkner_ and replaceafill what they need to do today to fix these.16:51
* replaceafill was thinking of trying the es-sv version of flourish to check :)16:52
menesisplease try16:52
menesisand time to translate ;)16:52
replaceafillyes, 353 untranslated strings in core!!!16:53
th1areplaceafill:  OK, that's your task for today.16:53
th1aMaybe I should just make aelkner_ work on the italian translation.16:53
th1aIt is really the only way you're going to grok translation issues.16:53
replaceafillmenesis this is the right url, correct?
th1aIs there anything in particular aelkner_ could be doing on this issue today?16:55
th1aI'll take that as a no.16:58
th1aAnything else menesis?16:58
menesisdon't think so16:59
menesisbetter look at other issues16:59
menesisI have been looking at translation strings for some time already16:59
menesisbut not everything16:59
menesisaelkner_ could look at intervention17:00
menesisbecause Edit Goal, Edit Message don't work17:00
aelkner_what do you mean when you say they don't work?17:00
aelkner_what do they do instead of working?17:00
menesisLocationError: (MissingInputError('', '', None), 'layout.css')17:01
aelkner_when you click on one of them?17:01
menesisNew Goal, New Message as well17:01
menesisat least when loged in as manager..17:01
th1aIs there any particular way for aelkner_ to ensure he's running the same code as menesis?17:02
aelkner_first off, i removed all schooltool packages from my machine17:03
aelkner_after i wasted a couple of days trying to figure out why my sndbox was corrutped17:03
menesisbzr pull..17:03
aelkner_that a tad incomplete as an instruction, but we don't want to waste meeting time going over these details17:05
aelkner_menesis, after the meeting?17:05
th1aThere's really nothing else to talk about.17:05
aelkner_i thought you wanted me to run the same code as menesis17:06
aelkner_that would require some discussion17:06
th1aI mean OTHER than that.17:06
th1a(that is, there is no reason to not talk about ensuring aelkner and menesis are running the same code)17:07
aelkner_i run code from my sandboxes17:08
th1amenesis:  Are you just working from trunk here?17:08
aelkner_they use my branches17:08
aelkner_i merge with trunk regularly17:08
aelkner_but i debug trunk directly17:08
* replaceafill wishes we could filter f_*.pt templates in rosetta17:09
aelkner_it wouldn't make sense to try and debug and change trunk directly, that's why we have branches17:09
menesisth1a: ~schooltool-owners/schooltool*/flourish branches17:09
menesisis latest17:09
menesisall have version 1.9.1dev17:09
th1aOK, so what does aelkner_ need to do?17:09
aelkner_i do have a sandbox for merging17:09
aelkner_it has all the trunk branches in it, but i never run anything there17:09
aelkner_i just merge there17:09
th1aaelkner_, I'm not criticizing what you've been doing in general.17:10
aelkner_i could copy my Data.fs to that sanbox and test things out there17:10
th1aWe just need to solve the problem.17:10
aelkner_can i discuss the problem with menesis after the meeting?17:10
th1aWe can talk about it now!17:11
th1aThis isn't supposed to be a complicated problem.17:11
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aelkner_ok, first of all, i've never run my trunk sandbox, so i need to do a make on it17:12
th1amenesis just performs slowly as an interactive prompt.  ;-)17:12
menesisno idea what problem is there to discuss17:12
th1athe menesis process in hung and the aelkner_ process is running wild.17:12
aelkner_menesis, to be clear, you have a sandbox with trunk branches of all the plugins as well as core17:12
th1aHere's what I have been assuming.17:13
menesisyou don't need the latest code. I did not break anything. the mentioned intervention views were not working for some time17:13
th1amenesis says "there is a problem with intervention -- it essentially doesn't work."17:13
aelkner_i just added a message, no problem17:13
menesisaelkner_: yes, of course I have all *flourish* branches17:13
aelkner_so i need to figure out how to reproduce17:13
