IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-05-10

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th1aHow is Skype for Windows at 5.3 and for Linux at 2.2?17:31
yvlthat's life :)17:38
yvloh, and
th1aSo yes, I'm sure that situation is going to improve.17:39
th1aAlso, good way for MS to set 8 billion on fire.17:39
yvlAnd annoy Google, I guess.17:39
th1aI guess we can't all do group video chat unless we all buy Macs or Windows licenses.17:41
th1aAnd Mac's might be a better deal...17:41
th1aI'm sure Mark would approve of me buying Mac Mini's for everyone.17:56
th1aIt's sad that in 2011 we can't just throw up a free videoconferencing server.18:28
th1aIt seems like the plumbing should be simple.18:31
th1aJust routing a few streams of bytes.18:32
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