IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-08-09

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th1aWe'll see if I can have a meeting on an iPhone.16:19
th1aHi aelkner yvl menesis replaceafill16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
* replaceafill updates the testing instance16:31
th1aOk yvl?16:32
yvlstyled calendar colours16:32
* th1a will b terse 2day16:32
yvladded missing timetable view - set default timetable16:32
yvlfixed timetable import for new school year16:33
yvlran out of stuff to do in few hours.16:33
yvlbeen fixing unit tests for the rest of the day.16:33
yvlthat's it.16:33
th1aDo we still need a no school years view?16:33
* th1a really needs a new todo list16:35
th1areplaceafill: Did we do the no years view?16:35
replaceafillth1a no16:35
replaceafillstill needed16:35
replaceafill* add special view for no existing years16:36
th1ayvl: Can add that16:36
* yvl will try16:36
th1aIt should fit into the new interface pretty well16:37
yvlanything else?16:38
th1aSo if I say I'm going to add a resource and them cancel that step I get no event?16:38
yvl*if* I understand your question, then no16:40
yvlyou will get event16:40
yvlit's been like that for ages16:40
* yvl did not change any calendar logic there16:41
th1aI must have confused myself16:41
* yvl thought that's what th1a wanted - a simple port without changing/improving anything16:41
th1aSo aelkner and replaceafill can help come up with yvl  tasks as we chat16:42
th1ayvl: It was just something I thought I noticed16:42
yvlah -- ok then16:43
th1aNo biggie16:43
aelkneri changed the gradebook overview template to not render more thean just empty divs16:44
aelknerfor the part of the template that is hidden anyway by the freezecol div above it16:44
aelkneralso, i renamed the css classes for the popup menus to have class names with popup in them16:44
aelknernot activity which they had16:45
aelknerthen i added popup menus to Total and Ave. headings16:45
aelknerhad to change old skin update method to sort ontotal and average16:45
aelknerit won't break any old tests16:45
aelknerbetter yet:16:46
aelknerwithout the sort in the url16:46
aelknerfinally, i added tertiary nav for add activity, but it won't come up16:47
aelkneri put a pdb break in the items() method, but it doesn't even get called16:47
aelknerreplaceafill, after the meeting, could you look at this with me?16:47
aelkneralso, why does Name not center vertically?16:48
aelkneri looked at the css for gradebook-heading and see it there16:48
aelknerbut it isn't taking fr the gradebook-name column for some reason16:48
replaceafillthe div has height16:49
aelknerwhy does that make it not vertically center?16:50
replaceafillit is being centered16:50
th1aI don't seem to be able to get the menus on this phone16:50
aelknertry shift-ctrl-R16:51
aelkneroh, on the phone16:51
aelknercouldn't tell you about that one16:51
th1aWe do need a menu icon16:51
aelkneri was gong to ask you16:51
aelknerwhat kind of icon?16:51
th1aShould b one in jquery ui16:52
aelknershould the icon be part of the link, live directly after the text, but also part of the underline part?16:54
aelknerreplaceafill, if i insert an <img> after the text of an <a>, does that render as underlined?16:54
th1aDown triangle16:54
replaceafillaelkner it depends on the css of the img16:55
th1aWhat triggers the menu now16:56
aelknerclicking the link16:56
aelknerwhich is just text noe16:56
aelknerbut i see why you want the icon16:57
th1aFYI that makes you score the activity on this16:57
yvl(aelkner, if you need a down triangle: )16:57
aelkneryvl, thanks16:58
th1aThere is one in jqueryui16:58
aelknerwe also have a down triangle in jquery-ui as th1a suggests, right16:58
aelkneranyway, i have a long list of todo items now, th1a, so you don't have to worry about finding more for a couple days16:59
th1aOtoh the icon might waste precious space17:00
aelknerth1a, shall i scrap the icon?17:00
aelkneror try it out first17:00
th1aHold off17:00
th1aDo aelkner  and replaceafill need to get merged?17:02
aelknernot urgent if replaceafill hasn't changed gradebook lately17:03
replaceafilli haven't17:03
th1aWhy is aelkner s ave and total at left17:03