th1aClearly you two are running different code.17:14
aelkner_so you have the buildout.fcg that does the ../schooltool.gradebook ../schooltool.intervention17:14
aelkner_th1a, we all run different code, that's always been the case17:14
aelkner_bzr allows for us to have our own branches17:14
menesishave you tried clicking on Edit Goal?17:14
aelkner_menesis, not yet17:14
aelkner_on sec17:14
aelkner_menesis, just editd a goal, no problem17:15
aelkner_how do you reproduce the problem?!17:15
menesisthen try your other sandbox where flourish branches are17:16
th1aWouldn't menesis's bzr info allow aelkner_ to reproduce this?17:16
th1aThat's essentially what I've been asking all along...17:16
menesiswhat else17:17
menesissomething may be lost in merges17:17
th1aYes, I'm sure that's the problem.17:18
menesisdiff -u -r flourish/intervention my/intervention17:18
menesisto see what's different17:18
menesisor use a visual diff tool like "meld"17:18
menesisto compare directories17:18
th1aI have a feeling that when menesis types things like "~schooltool-owners/schooltool*/flourish" it saves two lines of typing at the expense of 20 minutes of frustrated IRC chat.17:22
aelkner_well i have a more exact commend to post here:17:23
aelkner_from my flourish trunk sandbox, intervention directory17:23
aelkner_i typed: diff -u -r ../../flourish/schooltool.intervention17:24
aelkner_i get:17:24
aelkner_diff: extra operand `../../flourish/schooltool.intervention/'17:24
menesisdiff -u -r . ../../flourish/schooltool.intervention17:24
menesistwo directories17:24
aelkner_ah, ok17:25
aelkner_that command worked17:25
aelkner_i get lots of incomprehensible (at least for me) output from that command17:26
aelkner_for instance:17:26
aelkner_Binary files ./.bzr/checkout/dirstate and ../../flourish/schooltool.intervention/.bzr/checkout/dirstate differ17:28
aelkner_Only in ./.bzr/repository/obsolete_packs: f6be62811e0c80aa61359df0de0a2bda.cix17:28
aelkner_Only in ./.bzr/repository/obsolete_packs: f6be62811e0c80aa61359df0de0a2bda.iix17:28
aelkner_menesis, what am i looking for17:29
replaceafillwow, i'll love to see this button: "Make Default" -> "Establecer como Predeterminado"17:29
menesisthis is comparing binary files in .bzr directory. simply ignore that17:29
th1aLook for the actual python code.17:29
aelkner_i don't see any python files in the diff yet17:30
aelkner_-hash: 688fd592b877bbc07bc817a113f2e6d6de732c2617:31
aelkner_whatever that means17:31
aelkner_i also get tons of pyc diffs17:31
th1aThose are all things you can ignore, aelkner_.17:31
aelkner_menesis, could you point specifically to a py file that should show up in this diff?17:31
th1aIF we knew we wouldn't have to look, right?17:32
th1aI'd say NOW we can set this aside and finish the meeting.17:32
menesissimply run the trunk sandbox and see if the problem is there17:32
aelkner_ok, one sec, the make has run17:32
menesisI only mentioned one problem, and now half an hour is lost17:32
th1aWell, intervention NOT WORKING is worth a half an hour.17:33
th1ayvl:  Go ahead.17:34
th1aHow's testing look?17:34
th1a(clearly we need it soon...)17:34
aelkner_menesis, running trunk, i am able to edit a goal17:34
menesisgood for you17:34
yvlit's going a bit slow, but stable progress17:35
aelkner_thanks, i'm proud of that :)17:35
aelkner_but the point is, i am not able to reproduce the problem!17:35
th1amenesis:  Are you getting a traceback?17:35
menesisyes, not helpful17:36
th1aPerhaps it would be helpful to aelkner_ in figuring out what's missing.17:36
menesisI will report bugs, I have more of them, I just mentioned one17:36
aelkner_but there isn't anything missing as far as i can see17:36
th1aSomething is missing in menesis's version, and since that's the one we ship, it has to be fixed one way or another.17:37
aelkner_i have a sanbox that runs trunk versions of all plugins, and editing a goal works17:37
th1aaelkner_:  There is a dropped patch somewhere.17:37
th1aThat is all.17:37
th1aOr maybe an obscure real bug.17:38
aelkner_i can only tell you what is hapening on my macine17:38
