IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-03-03

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jelknerth1a: still here?03:21
jelknercan you call me?03:22
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th1ahi aks.05:59
aksth1a: hello05:59
th1aDo you have any ideas about how we might use a Nepali intern in the US?05:59
th1aSpecifically the person I email you about?06:00
aksth1a: I've cc'ed the mail to our ED Mr. Rabi Karmacharya, awaiting reply from him06:00
th1aOK.  It is kind of a unique situation so it might take a while to think of something.06:01
aksth1a: ok06:03
th1aOn the other hand, it is a unique situation we should be able to take advantage of somehow.  ;-)06:04
aksth1a: definitely06:05
aksth1a: what's the progress with schooltool development?06:09
th1aWell, we're working on a variety of things.06:10
th1aWorking on a bunch of requests from Cambodia.06:10
th1aStill re-doing timetables, which is a complicated job, to make them more flexible, particularly for changes during the year.06:10
th1aDoing some cleanup of the interventions system.06:11
th1aGetting ready for a big user interface update.06:11
th1aWe've gotten new packages into Ubuntu Universe in the next release, which is a big step for us.06:13
svakshath1a: hello. could you provide a link for the cambodian requests06:13
th1aI have an email.06:13
svakshalocal schools here had some requests so i'd like to read up and find similarities06:14
th1aSure.  Can I forward the email to you?06:14
aksth1a: ok06:14
aksth1a: also I need to gear up to the next release so that I could prepare the RPMs again06:14
th1aWe'll be making a few changes to the packages in the next month or so.06:15
th1aSo there is no rush.06:15
th1asvaksha:  Do I have your email?06:15
svakshath1a: do you mean last months mails? i've not mailed you this week (if that is what you mean)06:16
th1aOh, I do have it.  ;-)06:17
th1aOK.  Sent.06:18
akssvaksha: nice to see your name written in Devnagri06:20
svakshaaks: thanks :) but its not my name, rather a nick06:31
akssvaksha: oh ok06:31
svakshait means "beautiful eyes" in Sanskrit, also philosophically signifies void, null, zero.06:32
akssvaksha: ok06:35
svakshaaks: my irc client is set to not accept PM's. Let me whitelist your nick06:37
akssvaksha: ok06:37
svakshadone, but you will need to resend the msg as i cant read pm's otherwise06:38
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replaceafillth1a, usability question16:22
replaceafillin cambodia, teacher and student add forms have (or will have) a field to assign the teacher or student to a subject (teachers) or class (students)16:23
replaceafillthis means that i need at least sections for those to work "properly"16:24
replaceafillfor sections i need a term and a school year16:24
replaceafillso i was thinking of not allowing to add teachers or students unless you have sections16:24
replaceafilldoes that make sense?16:25
replaceafillor should we support the "add all the person first" approach16:25
th1aI think we probably need to do that.16:25
th1aOr we need to completely change the way you set up SchoolTool to be more sequential.16:26
replaceafilli was thinking of hiding things: like the those fields in the forms, or the links to add teachers/students if there are no sections16:27
replaceafillbut hiding sounds "not cool"16:27
replaceafilli mean, it can be confusing, right?16:27
replaceafillunless it's documented!16:27
th1aGrayed out?16:27
replaceafillah! disabled!16:27
replaceafilland a message in the teachers index view, saying that 'you dont have sections, etc etc', same in the students index view16:28
replaceafillthanks th1a, i'll try the grayed out approach first16:29
* replaceafill is scared of the wizard like approach...16:29
th1aSounds good.16:34
svakshath1a: saw your mail and replied with some data on local schools.17:30
th1aI just started to forward it to replaceafill.17:30
svakshabtw is the "fee collection" available as a separate module?17:30
svakshaso there is no finance module?17:31
th1aThere is not at this point.17:32
th1aI'm not sure what you mean here:  allow all subjects to be17:33
th1asorted/listed so that a consolidated view of teachers 'subject-wise'17:33
svakshaif the user chooses a subject (say, math) s/he can see a listing of all teachers who teach the subject. <--isnt that the feature or have i misunderstood?17:35
th1aYes, I believe so.17:36
replaceafillsvaksha, actually, it will be a form field that will allow you to assign a teacher to a subject (math) in a class (9A)17:37
replaceafillyou should be able to assign the same teacher to multiple subjects + classes17:37
svakshareplaceafill: right17:37
replaceafill9A - Math, 10A - Math, etc17:37
svakshain primary classes (grade 1-5) one teacher takes multiple subjects17:38
replaceafillsvaksha, correct, the same in cambodia (1-6)17:38
replaceafilland here, in el salvador :)17:38
svakshareplaceafill: ah, i was about to ask if you are from cambodia :)17:39
* svaksha <--india17:39
* replaceafill <-- el salvador :)17:39
replaceafillfor primary schools it will feel kind of difficult having to assign a teacher to multiple subjects17:40
replaceafilli was thinking of decomposing the widget some way to make this easier17:40
svakshathat feature isnt present atm17:40
replaceafillno, not yet17:41
* svaksha was experimenting with dummy data in the software 17:41
replaceafillsvaksha, are you using the ubuntu packages?17:41
replaceafillthe cambodia customization looks much simpler17:42
replaceafillthey wont use lots of options (timetables, calendar, etc)17:42
replaceafilland they have specific requests, like the primary/secondary teacher assignment17:43
svakshaah, we have a more complex system --0]state board schools, 1]CBSE and 2]ICSE system of schools17:44
svakshaeach one has their own grading /teaching format17:44
