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replaceafillth1a you around?00:10
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replaceafillforgot to revert buildout.cfg before committing :(15:53
replaceafillreverted :/15:54
yvlget some coffee, replaceafill  ;)15:56
replaceafillthat's the problem! i'm having cereal :P15:57
replaceafillyvl could you review something and tell me if i'm in the right direction?15:57
replaceafillit's related to dialogs15:57
replaceafilli called modal_form directly from a template15:58
replaceafilland i wanted to know if it's right15:58
replaceafilli mean, it works, but...15:58
yvlhmm, looks ok to me16:00
replaceafillah cool, thanks16:01
replaceafillExtend to This Term16:01
replaceafillyvl now that i understand them, all i can say: nice work with the dialogs :)16:02
replaceafill(i mean plumbing)16:02
yvlthanks, replaceafill :)16:03
replaceafillfor the last section view, i want to create a dialog that allows you to search before selecting the item, i hope that tweaking reload_parent appropriately does the trick16:05
yvlit should16:06
yvlat least it supposed to work ;)16:06
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th1ahi yvl, menesis, replaceafill, aelkner.16:30
yvlgood morning16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
* th1a almost overslept.16:31
th1aOK, lets start with yvl again.16:32
yvlremade timetable wizard to be not modal again16:32
yvlmade a simple /timetables page, like /courses /sections etc.16:32
yvladded a link to it in manage school page16:33
yvlalso view/delete timetable16:33
yvl(a timetable is roughly what timetable schemas were before)16:33
yvlthat's that for today16:34
th1aIs that pushed to trunk?16:34
yvlit raised some styling questions, of course16:34
th1areplaceafill: Can you update so I can see it?16:34
yvlfor example, how should we better style wizard messages16:34
replaceafillth1a on it16:34
yvlalso, we should probably make the timetable tables "scrollable"16:35
yvllike gradebook16:35
yvlhence - nothing is styled now16:35
replaceafillth1a updated16:35
th1aI guess I should add one.16:36
th1aI'd say the only thing to be done to the wizard messages would be to make them bigger.16:38
th1aWhich I don't really have an argument for doing.16:38
th1aIn the period and schedule grids, why do you need the space next to the time (which says "lesson" in Periods?16:39
yvlthis is the "slot" type, which is not set by the wizard16:40
th1aAlso, in the timetable view the header hierarchy is off.16:40
yvlslots can conform to lesson, homeroom or  anything16:40
yvlyes, sorry16:41
th1aSo other things go in that space when the widget is in a different context?16:41
yvlwell, yes - when a timetable is scheduled for a section16:42
yvlbut I think, for timeslots, that is more theoretical than practical16:42
yvlwhen timetable is scheduled, only the periods part is shown I think16:43
yvlhaven't done those views yet, don't remember how they were implemented16:43
th1aProbably just getting rid of the background color in the time cells would help.16:44
th1aLet's start with that.16:44
th1aBecause right now it is all I'm seeing.16:44
th1aWe don't know how many days are in this week because it might be a rotating schedule, correct?16:45
yvland period / time slot amount of days may differ16:46
th1aCan we filter out days of week that don't have periods?16:46
th1aAs in this case?16:47
th1aDoes each day have a set width right now in the table?16:47
th1aI guess not because the top table is wider.16:48
yvlreplaceafill, bzr pull16:48
yvltimetable tables are unstyled16:48
yvlthanks, replaceafill16:48
yvlso they inherit the default behaviour16:48
th1aThese just need a little love.16:48
yvlok, I'll filter empties out16:49
th1aPut a vertical gray line (start with whatever is used for the horizontal divider between cells) between the days.16:50
