IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-06-10

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th1aNo flourish revisions to pull.  :-(15:45
th1aWhoa, how'd I end up here: http://localhost:7080/@@registration.html15:52
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th1ayvl:  No revisions to pull?  :-(16:21
replaceafillth1a yvl and aelkner made changes, but to their own branches, not to schooltool-owners16:23
replaceafillgood morning btw ;)16:23
yvlmorning guys :)16:23
th1aLet's merge 'em!16:24
th1aYou have six minutes.16:24
yvlone sec16:24
yvl... 4 minutes16:26
yvl... and it's merged16:28
yvlapologies for the f***up, th1a16:29
th1aAs long as it is done by 9:30.  ;-)16:30
aelknermorning all16:30
th1aOK, can we start with *quick* updates?16:31
yvloh, ok :)16:31
th1aAnd then get into issues.16:31
yvlI fixed few bugs in person adding/deleting views16:31
yvland ported them to generic flourish table / container views16:31
yvlnow I've prepared to add more container views16:32
yvlso on16:32
yvlterms, yes.16:32
yvlthat's it.16:32
aelkneri ported the person info viewlets to flourish16:33
aelknerand the inclusion of the jquery-ui package16:34
aelkneri spent a couple of hours following the new page template logic, and i have some questions16:35
aelkneryvl, is this going to be the way it ends up, no more page macros?16:35
yvlpreferably, yes16:36
aelkneri kind of like the way it works now, where the templates include template16:36
aelknerit's more explicit than the macros with the fill-slot16:36
yvlyou can still use macros inside your page templates16:36
yvldefine/use that is16:36
aelknerbut we don't need to per se16:37
aelknerall we have to do is deliver the content div usually16:37
aelknermain_template as it is called in page.pt16:37
aelknerwell, you assign it to a variable called main_template in the pt16:38
aelknerbut yes, the view class attribute is content_template16:38
aelknerafter we're finished our reports, i'd like to go over with yvl some details of the skin16:39
aelknerbut that's it for my report16:39
replaceafillnot changes pushed from me, i also read the code, played with it16:40
replaceafillread the forms page of the ubuntu guidelines16:40
replaceafillthe 8px spacing, etc16:40
replaceafilli also was wondering about resource inclusion16:41
replaceafilllike the jquery-ui directory16:41
replaceafilli guess i just have to get familiar with resource libraries16:41
aelknerwe both need yvl to give us a tour this morning16:41
replaceafillth1a that's it16:41
th1aI think we're at a management fork in the road right now.16:42
th1aBasically, we can start spreading out to applying specific incremental changes to a bunch of pages,16:42
th1aor focus on getting all the parts together on a small number of pages.16:43
th1aThat is, kind of start a sequence of layered iterations or drill deep.16:43
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th1aI've gone back and forth on this.16:43
th1aBut right now I'm feeling like we'd be better off focusing on getting one view -- which seems to be the main person view -- just right.16:44
* yvl would like to chime in once you're done16:44
th1aSo we can all see the end point.16:44
yvlI think you got that right16:45
yvlbut I'd also like creation/deletion/editing views16:45
yvlfor most of the stuff the person view depends on16:45
yvlat least semi-functional16:46
th1aMost of what I'm talking about now is probably CSS.16:46
th1aAlso, moving the breadcrumbs into the red bar -- now.16:46
yvlwill do16:46
th1aAnd moving that edit action button.16:47
yvlwill be ready Monday16:48
th1aCan replaceafill do that while you're drinking beer tonight?16:48
th1aOr both.16:48
th1aThis may be a th1a/replaceafill day.16:48
yvlprobably yes :)16:48
th1areplaceafill and I are going to spend the day moving shit around.16:48
replaceafillyvl prepare for disaster!!!16:49
yvlplease don't expect that to happen fast the first time, th1a16:49
th1aAnd aelkner needs to get his accordions in here.16:49
th1ayvl:  What exactly?16:49
yvlmoving of stuff16:49
th1aWell, at this point I don't want to do stupid hackery, but I'm willing to hand code some of the HTML as a prototype.16:50
th1aOr to have replaceafill hand code it.  ;-)16:50
th1aBut I want the CSS changes to be for reals.16:50
