IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-08-12

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replaceafillchange pushed to journal trunk: "Added initial view for the journal index. Depends *temporarily* on gradebook resource library for easier sync"01:59
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th1aSorry I ran behind today.16:36
th1aHi aelkner_, replaceafill.16:37
replaceafillgood morning16:37
th1aI guess it is morning for everyone.16:37
th1aOK... what's up gentlemen?16:39
replaceafilli added the calendar settings to the index page and removed the sidebar link16:40
replaceafilli also started Errors16:40
replaceafilldoesn't fully work yet16:40
th1aPut Calendar at bottom and make a link instead of pencil.16:40
th1aActually, put server information at top.16:40
replaceafillah ok16:40
replaceafillServer, mail, calendar16:40
replaceafilli have a question for the Pack database modification16:41
th1aIf we're going to go this far, we might as well put the hostname under email on /settings16:41
replaceafillwill do16:41
th1aWhere are we with journal?16:42
* th1a senses replaceafill is trying to dodge the journal...16:42
replaceafillah, i finished the sync and fixed keyboard navigation16:42
replaceafillth1a no, not at al16:42
replaceafillit works now16:42
th1aHm... why don't I have a tab for it?16:43
replaceafillwe only need a way to get to the appropriate section from the Journal tab16:43
replaceafillth1a it's because it doesnt work yet16:44
replaceafill(the tabe)16:44
replaceafill(the tab)16:44
replaceafillfor the url16:44
th1aOK... lets finish the journal first.16:46
replaceafilli think popup menus is the last thing missing, correct?16:46
replaceafillcompared to the gradebook16:46
replaceafilli only could think of Sort by' options for the columns16:47
replaceafillalso the gradebook sets 0's for the absences and tardies16:48
replaceafillthe journal sets empty cells16:48
replaceafilland N/A for the average16:48
th1aThe formatting is all screwed up for me.16:49
th1aSo I don't know.16:49
replaceafillth1a did you reload?16:49
replaceafillthe resources have changed16:49
th1aWell, you and I should spend a couple hours tuning this then.16:50
th1aOK, we'll come back to that.16:50
aelkner_i didn't come up with clever css/js for the average score system menu, but the feature works16:51
aelkner_also, i added menus for absences and tardies16:51
aelkner_with sort options and hide options for each column16:52
aelkner_also, i added Create Summary Worksheet to the Worksheets view16:52
aelkner_so we could remove Preferences16:52
aelkner_i left it there until you look over everything and give me the thumbs up to remove it16:52
aelkner_replaceafill, Worksheets has a css issue with the buttons16:52
aelkner_i saw that the timetable wizard has the same problem16:53
aelkner_it seems that the buttons overlay the content that comes before them16:53
replaceafillaelkner_ ah ok, i'll check16:53
th1aYou can get rid of the preferences page.16:53
th1aWhy is the formatting in the summary section of worksheets screwed up?16:54
th1aActually, that doesn't need to be a box at all.16:54
th1aPut a header above the first table:16:55
th1a"Reorder or Hide Worksheets"16:55
th1aHeader above summary description16:55
th1a"Summary Worksheet"16:55
th1aAlso the button should say Worksheet, not Worksheets.16:56
th1aAlso, I don't think Summary and Worksheets should be caps in the button.16:56
th1aThe summary explanation can just be a p.  No box.16:57
aelkner_Create summary worksheet16:57
th1aAlso, what do you see if there already is a summary worksheet?16:57
th1aSame thing?16:57
aelkner_you should click on it to try it out16:57
aelkner_replaceafill, it's only when you have a summary worksheet already that the button overlays the checkbox16:58
replaceafillah ok16:58
aelkner_i should make the changes th1a just suggested first16:58
aelkner_then i can ping you to discuss style16:58
th1aCan you do the breadcrumbs for gradebook, aelkner_?17:00
aelkner_th1a, i still have to fix the wwights view to use widget rows17:00
aelkner_th1a, sure17:00
aelkner_also, we have the management views to go over17:00
aelkner_yesterday you suggested that maybe replaceafill should work on that with you17:00
aelkner_while i move onto intervention, but he has the journal, too, so...17:00
aelkner_do you want to decide monday17:01
aelkner_i still have stuff to do until then17:01
th1aWe'll probably shift you over to interventions.17:01
aelkner_ok, but i'll make the other changes today that i have on my plate17:02