yvlwe can also display type of the slot directly beneath it16:50
th1a(not between the time and lesson)16:50
yvli.e. two lines, where it makes sense16:50
th1ayvl:  I was thinking that too.16:50
th1aThat would probably help with a number of things.16:50
yvlok, will do that too16:51
th1aYeah, try that (instead of adding the vertical lines)16:51
th1aAnd yes, make it scrollable for wacky schedules.16:51
th1aBetter to scroll than clip things.16:51
yvland by scrollable you mean... ?16:52
yvlthe page is currently scrollable, but ugly16:52
th1aOh, ok.16:52
th1aThen we've already got that.16:52
yvlthe table sticks out of the gray background area16:52
replaceafillwe should make the content area scrollable16:53
th1aIf it is too big for the content area it should scroll at the edge.16:53
th1a(too big for the gray area, including the right padding)16:53
aelknerguys, i created a new page class called WideContainerPage for wide pages16:54
aelknerin case you want to use that for the views you are discussing here16:55
th1aYes, use that.16:55
yvlthanks, aelkner16:55
yvlth1a, by at the edge - where should the scrollbar be located? vertiaclly.16:55
yvlafter the table, at the bottom of the gray area, or?16:55
aelkneryvl, are you in need of a table that has horizontal and vertical scroolbars16:57
aelknerlike the dem that we looked at for fixed row/columns16:58
yvlno, aelkner16:58
yvljust horizontal16:58
yvlbut I don't know where th1a wants the scrollbar16:58
yvlafter the table16:58
yvlor after the content area16:59
aelkneri was going to ask how to get the scroolbars16:59
th1aAfter the table.16:59
yvlI'll toy with css then16:59
aelknerreplaceafill, what's the css for that again?16:59
aelkneryou said something in one of the recent meetings16:59
replaceafillwidth + overflow i think16:59
yvlscroll :)17:00
aelkneryvl, replaceafill, thanks17:00
th1aOK, so yvl, I think the main thing is cleaning up the view page.17:02
th1aAnd then on to calendars?17:03
yvlprobably I should do the section scheduling first17:03
yvland the calendars17:04
th1aAh, yes, definitely section scheduling.  Good point.17:04
aelkneryvl, did you have a chance to fix add schoolyear?17:04
yvlnot yet, aelkner17:04
yvlbut I'll do that somewhere along the way17:04
th1aOK, so I don't have to worry about yvl running out of things to do.17:05
yvlyes :)17:06
yvlit's timetabling after all!17:06
th1aCalendaring is going to get a fairly superficial flourishing, by the way.17:06
th1aWe may give it more love after the release.17:06
th1aOK.  Thanks yvl.17:07
aelknerok, eveyone follow this link, signing in as jelkner/jelkner:17:08
aelkneri got the term and section changer to come out on the left17:08
aelknerpart of the reason for the select boxes bleeding it that the text is too long17:09
aelknersection titles don't need the course titles in them17:09
aelknerand term titles wouldn't need the year in them if we thought about limiting to the current year17:09
aelknerth1a, is there any reason for the teacher to so easily switch between years here?17:10
th1aWe could add a year selector.17:10
th1aIt just has to be possible.17:10
aelknerif we do that and take the courses out of the section title, the bleed is a lot less likely17:11
th1aBut we *still* have to handle too long section and term titles.17:11
th1aEspecially sections, since they have had overly long defaults in the past.17:11
aelknerreplaceafill, i can add a css class to the select element17:11
aelknerwhat would the style be to make the width not bleed?17:12
replaceafillyou just need a width17:12
replaceafillon the select17:12
aelknerthat's it?17:13
replaceafilli think so17:13
aelknerno display: something?17:13
th1aJust try it.17:13
replaceafillthen only the options will flow17:13
replaceafillwhen they open the select17:13
replaceafill(i think)17:13
aelknerok, i'll try it17:13
aelkneralso, guys, enter a letter for one of the grades and hit save17:14
