IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-08-11

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replaceafillchange pushed to gradebook trunk: "Removed activity and gradebook-total CSS classes"00:42
replaceafillchange pushed to gradebook trunk: "Added placeholder for empty worksheets and moved width calculation to window load event"02:14
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th1ahi aelkner, replaceafill, yvl, menesis.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
yvlhey guys16:31
th1aOK.  Calendar.16:32
th1aI'm looking at
th1aShould this be up to date?16:32
replaceafillth1a it is16:33
replaceafilloh no16:33
replaceafillnow it is :)16:33
replaceafilltom:tom btw16:33
th1aThe More... link isn't working for me.16:34
th1aIs that a known bug/unfinished?16:35
yvlforgot to implement16:35
yvlwill do16:35
th1aAlso I noticed on the event view I can see a pencil even if I don't have edit permission.16:36
yvlI think we made the same mistake in more places16:37
yvlcopy-paste bug16:37
th1aI'm sure we did.16:37
th1aWhat else is up yvl?16:38
yvlDid contacts16:38
yvlalso some breadcrumbs16:38
yvlin progress of groups/courses/sections/timteables breadcrumbs16:38
yvlthey're kind of the same16:38
th1aWhich contacts?16:39
yvlsee School16:39
yvl(section "Contacts")16:40
th1aAlso, I can see "School" as a tab but not the view.16:40
yvlyes, those permissions/redirects were postponed and never fixed16:40
th1aWell, now's the time.16:41
th1aOr... soon.16:41
yvloh, right!16:41
yvldays off16:41
th1aLithuanian holidays?16:41
yvlwe have a lot of those :)16:42
yvlthis time - Monday16:42
th1aOK.  Thanks for reminding me.16:42
yvlalso - I'm going away a bit early Fri, so won't be able to make the meeting16:42
yvlI can do "School" on... Tue probably16:42
th1aWhat is an "external contact person?"16:43
yvlstub naming - not sure how to name non-users16:43
yvlor even if we should16:43
yvlparents and so on16:43
aelkner'10 contacts who or not users'?16:43
th1aI don't think it is necessary to make the distinction.16:44
yvlwill remove the line16:44
yvlcontacts were really unfinished btw, hence the slow development.16:45
th1aSeems like you have enough loose ends to keep you busy tomorrow.16:47
yvlyes, and on Tue morning16:47
th1aOK.  Cool.16:48
th1aThanks yvl.16:49
aelkneroh no16:49
aelknerthere you will see that the Name meu has Show/Hide column options now16:50
aelkneri installed the journal on my test instance to show the journal columns as well16:50
aelkneri could also add Hide Total to the Total column and the other three columns as well16:51
th1aCan you add Hide to the calculated column menus as well?16:51
aelknerwhat do you think?16:51
aelkneryou were a step ahead of me16:51
th1aMake a separate row for "Total Points" below "Name"16:52
th1aMaximum Points16:52
th1aI guess.16:52
th1aDon't want to use total two ways.16:52
th1aA separate row for the "100" etc.16:53
aelkneroh, a row label for the max points16:53
aelknerMaximum points is your final decision?16:53
aelknerPoints with a capital P16:54
th1aMaybe "Points" ?16:54
aelknerok, Points16:54
aelkneractually, i think Max. Points might be better16:55
aelknerPoints sounds vague because there's no mention of the fact that the numbers are a max possible16:55
aelknerI'll put something there for now, and you can always change you mind when you see it16:56
th1aWell... you can exceed the max possible though.16:56
th1aSo let's start with "Points"16:56
aelknernow for scoresystem preference16:56
th1aI still have to go through the whole gradebook and make a lot of changes and additions to wording.16:56
aelknerlooking at the Preferences vew, it only seems that the user can set the scoresystem for Ave.16:57
aelknernone of the other three columns16:57
aelknerdoes that sound right?16:57
aelknerwell, it should because that's the way it always worked16:58
aelkneri could add that dropdown to the Ave. column16:58
aelknerif the user changes it in the menu, it applies immediately16:58
th1aHow hard would it be to add nested menus to your menu code?16:58
aelknerjust like the Show/Hide choices16:58
aelknernested menus?16:59