th1a(no special classes)16:50
th1a(except for real special cases)16:51
th1aAnd contrary to what I told aelkner on the phone a couple days ago, we might even try to get the accordion style right.16:51
th1aaelkner:  I shouldn't be actually seeing accordions in the flourish branch yet, right?16:52
aelknerthat's what i need to discuss with yvl this morning, how to get the css and js into th flourish views16:53
th1aok go16:53
yvlth1a, just for historical record: I actually think that accordions in person views for advisor/group/section thing is not a good idea;  I do not object though :)16:53
aelkneryvl, could we talk about the resourceLibrary directive in florish/skin/configure.zcml16:54
yvlsure, aelkner16:54
yvlask away ;)16:54
aelknerso it's entitled 'Common resources' and is for all css common to all views, right16:55
yvlit is included when is rendered16:56
yvlwhich is for all views now16:56
aelknerso if i have any special css for a page i'm writing, i need to create a css file16:56
aelknerand register is as a resourceLibrary in the borwser configure.zcml for the package where the view is defined?16:57
yvlyou do not register it for a package16:58
yvlthe name of the library is a simple string16:58
yvlnaming it after the package is a convention I'd like to use16:58
replaceafillyvl are resource_library's by default rendered in <head>?16:58
yvllike "schooltool.gradebook-grid" library for example16:58
aelknerright, i was going to get to that question16:59
yvlreplaceafill actually if you looked at main.pt16:59
replaceafilli noticed "<tal:block replace="" />" is inside body16:59
yvlyou'd find <!-- zc.resourcelibrary -->16:59
replaceafillbut it's rendered in <head>, correct?16:59
yvlthis is the string that is replaced by default16:59
replaceafillah! the comment has meaningn?!?!?!16:59
yvland yes, in head16:59
aelknerso if i'm adding one for the person index.htl view in basicperson17:00
replaceafillaccordions should be core styles, right?17:00
aelkneri need to register the css file in basicperson/browser/configure.zcml17:00
replaceafillso we can use accordions in more places than the person index view17:00
aelknerok, accordion styles should just go in flourish, that's true17:01
aelknerbut i wanted to get down the concept of custom page css first17:01
aelknerso i register the resourceLibrary, but that's not enough17:01
* yvl twitches every time anybody mentions heavy use of accordions...17:02
aelknerthere needs to be a line of zpt like the tal:replace17:02
yvlit is replaced with empty string17:02
yvlbut the machinery adds the needed library in <head> later on17:02
aelkner<tal:block content="structure view/providers/html_head|nothing" />17:03
yvloh, I also did that :)17:03
yvlnot by this17:03
aelknerbut what's the magic?17:03
yvlbecause zc.resourcelibrary17:04
yvloverrides publication request factory, IIRC17:04
yvland modifies html when serving the response17:04
aelknerwell, that sucks17:04
replaceafilllike wsgi middleware :O17:05
yvlwhy does it suck, aelkner ?17:05
replaceafillaelkner we just have to get used to it17:05
yvlnot think about it17:05
yvlI mean - the precise machinery how it is inserted17:05
yvlor you can read the code :)17:06
aelknerit's just better when one can follow the templates/view classes to understand what is being delvered17:06
aelknerand not have to understand some stupid zope magic that may or may not be happening17:06
replaceafilllike i understand z3c.form ;)17:06
aelknergood for you replaceafill17:07
yvlwell it's actually really simple :)17:07
yvljust not very common17:07
yvlI mean in our case - we didn't use such things17:07
aelknerin the past, you mean, right?17:08
yvlyes :)17:08
aelknerso for now all i need to understand is to include the resourceLibrary directive17:09
aelknerand kow that it will end up in the browser in hear17:09
yvland add the "resource_library:" in tal17:09
aelknerok, now for the js stuff17:09
aelknercould we do that also via resource library?17:10
aelknerif it's just a file to include that has basic js methods17:10
replaceafilldont forget all the jquery-ui resources17:10
replaceafillimages, css17:11
aelknerthey need to be registered via resourecLibrary diretive, right?17:11
yvlimages should be registered as plain zope resources17:12
aelknerwhy the difference?17:13
