IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-07-26

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th1ahi yvl, menesis, aelkner.15:32
yvlgood morning guys15:32
th1aIt is earliest for replaceafill.15:32
th1aOK yvl, did you come up with anything (ideas or otherwise)?15:33
yvlyes, I pushed a simple implementation of the page15:33
yvlaelkner, could you please merge your instance with main branch?15:33
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th1aI guess aelkner can update his live instance?15:35
yvlI hope so15:35
yvlmeanwhile -
yvla set up with a year, no terms, no resources15:38
th1aYes, that's a good start.15:39
yvland here's one with a fresh instance:
aelknerinstance loaded15:40
th1aTo fit the overall pattern a little better, I'd put headers above each table (with pencils?) and make those the main links to container views.15:41
th1aAnd putt Add... links in the sidebar instead of the main navigational links.15:41
th1aThat is, the main navigation should be in the main content area.15:41
th1aOverall this doesn't seem too painful!15:42
yvlhmm, ok15:42
yvlwhat about demographics?15:42
yvland resource attributes15:43
yvlas far as I get it, basically remove School and replace with some Add... links?15:43
th1aWell, that's what I'm thinking at the moment.15:43
yvlwhat add links would you like there?15:44
th1aYou can argue that resource attributes and demographics should be under Application.15:44
yvlunder Application???15:44
menesisyvl: I like your school overview :)15:45
th1aSetting your schema?15:45
th1aThat's application-y.15:45
yvlsorry, I just don't see it15:45
aelkneryeah, it's different from actual data15:45
aelknerlike a particular person is data, a resource is data15:46
aelknerbut a schema is design (or configuration if you will)15:46
th1aThey could go either way, but they don't necessarily fit on this page so well.15:46
th1aThese things are not like the others.15:46
yvlpersonally I would have placed them in respective pages15:46
menesiswho will be responsible for managing people and resources?15:47
yvlResource attributes at resources15:47
yvlperson demographics at persons15:47
th1aWe don't really draw a very strong distinction between the school administrator and site manager roles, menesis.15:47
aelknerthey could be actions for those container views, yes15:47
menesisI think that adding a new attribute to rooms is a job of accountant or supervisor, not the IT guy15:48
th1ayvl: That's not a bad idea.15:48
aelknermenesis, good point15:48
yvlbtw, putting headers + edit icon is quite a nice idea15:49
th1amenesis: It could go either way.15:49
yvlit just bugs my geeky side a bit because they are not edit views15:49
menesisApplication is for someone responsible for schooltool and other applications. School is for staff.15:49
yvlthey're "view" views15:49
th1aYes, probably not the pencil.15:49
th1aThere isn't much distinction between view and edit for containers.15:50
aelknera right arrow indicates 'more...'15:50
aelknerperhaps that would be the appropriate icon?15:51
th1aI think a bare link is fine.15:51
yvlshould it be a heading/link15:52
yvli.e. <h3> that is a link15:52
yvlor something else?15:52
th1aI think there are a lot of examples.15:52
th1aI'm not sure which header they are.15:52
th1aI guess we could have in the sidebar:15:53
yvlfrankly, I probably would just move the two demographics links out and leave the rest as it is15:53
th1a - Demographics15:53
yvl(can you please point to examples... I somehow dont remember any)15:53
th1a - Resource Attributes15:53
aelknerth1a, they are not edit views rememeber?15:53
aelknerthey are container vews15:53
th1aManage then.15:54
aelknerand the user wouldn't be editing resources or demographics anyway15:54
aelkneror managing them15:54
aelknerthat's more like it15:54
th1ayvl: Just like
th1aWhatever header we use above tables there.15:55
th1aOr even "Settings" or "Preferences"15:55
yvland make it a link, like Manage Contacts?15:55
yvlcan I leave the School "box"?15:56
yvlhave two boxes15:56
yvland Customize15:56
yvland move 2 demographics links to Customize15:56
aelkneri think that's what th1a is saying15:57
yvljust making sure :)15:57