aelkneryou'll see an error message come out in red17:14
aelknerwhen that message is not given, that are of the screen is blank17:14
th1aWe can't use that as a message space.17:15
th1aThere should be no margin or padding AT ALL around the grid.17:15
th1a(unless it looks bad when we actually try it...)17:16
th1aWe want to *completely* fill the content area, particularly to the upper left.17:16
aelkneri created WideContainerPage so that I could style it to be wider17:16
aelknerdo i need to remove the 16px padding?17:16
th1aWe'll probably need a special content area.17:17
replaceafillor make it 817:17
aelknerth1a, 0 or 8?17:17
replaceafillor 4px :)17:17
th1aTry 0.17:17
aelknerwhat about the error message?17:18
aelknerwhere does it go?17:18
th1a(not modal dialog)17:19
aelknerth1a, could you define specifically what you want done?17:20
th1aWhen there is an error message pop a non-modal dialog.17:20
aelknerthe user hits save with invalid data17:21
aelknerthe old skin view highlights the bad cells with red17:21
th1aDo that.17:21
aelknerso that the user knows what was wrong17:21
aelknerbut if we redirect to another vew to display the error, there is no chance to show the user the cells in red17:22
th1aDo we need to redirect to pop a jquery dialog?17:22
aelknerwell, we need to refresh the view to show the user the red cells17:23
aelkneri don't know how we can do that AND show a modal dialog17:24
aelkneryvl, thoughts?17:24
yvlI don't get what you are trying to achieve, sorry17:25
yvlsomething like client-side validation?17:25
aelknerthe server side in the old skin17:26
aelknercaught any cell errors and highlighted them in red17:26
aelkneralso, a red message appeared at the top17:26
aelknerth1a doesn't want that anymore17:26
th1aI don't want the message embedded in the page.17:27
aelknerbut we need the new page refresh to show the red cells17:27
yvlaelkner, correct me if I'm wrong, but17:27
yvlyou want identical behaviour to the old skin, except17:28
yvlinstead of rendering the error message in page, you want to display17:28
yvla non-modal jquery dialog, once the document is loaded17:28
aelknerwell, how could one do that?17:28
aelknerthat sounds impossible17:28
aelknerrender two pages at once?!17:29
yvlthat should be very easy actually17:29
yvlrender the error div17:29
yvlmake it invisible with css17:29
yvlafter the document is loaded,17:29
yvlopen the dialog, (looking for example)17:30
yvlyes, this:
yvl$(document).ready(function() {17:31
aelknerhow is that a non-modal?17:31
yvl$("your hidden error div").dialog();17:31
aelkneram i missing something?17:31
yvllook at the demo again17:32
yvlmove the dialog17:32
yvlso that you can see a link17:32
yvlclick a link17:32
yvlnon modal.17:32
yvlselect a modal dialog demo17:32
yvlmove a dialog - you can't click a link17:32
aelkneroh, ok, not modal in that one can click on the other parts of the page17:32
th1aIt just lets you see the errors and the message at the same time.17:33
aelknerok, i'll try it out17:33
aelknerth1a, ok, between changing the term and section selects, adding a schooyear select17:34
th1aAlso, I'm not sure that the section menu will be informative enough, since the titles of sections are dicey.17:34
aelknerfixing the error popup17:34
aelknerand adding a Settings menu, i have plenty to do17:34
th1aSo maybe sections should pop a dialog.17:34
th1aWith a table that has title, subject, size, period.17:35
aelkneranother thing17:35
aelknerwhen i did my gradebook popup menu r&d that never made it into trunk17:35
aelkneri did so with my own div that i hid/unhid with js17:36
aelknerdo i need to use jquery dialogs instead?17:36
th1aThat should be a menu.17:36
aelknerso the menu that i demonstrated back then (right before the sprint)17:37
th1aYes, that should be fine.17:37
aelknerthat was ok as it was?17:37
th1aIt will do for starters, I think.17:37