yvlshort answer is - don't ask me ;)17:13
yvlbut the difference is in the way it is used17:13
yvlresource library means - I will also need those resources included in my page17:14
yvlyou do not include stuff like .jpg s in head17:14
yvlwhy they didn't bundle that, I've no idea17:14
th1aThe main distinction is head vs. body?17:15
replaceafillwhat if the jpg is part of a url() in css17:15
* yvl shrugs17:15
menesisyou don't have to register all jqueryui files. resourceDirectory registers everything.17:15
yvldoh, right17:16
replaceafillbut then the main template needs to be modified, right?17:16
replaceafillsorry i'm still confused by this :(17:16
menesisyour page template needs a resource_library directive, and resources will be automatically included in <head>17:17
menesisor alternatively, a widget or a view can zc.resourcelibrary.need('jqueryui')17:18
aelknerbetter we do it in the view base classes17:18
replaceafillmenesis but that will work with <resourceLibrary /> directives, not with <resourceDirectory />17:18
aelknerso that wrters of specific view classes dn't need to think about it17:19
yvlfor common schooltool css - yes, the base classes17:19
yvlfor specific view css - no, in the view content templates or whatever17:19
aelknerwe should have common view classes for modal dialogs, for instance17:19
aelknerand the zc.resourcelibrary.need('jqueryui') could ge there?17:20
yvlsomething along those lines, with a twist17:20
yvlif some content provider or a viewlet17:20
yvlrenders a link that, once clicked, creates the modal dialog17:21
yvland hence needs jquery17:21
yvl*that* viewlet should say it needs jquery17:21
yvlor it's base class17:21
yvlnot the class that renders the modal dialog17:21
aelkneralways the base classes, please17:21
replaceafillshouldn't we put resources like jquery in the skin?17:22
aelknerlet's make our base classes smart and helpful17:22
replaceafillso viewlets can assume it's there17:22
yvldon't worry about it now17:22
replaceafillok :/17:23
aelknerwell, what's the proper way to get the jquery-ui css available?17:23
yvlI don't know how exactly you will bind things17:23
yvland I'm pretty sure you don't know17:23
yvland my opinion depends on actual implementation17:24
* yvl sighs17:24
yvlthe proper way17:24
yvlis to register a resource library17:24
yvlwith the css and js files specified17:24
yvlthen add a tal directive in the page, where you use the jquery functionality17:25
aelknerin each page?17:26
yvlin each single page17:26
aelknerwe are going to be using jquery-ui all over the place17:26
yvland then, after a while17:26
yvlwe will think were to move it precisely17:26
aelknera central solution to this wold be preferable17:26
yvlprobably it goes to the skin17:26
aelknerlet's put it there now then17:26
yvlare you planning on implementing 20 pages today?17:26
yvlif not17:26
yvlthen don't worry about that today17:27
yvlif yes17:27
aelknerok, fine17:27
yvlI will make this change central in 20 minutes17:27
replaceafillhow about 19? :P17:27
yvlyou drive a hard bargain replaceafill17:27
replaceafillunderstood yvl17:27
aelkneryvl, if you can do it in 20, then do it :)17:27
yvlno I will not17:27
yvlI have a headache17:27
yvland I am somewhat tired17:27
yvland no I will not today17:27
aelknernever mind then, next week17:28
yvlagreed :)17:28
yvland I kindly remind you that it is Friday and a beautiful summer evening in Lithuania17:29
aelknerfor now, person index.html view does not have it's own page macro, it just uses the base class17:29
yvlright, getting back on topic17:29
replaceafillyvl did you find file resources for the ubuntu guidelines?17:30
replaceafilllike icons and stuff?17:30
aelknerFlourishPersonInfo has it's own template though17:30
yvlwhat icons and stuff?17:30
th1aI don't think we'll be using their icons.17:30
replaceafill  Background-image: Error icon17:30
th1aAnd we can just get the ones we want from their site.17:30
replaceafilla little (x)17:30
th1aThe web is cool like that.17:30
replaceafillget me the error icon!17:31
replaceafilli've been looking for a form to get it :)17:31
th1aCan't you just right click it?17:31
replaceafillth1a it's in the pdf17:31
replaceafillpage 2217:31
yvlfrankly I only cared about sizes and spacing17:31
th1aAh, well commit an error on an form.  ;-)17:32