th1aOh... we need to add the score system management screen.16:59
th1aThat might end up on replaceafill's list.16:59
aelknerthat's admin stuff, like report sheet templates16:59
aelknerwe can discuss that, too, if you like17:00
aelknerbut i'm not sure what you want with nested menus17:00
th1aNo, that's an aside.17:00
aelkneri don't see why we can't just add the drop down as another <li>17:00
th1aA nested menu, like you go to Score Systems > and that opens up the list of scrore systems.17:00
aelknerplease explain 'go to Score Systems'17:01
th1aFor example, go to your Ubuntu Applications menu.17:01
th1aNested menus!17:01
th1aScore Systems > is in the Ave menu.17:02
th1a"is" meaning "should be"17:02
aelkneri see17:02
aelknerso Score Systems is in the menu, when the user hovers over it a submenu appears17:04
aelknerwith all the choices and if the user clicks one the choice takes effect17:04
aelknerwe loose the feature of dopdowns that way17:04
aelknerthat is, a dopdown always shows you what is already chosen17:05
aelknerthen you click on it, and you see the other choices17:05
aelknerit seems like a lot of effort to make it do the same thing in a different way17:05
th1aI don't know what you mean, aelkner.17:06
aelknerif we use the dropdown, then the job is very close to being done17:06
aelknerif not, we need to discuss how the user knows what is already chosen17:06
th1aHow does he now?17:06
aelknerthat's my point17:06
aelknerhow indeed17:06
aelknerwith the dropdown, it's easy to know17:07
aelknerusers understand what dropdowns communicate17:07
th1aOK, don't worry about it aelkner.17:07
aelknerok, here's the thing17:07
th1aaelkner:  Everyone has been using nested menus -- dropdowns, if you will -- for decades.17:07
aelknerfor instance, the ubuntu menu you refer to has no examples of a setting choice17:08
aelknerall the menu choices lead to an action17:09
aelknermostly opening up an application17:09
aelknerbut simply changing a preference choice17:09
aelknerwe need another example of that17:09
th1aWe don't have one now?17:09
aelkneryou tell me, do we?17:10
th1aI've not found one.17:10
th1aAnd you haven't told me what it is.17:10
aelknerme neither17:10
aelkneri'm not saying it can't be done17:10
aelknerit's just that id we don't go with the dropdown, we need to discuss a visual queue of what is already chosen17:11
aelknerlike a checkmark or somthing17:11
aelknernot out of the question17:11
th1aaelkner:  Yes, of course.17:11
th1awtf else would we do?17:11
aelknerso the user hovers17:11
th1aClick on Ave.17:11
th1adropdown comes up.17:11
th1ahover over Score Systems >17:12
th1asee the list with the active one checked.17:12
th1apick one, click.17:12
aelknerok, sounds like a plan17:12
* th1a facepalms.17:12
aelknercheckmark before or after the score system name?17:13
th1aThen we can get rid of Preferences.17:13
aelknerreplaceafill, we still have the menu-clipping issues, right?17:14
replaceafillaelkner yes17:14
aelknerwhat are we going to do about that?17:14
replaceafilli'll work on that today17:15
replaceafilli made some other fixes yesterday17:15
aelkneri saw, already merged17:15
replaceafillbut i'll start with that issue today17:15
aelknerok, i noticed somthing17:15
aelkneryou use jquery when you probably don't need to17:15
aelknerfor the tr:odd thing17:15
replaceafilli prefer jquery to markup if that's what you mean17:16
aelkneryou can use css for that:17:16
replaceafillis that csss2?17:17
replaceafilloops, css2? :)17:17
aelknerisn't it still valid?17:17
aelknerwhy would they get rid of a feature and force the programmer to replace it with executable js?!17:17
aelknerit doesn't seem to make sense17:18
th1aI'm sure you can do it either way.17:18
replaceafilli try to stay away from css317:19
aelkneryvl, is css3 a bad idea for us?17:19
replaceafillaelkner but i'll look into it17:19
aelkneris it bad for browser support?17:20
yvlsearch for nth-child17:20
yvl(quirksmode is awesome)17:20
replaceafillyvl +117:20
aelknerlooks it17:21
yvlIMHO that should f up most of Critical links deployments17:21
aelknerso IE6, 7 and 8 would not support it17:21