aelknerok, i have plenty to work on17:37
th1aThanks aelkner.17:38
th1aDo you want to make a quick report replaceafill and then you and I are going to do an extended design session?17:38
replaceafillquick report:17:38
replaceafillold view:
replaceafillnew view:
replaceafilli'm only have one section view remaining: Link an Existing Section17:39
replaceafillExtend to This Term and Unlink are dialogs17:39
replaceafilland i removed the link fieldset from the edit view:
replaceafillwe decided not to port link_next.html and link_previous.html and use section_linkage.html instead17:41
th1aThat looks good replaceafill.17:41
replaceafilli have only one issue17:42
replaceafillthat it's in the old skin too17:42
replaceafillthat one for example has links in all the terms17:43
replaceafilland it's from term Q117:43
replaceafillif you unlink the section from term Q417:43
replaceafillyou get redirected to that section17:43
replaceafillit just feels funny17:43
replaceafilli mean, to get redirected17:43
th1aTo Q4?17:43
th1aYes, that feels off.17:44
replaceafillok, i'll fix it17:44
replaceafillthat's Link an Existing Section17:45
replaceafilli want to make that a dialog too17:45
* replaceafill starts to see dialogs everywhere ;)17:45
th1aIn this page it'll be consistent.17:46
th1aI'm ok with it.17:46
replaceafillth1a btw about the dialogs, i kept the information in the header17:46
replaceafillboth dialogs have a little table with that17:46
replaceafillSection: Baseball - Q117:46
replaceafillCourse: Baseball17:46
replaceafillTerm: Q117:46
replaceafillTarget Term: Q417:46
replaceafillwhat in the old view is the header row of the view17:47
th1aYes, nice and clear.17:47
replaceafillkk, that's it from me then17:47
th1aThanks guys.17:47
th1aI've been neglecting menesis...17:47
th1aAnything to add menesis?17:48
menesisno, sorry17:49
th1aNo problem.17:49
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:49
th1aDo you want to take a short break replaceafill?17:49
th1a15 minutes?17:49
yvlallright... thanks guys17:50
* th1a goes to take a shower.17:50
yvlsee you tomorrow :)17:50
aelknercya yvl17:52
replaceafillmy last commit message was lost in merges :'(17:53
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* th1a is back.18:09
replaceafillth1a we're working on /manage, right?18:10
th1aOK, what should I be looking at?18:11
th1aStart with adding a year tab.18:12
replaceafillsorry, i was fixing the term links18:16
replaceafillok, adding tabs18:16
* replaceafill notices we're sorting terms ascending here18:17
replaceafilland descending in other place18:18
th1aSwitch to descending.18:18
replaceafillth1a done18:26
replaceafillnow adjusting the view to the switch18:26
replaceafillth1a done18:42
replaceafillwe should get rid of Active18:43
th1aI was just typing that.18:43
th1aGet rid of "manage" and make those links headers above the tables, with a pencil.18:43
replaceafillah, ok18:43
replaceafillthe first link header should be "School Years"?18:44
replaceafilland pencil to /schoolyears?18:44
replaceafillor do you want a pencil to edit THAT school year?18:45
replaceafill(then the header should be "School Year")18:45
th1aYears to /schoolyears18:46
th1aKeep it consistent.18:46
replaceafillth1a that ok?18:49
replaceafillPeople instead of Users, right?18:50
th1aLooks good.18:50
replaceafillth1a done18:54
replaceafillare we keeping the same links on the sidebar?18:54
replaceafillSchool Years, People and Resources?18:54
th1aNo, but that's not next.18:54
replaceafillah ok18:54
th1aPut people above years.18:55
th1a(make a note that we need an "add a year" view for when you have no years.18:55
th1aSee, now you can't do anything until you have a year!18:56
th1a(since there are no tabs)18:57
replaceafillso, people will get to /manage and will see the 'special' add a year view on first run18:58
replaceafillor at least the link to it18:58
