IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-03-22

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replaceafillyvl, ping12:22
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* replaceafill is sick...16:29
replaceafillth1a, my bad, you did ask me for the script on the plane16:29
th1aWhat are your symptoms, replaceafill?16:35
replaceafillthe doc said high blood pressure :(16:35
replaceafilli need to exercise16:35
replaceafilli'm too fat16:35
replaceafill240 lb!!!16:36
th1aNext time we go to Portugal you'll be restricted to salad.16:36
replaceafillso th1a, what do you need the script for? so i can adjust it if you want16:36
th1aI just need an example.16:37
th1aAlso, I don't actually need to run tests.16:37
replaceafillare you using the selenium IDE?16:37
replaceafillor the remote controller?16:38
th1aBut it will be much more maintainable if I organize Python scripts with functions in the remote controller.16:38
replaceafillah, ok16:38
th1aI'm getting too complex for the IDE.16:38
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replaceafillth1a, script sent, wrote some instructions on how to run it17:05
th1aYou're just doing virtualenv to keep your system python clean, right?17:11
replaceafilland to avoid clashes with stuff already installed in the system17:13
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replaceafillth1a, can i set up a testing instance for Franco Ontivero, the guy in the forum i told you about?20:34
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replaceafillhhmm weird buildout error...21:12
th1areplaceafill:  Yes.22:05
replaceafillgreat! once i bypass that mechanize error though...22:05
replaceafillthe good news is that i'm not the only one getting it:
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