aelknerreplaceafill, i pushed to trunk if you'd like to merge17:03
replaceafillmy bad, i haven't commit that change yet17:03
th1aU should get in sync17:03
aelkneryeah, i was going to ask what happened to that17:04
aelknerreplaceafill, what?!17:04
replaceafillaelkner you don't mind i touch the gradebook?17:04
aelknerwell, i made lots of changes to the overview pt17:04
replaceafilli know, it will raise conflicts17:05
replaceafillbut i'll resolve them17:05
aelknerlet's get this straitened out right after the meeting17:05
th1aThanks aelkner17:05
replaceafillsorry i didn't use 'tom:tom' this time :)17:06
replaceafillth1a i have a couple of questions17:06
replaceafillhow does the user gets to the journal? from section index?17:07
replaceafillthere's a Journal tab, but i think it takes you to the student journal view17:07
replaceafillits url is ${person}/gradebook.html17:08
th1aI think this should work like the gradebook17:09
replaceafillusing the tab, right?17:09
th1aTime to make these consistent17:09
replaceafillbut unlike the gradebook, the journal doesnt remember the last visited section17:10
th1aYou might want to change the URL too17:10
th1aMaybe they should share17:12
th1aAlthough it would need to be in core then17:12
th1aThe value17:13
replaceafillpreferences package in core....?17:14
th1aI guess17:14
replaceafill- Where do we put the legend?17:15
replaceafillfor absences and tardies marks17:15
th1aOh that damned thing17:15
th1aCan we make it a dialog fro17:16
aelkneryeah, you'll need to add an annotations section to IPerson for journal preferences17:16
th1aM the sidebar?17:16
replaceafillth1a like "Help" or something?17:17
th1aaelkner: The point is it is a generic Active Section annotation17:17
aelknerwe don't have such a thing yet17:17
aelknerso far the gradebook is the only package with person preferences annotation17:17
th1aaelkner: Which is the point17:17
aelknerand its key is gradebook specific17:17
th1aIt is now a core issue17:18
th1aDoes the gradebool store the section17:19
aelkneradn teh current worksheet17:19
th1aOr just the worksheet17:19
aelknerlet me look right now to be certain17:19
aelknerhere's the list:17:19
aelknerGRADEBOOK_SORTING_KEY = 'schooltool.gradebook.sorting'17:19
aelknerCURRENT_SECTION_TAUGHT_KEY = 'schooltool.gradebook.currentsectiontaught'17:19
aelknerCURRENT_SECTION_ATTENDED_KEY = 'schooltool.gradebook.currentsectionattended'17:19
aelknerCURRENT_WORKSHEET_KEY = 'schooltool.gradebook.currentworksheet'17:19
aelknerDUE_DATE_FILTER_KEY = 'schooltool.gradebook.duedatefilter'17:19
aelknerCOLUMN_PREFERENCES_KEY = 'schooltool.gradebook.columnpreferences'17:19
aelknerobviously the gradebook allows a teacher to be a student as well17:20
th1aSo the section taught goes to core17:20
th1aA little refactor will be needed17:21
aelknerhow about we let replaceafill add section taught to core and17:21
aelknerhave me update the gradebook later to use it?17:21
replaceafilli'd prefer yvl to add the annotation to core17:21
aelknerwe were looking for something to do for him anyway :)17:22
replaceafilland he does that better than me :)17:22
replaceafillth1a last question17:22
replaceafill- Total columns are calculated by term, but they seem like form month17:22
replaceafilli meant: when you see month by month17:23
replaceafillthey seem like they're calculated by month17:23
replaceafillnot a big deal, just an observation17:23
replaceafillthe gradebook does it by worksheet, which seems more natural17:23
th1aWell a menu here would be good17:23
th1aLet you select17:24
th1aAre the calculations going to be at right?17:24
replaceafillare they going to be customizable?17:25
replaceafilledit the labels, hide, etc?17:25
replaceafillgradebook's are going to be, right?17:25
th1aNot edit17:25
replaceafillah ok17:25
th1aHide though17:25
replaceafillhow do we unhide them?17:26
replaceafillPreferences view?!?! :)17:26
th1aLike gradebook17:26
replaceafilli think that's it from me17:27
aelknerreplaceafill, i haven't added the hide/unhide stuff to gradebook, but i will soon17:27
aelknerth1a wanted it to go in the Name menu17:27
th1areplaceafill: Do you have thing on your todo list that yvl can do?17:27
