IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-03-30

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fsufitchaelkner: ping21:45
fsufitchim having difficulty findinng internet at mason. their wifi authentication server is down and the ethernet drops dont work. im going to try to relocate somrplace else... sorry :(21:52
fsufitchtyping this from my phone, which has 3g,but i cant tether since im low on battery21:53
fsufitchtalk to you later, once i can find internet21:53
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aelknerah, the old hit and run...21:57
replaceafillth1a, javier's email server doesn't allow *.js attachments :|22:02
replaceafillRemote host said: 550 5.7.1 Tipo de adjunto no admitido. El archivo "jquery.ui.datepicker-km.js" tiene la extensión no permitida "js" [BODY]22:02
replaceafilli guess, i can leave him out of this one, right?22:03
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fsufitchaelkner, ping!22:19
aelknerfsufitch, hey22:21
aelknerbetter connection?22:21
aelknerso for starters, have you anything to report?22:22
aelknerwe had a bunch of small tasks we discussed last week22:23
fsufitchnope, havent had time to get started22:24
fsufitchand im going to get my 5 hours of work in today if it kills me, dammit22:24
aelknerok, well, then we really don't have anything to discuss until you have a question or something22:25
fsufitchsorry :)22:25
aelkneralways remember, if i don't respond to ping, you have my cell22:25
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fsufitchaelkner, i see intervention has a catalog.zcml, but i dont think courseinfo has anything to do with the catalog right now, so i'm not including that23:03
aelkneri wasn't suggesting copying everything from the intervention package, just so you know23:09
aelknerwe may need a catalog later, but yes, you don't need to include that now23:09
fsufitchim not even sure how the catalog works23:09
fsufitchi mean, i'm including a placeholder security.zcml for now23:10
aelknernot a bad idea because you will need security descriptions eventually23:10
aelknerbut the first features you work on should be the simple views23:11
aelknerbaby steps, trickier things like catalogs can come later23:12
fsufitchaelkner, for some reason my eggs were missing from my working dir, and buildout decided to re-fetch them. then i ran into this: Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'pyPdf==1.13'.23:38
fsufitchand i can't find the --allow-hosts option anywhere so i can remove it...23:40
aelknernot sure what you mean23:41
aelkneri think you still need the allow-hosts stuff until they fix the bug23:41
fsufitchbut allow-hosts isnt allowing me to find pyPdf23:41
fsufitchsince it's not on pypi23:42
replaceafillfsufitch pyPdf is here:
fsufitchso how do i get it into this instance?23:43
replaceafilland it seems like menesis just add the allow-host workaround to the versions.cfg file23:43
aelknerthanks replaceafill23:43
replaceafillmind pasting your buildout.cfg and base.cfg somewhere?23:44
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aelkneri did a make realclean followed by make to test if it works without allo-hosts23:45
fsufitch base.cfg23:46
* replaceafill is using a shared eggs directory now :P23:46
aelkneri decided not to a while back23:46
fsufitchand buildout is just: [buildout]23:46
fsufitchextends = base.cfg23:46
fsufitcheggs = schooltool.courseinfo23:46
fsufitchdevelop = .23:46
fsufitcheggs = schooltool.courseinfo23:46
aelknerdid you try make realclean?23:47
aelkneri'm still running make23:47
aelknergetting messages like:23:47
replaceafillfsufitch well you have so you should be fine23:47
aelknerLink to ***BLOCKED*** by --allow-hosts23:47
aelknereven though i don't have the allow-host command in buildout.cfg23:48
replaceafillaelkner it's coming from the url i just pasted23:48
fsufitchreplaceafill, but im not...23:48
replaceafillfsufitch do you get the BLOCKED messages?23:48
fsufitchbut i grepped everything and allow-hosts isnt anywhere23:49
fsufitchdoes easy_install cache the --allow-hosts option?23:49
aelkneryeah, they are just warnings while it gets from the new host set up in versions.cfg, right?23:49
replaceafillfsufitch you should run bin/buildout after every change to buildout.cfg or base.cfg23:49
replaceafillso buildout can catch up23:49
aelknertrue that23:50
* replaceafill notices we have pypdf 1.12 in ftp.schooltool.org23:50
fsufitchi ran 'make', and *it* ran bin/buildout23:50
replaceafillnot 1.1323:50
fsufitchsame problem23:50
fsufitchyeah that might be it :)23:51
replaceafillah crap!23:51
replaceafill1.13 is in pypi23:51
aelknerError: Couldn't find a distribution for 'PIL==1.1.7'.23:51
aelkneri'm getting something else23:51
replaceafillbut refers to an outside server!23:51
replaceafillfsufitch want a quick hack?23:52
fsufitchreplaceafill, you know how i LOVE quick hacks23:53
fsufitchbut only if they involve web2py23:53
replaceafillpyPdf = 1.1223:53
replaceafillto your buildout cfg23:53
replaceafillsorry, buildout.cfg23:53
fsufitchaw... no making schooltool run on web2py?23:53
replaceafillfsufitch LOL23:53
aelknerreplaceafill, why do we need to change our local buildout.cfg files?23:54
replaceafillaelkner not sure, but in my little understanding of stuff, the newer version of some stuff are indexed in pypi but you get them from external servers23:55
replaceafilland the allow-hosts workaround explicitly says "install only from pypi and"23:55
replaceafillaelkner you got the same error with PIL?23:56
replaceafillweird, latest version of PIL in pypi seems 1.1.623:58
replaceafillbut versions.cfg is asking for 1.1.723:58
aelknerthey retracted 1.1.7? :)23:58
replaceafilli know versions.cfg changed today though:
replaceafillthe problem with our current versions.cfg is that you cannot keep track of its changes23:59
replaceafillfsufitch any luck?23:59
aelknerdarn, and we just lost menesis for the day23:59

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