replaceafillapparently i can contact canonical with no data in the form :/17:32
th1aYeah, I didn't get it either!17:32
th1aMoving on.17:33
th1aCan we let yvl go?17:33
th1aI can have schwa make us a couple simple icons, I'm sure.17:33
replaceafillthanks yvl, enjoy the summer evening ;)17:33
yvlwhy thank you17:34
th1aThanks yvl!17:34
* yvl has a 1.5 hour drive waiting ;)17:34
th1ayvl is getting drunk in Minsk tonight!17:34
yvlwell, halfway probably ;)17:34
yvlhalfway to Minsk, not halfway drunk17:35
yvlif there are some problems with moving stuff around17:35
yvldon't hesitate to email17:35
replaceafillyvl understood17:36
th1aWe'll text you.17:36
yvlor at least shout it out on IRC17:36
replaceafillah ok17:36
replaceafillcan we fill yvl's cell with sms asking for help? :D17:36
th1aI was thinking more like "This sucks!"17:36
replaceafillSOS: i cannot insert jquery!17:36
th1aOK, replaceafill maybe we could start with some css hackery.17:37
aelknerseriously, shouldn't we resolve this before yvl knocks off for the week!17:37
th1aResolve what?17:37
yvlwell, replaceafill, emacs has a psychoterapist option for that17:37
replaceafillah! true!17:37
aelknerwell, you guys have had a nice disussion here about css and ubuntu guidlelines17:37
replaceafill"how does that makes you feel?"17:37
aelknerbut i was still asking about how to code things17:37
th1aYou know where you can put it for now, right?17:38
aelknerright, i don't17:38
aelkneri was asking something and was interrupted, so i'm no more knowlegable now17:39
th1areplaceafill:  Can you handle this?17:39
aelkneri thought replaceafill was confused, too?17:39
replaceafillaelkner i thought we agreed on inserting stuff on every single page for now17:39
aelknerwhat page?17:40
aelknerFlourishPersonView has no page17:40
aelknerit uses the base class which uses a base template17:40
aelknerdo i need to copy the base template to basicperson17:40
yvlit will have PersonInfoSomething template though17:40
aelknerand then change FlourishPersonView to use that17:40
yvland the beauty of it17:40
aelknerFlourishPersonInfo has its own template17:41
yvlif you put the resource_library: directive in f_person_view_details.pt17:41
yvlyes that's the one17:41
yvlit will be include whenever the FlourishPersonInfo is rendered17:41
aelknerinside the <div class="person-info">?17:41
yvlapologies for not being clear on that17:42
aelkner<script type="javascript"> stuff?17:42
yvlalso your scripts, yes17:42
aelknerthat just seems like a really weird place for js, deep down inside a viewlet div17:42
replaceafillaelkner we talked about that yesterday17:43
aelkneri know, i just haven't accepted it yet :)17:43
yvlgo to gmail17:44
yvlor facebook17:44
yvland look at page source17:44
yvland you'll se how the world does it17:44
th1ayvl:  You're excused.17:44
aelknerreplaceafill, do you think you understand how this stuff enough to help me get it to work today?17:44
replaceafillaelkner i can try :)17:45
aelknerok, so i'll put the js in the person info dic17:45
aelknerand the jquery-ui stuff needs to registered as a directory as menesis had said17:46
aelkneri think17:46
aelknersomehow that css has to end up in our pages17:46
th1aGo ahead and try that aelkner.17:46
yvland for it to end up in your pages17:47
yvlyou'll need to register it as a resourceLibrary17:47
yvland then in pages you use it, add "resource_library:..."17:47
aelknerok, we'll see how it goes17:49
th1aAll righty then.17:50
th1areplaceafill:  Do you want to work on the CSS on a live server so I can see the changes immediately?17:50
th1aWe'll start with pretty superficial stuff.17:51
replaceafillok, setting up testing instance...17:51
replaceafillis it ok if i work on my own branch?17:51
replaceafilli dont want to mess with schooltool-owners yet17:51
yvlwell good luck guys!17:52
yvlI'll be around for ~1h - need to pack and such17:52
replaceafillbuilding instance...17:57
th1aOK, we're going to start at the top.18:02
th1aMake the background color #99000018:03
th1aAnd the selected color #88463118:03
th1aMake the text white... I think there's a drop shadow there too.18:06
replaceafilldamn terminal :)18:06
th1aTry #663822 for the higlight.18:07
replaceafillah the text18:07
th1aStill pukey.18:07
replaceafillwhite text18:08
