IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-08-23

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aksth1a, yvl: in the , schooltool 1.7 is missing, only 1.6 is available10:54
yvlmenesis: ^10:56
yvlthanks aks, I'll update menesis about this10:57
aksyvl: I'm trying to make a build for 1.6, and when 1.7 is available, I'll build RPM for that too10:58
menesisaks: there was no 1.7 release yet10:58
aksmenesis: but has a 1.7 directory10:59
yvlbut I think there are very little changes in 1.7 series, all the work has migrated to upcoming
yvl(which is heavily work in progress)10:59
aksyvl, menesis: so is it safe to assume that the current stable version is 1.6 and 1.7 will come later on?11:00
menesis has snapshot of trunk and they are named 1.7.0dev11:00
menesisaks: yes, 1.6 is the last stable release11:01
aksmenesis: ok, then i'll build RPMs for 1.611:01
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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner_, yvl, menesis.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
th1aSo I'm thinking quick meetings the rest of the week and then maybe scaling down to three times a week next week.16:31
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th1aLike Mon/Tue/Thurs.16:32
th1aFriday evening meetings in Lithuania aren't so useful.16:32
th1aOK. yvl?16:33
th1aRegarding the js calendar color -- what I was referring to in my email --16:34
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th1aOur colors may change based on input from Schwa, but the calendar days regardless should be a light gray or white, not whatever dark shade we use in the final version.16:34
aelknermy internet was flakey, so i lost my connection and didn't realize it16:35
* yvl agrees16:35
aelknerare my messages getting through?16:35
yvlbut if we are going to go through jQuery theme roller it's best to do that once?16:35
yvlyes, aelkner16:36
th1aOh... perhaps.  It can wait.16:36
yvlon to report;16:36
yvlfinished remaining work with XLS import, updated samle_data.xls and empty_data.xls16:36
yvlported some CSV views - groups, courses, persons import16:37
yvlsection members import16:37
yvldid some cleanup, hilited School tab in more relevant places16:37
yvlthat's it.16:37
th1aWhat's next?16:38
* th1a looks for that email he wrote.16:38
yvlthe rest of the CSV views maybe?16:38
th1aYes, do all the csv imports.16:38
yvlthe big section import, which needs some tweaking16:39
th1aCSV exports are now going to be managed as reports.16:39
th1aActually, reports, yes, that's one of the bigger ones left.16:39
yvlthe what now?16:39
yvlsorry, I missed those somehow16:39
th1aWell... just one of the remaining loose ends.16:40
th1aReports aren't going to change much in this iteration.16:40
th1aExcept any kind of export will be considered a report.16:40
th1aBut we still have some views to update.16:41
yvlbut - we don't have CSV exports now, right?16:41
th1aOh... there are a couple -- maybe just in gradebook.16:41
th1aBut I guess not in the things you're working on.16:41
th1aSo don't panic.16:41
yvlumm... sorry? :)16:42
th1aOK, so you're good for tomorrow?16:43
yvlumm... probably16:43
yvlyou could push something in the queue just in case16:43
th1aLet's see where everyone else is.16:43
th1aThanks yvl.16:44
aelkneri felt ill all day day yesterday, so i took a sick day16:44
aelkneri feel much better today though16:44
aelknerafter the meeting, can we look at the old skin section interventions view together and discuss?16:45
aelknerthat's it for me16:45
replaceafilli finished the score system views16:46
replaceafilli couldn't come up with something better for the add form :(16:46
th1aWe had something better?16:47
aelknerth1a, don't we wat to hide score systems rather than deleting them?16:47
replaceafillno, something better than what i showed you yesterday16:47
th1aI had a cached version...16:47
th1aI'm getting a little rendering glitch with the buttons and drop-down overlapping.16:47
th1aAnyone else see that?16:48
replaceafillthat's the -8px issue16:48
replaceafilli have to fix that16:48
aelkneryes, we have that with lot of other forms, too16:48
th1aWhat is that caused by?16:48
aelkneronce that's fixed, all the other forms will be16:48
* yvl strongly dislikes the -8px margin enforced by default16:48
th1aRemind me why we did that (it was probably my idea).16:49
replaceafillth1a i used a negative margin to bypass the bottom margin of fieldsets16:49