th1areplaceafill:  Can we switch the +/-/0 buttons to jquery-ui zoom in out icons.17:03
th1aAlso, is that persistent now?17:03
replaceafilli was going to do it, but i didnt know what to use for '0'17:03
th1aI think the empty magnifying glass.  Or just don't use it at all.17:04
replaceafillno, it's not a preference yet17:04
th1aOK.  That's a priority too.17:05
th1aI want to put gradebook and journal to bed.17:06
aelkner_i guess the journal doesn't have as many non-grid views to worry about17:06
aelkner_actually, none, right?17:06
th1aBoth journal and gradebook need double row headers.17:06
aelkner_that's good17:07
th1aI have to think about how to format that.17:07
aelkner_no activities or worksheets to maintain, no preferences17:07
th1aProbably just with an arrow.17:08
th1aThe summary sheet in aelkner_'s example seems to be formatted differently than the others.17:12
th1aWith a gap where there are no activities.17:12
th1aWe can't have a gap there.17:13
replaceafillurl please17:13
aelkner_yeah, i noticed that17:13
aelkner_replaceafill, you had filled out the empty space at one point17:13
replaceafillah no, that scenario is still in the TODO17:14
replaceafill"fewer columns than grades width"17:14
replaceafilli'm still thinking how to solve it17:14
replaceafilli was thinking of putting an extra empty column and use jquery to expand it17:15
th1aThat would be ok.17:18
th1aaelkner_:  You all set?17:19
aelkner_yeah, i'm making the changes to the worksheets view, pushing now...17:19
aelkner_th1a, besides the button css issue, what do you think?17:21
th1aLooks fine.17:22
aelkner_ok, i have that weights change that is small17:22
aelkner_otherwise, i could start with interventions17:22
aelkner_oh, and i'll get rid of Preferences now17:23
th1aaelkner_:  Yeah, it doesn't seem like there is enough to keep you busy.17:23
th1aBreadcrumbs for gradebook.17:23
replaceafillshouldn't tabs in the gradebook have tooltips?17:24
aelkner_ah, yes, breadcrumbs, ok17:25
th1areplaceafill:  Yes.17:26
th1aDo the worksheet labels get truncated if you've got too many worksheets.17:27
replaceafillin the Summary worksheet, the two grade columns display popups with one empty row17:28
aelkner_replaceafill, what's that?17:31
replaceafillgo to Summary, click on the noob column17:31
replaceafilli see: title, Edit, emtpy row, Sort by17:32
replaceafill(in the popup)17:32
aelkner_ah, the popup menus17:34
th1aHm... I suppose you shouldn't be able to edit that like an activity.17:34
th1aMaybe it doesn't matter.17:35
aelkner_yes, that should not come up in the menu17:35
aelkner_sort, sure, but edit, no17:35
aelkner_i can hide that option if the column is not scorable17:35
aelkner_wait, edit is for the label, right17:37
aelkner_Edit needs to stay17:37
aelkner_Score is already conditional on scorable, but17:37
aelkner_the condition needs to be on the <li>, not the <a>17:38
aelkner_so i'll fix that to get rid of the dumb empty menu option17:38
th1aEdit doesn't really need to stay.17:40
aelkner_are you sure, the activity title can be changed17:41
aelkner_isn't that a feature?17:41
aelkner_also, due date17:41
aelkner_category, etc.17:41
th1aAre we talking about just in the summary sheet?17:42
aelkner_no, it's a linked column17:42
th1aLinked columns.17:42
th1aIt would be nice to change the title and label but the other things are irrelevant and confusing.17:43
th1aSo you'd basically need a different form.17:43
* replaceafill just noticed we're not using "show only activities due in past..." checkbox anymore :)17:43
aelkner_when a user creates a linked column, they would want the same kind of control over it as any other column, right?17:43
th1aWell, especially since we can scroll now replaceafill.17:43
th1aIt doesn't make sense for it to have a due date.17:44
replaceafillshouldn't we remove the field from the form?17:44
th1aMore choices/decisions are not always better.17:44
aelkner_btw, we don't have due date filtering in the new ui17:44
th1aThis is also less of an issue since we handle space better (scrolling, etc).17:45
aelkner_yeah, so we don't even need it anymore, right?17:45
aelkner_we don't have to remove it from the data model, but we can remove it from the activity forms17:46
aelkner_th1a, what do you think?17:46
th1aIt is not the only reason to have a due date, if that's what you mean.17:47
aelkner_i'm asking you, do we need it?17:47
aelkner_i'd be fine with getting rid of it from the forms17:48
th1aWe should keep it.17:48
aelkner_especially since we don't use it in the views17:48
th1aWe should be using it more.17:48