aelkneryou should look at what i did before starting on that17:27
aelkneri can do that next17:27
th1aI don't want to stick him with interventions17:28
replaceafillmy todo includes small things like:17:28
aelknerhe could look at getting old sin tests working again17:28
replaceafill* Selection List Fields in person/resource demographics should be rendered as optional17:28
replaceafilli want a text area resource field :)17:29
replaceafillfor resource evolution17:29
replaceafillfor the notes field17:29
yvland probably that should be HTMLFragment17:29
replaceafillwe have it already?17:30
replaceafill* Delete link should not be rendered when viewing 'manager'. You get a Dependency error17:30
yvldon't know, just saying - HTMLFragment over zope.schema.Text17:30
replaceafill* Port errors view17:31
th1aThese are all good things17:31
replaceafill* add css parameter for table formatters17:31
th1aCheck and add breadcrumbs17:32
yvlcheck and add breadcrumbs?17:33
th1areplaceafill: Any more?17:33
th1aA lot of views don't have them17:33
replaceafillth1a no, that's it17:33
th1ayvl: Breadcrumbs is the biggest job probably17:34
yvlmore than one day's worth likely17:34
th1aSo take your pick yvl17:35
th1aI may have to get my laptop working tomorrow...17:35
th1aThanks replaceafill17:35
th1aI think were done17:36
th1aLast words?17:36
* th1a drops the bag I'd gravel17:36
aelknerof gravel17:37
th1aOf gravel17:37
aelknercould one gravel a bag?17:37
aelkneri wonder...17:37
*** th1a has quit IRC17:37
aelknerreplaceafill, can we look at the gradebook right now?17:37
replaceafillaelkner ok17:37
aelknerfor starters, i'd like you to merge and enconter the conflicts17:38
aelknersecondly, note that i changed some of the content to be empty divs17:38
aelknerbecause they were hidden by the freezecol div17:38
replaceafilli know17:38
aelknerso just be carefulto include the same in resolved version17:39
aelkneralso, the popup meu class changes17:39
aelknerbut i gues you were going to look at my divs to make sure anyway, right?17:39
replaceafilli'll finish my journal view, and then i'll work on that17:39
aelknerno, please, the other first17:40
aelknerfor my peace of mind, i'd like to know what i'm changing is not disappearing later17:40
replaceafillaelkner i made too many changes to the gradebook_overview template17:40
aelknerso you can see why i don't like this multi-developer overhauling same template stuff17:41
replaceafilli'm not saying it will break, i'm saying it will take time17:41
aelknerbut then if i change something else today, the problem starts again17:42
* replaceafill sighs..17:42
replaceafillthat's why i said i'd work on the gradebook until you leave17:42
aelknerso replaceafill echos /me's sentiments17:42
replaceafillbut th1a wants them synced17:42
aelknerhe wants them to work the same17:43
aelknerwhat he doesn't realize yet is how much work there will be17:43
replaceafillwe have to do it anyway17:43
replaceafilltoday or when you're done with all the gradebook stuff17:44
aelkneras yvl said today, i thought our priority was to get the old code looking new17:44
aelknernot changing the way the old code works17:44
aelknerand what about this updoming freeze date?17:45
aelknerwhat could we possibly freeze in two weeks if we start adding lots of new features17:45
replaceafillwhen is the date?17:45
aelknerinstead of just changing the look of the old ones17:45
aelknera couple of weeks, i believe17:45
aelknerbut that could be moved, i guess, not my decision17:46
aelknerwe don't even have interventions started, you just started journal17:46
aelknergradebook has nice new style and operation, but lots of report sheet work to be done there17:46
aelknerbut if you mean that thla wants the journal and gradebook to LOOK the same, that's another thing17:47
aelknerany css work you and he did should be repeatable in the journal17:47
aelkneralthough i did mention putting those styles in core so that you would not have to clone them17:48
aelknerbut did anyone listen?17:48
aelkneri don't think so17:48
aelknerso now you have to clone them or move them to core17:48
aelknerif you clone them and then proceed to change them over the next week or so17:48