yvlbad replaceafill! :)16:49
replaceafillyvl my bad, sorry16:49
th1aSo they wouldn't space themselves out so far?16:49
yvlnp replaceafill;  but I do dislike it.16:49
aelknerbottom magrin + top margin = too much space16:50
replaceafilli'll fix it :)16:51
th1aI think the table looks fine.16:51
yvlthanks, Douglas :)16:51
aelknerth1a, what about the hide/delete issue?16:51
replaceafillth1a i used checkmarks instead of Yes/No16:51
replaceafillin the score system index view16:51
replaceafillis that ok?16:51
replaceafillaelkner is not deleting16:51
replaceafillit's hiding16:51
replaceafilllike the old view does16:51
th1aWe should be consistent with checks.16:51
aelknerreplaceafill, the table heading says Delete16:52
th1aChange the text to Hide.16:52
aelknerit should probably say what it does16:52
aelknerand how about unhding?16:52
th1aWe're not doing that now aelkner.16:52
aelknerif the user regrets hding a scoresystem for which they have many students scored...16:52
th1aThe point is it doesn't affect old scores.16:53
th1aYou just can't make new onew.16:53
th1aAnyhow, feel free to file a bug, aelkner.16:53
th1aIt needs to be done someday.16:53
replaceafillalso, i fixed the problem in the journal16:53
replaceafilland the gradebook16:53
replaceafillabout calling view/table 4 times :(16:54
th1aThey were really slow with real data.16:54
th1a(just journal, actually)16:54
th1aTwo more points about the score system view.16:54
replaceafillth1a it's because your gradebook didnt have many activities16:54
replaceafillbut it had the same problem16:55
replaceafillth1a yes?16:55
th1a1) should we just save changes each time the user hits add?  That would be more consistent with the rest of the app at this point.16:55
replaceafillbtw, you get to the score systems view through School16:55
th1a2) We need to settle on standard formatting for extended on-screen directions.16:57
replaceafilli don't like to justify paragraphs, but the score system add view text does look weird16:58
th1aI feel like it needs something to bound it and set it off.16:59
th1aWithout too many lines.16:59
th1aOr maybe just a header and a bit more margin.16:59
replaceafilli was thinkin of a help dialog like in the journal16:59
aelkneryou could put a box around it to set it off a bit16:59
th1atbh, maybe just a "Directions" subheader and more indentation.17:00
th1aI think there are a few places where p's could use more margin anyhow.17:00
th1aSo we should work on that this afternoon.17:00
th1aWhat do you guys think about saving on add on this form.17:01
aelknerwhen the user needs to create multiple lines (which is most of the tie)17:01
aelknerwouldn't that force them to close and open the view many times?17:02
aelknerthat would be annoying to user i think17:02
th1aThey wouldn't have to leave.17:02
aelkneroh, you mean save but keep the view open17:02
aelkneri see17:02
th1aI mean, right now, when you hit add, is it storing the change?17:02
aelknerthen the only button at the botttom could be a Done link?17:03
replaceafillth1a no17:03
th1aThat's not really consistent with the rest of the app now.17:03
replaceafillth1a it's all in the request/template17:03
replaceafilluntil you hit Save17:03
th1aThe rest of the app saves as you go and uses done.17:03
aelknerright, cancel gives the user a chance to cancel the whole process17:03
th1aYou can hide easily though.17:03
yvlif you make it deny adding until user specifies the title... it could work.17:03
yvllike - a special edit view, that looks like an add view17:04
yvlwrite a title, click next or whatever, the object is created17:04
yvland you actually get to a special edit view that looks like add17:04
th1aMake it a two step process.17:04
replaceafilllike add term17:05
yvla delete (or hide or whatever) link automatically appears - as it's an edit on already existing object17:05
replaceafillbut saving after the first step17:05
th1aLet's not do it right now.17:06
th1aPerhaps after we get the reports done.17:06
replaceafillth1a report sheet templates next?17:06
th1a /reports first, I think.17:07
th1aThe reports overview aelkner wrote for last release.17:07
th1aIs that were it is?17:07
* th1a doesn't have an old instance running.17:07
aelknerbummer, i was going to ask you to so that we could look at the section interventions17:08
th1areplaceafill has one running I think.17:08
aelknerreplaceafill, do you have a demo instance of old skin you could point us to?17:08
replaceafillth1a like this?