th1aThis isn't permanent but I'm just trying some reds before we punt to orange.18:08
th1atry #C1665A background18:08
th1aand #99000018:08
th1a(I'm pulling colors from the GNOME HIG, btw)18:09
th1aThat'll do for now.18:09
th1aIs the drop shadow in the top-level nav referring to the text?18:10
yvlI remembered18:10
yvlreplaceafill - because of the layout18:10
yvlthe red backround of the thing were login is put18:10
yvlis actually bigger - it is also applied to breadcrumbs18:11
yvlbut they paint white on top18:11
replaceafillth1a do you want me to get rid of the shadow?18:11
replaceafillin top nav?18:11
th1aOh, no.18:11
yvland if you get rid of the "float right", I'll owe you a cookie18:11
th1aI just think they have some shadow on their text.18:11
th1aAlso, if you know where the "striped pattern" comes from.18:12
th1aOr think you can find it...18:12
yvltext-shadow: 0px 0px 4px white;18:12
th1aI suppose it is color specific.18:12
yvlor something18:12
yvlstriped pattern is a backround image18:12
yvlapologies for intruding, /me goes off to pack some more stuff18:13
th1aDoes it cover the background color?18:13
yvlI think so18:13
th1aOh, i see.18:13
th1aonly the tabs are striped.18:15
yvlreplaceafill, also a reminder - if you put a 1 px left border you need to shrink left padding by 1 px18:15
th1aOK, don't worry about that.18:15
th1a(the stripes)18:15
replaceafillok, i got to the background file18:15
replaceafillbut it's orange18:15
th1aWe'll get that from schwa, hopefully.18:16
yvlreplaceafill, GIMP ftw!18:16
th1aNot now...18:16
* yvl shuts up18:16
replaceafilli wish we had access to this drupal theme :(18:16
th1ah1 "SchoolTool" at right in white in top level nav.18:17
th1aI'm seeing it above.18:18
replaceafillhold on, changing the css18:19
replaceafilldamn z-index :P18:20
replaceafilllike that?18:21
replaceafillmore space on the right18:21
th1aMake it bold.18:22
th1aThat'll do for now.18:23
th1aActually, get rid of the bold.18:23
th1aI'm sick of it already.18:23
replaceafillmore horizontal spacing?18:23
th1aNow, I'd say just comment out both bars below that.18:23
th1a(red and breadcrumbs)18:23
replaceafillyvl you had to insert comments...18:25
th1aNested comment error?18:25
th1aOK, now make a second-level nav bar like in Ubuntu guideline.18:26
yvl lookin good18:27
yvlreplaceafill, sorry about comments :/18:27
replaceafillnp man :)18:27
th1aBlame the W3C.18:28
replaceafill"More on the header are on page XX" :/18:30
replaceafilli wonder why the hell they didnt create a single page called: secondary navigation...18:38
replaceafilli'm jumping up and down in the pdf :P18:38
th1aeffing designers.18:39
th1aNew top-bar colors to try when you're ready: #aa0000 background #540000 active.18:42
replaceafillth1a can you look for all the references to the secondary nav in the guidelines please18:44
replaceafilli'm missing one18:44
th1aWhat are you missing?18:44
replaceafilllet me clean this mess18:44
replaceafillthe hover18:44
th1aOn just the link changes on hover.18:50
replaceafilli should pay more attention to instead of the pdf18:50
th1aWell... both.18:51
th1aI mean, I don't know which is... canonical.18:51
th1aI'd better get some lol's for that one.18:51
* th1a sighs.18:52
replaceafillit's a background image!18:54
th1a ?18:55
replaceafillsee our secondary nav18:55
replaceafillhover is yellow :)18:55
replaceafillhover is a background image in ubuntu.com18:55
replaceafilland probably in the guidelines18:55
th1aI see... they bring up the stripes.18:56
th1aWe can use those stripes.18:57
replaceafillgetting the stripes18:57
th1aIf you can change the top colors so I can see how they look in the meantime...18:57
replaceafillah, sorry18:58
replaceafillth1a changed19:00
replaceafilldid i get the second right?19:00
replaceafilloops removing the yellow19:06
th1aOne thing I should probably mention now is that the breadcrumbs are going here.19:06
th1aSo... I don't know how that affects the style -- it will probably be somewhat different.19:06
th1aI'm going to need to get lunch and run to the bank.19:07
th1aSo you can -- well get lunch yourself.19:07
th1aOr finish styling this, put the breadcrumbs at left and logout at right.19:07
replaceafillyes, i'll keep "playing" with it19:07
th1aAnd style the sidebar (Application, School) to look like the footer columns.19:08