aelkner_all is ok here17:38
th1aaelkner_:  I understand that.17:38
th1aThe problem is that you're interacting five times faster than menesis.17:38
aelkner_that's me, mister interactive :)17:39
th1aOK, so yvl...17:39
aelkner_sorry yvl17:39
yvlso, basically wrapping around everything now17:39
th1aYes, I'd like to get replaceafill in on the testing on Wednesday (in whatever state it is in).17:39
yvldeeper than I'd like to, but there's just no way around it17:39
yvlsure, th1a17:39
yvlI think it will be ready then17:40
yvl(for early testing)17:40
th1aThanks yvl.17:40
replaceafillnot much to report really, i spent most friday chasing the issue17:40
replaceafillit seems like all came down to a move import!17:40
replaceafilli also started looking at the journal issue reported by menesis17:41
replaceafillabout localized 'a' and 't'17:41
replaceafillbeing translated17:41
replaceafillnow that i'll have the spanish version i think finding those issues will be easier17:42
replaceafillso i'll work on that today17:42
replaceafilli'm already translating in rosetta17:42
replaceafillthe es-sv version17:42
replaceafillthat's it from me i guess17:43
th1aDid you guys look at the homepage wireframe Vinny sent on Friday?17:44
replaceafillhhm no17:45
* replaceafill goes to check the basecamp17:45
th1aWhoops, wrong link.17:45
th1aMy friend made some absinthe and gave me a couple bottles.17:46
replaceafillubuntu's design with flourish colors :)17:46
th1aThis is just looking at colors and layout, not toxt per say.17:47
th1areplaceafill:  That's essentially what I told them to do at the beginning.17:47
th1aThis is supposed to be a cheap and quick project.  ;-)17:47
replaceafilli'd just like to see the gray background in the real page17:47
replaceafillmay look too dark17:47
th1aThat's my concern.17:48
yvl(the cake is a lie.)17:48
yvl(for those who play Portal ;) )17:48
aelkner_what are guys referring to?17:48
th1aA game, apparently.17:48
aelkner_are we looking at the pdf?17:48
aelkner_i don't see any cake17:49
yvlstack overflow for aelkner_17:49
yvlforget the cake17:49
yvllook at pdf17:49
th1arunaway process...17:49
th1acorrupted I/O17:49
th1agarbage in/garbage out17:49
th1aprocessing out of sequence17:50
aelkner_i wish i knew what you guys were talking about, what currupted I/O17:50
aelkner_i only see a perfectly fine pdf17:50
th1aaelkner_'s I/O is corrupted.17:50
yvl... :)17:50
th1aAnyhow, any other thoughts about the colors?17:51
th1aI'll be working on the text.17:51
yvlhmm, that gray is a bit... gray17:52
th1aWell, also, it is a problem if the screenshots going in the slider are going to mostly be our gray and green interface.17:53
th1aThat may be the bigger problem.17:53
th1aOh... one last thing.17:54
th1aI think we should settle into Mon/Wed meetings indefinitely.17:54
th1aI'm not going to be able to go back to once a week.17:54
th1aSo shall we meet this Wed?17:54
replaceafill+1 on mod/wed17:54
aelkner_i thought it was Mon/Tues/Thursday?17:55
yvlit was17:55
th1aYes, it was.17:55
yvlmon/wed sounds good to me17:55
aelkner_whatever works for everyone else17:55
th1aOK, so let's assume Mon/Wed as the schedule indefinitely.17:56
th1aSo... see you Wednesday if not before.17:56
th1aThanks guys.17:56
aelkner_th1a, what about me?!17:56
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:56
th1aI'll call you aelkner_.17:56
yvland more meetings when we're in kind-of-a-sprint mode, please :)17:56
yvl(especially short meetings)17:56
aelkner_th1a, calling soon?17:57
yvl(like first month of flourish)17:57
yvlok, see you guys Wed :)17:57
aelkner_cya yvl17:57
replaceafilli liked the flourish meeting period very much :)17:57
aelkner_you, too, menesis, if you're out there somewhere :)17:57
aelkner_th1a, i need a brb, too, will ping when i'm back18:05
th1akk aelkner_18:07
aelkner_i'm back18:09
aelkner_so first, i fixed the checkmark bug in /report_sheets18:10
aelkner_that was trivial18:10
aelkner_jelkner did not come up for the weekend after all, but i did talk with him on the phone18:10