replaceafillaelkner ^17:08
th1aThat's what I mean.17:09
replaceafillhow do i get there?17:09
replaceafill(in the old ui)17:09
th1aAnd then also the specific report views, yes.17:09
* replaceafill had never seen that view :D17:09
replaceafillah ok17:10
replaceafillwill work on that then17:10
replaceafillwant me to set an old instance with sample data?17:10
th1aNo, I have it working now thanks to menesis.17:10
replaceafillah ok17:10
th1aCan I update my branches all at once now, menesis?17:11
menesisth1a: bin/develop up17:11
th1aAnything else to add menesis?17:11
th1aI saw your chat with aks.17:11
menesisi'm busy finishing zope packages17:12
menesisI have no idea what I have to do for schooltool next17:12
th1aWell, I want to have a string freeze on thursday, get the flourish translations up soon, and release a beta.17:13
th1a(or alpha)17:14
th1aDepending on what you want to call it.17:14
th1aCan we put something in our PPA that would allow current users to try flourish in parallel with their regular SchoolTool?17:15
menesisflourish has its own instance definition17:17
menesismaybe it is possible to run regular schooltool from flourish branch, but no one has tested that17:17
th1aWhat do you mean?17:17
th1aIn case this isn't clear -- flourish is what we're releasing in October.17:18
menesisand because the bulk of code is in python-schooltool.deb, it is hard to have two of them17:18
menesisso, I can make a deb of flourish17:19
menesisbut I haven't thought about how to make them parallel installable17:19
yvlmaybe call it 1.7?17:19
th1aWell, give it a little thought.  It would just make it easier for people with actual data to copy their db over and see if it works.17:19
th1aTo be clear -- parallel installation isn't something I'm concerned about for the actual release.17:20
th1aIn onieric, "apt-get install schooltool" will get you SchoolTool with the Flourish skin.17:20
th1aWhich may or may not be branded as SchoolTool Flourish.17:20
menesisI understand17:21
th1aJust checking.  ;-)17:21
th1aAnything else, menesis?17:24
th1aThanks menesis.17:24
menesisparallel installation is possible to achieve if I installed everything in private directory, somewhere /usr/share/schooltool-flourish, but it's much packaging work, for each of the packages, and I don't think it's worth it17:24
th1aDon't worry about it.17:25
menesishowever old skin in the flourish branch probably does not work.17:25
menesisand nothing is functionally tested17:25
yvlyou'd be surprised17:25
menesisand I have no idea what are plans to reintegrate flourish back, or duplicate the tests, or what17:25
yvlwell, I used it few days ago17:25
yvlthe old skin17:26
yvlin flourish branch17:26
yvlwe actually did a good job not messing with the code17:27
th1aWe will certainly be writing some new tests.17:27
th1aWhat do you mean by "reintegrate flourish back?"17:28
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th1aOK, so replaceafill is going to do reports in general; aelkner will move to report sheets and then...17:33
th1aI guess yvl can double check against the old version for what we're missing!17:33
th1amenesis:  In terms of the old skin, we easily could have simply gotten rid of it.17:34
th1aWe don't directly anticipate anyone using it going forward.17:34
menesisOK, this is more clear17:35
menesisbut still, everything is named Flourish*View and f_template.pt17:35
menesisare they going to be renamed back or what?17:35
th1aI don't think so.17:35
menesisthat's what I mean by reintegrating17:35
th1aNot now, at least.17:36
th1aOK.  Everyone set?17:37
aelknerif we discuss section interventions, then yes17:37
aelknerbut we can let everyone else go if that's what you're asking17:38
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:38
