IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-06-24

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jelknerth1a, are you here?00:06
jelknerreplaceafill, are you here?00:13
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* th1a is here if anyone wants to meet...16:31
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th1ahi replaceafill.16:32
replaceafillhey th1a16:32
th1aI'm going to be pretty much available today, so we can keep working on these views.16:32
replaceafillah ok16:33
replaceafillshould i start with "Manage contacts"?16:34
th1aLet's see...16:34
th1aEdit general info and edit attributes take you to the same edit form.16:35
th1aWhich I think I can live with for now.16:35
th1aBut I've got that right?16:35
replaceafillit's the same form16:35
th1aOK, and all four add person views use the same layout.16:36
th1aSo that's good.16:36
th1aCan we try some sidebar removal first?16:36
* th1a assumes replaceafill is looking at that.17:00
replaceafilli was waiting for you to tell me what to do :D17:01
th1aOK, well, remove the sidebar from the add/edit forms.17:01
replaceafillah ok17:01
th1aOr, just one for starters.17:01
replaceafillshould we expand the content area?17:15
th1aIt should match the UWG spec now.17:15
th1aDoes it?17:15
th1aOK.  Perfect.17:15
th1aI think it is clearer.17:16
th1aDo you?17:16
replaceafillless chance that the user will leave the form17:16
th1aI say go ahead implement the change.17:17
th1aWhat do you have to do, btw?17:17
replaceafillfor add forms too, right?17:17
replaceafillit's pretty simple actually, yvl defined a ExpandedPage class with no Refine sidebar17:18
replaceafillyou just have to subclass that instead of the regular Page class17:18
replaceafilllet me change the rest of the forms17:18
replaceafilltry the add forms17:26
th1aLooks good.17:29
th1aAdvisors form.17:29
replaceafillah! ok17:30
replaceafillth1a done17:35
th1aThat's all I can think of for the moment.17:37
th1aOK, on to contacts.17:37
replaceafillwhere should we put the "Create new contact" button?17:40
replaceafillalso, do we want two fields for searching contacts?17:40
th1aSure, why not.17:41
replaceafilli'm referring to the "current" manage contact page btw :)17:41
th1aRight, it should be the same as on People.17:41
th1aWe need to make those consistent.17:42
replaceafilllet me see something17:42
th1a(except you don't need to filter by groups)17:42
th1aI suspect the change will take a little plumbing.17:42
replaceafillthe contact catalog has this:17:43
replaceafill    attributes = ('first_name', 'last_name')17:43
replaceafillthat's why the form has two fields for searching17:43
replaceafillshould we add "title" like in the persons catalog?17:43
replaceafillfor indexing first_name and last_name at the same time...17:44
th1aidk... it should just work the same.17:44
th1aIf you enter first and last does it give you AND or OR results?17:44
replaceafill    parameters = ['SEARCH_FIRST_NAME', 'SEARCH_LAST_NAME']17:46
replaceafillno, it looks in each field17:46
replaceafill        if 'SEARCH_FIRST_NAME' in self.request:17:46
replaceafill        if 'SEARCH_LAST_NAME' in self.request:17:46
th1aBasically in this case you might want the first AND last option in this case if you had many students with the same last name.17:49
th1aRodriguez, for example.17:49
replaceafilli think we should add a "title" property to the Contact class, like BasicPerson17:51
replaceafilland add that property to the contact catalog17:51
replaceafillso we can have the same functionality for searching in just one box17:51
replaceafilland i think that's why we have versioned catalogs now ;)17:52
replaceafillth1a what about the "Create new contact" button?17:52
replaceafilli go to Álvaro Álvarez contacts17:52
replaceafilli see all the current and available contacts17:53
th1alets do the rest first17:53
replaceafilljust assigning existing ones to a person17:53
th1aI think it'll end up in the sidebar.18:07
th1aWe also need to add those done links.18:09
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th1afsufitch:  So, how does CQ look on your rig?18:50
fsufitchlooks pretty swanky18:50
fsufitchmax graphics and all :)18:50
th1aDoes your character look as good as in the character creator?18:51
th1aWe need a little more separation between the Current and Available sections on these forms.18:52
th1areplaceafill:  Basically the search hint should describe what it searches for.18:53
fsufitchth1a: the lighting and shadows on my character is more poorly done in CQ than in the character creator, otherwise yeah he looks the same18:53
replaceafillyou can search first name and last name for contacts18:53
th1aSo... "First name or last name"18:54
th1aYou could make it "and/or"18:58
th1aCan you make the search not sensitive to order?18:58
replaceafill"not sensitive to order"?18:58
th1aSo that Cerna Douglas returns something.18:59
replaceafilllet me see...19:00
replaceafillth1a refresh19:16
replaceafillsomething is wrong with our vps :(19:16
replaceafillit takes ages to start the instance19:16
replaceafilllook for "cerna douglas"19:18
th1aI think add should go in the sidebar.19:24
th1a  Contact19:24