th1aWell... I'm anti "School" because we aren't really using the sidebar for that kind of navigation elsewhere.15:57
yvlwhat about Schoooltool Administrator's15:58
th1aHis personal stuff?15:58
th1aI'm not thinking of this as his home.15:58
aelknerare we going to have a Home tab?15:59
yvlat some point maybe15:59
th1aIt may not make the cut.15:59
th1aTime-wise, probably for next release.15:59
* yvl agrees... it all boils down to time limits15:59
th1aWe don't have time for designing all-new coolness.16:00
yvlright :)16:00
th1aPeople are going to be blown away as is.16:00
th1aThis looks really cool on an iPad, btw.16:01
yvlman, I wish I had one here :)16:01
yvlcan you share a photo at some point?16:01
yvlto boost the morale? ;)))16:01
th1aI was thinking of making a little video of the iPad.16:01
yvleven better :)16:02
th1aI've been waiting for the School view to make a screencast, so maybe I can do that tomorrow.16:02
yvlso, I'll do those small changes16:02
yvlwhat should I work on next?16:02
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th1aTimetables, yvl.16:03
yvloh boy16:03
yvland then take a quick whack at calendar maybe?16:03
aelkneryvl, btw, you changed the model with timetables, breaking the old skin in the process16:03
yvlyes, aelkner16:04
aelkneri had to comment out import ITimetableSchemaContainer to get add school year to work16:04
th1ayvl: Timetables > Application > Calendar16:04
aelkneryvl, np, just reminding you16:04
yvlth1a, Application?16:04
th1aThe view for Site Administration.16:05
yvloh, right16:05
th1aThe other half of Manage.16:05
yvlby the way16:05
yvlit struck me today, that we should do some guesswork on redirects when user logs in16:05
th1aWe need to tidy that stuff up last.16:06
th1aBut yes.16:06
yvlsay, if your'e in manager/clerk group - just redirect to School16:06
yvlwhat I meant to say - it would be nice if it made the release; and yes - last16:06
th1aYeah, we need to consider it.16:06
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replaceafillmorning, sorry i'm late16:07
th1aOnce all the individual views are done we'll need to work on how the fit together.16:07
* replaceafill forgot to set his alarm :(16:07
yvlhey replaceafill16:07
yvlright, th1a16:07
aelknermorning replaceafill16:07
yvlbtw, do you have any ideas on what to put at Application?16:07
th1aEverything else.16:08
th1a(in Manage)16:08
th1aIt may end up being more bare links...16:08
* yvl tries to remember what the links were16:08
th1aYeah, I don't have a running instance here.16:08
yvlgimme a sec16:09
th1aIt is like access settings,16:09
th1abtw, the access related pages should be combined into one top-level link.16:09
yvlnot sure I follow16:10
yvlinto links in one sidebar box?16:11
th1aJust in the main content area really.16:11
th1aThe links are the main content of the page.16:11
th1aUnless we want to just make some kind of "home" page for the application for the heck of it.16:11
th1aWith like uptime, database size, a few other useless tidbits like that.16:12
th1aAnd just put the navigation in the sidebar.16:12
th1aIf we even know uptime...16:13
* yvl is a little bit pro "some kind of home"16:13
th1aI'm a little.16:13
yvllike - summary of errors16:13
th1aI guess we could think of it as the page where we could send clueless admins that would clearly state or link to whatever info we might want for debugging.16:14
yvlput manage access rights and view access descriptions *links* in main content16:14
yvloh, that's a good idea, th1a!16:14
th1aRight, but I'm saying that those two views really are view/edit of the same object, so should be realigned to reflect that (not two main links).16:15
yvlone can be put inside of another16:16
th1aActually, maybe you should do the Application view next.16:16
yvlget it out of the way16:16
yvlthat will be easier16:16
yvltimetables are close to calendar16:16
yvleasier to do together16:17
yvlless context switching16:17
th1aOK.  Cool.16:17
yvlthanks, I have enough to go on for few days now ;)16:17
th1aWe should move on as I'm going to have to go to the amusement park soon...16:17
th1aThanks yvl.16:17
aelknerlog out and log i as jelkner/jelkner16:18
aelknerhit Gradebook tab16:18