th1aHave a good one guys.17:38
aelknerit looks like a good candidate for our new tertiary nav bar17:39
th1aWho sees that when?17:39
aelknersection leader17:40
th1aFrom the section view?17:40
th1aI don't think I've seen this.17:40
aelkneryou'll see an Inteventions link at the top right17:40
aelknerthis was done by yvl for Lehmann back in the day17:41
th1aOK, so this will go under the $SECTION's group in the sidebar.17:41
th1aFor a section.17:42
aelknerwait, when you are viewing a section17:42
aelknerthere are three sidebars linksets17:43
aelknerdo you mean the first one17:43
aelkneradd Interventions?17:43
aelknerfor example, from the demo instance:17:43
aelknerafter Schedule?17:44
aelknerand the tertiary nav i mentioned, use it?17:44
th1aSure, why not?17:44
th1aMake it a table.  Should be straightforward.17:45
th1aThe only problem is getting BACK there after you view or add messages.17:45
aelkneryeahm you see the old skin doesn't handle that so well17:46
aelkneri could solve that using a querystring combined with a more intelegent Done link in these views17:46
aelknerfor instance, in the gradebook, adding an activity in the flourish skin needed to return to gradebook17:47
th1aI'm going to make that something to come back to.17:47
aelknerso i added nexturl=.... to the link17:47
aelknerhow do you mean?17:47
th1ai.e., to defer for now.17:47
aelknerbut i f i can solve it?17:47
th1aafter string freeze.17:47
aelknerok, good idea17:48
th1aWe need to get all our strings in place first.17:48
th1aAlso, I sent you a bunch a gradebook text changes to implement.17:48
aelknerah, those were for me, i couldn't tell17:48
aelknergetting back to the section interventions tables...17:48
aelknerView Messages (n) for column two17:49
aelknerand Wrte New for column three17:49
aelkneror would you like to use a +17:49
aelknerand More...?17:49
aelknermaybe not17:49
aelknerthese are text decisions we need to make, so...17:50
aelkneryou want to thik about it and send me an email later?17:51
aelknerlike you did with the gradebook email that i didn't realize was for me :)17:51
th1aWell, this will be a table.17:51
th1aColumn 1 is name17:51
th1a2 is goals, and that can just be a link.17:51
th1aAnd then 3 is add17:51
th1aJust have the number of goals in the cell.17:52
th1aColumn 3 is add with the add icon.17:52
th1aI think that's fine.17:52
aelknerso yes to +17:52
aelknerbut i'm not sure about col 2 for either17:52
aelknernot View Goals (2)17:52
aelknerjust 2?17:52
aelknersame for messages?17:53
th1aWe'll see how it looks.17:53
aelknerwhat about the col headers17:53
aelknerStudent, Messages, Add?17:53
aelknerStudent, Goals?17:53
aelkneror Student, View Messages, Add?17:54
th1aNo "view"17:54
aelknerStudent, View, Add?17:55
aelkneroh, sorry17:55
aelknerStudent, Messages, Add17:55
aelknerok, that's done, so now you mentioned report sheets17:55
aelkneri thought you had replaceafill dong that?17:55
replaceafilli'm doing report reference17:56
aelkneri thought you had moved on to report sheets, my mistake17:56
th1aIt is all a matter of who has time.17:56
aelkneri see17:56
replaceafillth1a i have a question about the reference btw17:56
replaceafillshould those links be /groups, /schoolyears, etc?17:57
replaceafillright now, i think they come from current term and active year17:58
th1aThe category links?17:59
replaceafillyes, category and title links are the same17:59
th1aOK, yeah, do what makes sense.17:59
th1aIt should be simpler now.17:59
th1a(as you point out)17:59
aelknerjust found out that kk could mean ok, cool, which makes a lot more sense than how i've been interpreting18:03
aelkneri thought kk was like ok, ok18:03
aelknerthat is more of an impatient, alright already18:03