aelkner_ok, so keep it in the Activity form, but not in the Linked Column or LInked Activity forms?17:49
aelkner_the latter are non-scorable activities17:49
th1aI think we should add linked and external categories to the defaults.17:50
aelkner_to the default categories?17:51
th1aAnd put each type in their respective category by default.17:52
aelkner_is that something that should be added to live instances via evolution?17:52
aelkner_so only new databases will have the two new categories, yes?17:53
th1aIt just popped into my head so maybe just add it to the list and see if I still think it is a good idea next week.17:53
aelkner_and set the category of the newly added cols as you suggested17:53
th1aWell, that would be the idea.17:54
th1aI don't know if I have the right solution, but having them come up as "assignment" is not correct.17:55
aelkner_ah, but adding them without evolution means losing all the data we set up in the instance17:55
aelkner_in order to test it out, we would need to clear the Data.fs17:56
th1aYou're getting too wrapped up in this aelkner_.17:56
th1aLet's just table it.17:56
th1aI guess it comes down to linked and external columns don't have due dates.17:57
th1aSo why don't you get started on these things aelkner_ and ping me if you get done today.17:58
aelkner_already starting...17:58
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:00
th1areplaceafill:  Journal?18:00
replaceafilllet's go!18:00
th1aOK, first off, I guess you got rid of auto-save in the Journal?18:00
replaceafillth1a yes18:00
replaceafillshould i put it back?18:01
replaceafilli removed the ajax part of it18:01
replaceafillwell, not removed, just not used it18:01
th1aI mean, we really want that to be in the gradebook soon too.18:01
replaceafillwe could get rid of the "unsaved changes messages" with it18:02
th1aAnd in particular the journal you peck at while distracted.18:02
th1aAnd Save becomes Update.18:02
replaceafillok, i'll enable it again18:02
th1aOr whatever it was.18:02
replaceafillyes, Update18:02
replaceafillcan we find out why you see it screwed up?18:02
replaceafillth1a also about the pack database action:18:05
replaceafill1. we need a message for the dialog18:05
replaceafill2. i think the dialog should display the success/error message on it right18:06
replaceafillso it's self-submitting18:06
replaceafillbut if we show buttons Pack | Cancel18:06
replaceafillwhat should we show after the user hits Pack and get the success message18:07
th1aLet's make the link go to a regular page and then keep the dialog the same.18:09
th1a(as confirmation)18:09
replaceafillah, ok18:09
th1aAnd we can redirect back to /settings right?18:09
replaceafillfrom the dialog, yes18:10
th1aHeader "Packing SchoolTool's Database"18:10
th1aSchoolTool's database file should be periodically "packed" to reduce its filesize.  Doing so18:11
th1aDoes packing actually affect performance?18:12
th1aStartup time?18:12
th1aMemory consumption?18:12
replaceafillhhmm dont know18:12
* th1a googles.18:12
* replaceafill too18:12
th1aPretty much just file size.18:15
replaceafill implies larger database = slower18:15
th1aOK, that first sentence is fine, then:18:15
th1aI'm sure it is a little slower.18:15
th1aPacking removes old transactions from the database.  It can take a long time on a large database, so packing should be done in off-peak times.18:17
th1aBefore packing, a backup file will be saved as Data.fs.old18:17
th1aThen make a little table with the path to the current database and size and the path to the backup.18:18
replaceafillwe should check the .old name against a ubuntu deb instance18:18
th1aDescription | Database | Size18:19
th1aDescription is Live/Backup18:19
th1aDescription | Path | Size, I mean.18:19
replaceafilli dont think the application control settings have access to .old files18:20
replaceafillbut i'll check18:20
th1aNo... we'll just tell you where it will be.18:21
th1aDo they overwrite each other?18:21
th1aold-1 etc?18:21
* replaceafill is checking the code18:22
replaceafill        oldpath = self._file_name + ".old"18:26
replaceafill        if os.path.exists(oldpath):18:26
replaceafill            os.remove(oldpath)18:26
replaceafill        if self.blob_dir and os.path.exists(self.blob_dir + ".old"):18:26
replaceafill            ZODB.blob.remove_committed_dir(self.blob_dir + ".old")18:26
replaceafillth1a it doesnt seem like it creates several old files18:26
replaceafilli'll test it though18:27
replaceafillnope, just one .old file18:28
replaceafill(at least in sandboxes)18:28
