IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2011-06-25

replaceafillth1a now i dont have idea how to style the contact view :D00:36
replaceafilli guess i got used to accordions :/00:37
th1aYou're confusing me because it is tiny.00:39
th1aMake it a table.00:40
replaceafilli was going the multiple fieldsets way00:40
th1aI think we should just stick with tables.00:40
th1aAnd maybe work on table formatting.00:40
th1aMultiple tables instead of multiple fieldsets, maybe.00:41
th1aWell... let's go with that for now.01:10
replaceafilljust a test of using z3c.form with the table layout01:10
replaceafillit's not that bad01:11
th1aNot that bad.  :-D01:11
replaceafilleasier than customizing radio buttons ;)01:11
th1aI really prefer being able to see it all on the screen at once.01:11
th1a(that is, not as a long spaced out form)01:11
replaceafillwhat was next...?01:14
th1aDone link.01:14
replaceafillah, ok01:15
th1aSomething on the contact page should indicate this person is a contact.01:15
replaceafillArturo Álvarez Contact01:15
th1aWell... we also want to put the edit link on this page too.01:15
th1aSo put a h3 above the table.01:16
th1aContact information (pencil)01:16
replaceafilloops, wrong link01:21
replaceafilli'd prefer an h201:22
replaceafillnah, the h3 looks better01:25
replaceafillok th1a, i'll work on the Done links later and will send you an email01:27
* replaceafill goes to take a shower01:27
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