svakshaeach one has a distinct curriculum, different timetables, calendar, and examination format too17:46
replaceafillsvaksha, what is a "mark"?17:46
svakshait might sound like ordered chaos :)17:46
replaceafillsvaksha, ah never mind, i just saw the table below :)17:49
svakshareplaceafill: marks == each subject (say math final examination) would be for a total of 100 marks. If the student scores 35 marks out of 100 they are given a grade F (fail), if 90/100 then A+17:49
replaceafillmarks ~= points?17:49
svakshamarks are what a student scores17:50
svakshaeach question would carry 1mark, 2 marks , etc..17:50
svakshadepending on the subjective /objective type the answers will be scored by teachers17:51
th1aThat's a raw point value or translated into a grade?17:52
svakshaif its a 3-mark question and the student write an incomplete answer they may score just 1 our of 3 marks17:52
svakshath1a: its counted as marks . all the multiple answers graded this way get totalled to arrive at final marks score , which is then translated to a grade17:53
* svaksha wonders if she made sense17:53
th1aThese conversations are always difficult because different systems use the same terms differently.17:53
th1aPerhaps "marks" in India are like "points" in the US?17:54
svakshaperhaps, but afaik the US students are not graded at all. I recall seeing just A/B+/A-, etc17:55
svakshawhen i asked the teachers they said they didnt give marks17:55
* svaksha never quite figured out how they arrive at the grade :)17:55
th1aWell, you generally have a certain number of possible points, and then the student scores a certain number, and you generally derive a percentage and then turn that into a grade (A, B, etc).17:56
th1aLike, you get 75% on one test, 83% on an essay, and that equals a "C."17:57
svakshaah, so a sttudent scoring 79% gets grade 'C'.18:00
svakshahow about the test--does the student have a similar pattern of questions with each question carrying equal marks?18:03
svakshahere, we have a range -- 1-mark to 15/20 marks per question18:03
svakshathe larger the mark the toucher it is to score18:04
th1aI think those would be "points."18:04
svakshaah, ok18:04
th1aThe number of marks determines the ultimate percentage?18:04
svakshaif you dont answer a 15-mark question you lost that many points18:05
th1aOK.  I think marks = points.18:05
svakshareplaceafill: sorry , i didnt know what points are :)18:06
th1aWe've done this kind of thing many times.  ;-)18:06
replaceafillnp, i didnt know about marks :D18:06
th1areplaceafill:  I have a Natty image running on the PandaBoard now.18:07
replaceafilleverything still disappointingly easy?18:07
th1aNo... I tried and failed twice to do it by dist-upgrade.18:08
th1aSo I had to ask on irc where the pre-built images are.18:08
th1aAnd dist-upgrade takes about 16 hours.18:08
th1aYeah, so if we actually used this we'd be shipping major upgrades on SD cards and storing the school data on a separate drive.18:09
th1aWhich is actually a pretty good system anyhow.18:09
th1aJust duct tape the upgrade to a postcard.18:10
replaceafillmost of the 16 hours is decompress and setup packages?18:10
th1aYeah.  That kind of read/write is slow on an SD card, apparently.18:10
th1aIt isn't processor bound.18:10
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aelkneryvl, ayt?18:23
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th1aFor some reason on the PandaBoard the Gnome System Monitor will take 105% of cpu if you turn the graphs on.18:35
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th1aTrying apt-get install schooltool in Natty...20:33
th1a(on ARM)20:33
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th1aHmm... python-zope.html fails.21:23
* replaceafill should install natty to test schooltool...21:24
th1aAlpha 3 is due soon.21:24
th1aI'm afraid the PandaBoard is pokey running off the SD card -- a known issue.21:25
th1aI may need to build a bigger case.21:25
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th1a_replaceafill: I may have to try one of these -
* replaceafill has his eyes put in bestbuy atlanta for this: IntelĀ® - X25M Mainstream Solid State 80GB Internal Serial ATA Hard Drive for Laptops21:57
th1a_Well, I'd just want the cheapest thing that was reasonable.21:57
th1a_And has a usb interface.21:58
replaceafillubuntu (and i guess debian too) has this usb bug that i hate, you start transfering big files to your usb flash drive really fast and then it get slower and slower and sloooower22:00
th1a_Is that because of USB?22:00
th1a_Or flash?22:00
replaceafilli remember it had something to do with sync operations22:01
th1a_Maybe they have no cache or something.22:01
* th1a_ waves hands.22:01
th1a_SSD would make my demo box more impressive, and more like something you'd use in production.22:03
th1a_I should probably check to see what kind of drive would also fit in my ThinkPad if necessary.22:07
replaceafilli was reading this review of a guy who bought a super mega disk and it was too tick for his laptop!22:08
replaceafilloops, thick22:10
th1a_Yeah, you'd want to be careful about that.22:10
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th1aOK, I've got SchoolTool running on Natty on the PandaBoard.23:09
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menesisth1a :) good news23:21
menesisis it very slow?23:21
th1aWell... the desktop is.23:21
th1aI suppose I didn't try that at all on the SheevaPlug (since it has no monitor jack).23:22
th1aSo that's partly coloring my perception right now.23:22
th1aI need to start it at a server runlevel.23:22
th1aBut also, it apparently just runs slow off the SD card.23:22
th1aIn any event, I don't think the PandaBoard would quite make a good general purpose desktop computer yet.23:23
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