aelknerthen you will need to back-port all the new stuff to the gradebook17:49
aelknerbut the fact that i even need to mention the evils of cloning17:49
aelkneris enough to make my sigh for a week17:49
aelknerthat's my daily rant :)17:49
aelkneri'm not going to touch the gradebook css so as not to step on your journal efforts17:50
aelknerof effect your backporting work, that is17:50
replaceafilldon't worry, i'm not scared of conflicts17:50
aelknerfear is not the issue, time spent dong something that could cost zero time is the issue17:51
aelknerbut knock yourself out17:51
replaceafillwe just spent 10 minutes chatting when i thought we were going to discuss your pdb problem ;)17:52
aelknerright, ten minutes against the hours and hours i'm trying to save us17:52
aelknerbut anyway, let's move on17:52
aelkneryou mean the tertiary not gettin gcalled17:52
aelkneryeah, did you see something that i forgot to put in there?17:53
replaceafilldid you push it to trunk?17:53
aelknerthe view= directive has the right class17:53
replaceafillwhat's the name of the class?17:54
replaceafilli only see the tertiary nav manager17:54
aelknerthe view class is FlourishActivityAddView17:55
aelkneris that what you mean?17:55
replaceafillno, i meant the viewlet manager for the tertiary navigation?17:55
aelknerlook at the one directly above it17:56
aelknerit's the one you added for the gradebook overview17:56
aelknerit doesn't mention the class of the manager17:56
aelknerbecause the interface is enough17:56
replaceafillthe only tertiary manager that i see in the gradebook is:17:56
replaceafill  <flourish:viewletManager17:57
replaceafill      name="tertiary_navigation"17:57
replaceafill      provides=""17:57
replaceafill      class=".gradebook.GradebookTertiaryNavigationManager"17:57
replaceafill      view=".gradebook.FlourishGradebookOverview"17:57
replaceafill      permission="zope.Public"17:57
replaceafill      />17:57
aelknerright after that is tertiary_activity_add17:57
aelknerit looks the same except the view class17:58
aelknerad the tertiary manager class17:58
aelknerwhich i coded in activity.py17:58
replaceafillaelkner it's the name="..."17:59
replaceafillthe provider must be called tertiary_navigation17:59
replaceafilllook at the page template in flourish17:59
aelknerthe name and the interface are need to be the same17:59
aelknerfor anyone wanting to add a tertiary to a view, right?17:59
aelknerok, thanks18:00
aelknernow i understand the lookup18:00
aelknerthe name is the very ting that is traversed in man.pt18:00
replaceafillwith less typos, but yes18:00
aelkneri was trying to figure out how that worked, but in pdb even, it's hard18:00
aelknerthe lookups18:00
aelknerbut now i get that it's taking advantage of the results of a named adapter lookup18:01
aelknerthanks, that clears a lot up for me18:01
* replaceafill goes back to the journal18:02
replaceafillaelkner i'll break your work later >:D18:02
replaceafilli'm using the journal for testing btw18:02
replaceafilli think i'll merge the left/right work there18:03
replaceafillbefore merging it to the gradebook18:03
replaceafilland i'll use your popup work from the gradebook18:03
replaceafillnames on the left, totals on the right18:04
replaceafillscrollable center only18:04
aelknerwhat about moving popup menu css and js to core?18:04
aelkneryou see i made the class names gradebook independent18:04
replaceafilli don't want to bring that old conversation from last time :(18:04
aelknerwhy not have all our popup menus work the same18:05
replaceafillwell, mine follow yours18:05
aelknerand have the document ready stuff in the main js include18:05
replaceafillyesterday for a while i was using the gradebooks zc resource library18:06
aelkneri don' see why you can't clone the <ul> and <a> stuff, but at least the css and js could be in core?18:06
replaceafillaelkner they will18:06
aelkneryou were using gradebook resource from journal?18:06
replaceafilli know it makes one dependent on the other, etc18:06
aelknerah, so you will move them to core18:06
replaceafillbut i was testing18:06
replaceafilli hope so18:06
replaceafillone thing that makes me not to do that right now, is that company th1a hired18:07