aelknerso js is probably best here, right?17:22
yvl(but that's just a hunch, I think they're using old browsers)17:22
yvlbetter, aelkner17:22
aelkneryvl, a question17:22
aelknerwhy did you change one of the view python sources to include flourish classes explicitly?17:23
yvlif you do from import flourish17:23
aelkneri have found that from import flourish is enough17:23
yvlpython will not import flourish modules17:23
yvlyes, but you have not tried running tests17:24
yvlif the module is imported somewhere, all works17:24
aelkneri'm able to use
yvlsince when zope is starting up17:24
yvlall manner of things is imported17:24
yvlbut if you run stand-alone unit tests, the import may or may not happen17:25
aelkneryeah, but we haven't been unit testing views for years now17:25
aelknerso why the issue?17:25
yvlbecause I run tests17:25
aelknerunit tests on these view classes?17:25
yvlon others17:26
yvlold ones17:26
yvlif you write the tests though, you will not be able to run them17:26
yvlbecause imports are wrong17:26
yvleven if they work when the whole system is up17:26
aelknerfunctional tests?17:26
yvlunit tests17:26
yvllet's put it this way:17:26
yvlyes, it works17:27
yvlyes, it is plain wrong not to do those includes17:27
aelknerok, but we don't have any plans to unit tests views in the near future17:27
yvlyour choice17:27
aelknerwe don't even have time alloted for functional tests, so...17:27
yvlif you want to write bad code, it's your choice17:27
yvlI'll fix it17:27
yvlfrom time to time17:27
replaceafillis there anything wrong with using 'from import Form'?17:27
aelknernah, that's ok17:27
yvlreplaceafill, no17:27
replaceafillyvl phew!17:27
* yvl is playing with flourish.something.something notation17:28
aelkneri'd say, don't bother with these imports if the tests that we have are not broken17:28
yvlbut the imports bite a bit17:28
yvlthey. are. broken.17:28
aelknerbut if they are, then we need those imports17:28
yvlthat's why I fixed those17:28
yvlI was fixing the tests17:28
aelkneri see17:28
yvland they were not working17:28
aelknernever mind17:28
yvlok :)17:29
aelkneryvl, thanks for indulging the discussion17:29
yvlapologies for lack of patience on my part.  really.17:29
aelknerth1a, i have plenty to do for now, but we should discuss management things soon17:30
aelknerlike report sheet templates and managing score systems17:30
aelknertomorrow, perhaps?17:30
aelknerok, that's it for me17:31
th1aNote that replaceafill might do those views while you start interventions, or vice versa.17:31
th1areplaceafill:  Have you touched interventions at all?17:31
replaceafillth1a hhmm no17:32
th1aOK, so probably replaceafill should do those management views.17:32
th1aWe'll see.17:32
th1aThanks aelkner.17:32
replaceafillok, yesterday i cleaned the gradebook overview template and created three parts17:33
replaceafillstudents on the left17:33
replaceafillgrades on the center17:33
replaceafilland totals on the right17:33
replaceafilladded some js to calculate the width of the grades area17:33
replaceafillthat's what gives you the central scroll17:33
replaceafillalso added a placeholder for empty worksheets17:33
replaceafilland fixed the window.onload issue that was preventing FF5 to work17:34
replaceafillit was the use of 'class' in a js file17:34
replaceafillFF5 seems picky :)17:34
replaceafillah, and updated the zoom buttons to this changes17:34
replaceafillas aelkner noticed, also added even/odd row colors17:35
replaceafilltoday, i'll work on the menu clipping issue17:35
th1aCan you add a line to the right margin in "Name" so that it doesn't flow into the first column sometimes when scrolling?17:35
th1aHow much Journal related stuff is there now?17:36
replaceafillwell, i've been updating the journal template every time i change something in the gradebook, and yesterday the gradebook template changed a lot, so i have to sync again17:36
replaceafilland i need the 'section preferences' feature in core to fix the Journal tab17:37
replaceafillso we know where to redirect the user to17:37
replaceafillth1a could you please explain a little about the line to the right margin in Name?17:38