aelknerthat's why i was asking about that before, as if anyone cared what i was thinking :)18:04
aelkneroh, no not that one!18:04
aelknernow you're just messing with me...18:04
aelknerhow does one give the middle finger in irc?18:04
yvl..|.., aelkner18:05
yvlsorry guys :/18:05
aelkneri'll remember that one18:05
replaceafilli have a code organization question, yvl you still have some energy?18:07
aelknerth1a, no meeting tomorrow?18:07
replaceafillnm, i'll just put it all in the flourish.zcml file18:08
* yvl was going home, but speak your mind, replaceafill :)18:08
replaceafillyvl not a big deal, go home18:08
* yvl can think it over over a beer \o/18:08
aelknertomorrow meeting?18:09
aelkneryes, no?18:09
replaceafillaelkner from th1a: "So I'm thinking quick meetings the rest of the week and then maybe scaling down to three times a week next week."18:09
aelkneryes, but i was looking for confimration18:09
aelkneri;m thinking is not definitive18:09
aelkneryvl, may i ask you something quick18:10
aelknerhow do you preload a radio button in an add view with one of the buttons selected?18:10
aelknerin updateWidgets, ight?18:10
yvlwith checked="checked"18:10
aelknerbut a widget is a pythin object that renders itself18:10
yvloh, wait, what library?18:10
aelknerupdateWidgets is where one changes things like hint for instance18:11
aelknerbut i couldn't figure out how to direct the widget to render the checked=checked18:11
aelknerthere is no context in an add view, so there is no value at that point , right?18:12
aelkneri think i tried setting .value = '(True, )18:12
yvlthat's a single widget with some radio options, right?18:13
aelknerit's a bool widget18:13
aelknerthe standard one comes up as radio with Yes and No18:13
aelknerthat's another question, why not a checkbox?18:13
aelknerisn't that an app-wde decision we made?18:14
replaceafillaelkner th1a asked for yes no buttons18:14
replaceafillinstead of checkboxes18:14
aelknercool, thanks18:14
aelknerso how do i get it to preload wth Yes checked?18:14
* yvl is looking for a good example...18:14
yvlah, try setting widget.default to something18:15
aelknerto something?18:16
* yvl can't remember how that thing is bound18:16
yvleither True/False or a (True, ) or a whatever value is supposed to be used as term18:17
yvlalso, you can look at18:17
yvland search for AgeDefault18:17
yvlthis is that z3c.form style, you might remember - with staticwidgetattribute18:18
yvlI think we spoke about that at some point18:18
yvlI probably pointed you to... schooltool/skin/ fck editor's computed attribute18:19
aelkneroh, that18:19
aelknerso i need to do one of those things again?18:19
yvlwell, that way would work18:20
aelkneri'll look into that, thanks18:20
yvlbut setting correct default value in the update could also work18:20
th1aaelkner:  Meeting tomorrow.18:20
aelkneri tried setting it to True and (18:20
aelkner(True, ) to no avail18:20
aelknerth1a, ok18:21
aelkneryvl, we can discuss this tomorrow if i'm still stuck18:21
yvlsure, aelkner18:21
aelkneryou can go home now, thanks again18:21
yvlbut StaticWidgetAttribute adapter named default should do the trick18:21
yvlgood luck, guys!18:21
aelknerhave a good evening, yvl18:22
yvlthanks man18:22
replaceafillhow do we get there?18:25
* replaceafill still have trouble thinking about the old Manage view :)18:26
th1areplaceafill:  That's a good question.18:27
th1aStick it under Data Import for now in School and I'll think about how to rename/move things.18:29
replaceafillah ok18:29
replaceafillshould i just call it "Reports"?19:07
replaceafilli used "Report Reference"19:07
th1a- Overview19:07
th1a- XLS Import19:07
th1aThe export should be registered as a report.19:07
th1a(and linked from the import for convenience)19:08
replaceafillth1a like this?