replaceafilli think they'll come up with something18:07
replaceafilland if we spent time making ours perfect right now...18:07
replaceafillthat does seem like a waste to me18:07
aelkneri would say, oving css and js to core wouldn't waste time18:08
aelknerbecause whatever changes the consultants lead us to make18:08
aelknerwill be made wherever they are18:08
aelknerso if that's just in core rather than in two places!18:08
aelkneryou see the time saving there?18:08
replaceafillwell, i can use the gradebook's18:08
replaceafilli have been18:09
replaceafillso... really only one place18:09
aelkneryes, the journal does not depend n the gradebook18:09
aelknerso making it do so only adds work undoing that18:09
replaceafillyes, taking that zc resource library line is hard...18:09
aelkneris that wy you don't want to do it, because it is hard?18:10
replaceafillit was a bad joke aelkner :)18:11
aelkneri had a feeling you were being sarcastic18:11
aelkneri was just making sure18:11
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aelknerso if it isn't hard, then wy don't you just say, "yes, i'll do it (and in little time since it's so simple)"18:11
replaceafillyes, i'll do it18:13
aelknerthat can be part of your right/left change18:14
aelkneri'll work around the edges in the meantime18:14
replaceafilli want you to work confortably18:14
aelknerwell, until i see the changes that you make, i won't be comfortable, so don't worry about that18:15
replaceafillah ok then18:15
aelkneri can fix the add activity tertiary now, though, and that won't collide with you in the least18:16
aelknerand i'll want to review your diff right away, so please ping me when you've pushed18:16
replaceafillwill do18:16
aelknermoving the js is trivial18:17
aelknerit's clean and compact18:17
aelknerthe css stuff, actuall, is also, pretty simple to move18:17
replaceafillok, you know what18:18
replaceafilllet's move them!18:18
aelknerpopup stuff should go in page.css, right?18:18
replaceafillaelkner no18:18
aelknerthis is not grid specific in my opionion18:19
replaceafilldon't know18:19
replaceafilli agree18:19
aelknera popup menu could go on any page, that's why i suggested page.css18:19
replaceafilli'll put things that i don't know whet to put at the bottom of flourish.css :)18:19
replaceafillwith an XXX18:19
aelknerwhy not there18:19
replaceafillput it there18:20
replaceafilljust add an XXX18:20
aelknerso obviously we need to cordinate closely here for the next half hour of so18:20
replaceafillno, *you* do it18:20
aelkneri cold do the move18:20
aelkneri'll do that right now18:21
replaceafillgo go go18:21
replaceafillwe're moving the template too, right?18:21
aelknerreplaceafill, i was tlaking about just moving the document ready js for popup menu18:23
aelknerwhat are you talking about?18:23
replaceafillare we not going to sync the two grids?18:23
aelknerthink about it18:23
aelknerwe have a codebase that we've invested years in18:23
replaceafillwhat about the evils of cloning?18:23
aelknerthe cost of rewriting both the gradebook and the journal are huge, so i don't know what you mean18:25
replaceafilli dont want the API i dream of :)18:25
replaceafilli'm talking about both plugins using the same template18:25
aelknerbut the templates are tied to the APIs of the view classes18:26
aelknerthe gradebook and journal are much different in their view classes18:26
aelknerhow could they possibly share a template?18:26
replaceafillyes, but i made the journal flourish view to use most of the gradebooks template18:26
replaceafillthey *were* very different18:26
replaceafillone rendering the table by hand, the other using a really cool table formatter (which i'll miss)18:27
aelkneryeah, i know you love those table formatters :)18:27
replaceafillnow, both use the rendering by hand approach18:27
aelkneri don't see why you cose to do this18:28
aelknerwasn't the css of cells the issue18:28
replaceafillno, was that i had invested time in cleaning the gradebook18:28
replaceafilland that work was useful for the journal18:29
aelkneroutside of css, what cleaning are you referring to18:29
replaceafilland th1a insisted on they behaving almost the same18:29