replaceafillyou mean an empty column?17:38
replaceafillor a border?17:38
th1aIt is just that if you scroll the center area right a few pixels, then there is no line between name and the first column.17:38
replaceafilli'll fix it17:39
th1aOK.  Wrapping up.17:39
th1aI'm hoping to have a screencast done tomorrow.17:40
replaceafilli also have to fix this scenario:
th1aToday was our feature freeze deadline.  We did pretty well.  A few loose ends, but I'm not worried.17:40
th1areplaceafill:  OK.17:42
replaceafillthat's it from me17:42
th1aThanks, replaceafill.17:42
th1aLast important thing:17:42
th1aThe REAL serious deadline is two weeks -- August 25.17:43
th1aI want that to be string freeze so we can give people a chance to do translations.17:43
th1aSo actually that's mostly on me.17:43
th1aBut obviously all the views have to be in pretty much final form.17:43
th1aBut there will be a lot of changes in the translations, and we need to give people time.17:44
th1aOK.  That's it.17:44
th1aThanks guys.  Great work getting us within striking distance and looking good for on-time release.17:44
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:45
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replaceafillth1a zyt?18:48
replaceafillcheck the borders18:48
replaceafilli want to see if you note something that it's bothering me :D18:48
replaceafillyou using FF or Chrome?18:48
replaceafillah ok18:49
replaceafillyou'll notice then18:49
replaceafillit's the collapsing of the right border of students with left border of grades18:49
replaceafilldo you see it?18:49
replaceafilland right border of grades with left border of totals18:50
replaceafillnot a big deal though18:50
th1aI'm not sure what you mean.18:50
replaceafillyes, since they're different divs, you get two borders like ||18:51
replaceafillbetween student name and the first activity18:51
replaceafillor maybe it's just my chrome :P18:51
replaceafillFF 3.5 - 5 show it right18:51
th1aI'm not seeing it.18:51
replaceafillah ok18:51
replaceafillnever mind then18:52
replaceafillth1a are we putting back the cell color notation for scores: green -> good, yellow -> extracredit, red->bad?18:54
replaceafillor could that wait until we get schwas design?18:55
replaceafillaelkner you there?19:05
replaceafillchanged pushed to gradebook trunk: "Fixed popup menu issue and set border appropriately"19:10
aelknerreplaceafill, looking...19:14
aelknerreplaceafill, so when does updateWidths get called?19:20
aelknerand how does it know what to do?19:20
aelknerin other words, it looks complex and hacky, so some code comments might help19:22
aelkneri know it's a complex problem you're needing to solve there, but it would help if you communicated19:22
aelkneryour logic with some simple comments19:22
replaceafillaelkner any comments on the fix for the popup issue? ;)19:24
replaceafillaelkner updateWidths (not the best name) is called on window's load event19:25
replaceafillit needs to be there instead of $(document).ready(), because some browsers like chrome cannot calculate the widths before19:26
replaceafilllike in $(document).ready()19:26
replaceafillthat ^ should be the XXX comment :)19:26
aelknerindeed, very fragile19:27
aelkneri mean, if code can't be moved easily, then it's fragile and should have some comment19:28
replaceafillit's because we're setting window.onload INSIDE the <body>!19:28
aelknersaying, don't move this19:28
replaceafillwindow.onload should be set on <head>19:28
aelknerah, the div is inside body19:28
aelkneryou know, it doesn't need to be there19:29
aelknerhow do we put things in head at this point?19:29
aelknerwe used to use macros and fill extrahead19:29
replaceafillfile resource19:29
replaceafillwe already have js for that19:29
replaceafilli'll wait until we decide what to keep from f_gradebook_overview.js19:30
aelkneris there any reason that we can't move all the jqeury stuff to the js file?19:30
replaceafillfor instance, maybe we don't need the coloring stuff19:30
aelknerthe old js stuff would be harder to move19:30
aelknerbecause it depends on stuff in the view class19:30