aelknerit's raw, but i just got started getting it to work for flourish layer16:19
th1aNow... what happened with our column menus?16:19
aelkneri didn't even include the gradebook css yet16:19
aelknerwe never had them16:20
th1aWell... we worked on them.16:20
aelkneri just did an experiment with them in a test branch16:20
aelknernever made it into trunk16:20
aelknerbut i could do that at some point soon16:20
th1aThey're going to need to make it into trunk soon.16:20
aelkneras part of this process, of course16:21
aelknerprobably should worry about adding it to old skin16:21
aelknerbut the new skin could have it16:21
th1aDon't worry about the old skin.16:21
aelkneri meant shouldn't16:21
aelknersorry, forgot the 'nt16:21
th1aYou should have the basic list of things to do in Friday's chat.16:22
aelkneryeah, but i wanted to discuss that16:22
aelknerand get other's feedback16:22
aelknerguys, could you visit the page and log in as jelkner16:22
aelkneryou mentioned Friday something about putting filters in sidebar16:22
aelknerhow that would look, i'm not sure16:22
aelkneralso, technically, i'm not sure what to do programmatically to get that done16:23
aelknerso far we only have linkset managers in left sidebar16:23
aelknermyself, i don't have an aversion to the filters being in the content area16:24
yvlI'd say just put a box named "Select"16:25
aelknerwe have filters in our container views, for instance16:25
yvland put the few dropdowns16:25
yvlas viewlets16:25
aelkneryvl, where?16:25
yvlin the sidebar16:25
yvla manager, like the one called "Add" now16:25
replaceafilli'm worried that select dropdowns dont break into multiple lines16:25
aelkneranother thing, how can a viewlet manager have form elements in it?16:26
replaceafillso if you get a really long section name, the dropdown will expand out of the sidebar16:26
yvlwell, you can write your own manager's template, aelkner16:26
yvlbut replaceafill is right16:26
aelkneryeah, i don't see the sidebar thing working too well16:26
yvlmaybe we're better of with content area16:26
aelknerlike i said, container views16:27
aelknerif we filtered them with sidebar, that would be one thing16:27
th1aDo we need something that works more like a contextual menu and floats over the other content?16:27
th1aWe need this stuff in the sidebar, we just have to figure out how to do it.16:27
yvlyou mean something like the "menu" for gradebook columns?16:28
yvlwe could build something generic into core16:29
th1aA dialog is a little heavy but frankly would work.16:31
th1aBut we need the gradebook grid filling the whole content area.16:31
th1aIncluding going all the way to the right.16:31
yvlmaybe we could rip some stuff off of that16:32
th1aIt should be very common javascript.16:33
yvlth1a, can I take a short whack on that tomorrow?16:33
yvlI mean - the dropdownish menu16:33
th1aWell, aelkner can try to beat you to it if he wants.16:33
aelknerwell, to be honest i can make a lot more progress on things like getting the other views16:34
aelknerto work with floursh16:34
aelkneri wouldn't mind letting yvl have a crack at it16:34
th1aThere is still some large-scale rearranging to be done on the main page too.16:35
aelknerso yvl, you'll create the viewlet manager and viewlets for filtering the gradebook by tomorrow?16:35
th1aGet the grid filling the content area, take out the things that should be replaced by the column menu (fill down, sort).16:35
aelknerth1a, right16:35
yvlaelkner, maybe16:36
th1aDo the standard flourish moves for some of the other views.16:36
th1a(add tables, etc)16:36
th1aOK, everyone is getting ready to go here...16:36
th1aThanks, aelkner.16:36
replaceafillare we going to use the nosidebarpage for the gradebook?16:37
replaceafilli'll need to update its css16:37
replaceafillor widepage or whatever we call it :)16:37
th1aIt has a sidebar but uses the right margin.16:37
replaceafillnorightpaddingpage :D16:37
yvlINeedMoreSpacePage and INeedEvenMoreSpacePage16:38
th1aOK, what else, replaceafill?16:38
replaceafilli have a validator issue to discuss with yvl16:38
replaceafillfrom the term forms16:38
yvlsure, after the meeting16:38
th1aTo cut to the chase... do you have stuff to do today?16:39