aelkneryeah, so you clone (yes i suggested that in this case) the journal's old sin template18:30
aelknerand make the css class changes needed18:30
aelknerso that the view uses the old view class18:30
replaceafillthat's not good for us anymore18:30
aelknerwith the table formatters and all18:30
aelknerwhy not?18:30
replaceafillthe old skin used the table formatter + ajax18:30
aelknerah, i guess the old one isn't a priority in the new skin18:31
aelkneri can see that now18:31
aelknerthla wants the journal to work like the gradebook (which is impvoed) and that's it18:31
aelknerthat's cool18:31
replaceafilldid you see the journal this morning?18:32
aelknerso you are in a way, rewriting the journal, but a lot of the old skin18:32
replaceafilldidnt you notice it was "exactly" the same18:32
aelknerview class will help18:32
aelkneri didn't notice anything because i didn't see anything :)18:32
aelkneri get an exception clicking on the journal tab18:33
aelkneri guess you know that18:34
aelkneri'll try the link18:34
replaceafillwe discussed that also...18:34
aelkneragain, now that i've logged in18:34
aelkneri need to add the journal to my local and demo instances soon18:34
aelknerplease push stuff as soon as it is useful18:35
replaceafillwill do18:35
aelkneri try to do that with my gradebook changes as i do them18:35
aelkneranyway, looks nice18:35
aelknerand exactly like the gradebook!18:35
aelknerthis is clearing up years of inconsistency and over-design18:36
replaceafillsee, that's why i say go one step further and share the templates18:36
aelknerwell, now i see your point18:36
aelknerbut, think about this18:36
aelknermaking all the columns work off the same template would require them sharing a base view class18:37
aelkneri'd say, after the freeze, when we have tons of time18:38
aelknerrefactor time!18:38
aelknerthis would be the time to create a base Grid view class18:38
aelknerand have both the gradebook and journal use it18:38
aelknerjust looking at the gradebook's update method18:39
aelknerwhere so many different things are done18:39
aelknerand, as you said, no table formatters like the journal18:39
aelknermaking them wok the same way in the python is much different than getting them to look18:40
aelknerthe same as you just did18:40
replaceafillthat's the method that builds the table for the journal right now18:40
replaceafillnotice i tried to make it look like the gradebook's18:41
replaceafillit still can be improved18:41
aelkneri see that most is the same18:41
aelknerthe gradebook has four columns18:41
replaceafillthe gradebook uses the activity hash + person id18:41
aelknerall need to hidable18:41
aelknertotal, average, absenses, tardies18:42
replaceafillyes, but i think those are the things we need to solve18:42
aelkneri see18:42
replaceafillor.... we can keep maintining our clones...18:42
aelknerwill the journal have those same four columns?18:42
aelknerand will they also be hidable18:42
replaceafillno, but that's a design flaw in the gradebook18:42
replaceafillwhy not a dictionary with the totals?18:43
aelkneryou see, the absenses and tardies cols in he gradebook are foreign data18:43
replaceafillsome of them are optional18:43
aelkneri'm talking user-centered at the moment18:43
aelknerif the user changes something in the journal18:43
replaceafillah ok18:43
aelknerthey are changing the totals or absenses and tardies as well as journal grades18:44
aelknerso i guess the same four columns could exists, right?18:44
replaceafillhhmm not total18:44
replaceafillthe journal doesn't have total18:45
replaceafilli mean, current schooltool18:45
aelkneri understand, that was partly my point18:45
aelknerbut i'm trying to think outside of the box18:45
aelknerif thla wants both to work the same18:45
replaceafillbut again, why not an iterable with total columns18:45
replaceafillwhy do they have to be dictionalry keys18:46
aelknerdictionary keys are used for traversal in the template18:46
aelknerhow do you mean to change that?18:46
replaceafillsame as we do with grades18:46
replaceafillgrades is a list18:46
replaceafillyou just iterate it18:47
aelknerah, so summary cols could be a list18:47