th1aSo we can guess where it will be.18:29
replaceafillok, i'll work on that18:31
replaceafillcan we check the journal?18:31
replaceafillsorry for distracting you with the pack database action18:31
th1aThe columns need to be more narrow.18:31
th1aIs 23 the most days in a month?18:33
th1aSchool days.18:33
replaceafillit depends on how you set the term and the schedule18:33
th1aAnyhow, maybe just make them the width they were before for starters.18:33
replaceafilljust enough space for 0-10 grades18:33
replaceafilland 'a' and 't'18:34
th1aYou need two full digits in the headers.18:34
th1aAnd that is Date above period?18:34
replaceafillyes, "day of the month" (above), "period title" (below)18:35
th1aOK, so basically we need to put labels for those at right in the "Name" header cell.18:36
th1aAnd split day and period into two rows.18:36
th1aA sketch would help here...18:36
replaceafillth1a no, i get it18:38
replaceafilllabels: Day/Period, right?18:38
replaceafillok, anything else?18:42
replaceafillwhat about the zoom buttons18:42
replaceafillwe have no preferences in the journal18:42
replaceafillwe need grid preferences in core :)18:43
replaceafillth1a we still need the legend18:43
replaceafillah, we said sidebar, yes?18:44
* replaceafill checks his TODO18:44
replaceafill"Can we make it a dialog from the sidebar?"18:45
replaceafillthis could be a non-modal dialog...18:46
replaceafillbut we don't have those yet18:51
replaceafilli'll ask yvl for them though18:51
th1aYou could move the divider further to the right.19:15
replaceafillth1a like that?19:21
replaceafillor to its own column?19:21
th1aLike that.19:21
th1aYou could put arrows in... do you think it is necessary?19:21
replaceafillwhy not row borders?19:21
replaceafillbetween the day and the period19:22
th1aWell, yes.19:24
th1aThat's good.19:24
replaceafilli'll match the height of the gradebook header19:24
replaceafillthere, refresh19:25
th1aActually, make them both shorter.19:26
replaceafillah ok19:27
replaceafillwe're doing the same layout in the gradebook, right?19:28
replaceafilli mean, activity title/points19:28
replaceafillk, i'll wait for aelkner_ to finish that to change the gradebook styles19:29
replaceafillhttp:// seems like a good height for the header19:30
replaceafillnot too tight, not too loose19:31
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?22:20
replaceafillth1a yes22:20
th1aCan we update old databases yet?22:20
replaceafillhhmm i havent tried lately22:21
replaceafillth1a it seems to work22:23
replaceafilli took one from core22:23
th1aYeah, trying now.22:23
replaceafilland the evolution runs fine22:23
replaceafill2011-08-12 13:22:55,136 main db: evolving in mode EVOLVEMINIMUM22:23
replaceafill2011-08-12 13:22:55,137 main db/schooltool: currently at generation 35, targetting generation 3622:23
replaceafill2011-08-12 13:22:55,250 main db/schooltool.gradebook: currently at generation 2, targetting generation 322:23
replaceafill2011-08-12 13:22:55,255 main db/schooltool.lyceum.journal: currently at generation 1, targetting generation 222:23
replaceafillStarting server in PID 5434.22:23
th1aI get (36, u'schooltool', 36)22:23
replaceafilldid you get the Data.fs from natty? or core sandbox?22:24
th1aWould my selenium scripts run on core sandbox?22:24
* replaceafill starts natty22:24
replaceafillis it me or the init.d script in natty has dpkg-new at the end?22:35
replaceafilli just installed schooltool in natty using the ubuntu software center22:36
replaceafilland wanted to start the service22:36
replaceafilli get /etc/init.d/schooltool-dpkg.new22:36
replaceafillno, /etc/init.d/schooltool.dpkg-new22:37
replaceafillah! sudo service schooltool ...22:38
th1aDo you get the error?22:41
replaceafillPicklingError: Can't pickle <class 'schooltool.lyceum.journal.term.LyceumTermDataContainer'>: it's not the same object as schooltool.lyceum.journal.term.LyceumTermDataContainer22:41
replaceafilli'll try with the journal disabled22:42
th1aOh... I see.  I missed the earlier parts of the traceback.22:43
replaceafillyes, disabling the journal works22:45
replaceafilli wonder what's the problem with the journal22:45
replaceafillmaybe the timetable changes?22:46
th1aProbably we should make Justas fix the generations.22:47
replaceafilli could turn the journal back on22:49
replaceafilli mean, after running evolution22:49
th1aI'm more concerned with fixing it.22:51
replaceafillof course22:51
th1aOK, later replaceafill.23:13
th1aHave a good weekend.23:13
replaceafillu 2 th1a23:13
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