replaceafillah yes16:39
replaceafilladd/edit form for sections16:39
replaceafillalso with some questions for yvl16:39
th1aYes, that'll keep you busy.  ;-)16:40
yvlgreat then16:40
th1aI'm going to bolt.16:40
th1aThanks guys!16:40
yvllet's not hold th1a any longer16:40
th1aI'll be around mid-afternoon.16:40
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:40
yvlthanks th1a16:40
aelknerhave fun th1a16:40
yvlright... a 5 min break replaceafill16:41
yvland then I'm all ears :)16:41
* replaceafill gets some coffee16:41
yvlreplaceafill, can you excuse me for 15 more minutes?16:53
replaceafillsure, np16:53
* yvl is in dire need of minor food16:54
yvlbrb :)16:54
* replaceafill is chewing his sandwich ;)16:54
yvlyes, that! ;)16:54
* yvl is back, replaceafill 17:13
replaceafilli guess these are quick questions17:13
replaceafillhas two validators for the same field ITermForm['first']17:14
replaceafillbut z3c.form only takes the most specific17:14
replaceafillso one shadows the other17:14
replaceafillis it ok if i fix it, by subclassing the second from the first?17:15
yvlI'd say - specify the views in both cases17:15
replaceafillbut you need the two validators in the same view17:15
replaceafillone for checking that the date is not out of the school year and the other one to check if the date overlaps another term in the year17:16
yvlah, I see what happend17:18
yvlyes, you can subclass from TermBoundsValidator17:19
replaceafillwill do17:19
replaceafill2. the other question is related to the add section view17:19
replaceafillmore than a question i just want your opinion/advice17:19
replaceafillin the old skin17:19
replaceafillusually we navigate to the course and add the section17:20
replaceafillthe section add form already knows the course17:20
replaceafilland from the course you know the school year17:20
replaceafillbut in:17:20
replaceafillwe can only know the school year, so we have to look for the course17:21
replaceafillwe agreed on using a search course box17:21
replaceafilland present the results with a (+) column at the end17:21
replaceafillso you click on it and that course was selected17:21
replaceafilland you were redirected to the add section view17:22
* yvl is listening17:23
replaceafilli'm about to start doing it, so i was thinking if you had a better way to do it :)17:23
replaceafilla simpler way17:23
yvlwell, the simplest is to do nothing ;)17:24
yvluse plain SectionAddView with the courses and terms dropdowns :)17:25
replaceafillyou mean, to leave the course dropdown and let the user select?17:25
yvla more interesting one would be replacing the course subform with something that opens a modal dialog17:25
yvlsearch the courses, courses being links17:25
yvlclick a link to add that course to the parent17:26
replaceafillpassing the data using plain js, right?17:26
replaceafillchild -> parent17:27
yvlyou can set "data" to DOM elements with jquery17:28
replaceafillthe parent window would need to be refreshed17:28
yvlI think you can intercept the click event from the child17:28
yvland process it with the parent, the one responsible for opening the modal child17:29
replaceafillwell, i can give it a try :)17:29
replaceafilli like the dialog idea more than the (+) column17:30
replaceafillok, i'll work on that and let you know tomorrow what i could get :)17:31
replaceafillthanks yvl17:31
replaceafillwhat's the ['*'] for in the viewlets?17:31
yvl(hmm, maybe you can hook on dialog close...)17:31
yvldon't know how well that works, it's a semi-hack17:32
yvlfor "just put it at the end" kind of situations17:32
yvlagain, there are glitches I think17:33
yvlallrighty, let's go write some code ;)17:36
yvlok, time to go home :)18:33
yvlsee you guys tomorrow :)18:33
replaceafillaelkner you there?19:00
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aelknerreplaceafill, hey20:21
replaceafillhey aelkner i just wanted to ask you if there was any reason why the add term view didnt redirect to the newly created term?20:22
replaceafilli added that to trunk btw20:22
aelkneri thought that is what i did, but if i didn't, thanks for fixing it20:25
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