replaceafilltotals could be a list18:47
replaceafillthe gradebook inserts what it needs18:47
replaceafilland the journal too18:47
replaceafillit gets rendered the same18:47
aelknerkeep in mind this one:18:47
aelknerthe total col in the gradebook will end up soon having a menu with Sort by18:48
aelknerand a dropdown to change score system18:48
replaceafillmenus should be inserted too by the plugins18:48
replaceafillfor instance, the journal columns dont need edit action18:48
replaceafillthe gradebook's do18:48
replaceafillyou just set the placeholder18:49
replaceafilleven the activity headers should have a render method18:49
replaceafillbut that's not important18:49
replaceafillboth plugins can send in the dictionary the title they want rendered18:49
aelknerso you're suggesting moving rendering of plugin-specific stuff to view methods18:50
aelknerand having the grid template call into that18:50
aelknergrid base class i mean18:50
aelknerand template, of course18:50
replaceafilleither way18:50
*** menesis has quit IRC18:50
replaceafillwe could in the template18:50
replaceafilltitle was calculated in the view class18:51
replaceafillthe journal does it one way18:51
replaceafillthe gradebook in another way18:51
replaceafillbut both creates the {'title': XXXX} key18:51
replaceafillin my head it's possible18:51
replaceafilli've been playing with it18:51
aelknerso the dictionary carries the rendered html, not view methods?18:52
replaceafilli'd prefer putting the same place holders18:52
replaceafilland adding independent js for specific stuff18:52
replaceafillfor example18:53
replaceafillan "activity" title18:53
aelknerjs can be rendered together with html in those cases of specific local need18:53
replaceafillto me the templates for the gradebook and journal should be like our z3c-form macros18:53
replaceafill<script> XXX </script>18:54
replaceafill<div use-macro="grid">18:54
replaceafillor something like that18:54
replaceafillthe grid is the same, both plugins add specific js18:54
aelknersounds clean enough18:54
aelknerhow about this18:54
aelkneryou can create the grid base class and macro in core18:55
aelkneruse it in the journal18:55
aelknerand fix the gradebook to use the grid class later18:55
aelknerwhatever changes i make to the gradebook grid18:55
aelknermostly, btw, to the menus18:56
aelknerwill be easily ported to the grid macro18:56
aelknersound like a plan?18:56
replaceafilli could try18:56
replaceafilli'm not good at that though18:56
aelknerwhat do you mean, we're all capable of the same stuff18:57
aelknerand you suggested the whole grid base class anyway18:57
aelknerare you saying you had in mind someone else doing it?18:57
replaceafillit was just my rant ;)18:57
aelkneri mean, you are already overhailing the journal18:57
aelkneri'd say you're on the right track18:57
aelkneryou can create a core base class if you have something in mind18:58
aelknerand use it in the gradebook when i am out of the way18:58
replaceafillmaybe i will :)18:58
aelknerit's not urgent, but i like your thinking18:58
aelkneri was going to say, isn't this treason?18:58
aelknersuggesting a view class over cloning?18:58
replaceafillok, i'll give it a try18:59
aelknergood luck, i think you'll come up with something good18:59
replaceafillthanks aelkner!18:59
aelknerdo i still want to move the popup menu js, css now?19:00
replaceafilli'll do it19:00
aelknerok, thanks19:00
aelknersee how i tricked you into dong that? :)19:00
replaceafillyeah, i was thinkign the same19:00
aelknerbut anyway, good discussion19:01
replaceafillthat's the problem with being the junior developer here19:01
replaceafillyeah, thanks19:01
replaceafilli hope it works19:01
aelkneri hink we have a good plan for proceeding (AND staying out of each other's way)19:01
aelknerfor the next couple of day19:01
replaceafillkk, will start then19:01
replaceafillsee you later aelkner19:01
aelknerof course, i do need you to ping me when you've folded your unpushed gradebook stuff into trunk19:02
aelknerjust a reminder :)19:02
replaceafilli will19:02
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replaceafillaelkner you there?21:46
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