IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2011-09-25

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jelknerreplaceafill, good afternoon mr. cerna20:45
jelknermattva01 went out for lunch20:45
replaceafillhey mr elkner20:45
jelknerhe'll be back in about 30 minutes20:45
replaceafillah ok20:45
replaceafilli'm still flourishing the app20:45
replaceafilllet me show you20:45
jelknergo ahead and finish up20:46
jelkneri've got *a lot* of lesson planning to do20:46
jelknerso matt will work with you and i'll test it when the two of you say its ready20:46
replaceafillah ok20:46
replaceafilli'd like to keep working on it today20:46
replaceafilli've been busy receiving family last couple of days20:47
replaceafill(because camilas birthday)20:47
jelknersure, i understand20:47
jelknerwhen can i start using it?20:47
replaceafilli think i'll finish the views tomorrow at night20:48
replaceafilland i want at least some automated tests20:48
replaceafillbefore you try it20:48
replaceafillfirst test on wednesday?20:48
replaceafilli mean, for you to try it20:49
jelknerlet's schedule it for wednesday afternoon20:49
replaceafillyou have time after 12:30, correct?20:50
jelkneri have class from 1:40 to 3:1020:50
jelknerit is my JavaScript class20:50
replaceafillah, ok20:50
jelknerthey are the ones who will test the app 1st20:50
jelknerso here is what i would like to do:20:51
jelkner1. get on-line with you at 12:30 pm20:51
jelknercreate a quiz for them20:51
jelkner2. when they come in at 1:40 pm20:51
jelknerthey take the quiz20:51
jelknerok, that's our plan20:51
replaceafilldo you have the quiz already?20:51
replaceafilli mean, the questions20:52
replaceafillso i can use it as test data20:52
replaceafillah, ok20:52
replaceafillnever mind20:52
jelknerbut i could make one by later today20:52
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jelknerhold on...20:52
replaceafillsure, if you have time20:52
replaceafilli only want to make sure everything fits20:53
replaceafilland i'm not forgetting anything20:53
jelknerlet's use that to start20:55
jelkneri'll need to make it multiple choice, i guess.20:55
replaceafillbut it's good for testing20:56
jelknercan you just work with this for now?20:57
jelkneri'll add the choices in the actual app20:57
jelknerok, mr. cerna20:57
jelknerhasta miercoles entonces...20:58
replaceafillit's looking great though :)20:58
replaceafillok mr elkner20:58
jelkneri'm really hoping that after oct 1320:58
jelknerwe can talk about additions to this and start the cando discussion20:58
jelknerso by next summer we will be ready to rock!20:58
replaceafillok, i'll go back to coding then20:59
jelknerand i'll go back to learning JavaScript20:59
jelknerlater dude20:59
replaceafillbye man20:59
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