aelkner_he said that anything would be fine for starters for the intervention student pdf18:10
aelkner_and then after he saw it, he could comment18:11
aelkner_replaceafill, ayt?18:11
aelkner_but i can show it to you now for your comments18:11
aelkner_as teacher001/teacher001:18:11
aelkner_you'll see a Reports linkset with Interventions PDF in it18:12
replaceafillaelkner_ sorry i was making breakfast18:12
aelkner_click away and tell me what you'd like changed18:12
aelkner_replaceafill, np, could you update jelkner's instance for me please18:12
aelkner_i pushed everything to trunk18:12
aelkner_which includes and intervention pdf18:13
replaceafillaelkner_ matt handles that for him18:13
replaceafilliĺl ask matt18:13
aelkner_oh, he siad you did, but he had a lot on his mind, so...18:13
aelkner_th1a, i know you'll have nits on my choice of text18:13
replaceafillwell, i help matt when he needs me to, but i'd prefer not to touch it :)18:14
aelkner_replaceafill, understood18:14
aelkner_i could tell jelkner to get matt to update the instance18:14
replaceafillasking him right now18:14
th1aaelkner_, I've got another chat going on here at the same time...18:15
th1aone minute.18:15
aelkner_ok, this one time i'll let you help me with that :)18:15
aelkner_th1a, sure, np18:15
replaceafillaelkner_ "(09:15:15) Matt: will do"18:15
* replaceafill goes to eat his breakfast :)18:16
aelkner_go for it18:16
th1aI would align left not center for the stuff in the body.18:16
th1aAlso, you wouldn't want to truncate anything in this report.18:16
aelkner_ok, that removes that issue18:18
aelkner_how about the inclusion of the message18:19
th1aActually, I guess I'm not sure this works as a table.18:20
th1aIsn't it more a list of goals and messages?18:20
th1aThis report should include all the data for each object.18:20
th1aIt isn't a summary you can click on for details.18:20
aelkner_well, jelkner said he didn't wat all that18:20
aelkner_he ust needed the summary for a meeting18:21
th1aI have to stop asking users what they want.18:21
th1aSo is there another question?18:21
aelkner_are you saying you don't have a problem with any of the text otherwise?18:21
aelkner_the Reports link18:21
aelkner_the dialog text18:21
th1aWell, I guess we haven't been putting the format in the title of the reports.18:22
th1aIntervention Summary18:23
aelkner_more spefically?18:23
th1aCurrent Interventions ?18:24
aelkner_you're just braninstorming now, aren't ya :)18:24
aelkner_it is the student interventions we are reporting here18:24
th1aI'm not really in text wrangling mode atm.  This is why it was so useful to ONLY do that for two months.18:24
aelkner_that's ok, i'll leave it as is until someone reports a bug18:25
th1aThe whole system is about student interventions, so what is unusual about this report.18:25
th1aIt is only current interventions for a student.18:25
aelkner_it's not unusual18:25
th1aWhat differentiates it from others...18:25
aelkner_it is just a pdf version of the student interventions view18:25
aelkner_like we have a gradebook pdf18:26
aelkner_what do you think about the idea of adding the message to the student interventions view18:26
th1aDo you have something in mind here aelkner_ or do you just object to my suggestions?18:26
aelkner_at the moment, it only has the sender and date sent, not very helpfule18:26
th1aYou're talking about the html view?18:26
aelkner_i don't object to your suggestions, i just know what they are18:27
th1aNo, it is fine the way it is.18:27
aelkner_but also, i'm not sure what you suggested for the pdf, you suggested something?18:27
th1aCurrent Interventions as the title of the report.18:27
aelkner_no student name?18:27
th1aI mean the link.18:27
th1aThe link.18:27
aelkner_that's what i meant about specifics, i don't know otherwise what you mena18:28
aelkner_so Current Interventions instead of Interventions PDF18:28
th1aSorry.  I was just answering your first question.18:28
aelkner_cool, and the report title?18:29
th1aThat's fine.18:29
aelkner_btw, i left this issue for this discussion: namely, the year18:29