th1aIf you are really speedy.19:08
* th1a goes to lunch.19:08
replaceafilli'm taking this shit back to my laptop19:08
replaceafillterminal sucks :(19:08
*** yvl has quit IRC19:16
*** alga has quit IRC19:20
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*** menesis1 is now known as menesis19:27
* th1a is back20:02
* replaceafill updates the instance20:05
replaceafillth1a not much progress, i've been comparing the current flourish to the guidelines and ubuntu.com20:06
replaceafilli noticed there's no background for the title20:07
replaceafillshould i put it back?20:07
replaceafillYour School Site Settings20:08
th1aThe guidelines has one?20:08
replaceafillneither does ubuntu.com20:09
th1aSo... yvl have one?20:09
th1aFollow the guidelines.20:10
th1aWe need left and right margins around the secondary nav.20:10
th1a16 px20:11
th1aOr padding...20:11
*** ignas has quit IRC20:11
th1apage 920:11
replaceafillalso, the content area has padding in the guidelines20:11
th1auh huh20:11
replaceafillok, copying...20:12
*** menesis has quit IRC20:19
*** alga has joined #schooltool20:25
th1aWhat's the border supposed to be?20:26
replaceafillit's a shadow not a border20:27 uses an image for the shadow effect20:28
replaceafill+1 on images for compatibility20:28
*** hoffman has joined #schooltool20:30
th1aPutting that in?20:41
replaceafillremoving the background from the content20:42
replaceafillnot removing20:42
replaceafillit has padding too20:42
replaceafillshadows are bitch!20:43
replaceafilli like borders better :)20:43
replaceafillth1a refresh20:51
th1aoh, I see.20:51
th1aPerhaps we should jump down to the sidebar.20:52
th1aSince that should be completely different.20:53
replaceafillso, you want the right sidebar styled like... the bottom of
th1aFor starters, at least.20:54
*** menesis has joined #schooltool20:59
replaceafillth1a smaaaall :)21:08
th1aOK, easily changed.21:08
th1aNo outline!21:08
replaceafilli liked the boxes ;)21:08
replaceafilloutline removed21:12
replaceafillneed hover21:12
th1aWhy is person so dark?21:12
th1aDoes it know where we are?21:13
th1aOh, sorry.21:14
th1aLook at
th1aI've been looking at that.21:14
replaceafillah, i've been looking at
replaceafillbut i'll find out21:15
th1aYeah, but that's losing its usefulness.21:15
th1aIt has no content.21:15
th1a(it's usefulness for working on the style)21:15
replaceafillah, persons is so dark because it has an "active" class21:16
th1aAlso, it has to be completely redesigned in the near future.21:16
replaceafillshould i remove the dark background for it?21:16 doesnt have active backgrounds for the footer21:16
replaceafillit just changes the text21:16
replaceafillhold on21:16
th1aAlso give the sidebar the standard margins.21:17
th1aAnd bump it up to the regular paragraph font size.21:17
replaceafillth1a refresh21:31
th1aThat will do for the moment I think.21:34
th1aWe probably don't really want those underlines.21:34
th1aAre you on /persons now?21:34
th1aOK, comment out the div with the action button in it.  ;-)21:34
th1aActually, we probably just want to build this up from scratch-ish now.21:36
replaceafillthat's the table container view21:37
replaceafillno search widget?21:37
th1aYes, there should be.21:38
th1aBut maybe we should start with the table and then think about the rest.21:38
th1aFundamentally is this a table or a form?21:38
th1aOr a form and a table?21:38
replaceafillit's a table inside a form21:39
replaceafillthe table is below showing 1 items...21:39
th1aTable above a form.21:39
replaceafilland finishes above the Delete button21:39
th1aI mean...21:39
th1aForm above table.21:39
replaceafill<form><search inputs><table></table></form>21:40
replaceafillyou need the table inside the form because of the checkboxes21:40
th1aNot if we don't have the checkboxes!21:40
th1a HAHA21:40
replaceafilldelete buttons?21:41
th1aI'm in favor of a separate form with delete buttons.21:41
replaceafillyou mean something like "Delete Persons" view?21:42
replaceafillgot it21:42
replaceafillthis only for display21:42
replaceafillso, bye bye delete features?21:42
replaceafilli mean, should i remove them?21:43
th1aFrom this page, yes.21:43
th1aform over table21:44
replaceafillok, search is broken in the current implementation21:50
