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fsufitchaelkner: ping01:57
fsufitchi think i got something, but it appears natty upgrade broke schooltool01:57
fsufitchth1a: ping02:15
fsufitchreplaceafill: ping?02:20
aelknerfsufitch, how do you mean?02:24
fsufitch    ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:26
fsufitchi did a "make ubuntu-environment" and "make clean"02:26
fsufitchbut no good02:26
fsufitchill paste you the error02:26
aelknerwhen did this start happening?02:28
aelkneri mean, you ran tests successfully before, right?02:29
aelknerfsufitch, can you run ftests and use serve()?02:30
fsufitchftests fail, same error02:31
fsufitchi updated to natty yesterday02:31
aelkneri see02:32
aelknerdo you have a machine that you didn't upgrade?02:32
fsufitchnot accessible right now, no02:33
aelknercould you please write an email to the developers list with your traceback?02:34
fsufitchgot i02:34
fsufitch*got it02:34
aelkneri don't know what else to say02:35
replaceafillfsufitch try deleting the zope.ucol egg and re-run buildout02:35
aelknerthat's why i don't upgrade so quickly02:35
aelknerah, help arrives :)02:35
fsufitchreplaceafill: i deleted all the eggs and re-ran make02:35
fsufitchno good02:35
replaceafillby deleted all the eggs you mean "make clean":?02:35
replaceafillor did "rm -r eggs"02:35
aelknermake realclean02:36
replaceafillmake clean doesnt delete the egss02:36
replaceafillmake realclean does02:36
replaceafillbut just try the zope.ucol one02:36
fsufitchshould be "make giveitagoodscrub"02:36
fsufitchmore expressive that way :)02:37
fsufitchbut ok, im tryin git02:37
fsufitch*trying it02:37
replaceafillfsufitch is trying git!!02:37
replaceafilli thought we used bzr ;)02:37
aelknerstay away from the git :)02:37
fsufitchlol, not right now im not02:37
fsufitchquestion: is there ever a disadvantage to running make -j?02:47
aelknershouldn't be02:52
aelknerfsufitch, go ahead and email the traceback to the list for now02:53
replaceafillfsufitch did you get the same error after deleting eggs/zope.ucol* ?02:54
aelknerdid you run make ubuntu-environment after make clean?02:54
aelkneri mean, make realclean02:55
fsufitchaelkner: yes02:55
fsufitcher, no02:55
fsufitchim running simple make after realclean now02:55
fsufitchstill chewing data02:55
aelknerreplaceafill, i got the stangest thing the other day where paste.ini was not getting built02:56
aelknerso i copied it from another sandbox, and i was able to keep gong02:56
aelknercan you email me your diff in the meantime?03:00
aelknerwe could at least discuss some concepts03:00
aelknerman that's a lot of fields :)03:03
fsufitchno saying PEP 803:03
aelkneryou know what you can do to get rid of a lot of white space?03:04
aelkneryou can continue each line at one level of indentation rather than lining things up with the open parens03:04
aelknerit's not going to be any harder to read that way03:05
aelkneralso, you could go ahead and implement the names chooser03:06
aelkneri did it in that commit03:07
fsufitchaelkner: i will implement the namechooser before committing, but right now i really have to go03:13
fsufitchi have a school project i need to work on tonight03:13
fsufitchim just waiting for this make to finish...03:13
aelknerok, hopefully you'll get a reply to your email soon03:15
aelknerhey, it happens03:16
aelknernext time, maybe you won't upgrade so fast :)03:16
fsufitch... instance/paste.ini is missing03:20
fsufitchaelkner: is this supposed to happen on make realclean?03:21
aelkneryeah, everything is cleaned out on realclean, including the instance directory03:23
aelknerbut make is supposed to get the paste.ini file back for you03:23
aelkneryou can copy it from somewhere else, right?03:24
fsufitchim remaking just the instance directory03:24
aelkneri emailed you a copy if you need it03:25
fsufitchok, the error is gone03:30
aelknermeaning, you can make run?!03:31
aelknerwell, that's good03:31
aelknerjuswt remember, you should be able to see what things look like using manager.serve()03:31
aelknerand it's a better habit to get into03:32
aelknerso were all your problems solved with the paste.ini file?03:33
aelkneror was it something else you also did?03:33
fsufitchno, that's it03:33
fsufitchi put the paste.ini in there and it worked03:33
aelknergood thing i thought of it :)03:33
aelkneri don't remember it being that traceback, but maybe it was03:34
aelknerno, definitely it wasn't03:34
aelknermy traceback told me that pasdte.ini was not found03:34
fsufitchyeah the new traceback i got after the realclean told me that paste.ini was not found03:34
aelknerwell, anyway, that's good news03:35
aelkneri'll respond to your email to the list right now03:35
aelknerok, so we meet Wednesday, usual time, right?03:39
fsufitchum... yes03:40
fsufitchanyway, i need to be off now03:42
fsufitchsee ya!03:42
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th1aDo you guys need to install libicu-dev?04:00
replaceafillto me it's just that the eggs was looking for the wrong symlink...04:04
aelknerth1a, for me it's just the missing paste.ini04:17
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replaceafillaks, is anyone on your team coming to the sugar summit in uruguay?06:52
aksreplaceafill: ah, I don't think anyone of us would be able to come, the school year just started and we're busy with deployments, trainings, and supporty06:52
aksreplaceafill, s/supporty/support/06:53
replaceafillah, ok06:53
replaceafillgood luck with that :)06:53
aksreplaceafill: thanks :)06:53
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