IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-03-29

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aelkneryvl, ayt?07:32
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yvlpong, aelkner10:36
yvlsorry, I'm late today10:36
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klausadeanyone here having schooltool in production, that can share with me some good tips? I plan on deploying schooltool at my childrens school. hey have ~200 pupils, and currently they use spreadsheets to administrate their users. I'm wondering first how I should organize the pupils. Should I orderer them into groups called "2011" acording to when the finish school, or into grade like "10th grade"?14:31
klausadebbl, feel free to answer in the meantime :-)14:32
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aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?20:52
replaceafillaelkner ?20:54
aelknerhey, i was wondering who authored the rml_*.txt tests in schooltool.gradebook21:00
replaceafilli did21:01
replaceafilldo they suck? :D21:01
aelknerno, i just have to change rml_student.txt now that i'm removing the journal dependency21:02
replaceafillso the gradebook doesnt report on journal data now?21:02
aelkneri'm going to have to create a test-only view and stub adapters to simulate the journal being there21:02
aelkneri've had to create a soft dependency21:03
aelknerwhereby an adapter implementation supplies journal data only if journal package is present21:03
aelknerbut the tests need to stub that out, assuing no journal package present21:04
aelkneryou sure did make the files large enough! ;)21:05
replaceafilllots of setup crap there21:05
aelknerlots of journal data entered, too21:05
replaceafillthats what i meant by setup21:06
aelknerluckily all in one 50 line block21:06
replaceafillyou need that in order to test the reports21:06
aelknerso that it's not too hard to wrap my mind around it21:06
aelknerdid you also ad the browser:page directives at the end of ftesting.zcml?21:07
aelknerwith attribute="template"21:07
aelknerwhy was that needed?21:07
replaceafillto test the actual rml output21:07
replaceafillok, when the app is running you have http://..../bla.pdf, right?21:08
replaceafillwhich spits pdf21:08
replaceafilli changed all the .pdf ending names to spit rml instead21:08
replaceafillso i can test it21:08
aelknerwith xpath, i see21:08
replaceafillso you can use the same functional test approach21:08
replaceafillclicks and stuff21:09
aelknerbut how does that work21:09
replaceafillinstead of calling __call__ on the class it calls the template attribute21:09
replaceafill  <browser:page21:09
replaceafill      name="failures_by_term.pdf"21:09
replaceafill      for="schooltool.term.interfaces.ITerm"21:09
replaceafill      class="schooltool.gradebook.browser.pdf_views.FailingReportPDFView"21:09
replaceafill      permission="schooltool.edit"21:09
replaceafill      attribute="template"21:09
aelknerhow does adding those directives change the output?21:09
replaceafill      />21:09
replaceafillit overrides the actual view21:09
replaceafillwith the same name21:09
aelkneryou changed the classes, or is that zope machinery?21:10
replaceafilli didnt touch the classes21:10
replaceafillthis is what you have in configure.zcml21:10
replaceafill  <page21:10
replaceafill      name="failures_by_term.pdf"21:10
replaceafill      for="schooltool.term.interfaces.ITerm"21:10
replaceafill      class=".pdf_views.FailingReportPDFView"21:10
replaceafill      permission="schooltool.edit"21:10
replaceafill      />21:10
replaceafilljust one difference21:10
aelkneryeah, i saw that21:10
replaceafillyou have used this trick before...21:11
aelkneri have, where?21:11
replaceafilli learned it when yvl was explaining it to you :P21:11
replaceafilldont remember, but i used when i was working in cando21:11
aelknerok, anyway, it's cool that we now have the model21:12
aelkneri had to unit test the views until now21:12
aelknerand it's better to functionally test them21:12
aelkneri wonder how adding attribute="template" causes it not to call the __call__ method21:13
replaceafillif you're really curious about it look at zope.browserpage.metaconfigure.page21:16
replaceafillthat's the handler for the page directive21:16
aelkneri like how you extended the browser class to handle XML queries rather than HTML21:18
aelknersomething like that should be available by default, like Browser is21:19
replaceafillwe dont test xml much though21:19
replaceafillbut it's useful for rml21:19
aelknerperhaps the next project that involves XML queries would be a good time to add that to core21:20
aelkneroh, and right, any report testing already could use it21:20
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