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menesisReplace with in your base.cfg if your build fails with "Connection refused"01:16
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th1aHm... is there a CanDo package for natty?05:29
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th1areplaceafill:  Do you have a running CanDo?17:10
th1aWould you mind helping me test this script?17:11
replaceafillsure, let me get it17:12
th1aI know matt is busy.17:12
th1aIt needs a few more additions to deal with being interrupted, making the reports more organized, etc.17:15
replaceafillImportError: No module named argparse17:15
th1aOne of your jobs is reminding me which modules aren't in the standard library.  ;-)17:16
replaceafillthat's one17:16
th1aIs it in 2.7?17:16
th1aAre you running 2.6 or 2.7?17:16
replaceafilli'm running 2.617:16
replaceafilli think cando is not in natty yet17:16
th1aWe can do py2exe for this if necessary.17:17
* th1a goes to let the plumber in.17:17
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replaceafillth1a line 31 has a wrong URL17:24
replaceafillit should be .../sections/1/gradeCompetencies/...17:24
replaceafill*** Fetching reports for quarter-1 term, 2010-2011. ***17:25
replaceafillhad to add argparse to though17:25
replaceafillbecause i'm using bin/python to run it17:27
replaceafillin the sandbox17:27
th1aargparse could be removed easily enough.17:28
replaceafillan output directory for the pdfs would be nice17:28
th1aI can do that.17:29
th1aAnd have it check to see if the report exists before fetching it again.17:29
th1aDoes it work?17:29
replaceafillsome pdfs have no pages, probably they don't have students17:29
replaceafill*** Fetching reports for summer-2010 term, 2010-2011. ***17:30
th1aGlad I switched to mechanize.17:30
th1aHow long does each report take?17:30
replaceafillno urllib2 headache17:30
replaceafillpretty fast, but we should test it only i think17:31
th1aLess than a second per report?17:31
replaceafillaround 5s17:31
replaceafillwant me to set up a cando instance online?17:32
th1aI don't even think it is necessary.17:32
replaceafillit finished17:33
replaceafill74 pdfs for jelkners data17:33
replaceafill40 of them with no pages17:33
replaceafill(again, probably no students)17:34
th1aThat's a bug in CanDo ;-)17:34
th1aI'll make a few changes and ping you in about a half an hour.17:35
th1areplaceafill:  Pushed changes.18:09
th1areplaceafill:  You get to debug for me now.  ;-)18:09
replaceafillos.mkdir(year_id, 0o777)??18:12
replaceafillshould you use output there?18:12
th1aoh, yes.18:12
th1aAnd in the next one.18:12
th1aPair programming!18:12
replaceafillwe need tests!18:12
replaceafillpdf = br.retrieve(path, pdfPath) fails because of the same reason18:15
replaceafillbut you only need to fix the mkdir part18:15
th1aPushed fix.18:17
replaceafillreports/2010-2011 already exists...18:18
replaceafillreports/2010-2011/quarter-1 already exists...18:18
replaceafillon first run...18:18
replaceafillth1a you need to create output first18:19
replaceafillyou're trying to create output/year18:19
th1aEh... I may be using os.access wrong.18:21
th1aER, no.18:22
th1abut let me uncatch the exception.18:22
th1aneed a %18:22
th1aNo... I should have except OSError18:23
replaceafillbare excepts are evil18:23
th1aI should have copied and pasted the correct version from the script I was looking at...18:26
th1aAnyhow, pushed.18:26
th1aI program by trial and error.18:27
replaceafillme too ;)18:27
replaceafilli'm waiting for it to fail...18:27
replaceafillit didnt!18:27
th1aFail making the directory?18:28
replaceafillwell, i'd have to have reports already18:28
replaceafilli think it will fail because "except OSError"18:28
replaceafillbut OSError is not imported18:28
replaceafilland i think is in the os module18:28
replaceafillnot global18:28
replaceafillah no!18:28
replaceafillit's builtin18:29
th1aYeah, that's the way I have it in my other script.18:29
replaceafillmy bad :)18:29
replaceafilldirectories nicely structured :)18:31
replaceafillrunning again just to check errors18:32
replaceafillreports already exists...18:32
replaceafillreports/2010-2011 already exists...18:32
replaceafillreports/2010-2011/quarter-1 already exists...18:32
replaceafill*** Fetching reports for quarter-1 term, 2010-2011. ***18:32
replaceafill%s already exists, skipping.18:32
replaceafill            if os.access(pdfPath, os.R_OK):18:33
replaceafill                print "%s already exists, skipping."18:33
replaceafillit works, i got rid of just quarter-2 and it's retrieving only that :)18:34
th1aThanks for your help, replaceafill.18:35
replaceafillremember the argparse issue18:36
replaceafillit will depend on how they run it18:36
replaceafillif they use system python they can install python-(argparse, mechanize, xlrd)18:37
replaceafilli ran this using both, system python and buildout's python18:37
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* th1a goes to mow the lawn.18:52
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replaceafillare ours forms to *add* stuff or to *create*?20:31
replaceafillour buttons say "Add" :/20:31
replaceafill"Apply" vs "Save"?20:32
th1aThat's the kind of thing we need to make consistent.20:34
* replaceafill noticed while writes instructions for cambodia20:35
replaceafillclick 'Add'...20:35
th1aYou notice a lot of thingw writing instructions.20:36
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aelknerth1a, ayt?21:21
aelknerthanks for the quick response to my email21:22
aelknerthe menus will be in different places as the duplicate menu decision solved the location issue21:22
aelkneri just thought the title would further help the user know what was going on21:23
aelknerand you seemed ok with the idea of adding the title, so i'll go with that21:23
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