aelkner_i didn't mention it in the report, but shouldn't it be?18:29
th1aYou've got all the dates.18:30
aelkner_so don't bother, right?18:30
aelkner_oh, and you did make suggestions about cell alignment, so i'll look into that18:30
th1aI am not bothered.18:30
aelkner_sorry i didn't acknowledge those18:30
th1aAlign the whole tables left.18:31
aelkner_i can make the goals table wider18:31
aelkner_i just wnated you to see both widths to decide what looked right18:31
aelkner_shall i make both tables the same width?18:31
th1aThere's no reason to make the larger text areas narrow.18:32
th1aBut you don't need to make the single line fields overly wide.18:32
th1a(name, dates)18:32
aelkner_well, names can get pretty large, i noticed this with the niepa data18:32
aelkner_if we don't care about wrapping, then i can make them narowwer18:33
aelkner_and you seemed to be ok with wrapping since you said no need to truncate18:33
th1aJust don't make them wider.18:33
aelkner_ok, thanks for the suggestions, next topic18:34
aelkner_i fixed the exporter to export True, False and a blank cell when a bool field is None18:35
aelkner_then i filed a bug about two issues of importing18:35
aelkner_i already gave you that18:35
aelkner_that bug is not the one i fixed, it's the one i filed18:36
aelkner_this is the one i fixed:18:36
aelkner_but you see the one i filed and the issues that it raised, yes?18:36
th1aMissing required demographics?18:37
aelkner_and bool fields18:37
aelkner_right now the importer will set the bool field to a string which is a bug18:38
aelkner_ok, you know what, i'm asking you to approve of my bug, but you just want me to ix it, so...18:38
aelkner_fortunately i found it18:39
aelkner_if the user sets up demos and make them required, we should flag that on import18:39
aelkner_if the demo field is a boolean, we will accept blank if not required18:39
th1aI might want you to look at this first though:
aelkner_otherwise, only True or False18:39
aelkner_could let yvl handle that one please18:41
th1aOK, so you're going to work on this import bug aelkner_?18:41
aelkner_yes, also, here's the link i use for my bugs:18:42
aelkner_sorry for the channel flood18:42
aelkner_but you could suggest something18:42
th1aAt this point I want you looking at all active bugs.18:42
aelkner_btw, changing status to Critical is a good way to get me to prioritize a bug to max priority18:42
aelkner_ah, ok18:43
aelkner_i'll use that link to pick bugs18:43
aelkner_ok, i'm done my report then18:44
th1aIs this fixed now?
th1aI guess not completely.18:44
th1aOr, yes it is, right. You can link them.18:44
aelkner_yes, linked sections, right?18:44
aelkner_so what do we do with the bug?18:44
th1aFix committed!18:45
aelkner_changed the bug and added a comment18:46
th1aYou might take a look at this from the chat I just had:18:46
th1aSiD: it also seems that once homeroom is set, other journals are locked18:46
th1a me:  Locked?18:46
th1a SiD:  means i tried to add entry, but its not enabled18:46
th1a Sent at 11:22 AM on Monday18:46
th1a SiD:  oh, thats fine18:46
th1ai need to click on the date on top to make it editable18:46
th1a me:  Before you click on the cell?18:46
th1a SiD:  yes18:46
th1aI don't think it has anything to do with the homeroom thing though.18:47
th1aWell, no18:47
th1adon't worry about it.18:47
th1aSkip it.18:47
aelkner_anything else?18:47
th1aIs this still a bug?
th1aReally all I want you to do is go through the bugs, down into the medium priority ones, and fix the ones that are actually bugs (not feature proposals) and/or clear the ones that have been fixed in flourish.18:49
aelkner_i'll look into it, just changes status to Critical18:49
aelkner_will do18:49
th1aWhatever floats your boat aelkner_, just don't mark anything "invalid!"18:49
th1aAlso ;-)18:50
th1aYou might need help from replaceafill in tracking this down.18:51
replaceafilli cannot reproduce the intervention issue that menesis reported18:57
menesisi tried in a new instance, no problem either...19:21
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