replaceafillit's like cambodia ;)18:58
th1aDo that later.18:58
th1aOK, now we have to decide what to do for things like groups, where we probably don't want to list all of them.18:58
th1aAnd we don't need to go so far as to add a search widget or whatever.18:59
th1aSo probably the pattern should be:18:59
replaceafillit's not listing them all18:59
replaceafilllet me check18:59
th1aIt is ok to list people by built in groups.18:59
th1aThat's a different issue.18:59
th1aAnyway, probably just like:18:59
th1aGroups (as header)18:59
th1a  There are 6 groups defined for 2011.19:00
th1a(as paragraph)19:00
th1aSame for resources, etc.19:00
th1aPencils with the headers.19:00
replaceafillok, adding Groups...19:02
replaceafillbetween people and school years?19:02
th1aWe'll probably juggle the order quite a bit.19:04
th1aJust warning you.  ;-)19:04
replaceafillth1a refresh19:09
replaceafillh3 or p for the paragraph?19:10
replaceafillit's a p right now19:10
th1aCan we get a little indent on it?19:10
th1aAlso, add a period.19:10
replaceafillth1a like that?19:13
th1aThe only problem is if you only have one group, I guess.19:14
replaceafillwe can't delete built-ins right?19:15
th1aI think that is fine.19:17
replaceafillok, will push to trunk19:23
th1aSo basically that's the pattern.19:25
replaceafillchange pushed to trunk: "Styled /manage and made it work with school year navigation"19:29
replaceafillth1a will jump back to section work if we're done19:30
th1aOH... we're not done!19:30
th1aCourses... sections...19:31
th1aEverything that goes in years.19:31
replaceafillgot it19:31
th1aPut courses and sections under groups in that order.19:31
th1aLIke groups.19:31
replaceafillok, just paragraphs too, right?19:31
replaceafillth1a refresh19:44
th1aActually, just replace "School Years" with "Terms."19:45
th1a(and direct the link to terms).19:45
th1aMaybe we should put a pencil in the year tab?19:46
th1aAnd make an add tab to the right of the year tabs?19:47
replaceafillshould i remove the school year row under Terms?19:48
th1aActually, make "People in year 2011" just "People"19:48
th1aI think leave it.19:48
th1aAlso, I think terms should be descending.  Sorry!19:49
replaceafillshould People be Group that table?19:49
th1aOh! yes.19:49
replaceafillthey are, arent they?19:49
replaceafillQ4, Q3, Q2, Q119:49
replaceafillin 201119:49
th1aActually, put a "There are x people..." sentence above the table.19:50
replaceafilli'd move the group table below groups :)19:53
replaceafillhhmm " There are 5 groups defined for 2011."19:54
replaceafillbut i only see 3...19:54
replaceafill"Built-in Group" in the table header :D19:54
th1aIt is more confusing below the group header.19:55
replaceafilli'll move it back19:55
replaceafillmoved back19:55
replaceafilllist timetables?19:56
replaceafillwhere should "Timetables" go?19:58
th1aUnder terms.20:01
replaceafillth1a done20:20
replaceafilloops, putting timetables under terms...20:21
th1aI'm getting a traceback.20:21
th1aInsufficient context.20:21
replaceafillah sorry i was making a change20:22
replaceafilltry now20:22
th1a"First Day | Last Day" for timetables?20:23
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replaceafillsorry, was disconnected20:25
th1aYou could add the name of the school in the people sentence.20:25
th1aThere are 10 people defined in Your School.20:25
replaceafillah ok20:25
th1aWe can get rid of the school sidebar now.20:26
th1aI'm going to have to go take Vivian to see Cars 2 now.20:26
th1aIt is her first movie in a theatre.20:26
replaceafillok, i'll remove the sidebar20:27
th1aYou can try the add/edit year icons in the tabs.20:27
replaceafilland add the school name to the persons paragraph20:27
replaceafillah! ok20:27
th1aOnly edit the active year.20:27
replaceafillwill do20:27
replaceafillah ok20:27
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