IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2011-06-11

* replaceafill is back00:19
replaceafillth1a zyt?00:19
*** alga has quit IRC00:19
hoffmanis here.00:32
hoffmanJust use the secondary button colors for now.00:32
replaceafillhoffman refresh00:50
replaceafilland now the login form is broke :/00:51
replaceafillis it me or the forms in the guidelines are too similar to schooltool forms :D00:53
replaceafillhhmm the legend moves to the left in chrome00:55
hoffmanYes, I see the shift.01:01
hoffmanNow you need the labels.01:02
replaceafillit's the absolute position + the fieldset padding01:02
replaceafillah ok01:02
hoffmanI think this is an improvement.01:02
replaceafillwhat label do i use for the "search term"01:03
replaceafillor should i just insert the "Group" label?01:03
hoffmanWhat would be most helpful to a user here...01:04
hoffmanWhat can they search by?01:04
replaceafillfirst and last name01:04
* replaceafill looks01:05
hoffmanLooks like it.01:05
hoffmanBut check the code.01:05
replaceafill    attributes = ('__name__', 'title')01:06
replaceafilltitle is first name + last name01:06
replaceafill__name__ = username01:06
hoffman"First name, last name or ID"01:07
replaceafillID or username?01:07
replaceafillnow i understand why z3c.form adds all that crap01:16
replaceafillit's a great way to style forms01:17
replaceafilli mean, you have better control over <div class="field">...</div> than over <input/><select>...01:19
replaceafill+1 on copying z3c.form crap!01:19
hoffmani see01:22
replaceafillwe definitely need structure01:22
replaceafillfor forms01:23
replaceafillfor hand written forms like this01:23
hoffmanThis should have less need to be hand-written now.01:25
hoffmanI have to go have some ice cream to celebrate today's pooping on the potty.01:26
hoffmanI think you should have the idea now... make the table fit the guidelines if you've got time.01:26
replaceafillsure, i'll send you an email01:26
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* hoffman is back.03:05
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