IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-04-20

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aelknerhey fsufitch19:53
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fsufitchaelkner: ping20:41
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aelknerfsufitch, what's up?20:48
th1afsufitch:  Do you have a meeting with aelkner scheduled?20:48
aelknerare you already at the ACC?20:48
th1aaelkner:  We should talk on the phone today.20:48
aelknerth1a, yes, i know20:48
fsufitchaelkner: i actually have an odd schedule today, i am just checking in with you before a dentist appointment at 3 pm20:48
fsufitchi completely forgot about it until last evening20:49
fsufitchi'm still at GMU20:49
aelknerit turns out that i need to run my step-father to the airport at 2:3020:49
aelknerwhen will you be at the ACC?20:49
fsufitchthat is actually incredibly convenient, that we'll both be away at the same time :)20:50
fsufitchim actually going to be working from GMU today20:50
fsufitchive tried to get in touch with jelkner to tell him but ive had no luck20:50
fsufitchhe hasnt been answering his phone20:50
fsufitchand is away on gtalk20:50
aelknerdid you leave a message on his phone?20:50
aelknerthat makes his light flash which gets him to check it20:51
fsufitchoh, i didnt know20:52
fsufitchi should do that20:52
aelknerok, otherwise, we'll just have to look for each other here when we return from our errands20:53
aelknerbut in the meantime, so you have a moment to discuss today's goals20:53
aelknerdo you, i mean?20:55
aelknerok, first, a couple small things20:57
fsufitchaelkner: i do, sorry, the wifi here is flaky and i sometimes lag20:57
aelkneri haven't had the chance to debug the container constraints problem20:57
aelknerso go ahead and remove the test for now20:57
aelknerwe'll look into that later20:57
aelknersecond, i noticed that you are violating PEP8 in interfaces.py20:58
fsufitch... i am?20:58
aelkneryou need to have two blank lines between classes20:58
fsufitchah, i always forget that20:58
aelknerone blank line for methods within a class20:58
aelkneractually, it's not just classes, but also methods at indentation level zero also need two blank lines20:59
fsufitchi see20:59
aelknerso you can fix those two things real quick and commit that20:59
fsufitchso everything at indent level 020:59
aelknerbut first21:00
aelknerlet's talk about the next thing21:00
aelkneri say we start working on views, the first being the schoolyear container view21:00
aelknernow since we don't have any view classes for adding stuff to that container21:00
aelkneri suggest creating a test-only view for adding whatever you want to the container21:01
aelkneractually, now that i think about it, we had it wrong to have a 'Course Info' link for ISchoolYear21:02
aelknerreally we need two links, 'Proposed Courses' and 'Current Courses'21:02
aelknerthe links would be the same but have the additional traversal to either proposed_courses or current_courses21:03
aelknerso far, so good?21:03
aelknerok, so again, you can write the view for either without actually having a view for adding to it21:04
aelknerif you create a test-only view that adds seom objects to the containers21:04
aelknerit's a hard-coded view class that will go away once we have add views21:04
aelkneryou have the intervention branch handy21:05
aelknerlook at intervention/browser/ftesting.zcml and ftests/ftests.py21:05
fsufitchyay being ready for this :)21:05
aelkneryou see that it's a simple view class that does everything in __call__21:06
fsufitchwait you're defining new views?21:06
aelknerit's a test-only view21:08
aelknerit won't be a part of the app, really21:08
aelknerjust the functional tests21:08
fsufitchi see21:09
aelknerlook at intervention/browser/ftests/intervention_dashboard.txt21:10
aelknerand search for update_responsible.html21:10
aelkneryou see, i needed to create a situation that wasn't possible with the real views21:11
aelknerchanging catalog data in a way that wouldn't otherwise happen21:11
fsufitchwell i mean, wouldn't that be something to do in a utest, not a ftest?21:11
aelknerthe intervention detailss are not important, but the model is what i want you to see21:11
aelknerno, i'm saying that you will be adding to the functional test, README.txt21:12
aelknerand that has nothing to do with the unit tests21:12
aelknerso in your functional test, you click 'Proposed Courses'21:12
aelknerand you can test that the container view has nothing to list21:13
fsufitchand click on the dummy addition view21:13
fsufitchoh right, that first21:13
aelknerthen, only then, you url)21:13
aelknernothing to click, just open app/add_test_data.html21:13
aelknerand register your test view against ISchoolToolApplication21:14
aelknersince it's just a temporary view, you can change data all you want and not worry about21:14
aelknerits function in the overall app21:14
replaceafillaelkner, sorry to interrupt, but do you have a sample pdf with rotated text?21:15
aelknerso between the quick commit, you dentist appointment, and getting started on ftests, i think you're set21:15
aelknerreplaceafill, do you have the niepa package branched?21:16
replaceafillyes, i just wanted to see the output without having to build the whole instance...21:16
fsufitchaelkner: yup, i think i'm set too21:17
fsufitchalso, replaceafill, i have a Pyramid question for you21:17
fsufitchdo you have someplace i can look to see how i can make a login/user system for a Pyramid app?21:17
fsufitch(without making it from scratch)21:17
aelknerreplaceafill, look at niepa/app/browser/ and its template21:18
aelknerRotatedText is defined in the view class and used in the template21:18
replaceafillaelkner right21:18
replaceafilli just want the resulting pdf :P21:18
replaceafillmaybe you have one in your testing instance?21:19
aelknersorry, replaceafill, i need to run now21:19
aelknerbe back in a couple of hours21:19
replaceafillaelkner ok21:19
aelknerlook for me tonight21:19
replaceafillfsufitch regarding your pyramid question:
replaceafilli think it's the best place to start21:20
replaceafillusing ACL's is really easy21:20
fsufitchreplaceafill: yay, things to learn!21:21
fsufitchthanks :)21:21
replaceafilli see that everybody tries the repoze.who approach, but according to the core developers is like "too much" for some cases21:21
replaceafilland its big problem is the lack of docs :(21:22
replaceafillso, i'd advise starting with ACLs21:22
fsufitchwill do21:23
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fsufitchnow, i gotta go have holes drilled in my teeth21:25
fsufitchtalk to you later guys21:25
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