aelknerbut the $(window).load(function() {19:31
aelkner$(document).ready(function() {19:31
aelknerthat studd could be moved to the js file, right?19:31
aelknerthen the problem that you are working around goes away, right?19:31
aelknercould you do that, then?19:31
replaceafilljust look for all gradebook js, there ok19:32
aelknerwhile the hack is fresh in your mind19:32
aelknereasier to remove it now than later is all i'm thinking19:32
aelkneralso, why not get into the habit of adding stuff like that to the js file19:32
replaceafillwe should, since we have it19:33
aelkneror start the habit, more simply put19:33
replaceafillit's ok if we don't have js resources in some views, but we do in the gradebook19:33
aelknerthe old js that depends on the view class could be moved to a viewlet, but that's more involved19:33
aelknerand it's older stuff, less helpfl to touch19:33
replaceafillnah! i'll just add a comment XXX: old stuff19:34
replaceafillold skin functions ;)19:34
aelkneroh, you think we can move that, too?19:34
replaceafillflourish code19:34
aelknerwhen the file resource is being included19:34
replaceafilli was thinking of using yvl's flourish js19:34
aelknerdoes it have access to the view class at that point?19:35
aelknerso how could you move it?19:35
replaceafillthat needs to stay in the template19:35
aelknerright, that'sw what i was saying19:35
aelknerbut you sounded like you didn't think so19:35
replaceafillno, not at all19:35
replaceafilli was tihnking of $ and window.load19:35
aelknerright, so that needs to go to the end of the js file19:36
aelknerbecause it calls into the motheds defined earlier19:36
replaceafillhave you synced with trunk?19:36
aelkneri have19:36
replaceafilldid you check the popups?19:36
replaceafilldo they look ok?19:36
aelknernot yet, i was here with you :)19:36
aelkneri was gong to ask you about the css i saw19:37
aelkner.schooltool > .grid:after {19:37
aelknercontent: " ";19:38
aelknercould you explain the logic involved with these?19:38
aelknerand anything else that explains how you got the menus to overlay the containing div19:38
replaceafillah ok19:39
aelknerwhat is that, firstly19:39
aelkner.grid > .body {    overflow: visible19:39
replaceafillpseudo class for defining something "after" a element19:39
replaceafillhold on, let me explain19:39
replaceafill1. there were some old overflow: auto's that i removed19:40
replaceafillthe gradebook is composed now by 3 divs19:40
replaceafillstudents, grades and totals, right?19:40
replaceafillagain, done that way to get the central scrollbar19:40
replaceafillbut the divs had some overflow: auto19:41
aelknerwhich does what?19:41
replaceafillwhich prevented students and totals to "expand"19:41
replaceafilloverflow: auto is what gives us the scrollbar in grades19:41
aelknerauto difers to the containing element css?19:41
replaceafillwhen the content is wider than the width19:41
replaceafillfor example if we set a width: 40px in an element19:42
replaceafilland set overflow: auto on it19:42
replaceafillbut its content has like 80px wide19:42
replaceafillyou get the scrollbar19:42
replaceafillso we want that property only on grades19:42
replaceafillnot on students and totals19:42
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replaceafillthat was the first change19:43
replaceafillafter doing that you get the popup in the last student for example19:43
replaceafillvertical overflow19:43
aelkneryou get the scrollbar when the content gets too wide with auto19:43
aelknerso the students div had that setting?19:44
replaceafillbut the div doesnt need it19:44
replaceafillits content does19:44
aelknerthen why no scrollbarwhen the menu overflowed19:44
replaceafilllike the th, tds in the table inside19:44
aelkneri'm trying to understand the old problem19:44
replaceafillbecause the menu is absolute positioned19:45
replaceafillit gets out of the flow19:45
replaceafillyou can set something absolut positioned anywhere19:45
aelknerpositioning and overflow are tricky19:45
aelknerthe way they work together, i mean19:45
aelknerbut i think i see what you're saying19:45
th1aA good book on CSS is helpful.19:46
