IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-06-03

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yvlhey th1a16:26
th1aI was wondering how you're doing.16:27
yvlbusy busy :)16:27
th1aThe week flew by.16:27
yvlI'd like to cancel sprint meeting on Monday16:27
yvlI think I made two bad design decisions16:28
yvlnothing catastrophic16:28
yvljust noticed some things when skinning the views16:28
yvlIt's a bit too complicated to modify them I think16:29
yvlor maybe I'm just sad because didn't make stuff as good as I wanted to16:29
th1aWell... frankly we probably need to drag you out of your cave.16:29
th1aGo over what you've got Monday.16:30
th1aWe all need a long update regardless.16:30
yvlyou're right16:31
th1aAlso, there are plenty of facets to this task anyhow.16:31
th1aSo aelkner and replaceafill can work on css, javascript, buttons, etc. for a few days while you iterate on the layout part.16:32
yvlwhen you put it this way... :)16:32
yvlyeah, I'm probably just a bit tired :)16:33
yvlby the way, you might want to check my branch16:33
yvlI didn't skin calendar16:33
yvljust three application setting views16:33
th1aWhat branch?16:33
yvllogin link is quirky, some bug with layout16:34
yvland forms are not skinned16:34
th1aAre we going to make that our working layout branch?16:34
yvlI'll probably push to another branch16:34
yvlwhere we can merge all of our stuff16:34
yvlit does not show off much, but at least something16:35
yvllog in, then click "Application"16:35
yvlin top nav bar16:35
yvlI'll try to skin more things from Manage on Monday16:36
yvland think some things over the weekend16:36
yvlI think Persons are a good target to skin16:37
yvlto skin first, I mean16:37
yvljust the container16:37
th1aI'm meeting with the local design firm next wednesday, by the way.16:37
yvlJune 8?16:38
yvlor June 15?16:38
th1aI'm mulling over the scope.16:41
th1aWe could really use a grid (gradebook, journal) laid out by a designer.16:41
yvloh yes16:42
yvl"relationship" views also16:42
yvlI kind of expect we will be contracting them 3-4 times16:43
yvlover the summer16:43
th1aRelationship views?16:45
yvladd section members, assign instructors16:45
th1aWhat about them?16:45
yvlthey've got that outdated feel16:46
yvlthen again16:46
yvlgradebook grid is way, way more important16:46
th1aI think we can handle the relationship views.16:47
* yvl thinks that his sense of judgment is a bit off this Friday16:47
th1aGo have a beer.16:48
yvlthanks, th1a :)16:48
th1aWe'll be fine.16:49
th1aI'm going to write the "What we're doing the next two weeks" email.16:49
yvland thanks for the reassurance16:50
yvlkind of needed it now :)16:50
th1aThe biggest thing is trying to spend two weeks where we all communicate a lot more.16:50
th1aSeeing how far we can go with that.16:51
th1aGetting aelkner out of bed.16:51
yvlwell, if all goes ok, we'll simply have to communicate on a daily basis16:52
yvlwell, thanks again16:54
* yvl is off to hunt some food16:54
yvland a beer.16:54
th1aGood luck.16:54
yvlsee you Monday :)16:54
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* replaceafill checks out yvl's branch...18:44
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th1areplaceafill:  ayt?19:31
replaceafillth1a yes19:31
th1aI need to escape some id's that somehow have spaces -- year id's -- to be valid urls.19:32
th1aWhat do I use for that?19:32
replaceafillisnt unquote what you want/19:33
th1aI need to create
replaceafillunquote: %2F -> /19:34
replaceafillyes, that's quote19:34
replaceafillif you want + signs19:35
replaceafillah sorry, you want %2019:35
replaceafillquote it is :)19:35
replaceafillmenesis, you there?19:38
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th1aI pushed a change.19:40
replaceafillhhmm i'll need to create a new school year though19:42
replaceafillnow i need competencies...19:48
* th1a goes to lunch.19:58
replaceafillth1a it works20:05
replaceafill*** Fetching reports for apprentice term, ASF Apprentice. ***20:07
replaceafillTrying http://localhost:7080/schoolyears/ASF%20Apprentice/apprentice/sections/1/gradeCompetencies/scr_archive20:07
replaceafillASF Apprentice-apprentice-1.pdf saved.20:07
replaceafillexcellent! bzr missing :)20:17
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th1abzr missing?20:32
replaceafilli wanted to know when yvl branch diverged from trunk ;)20:32
replaceafillPurpose: Show unmerged/unpulled revisions between two branches.20:33
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