replaceafillshould i fix it now?21:50
th1aBroken since?21:51
replaceafillthe form is redirecting to the delete view automatically21:51
replaceafillin flourish trunk21:51
replaceafillth1a refresh21:52
th1aIs that whole thing in a fieldset?21:53
replaceafillth1a sorry i was fixing the search problem :) it was really easy actually21:55
replaceafillrefresh and now you can search21:55
replaceafilland sort21:55
replaceafillth1a the table must stay inside the form21:55
replaceafillbecause of sorting21:55
replaceafillwe can put the search stuff in a fieldset though21:56
th1aTwo separate fieldsets?21:56
replaceafillfieldset and table21:56
replaceafill<form><fieldset>search inputs</fieldset><table></table></form>21:56
th1aBasically I don't want extra lines and extra levels of indentation.21:56
replaceafillare we going to put a legend for the search fieldset?21:57
replaceafillor just the border?21:57
th1aLet's assume we'll have a title.21:58
th1a"Search" will do for starters.21:58
replaceafillth1a refresh22:02
th1aGet rid of the outline and background for the whole thing.22:02
* th1a is starting to get excited.22:05
* replaceafill is starting to get hungry ;)22:06
th1aYes... you didn't have lunch?22:06
replaceafillit's 1pm here :)22:06
replaceafillnot yet22:06
th1aWell, have lunch when you're ready.22:07
replaceafillhhmm we would need several persons to style the batch22:10
replaceafillit's rendered above the form22:10
replaceafilllike when you have 100 persons, you see them in 25 persons "batches"22:13
replaceafilli guess 25 is the default22:13
th1aCan you put an add link in the sidebar?22:14
th1aAnd I'll add some?22:14
th1aIf that works.22:14
th1aIt is the web22:14
th1aWhat is the url?22:14
th1aOK, don't sweat the link.22:14
replaceafilli'll see if we can set the batch size22:15
replaceafillwe should, this is zope!22:15
*** menesis has quit IRC22:15
replaceafillthat batch needs styling ;)22:19
replaceafillhow many should i put in the batch size?22:19
th1aWell, There's a lot to do.22:19
th1aLet's do the form first.22:19
replaceafillah ok22:19
replaceafilli'll remove the background and outline22:19
*** menesis has joined #schooltool22:21
replaceafillth1a refresh22:22
replaceafillis the username too sensitive for that view?22:22
replaceafilli remember CL asked for it22:22
th1aI was going to suggest adding it.22:25
th1aStyle the form first.22:26
th1aAnd move the buttons.22:26
replaceafillthe buttons should look like page 23 of the guidelines, correct_22:28
th1aYes, but red.22:28
replaceafillfind now, primary and clear secondary22:28
th1aOr just submit?22:29
th1aI say "submit" for now.22:29
replaceafillok, removing Clear then22:29
replaceafillshould i leave the groups dropdown?22:30
th1aYes, but aligned as a regular form element.22:31
replaceafilllike the Country example in page 21?22:32
replaceafillbut with no label22:32
th1aYou guys hate to think about the labels.22:33
replaceafilltrue ;)22:33
th1aLimit to group22:33
replaceafilli'll put these new styles in a person.css file momentarily22:39
replaceafillso we can clean them later if we need to22:40
replaceafillaelkner are you there?22:40
th1aMost of these things should be universal though.22:40
replaceafillhow do i set the focus style with pure css...23:06
th1aSorry... pooping crisis here.23:06
th1aI'm back.23:06
replaceafill:O :focus pseudo class23:06
*** menesis has quit IRC23:07
replaceafillth1a not done yet, but
replaceafilli don't like that huge button23:18
th1aThose things should be vertically aligned.23:18
th1aMake the button #aa000023:19
th1aUse the small button.23:20
replaceafilli did23:20
replaceafilli guess23:20
replaceafillbut the padding is too much23:20
replaceafillred button23:21
th1aI guess that might be a problem.23:21
replaceafillshould the hover color be the same of the active class in top navigation?23:21
th1aWe can't have red buttons everywhere.23:22
th1aLet me think about that.23:22
replaceafillyes, red -> danger23:22
replaceafilli'll go get some food and finish this later23:23
replaceafill1 hour23:23
replaceafillcan you please repeat the alignment part?23:23
th1aLike an Ubuntu form.23:23
th1aIt is a form.23:23
*** ignas has joined #schooltool23:25
replaceafillk, back in one hour23:26

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