th1aActually, let's go redundant.19:25
th1aNew contact.19:25
* th1a assumes replaceafill is looking at that.19:38
replaceafillthe thing is that i get the old sidebar19:38
replaceafilli'm looking for a way to get an "empty" sidebar19:38
replaceafillboy! does the instance load slowly for you too th1a ?19:52
th1aDid you look at the management console?20:05
th1aIt doesn't load slowly for me.20:05
replaceafillah well, maybe it's my connection then20:06
th1aOK. Seems good.20:06
replaceafillworking on the new contact form20:06
th1aI don't think there is anything tricky for that.20:06
replaceafillare we going to group the fields for the new contact?20:06
replaceafilllike in new person?20:06
th1aOh, yes, you're right.20:06
replaceafillwant to see the fields?20:07
replaceafillor maybe you have a running instance with the old UI20:07
th1aDo *I* want to seem them?20:07
th1aI have an old instance running.20:07
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replaceafillah ok20:07
replaceafillprefix, first name, middle name, last name ,suffix -> Full name20:08
replaceafillAddess line 1 and 2, city, state, country, postal code -> Address ?20:08
replaceafillemail, home, work and mobile phones -> XXX?20:09
replaceafilllanguage -> XXX?20:09
replaceafillrelationship -> XXX?20:09
replaceafillemail in its own fieldset?20:10
th1aPut relationship in its own.20:11
th1aAnd maybe just put phone, email and language together.20:12
th1aAnd I'll think about the title...20:12
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th1aHow about just Contact Information as the missing label for now.21:06
replaceafilltypo fixed, refresh21:09
replaceafill(we need tests...)21:09
th1aOK.  Done links.21:11
replaceafillAdd and Cancel on this form21:11
replaceafillwhere should they take you?21:11
replaceafillthey go back to the person21:12
th1aOh, back to contact management.21:12
th1aI think the manage contact link in the accordion needs to be bigger.21:13
th1aI see you made the modal background bluish.21:20
replaceafillok buttons fixed21:20
replaceafillactually it's supposed to be white :D21:20
replaceafillallows you to create overlays21:20
th1aIt looks bluish.21:20
th1aOh, there are jquery icons?21:21
replaceafillwe use some21:22
replaceafillfor accordions and dialogs21:22
th1aOK.  Good to know.21:22
th1aDo you think we should beef up the manage contacts link?21:22
replaceafilli was looking at the tables21:23
th1aalso, is there an extra comma after the contact name in the accordion.21:23
th1aI wonder if our search forms should have "Search" buttons instead of "Submit" to avoid making it seem like that's saving the form or leaving it.21:27
th1aOr "I'm Feeling Lucky"21:27
replaceafillchanging them to "Search"21:28
replaceafillfixed the comma21:28
replaceafillit's shown when there's a relationship with the contact21:28
replaceafillTom Hoffman, Parent21:28
replaceafillbut now, it's conditional21:29
replaceafillhow many search forms do we have? :)21:29
th1aNot many yet.21:29
th1aPeople index.21:29
replaceafillah and the relationship views21:30
replaceafillcheck if i missed any ;)21:31
th1aI'll let you know.21:32
th1aOK, "Done" buttons.21:32
replaceafillin which views?21:36
replaceafillat the bottom?21:37
replaceafillor in the sidebar?21:37
th1aI'm getting an error on the contact edit now.21:38
th1aWhere the submit button would be if there was one.21:38
th1aBut a link, not a button.21:38
th1aAnd, say, h3 size.21:38
replaceafillwe dont have contact edit yet21:38
replaceafillmaybe you wanted "Manage contacts"? ;)21:39
th1aOh... well we need to do that too!21:39
th1aWhichever you want to do first.21:39
replaceafilli'll start with edit contact21:41
replaceafillthen the buttons21:41
replaceafillor "OK" links21:41
replaceafill"Done" links21:41
* replaceafill goes to get lunch22:00
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replaceafillis it possible that for a contact to be contact for two different persons?23:05
replaceafillah cool! it works :)23:07
replaceafilledit contact works now23:20
replaceafilland the two buttons take you to the person you were visiting before23:21
replaceafilloops, forgot to change the title of the contact page23:22
* th1a is back.23:36
th1aShould there be an edit link for the contacts in the contact manage page.23:37
th1aAnd should that be INSTEAD of the one in the accordion?23:38
th1aAlso do we need a contact view view still?23:38
th1aI guess the edit link could be on that page.23:38
replaceafillas a new action?23:39
replaceafillpencil in the row?23:39
th1aI think just a pencil on the contact view view.23:40
replaceafillah ok23:40
replaceafillwill add the contact view view :)23:41
replaceafillare we going to leave the pencil in the contacts accordion?23:41
replaceafillor put a link to the contact view?23:41
th1atbh I think the edit link in the contacts view is a little confusing.23:43
*** ignas has quit IRC23:43
th1aAnd maybe it should just be a link to the view.23:43
th1aAnd then maybe at the bottom the Manage contacts should be h3 with the pencil next to it.23:43
replaceafilli'll start adding the contact view23:45
th1aOK, and I'll go make dinner.23:46

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