IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-04-21

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aelknerfsufitch, hey00:49
fsufitchaelkner: heya00:52
fsufitchi just got back00:52
aelknermee, too00:52
fsufitchmy mouth is sad...00:52
aelknerhow's that?00:53
fsufitchvery numb00:53
fsufitchthey gave me double the usual dose of numbing for this cavity work00:53
fsufitchsince it was next to my gum...00:53
aelkneri always ask for extra numbing00:53
aelknerso can you get the first commit pushed quickly?00:54
fsufitchim getting geared up now01:00
fsufitchwill do that first though01:00
aelknerok, ping me when you do01:06
fsufitchaelkner: committed01:48
fsufitchsorry it took so long, i had issues with my setup01:49
aelknerstepped away for a minute, checked your diff02:02
aelknerso there's no reason not to get started with the other task02:02
fsufitchi already have :)02:02
aelknereven if you don't have something commitable, you can email me the diff02:02
aelknerhow long to quitting time?02:03
fsufitchi don't know, the numbness in my jaw is almost completely worn off, and i'm a bit ravenous02:03
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replaceafillfsufitch examples of using ACLs,
aelknerfsufitch, can you send me a diff real quick now so we have something to talk about before you go02:37
aelkneralso, i wouldn't mind if you had time to do someting after we've discussed the diff02:37
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algaateities kartoms, svajoni┼│ ofisas:
algaoops, wrong window, sorry! :)14:16
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th1aXavier Noria: In Rails 3.1 jQuery is going to be the default JavaScript library. Also, RJS has been extracted out.18:45
th1ajquery seems to be becoming increasingly standard.18:45
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