th1aNo export.19:12
replaceafillah, ok19:12
th1aOr... yes actually.19:12
replaceafillputting it back...19:13
th1aIt doesn't go there as a special case,19:13
th1abut it does go there once we start adding report sections for each individual object.19:13
th1aThere should be links to the School level reports in this section as well.19:13
th1ae.g., when you go to person, there will be a reports section in the sidebar.19:14
th1aListing relevant reports.19:14
replaceafillgot it19:14
replaceafillwe should change the title of
replaceafillReports Overview?19:15
th1aReport Overview19:15
replaceafillanything else?19:16
replaceafill(i mean, for the report overview view)19:17
th1aOh, the view iteself.19:18
th1aLooks fine.19:18
replaceafillkk, pushing to trunk then19:18
th1aOh... I think we added a file type to the report registrations.19:18
th1aCan we add that to the table now.19:18
replaceafilllet me check19:18
th1aaelkner:  Is the above correct?19:18
replaceafilli think we added a file_type for specifi reportlink directives19:19
* replaceafill goes see the code19:19
replaceafillthere we could use file_type19:21
th1aI mean add file type as a column in the table.19:23
th1aWhich may need to be full width.19:23
th1aBut yes, also in the individual views.19:23
th1aSo... there is some plumbing here.19:35
th1aSo actually, you should take that xls export link out.19:36
th1aBut then register that as a report, and wire it together so that it shows up automatically in the school reports section of the sidebar.19:36
th1aSo basically we're not really going to have the selections done at $OBJECT/reports19:37
th1aThe last section in the sidebar should just be REPORTS19:37
th1aand the reports for $OBJECT should just be in the sidebar there.19:37
th1aMake sense?19:37
replaceafillbut the Reports sections should have an Overview option to $OBJECT/reports, right?19:38
replaceafillso the user can see what eache report is about?19:38
th1aOh... I suppose.19:39
th1aWe have the data I guess.19:40
th1aYes, do that.19:40
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aelknerth1a, ayt?22:22
th1aI am here.22:22
aelkneras jelkner:jelkner,
aelknerfloow the Interventions link22:23
aelknernow navigational issues aren't as hard to fix as you might think22:23
aelknerbut even so, i have some suggestions for title/subtitle changes22:23
th1aI don't think they're hard.  Do you just want to do it now?22:24
aelkneri think the student intervention views should all have the student22:24
aelknertitle as title22:24
aelknerit makes more sense to have:22:24
aelknerJohn Doe: Inteventions22:24
aelknerJohn Doe: New Message22:25
aelknerJohn Doe: New Intervention Message22:25
aelkneras long as the Submit and Cancel buttons take the user back where they come from22:25
th1aWell, let's be consistent.22:26
aelknerit will look smooth22:26
aelknerwe have English: Intervention22:26
th1aYeah, you're right.  Name first.22:26
aelknerso John Doe: Interventions is consistent with thqat22:26
aelknerso i'll change the titles and add the navigation logic, and it will operate a lot smoother22:27
aelknerotherwise, does it look ok?22:27
aelknerok, i'll have to show you that stuff tomorrow22:28
aelknerand i'll work on the gradebook text changes, too22:28
aelkneronly kidding :)22:29
replaceafillsorry for the flooding :)22:32
replaceafillperson, group, section, school year, term22:32
replaceafilli think those links should be dialogs, right?22:34
replaceafill(i mean the report links)22:34
replaceafilli wonder how to differentiate which ones should be dialogs and the ones that spits pdfs directly...22:37
th1aThey all could pop dialogs.22:37
replaceafillwith a Download button for those that don't use a request view22:39
replaceafillalso, does the title "Student Detail Report by Group" still make sense in the person view?22:41
replaceafilli mean, it's under the Reports group22:41
replaceafillmaybe only "Student Detail by Group"?22:41
replaceafillsorry, i meant for the group view22:41
th1aYes, the word "report" was always redundant.22:41
th1aI was wondering if we could get rid of the "by group" part myself.22:42
replaceafillright, we're *in* the group22:42
th1aThose are set in the interface, right?22:49
replaceafillthe titles?22:49
replaceafillin zcml22:50
th1aEr, yes.22:50
replaceafillbased on your last email, could i move Import under School to an Actions group?22:51
replaceafilland make Reports use the same viewlet as the other components22:51
replaceafill(i'm trying to insert overview at the top....)22:51
* th1a goes to the beer store.22:56
replaceafillReports uses the same viewlet manager now23:31
replaceafillneed a description for the XLS report :)23:32
* replaceafill goes to get lunch23:36
*** menesis has joined #schooltool23:50
*** replaceafill has quit IRC23:52

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