aelknerthe absolute position is a luzury19:46
aelknerwhich you need from time to time19:46
replaceafilli recomend erick meyer's ;)19:46
replaceafillfor your first question19:46
replaceafillfor the book? hold on19:46
replaceafillit's called smashing css19:46
replaceafillgoogle it :)19:46
replaceafillthere you can read about some of the stuff we've been using :P19:47
replaceafilllike overflow instead of clearfix19:47
replaceafillwhich is the answer to your first question19:47
replaceafillthe :after pseudoclass19:47
replaceafillin the old times that was the way to make divs expand vertically according to its content19:48
replaceafillnow, there are tecniques like containing floats19:48
replaceafillif you have one div taht contains another19:48
replaceafillthe first div height wont' be calculated according to the second one19:48
replaceafillonly according to its content19:49
replaceafillso, you if you set float properties on both19:49
replaceafillthe container div height is calculated correctly19:49
replaceafillthanks to the float specification, iirc19:49
replaceafillin our case19:50
replaceafillwe have a header19:50
replaceafilla body19:50
replaceafilland a footer19:50
replaceafillthe body needs to calculate its height according to all our content19:50
replaceafillforms,, tables, etc19:50
replaceafillwe use overflow: auto to do that :)19:51
replaceafillsince we set widths precisely19:51
replaceafillon all our elements19:51
replaceafill(well, almost :D)19:51
replaceafillso, we don't get the horizontal scrollbar19:51
replaceafill(sometimes we do...)19:51
replaceafill(when something gets broken)19:52
replaceafilllike an unclosed <div>19:52
replaceafillanyway, :after allow us to set empty content after the element19:52
replaceafillthat's why you see content: " "19:52
replaceafillbut you dont want to show it19:53
replaceafillso visibility hidden19:53
replaceafillyou don't use display: none19:53
replaceafillbecause that would take it out of the flow19:53
aelknerdisplay effects flow19:53
aelknervisibility, not19:53
replaceafillso the trick (as you say) is extra content not visible with clear both19:54
aelknerthe flow is like a math equation being calulated as the browser scans the elements19:54
replaceafillthat makes the container div to expand vertically19:54
replaceafilland calculate its height appropriately19:54
replaceafilland that's it :D19:54
replaceafillsorry for the long rant19:54
aelknerno, i appreciate it19:55
aelknerand it underscores how complex and hacky the problem/solution is19:55
replaceafillit's been used for years aelkner :)19:55
aelknerfair enough19:55
aelknerone has to be fluent in the whole flow math and the css properties that effect it and how19:56
replaceafilli hope html5 solves all these issues someday19:56
aelkneranyway, thanks for the explanation19:56
replaceafillto finish, that last "hack" was needed for the right popup19:57
replaceafillon average19:57
replaceafillso it can come up all its parents19:57
aelknerwhich hack?19:57
replaceafillthe :after19:57
th1aaelkner:  It is ultimately too complicated to just pick up by osmosis.  You need to grok the underlying principles.19:57
aelknerth1a, i can see that19:57
aelkneri'm going to get the smashing css book19:58
* replaceafill always keeps looking for css books19:58
replaceafillmore after portugal ;)19:59
replaceafillanyway, let me know if something gets broken visually19:59
replaceafilli'll make the js changes19:59
aelknerwill do, thanks19:59
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replaceafillchange pushed to trunk "Moved static JS code out of the gradebook overview template"20:43
replaceafillit is not possible to remove the $(window).load(...) :(20:43
replaceafillchrome loads js and css in parallel!20:44
* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:01
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th1areplaceafill:  We probably need an additional step in pack database.21:59
th1aThat is, the dialog should let you pack or cancel.21:59
replaceafillah ok21:59
th1aPrimarily so that we can explain what is happening.21:59
th1a(Since there is really no reason not to)22:00
replaceafillok, i'll change the dialog22:00
replaceafillth1a text for the dialog?22:00
th1aDo you remember if packing automatically makes a backup?22:00
replaceafillnot really22:00
replaceafilli can check22:00
th1aI will.22:01
th1aIt doesn't like it if you try to pack the database when not logged in.22:02
th1a(you get a login in the dialog)22:02
replaceafillah yes22:02
replaceafillthe time out issue22:03
replaceafillth1a it does create Data.fs.old22:03
replaceafillth1a now that you're in Server :)22:03
replaceafilli have a comment22:03
replaceafillabout Calendar22:03
replaceafillwhen you go to Calendar22:03
replaceafillmake a change22:03
replaceafillthere's no way to tell the user the change was applied22:04
replaceafilllike in other forms, when they redirect the user usually sees something changed22:04
th1aNo way to or doesn't?22:04
replaceafillsorry, doesn't22:04
th1aThere is no view.22:05
replaceafillcorrect, just edit form22:05
replaceafillshould we add the Calendar settings to the /server?22:05
th1aI guess.22:06
replaceafillCalendar (pencil)22:07
replaceafilland remove the left link22:07
th1aI almost don't want people to find that because I'm afraid they'll mess up the calendar timezone.22:08
replaceafillhhmmm we could make a view then22:08
replaceafillCalendar takes you to the index view and we put the pencil in it22:08
th1aWell, they do need to adjust the other things though anyhow.22:10
th1aSo I just have to let go of my fear.22:10
replaceafillk, i'll add the calendar settings to /server then22:10
replaceafillanother small papercut:22:11
replaceafill- /demographics and /resource_demographics show non translatable text for Type. The values are extracted from the python class names. Should we make them translatable? It will show Bool instead of Yes/No.22:11
th1aWe really can't get around that?22:13
replaceafillwe have classes like BoolFieldDescription, EnumFieldDescription22:13
replaceafilland the column shows Bool, Enum, etc22:13
replaceafillin the UI the label is Yes/No field for instance22:13
th1aWhy is that more translatable?22:13
replaceafilli think we should use the same wording of the Add menu22:15
replaceafillText, Description, Date22:15
th1aI don't understand.22:15
th1aI just don't want bool.22:15
replaceafillthat what we get right now22:15
th1aWhy is it easier to translate if the english is bool?22:15
replaceafillsee ethnicity22:16
th1aI just don't want bool.22:16
replaceafillyou're ok with Enum?22:16
replaceafillah ok22:16
th1aI don't know why you said "it will show bool instead of yes/no"22:17
th1aThat's if we fix it?22:17
replaceafillah no22:17
replaceafillthat's what it does22:17
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replaceafillsorry, my english is getting you confused :(22:17
th1aOK.  Your use of future tense is what confused me.22:17
replaceafill"It shows Bool instead of Yes/No"22:17
replaceafilli write my papercuts usually in a hurry ;)22:18
replaceafilljust to not forgetting them22:18
th1aYes, make it translatable, and also not jargon in English.22:18
replaceafilldon't you think we could use the expanded page for this page?22:19
replaceafillto get more space for the table22:19
replaceafillhhmm actually, the other columns are just check marks... so maybe not22:19
replaceafilli'm just thinking of "Selection List"22:19
th1aIt could go either way.22:21
th1aSelection List instead of enum, correct?22:21
th1aOr just list.22:21
replaceafillit could expand to two lines, like Place of birth does currently22:21
replaceafillk, i'll use List22:22
replaceafilllist sounds multiple-ish22:22
replaceafill"several ethnicities"22:22
replaceafilloption list or something...?22:23
th1aseveral ethnicities?22:25
replaceafillList makes you think of multiple values22:25
replaceafillbut that's just me maybe22:25
th1aOh... can we remove that from the default, btw.22:25
th1aJust hack it right out.22:26
replaceafillth1a are we putting the Errors views under /server?22:33
replaceafill(i'm just reviewing my TODO)22:34
replaceafillah ok22:34
* th1a goes to the grocery store.22:46

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