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replaceafillth1a, zyt?01:18
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jelknerth1a: mr hoffman, are you here?15:31
jelkneri know it's early15:32
th1aI am here.15:42
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th1aWell, the PandaBoard works.16:04
th1aNow I just have to wait 15 hours for it to try to upgrade to Natty.16:04
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jelknerth1a: i'm back16:18
jelkneri had class16:18
jelknerare you here now?16:18
th1aA section?16:18
jelkneryes, a section! ;-)16:19
jelknergood point16:19
jelknernot a class16:19
jelknera section16:19
jelknerok, i'm loosing sleep thinking of all the cool things we can do this summer16:19
th1aThat's good.16:20
jelknerand i wanted to run some of this by you to make sure i'm not totally out in space16:20
jelknerjamie will start may 12 or so16:20
jelknerand he will be working on pyquiz16:20
jelknerbut i was wondering, could the same solution that we come up with for pyquiz to authenticate users to ST be used by other web2py applications?16:21
th1aWhat was that solution?16:21
jelknerwe don't know yet ;-)16:21
jelknerthat's what jamie and replaceafill will be deciding16:22
th1aIt is the kind of thing that's relatively easy in a hackish way and tricky to do rock solid and securely.16:23
jelknerso let's do it in a hackish way then ;-)16:23
jelkneri'm sure yvl will love that16:23
th1aYou can do whatever you want on your server.  ;-)16:24
th1aJust don't try to check it into trunk.16:24
jelknerso i'm seeking your guidance16:25
jelkneri don't know "what i want"16:25
jelknerin terms of the right way to do it16:25
jelknerbut i do know what i want the user experience to be16:25
jelkneri *love* google in the classroom16:25
jelknerthe idea that students have a single credential that lets them use gmail, google docs, blogger, etc16:26
jelknerit compelling16:26
jelknerin usability terms16:26
jelkneri want SLA's dream of a single sign-on system like that16:26
th1aWell, it is easy enough to create a view or something that will check a login and password against SchoolTool's database and return some kind of ticket.16:26
jelknerbut i want it to be ST centric16:26
jelknerso, i don't want to use moodle or mahara16:27
th1aDoing it well enough for general consumption would take a lot of thought.16:27
jelknersince web2py is quickly growing all the pieces of those apps that i would want16:27
jelkner(and i plan to help grow some of the missing ones)16:27
jelknerfor example,
replaceafilljelkner, would openid work for you?16:28
jelkneris web2py's wordpress clone16:28
jelknerreplacefill, do you mean students log in to ST using openid?16:28
th1aTechnically, this is a CAS usecase.16:29
jelkneryou guys are going to tell me how to do it16:29
th1aBut that's overkill.16:29
jelkneri'm just the teacher16:29
jelkneri only know how i want it to behave in the classroom16:29
jelknerbut remember, there is more info that must be exchanged in the pyquiz case16:29
jelknerlike, "authenticated user, there is a quiz for you in mr. zawolo's class (oops, i mean section! ;-)"16:30
jelknerthen you take the quiz16:30
jelknerand the results go to the ST gradebook16:30
jelknerthinking longer term (aka "dreaming")16:31
jelknerwe could someday have our vision realized of students being able to provide evidence of competency mastery to CanDo through some kind of mahara like thing16:32
jelkneran ePortfolio16:32
jelknerbut for this summer i want to keep it simple16:33
th1aWe just have to keep you grounded on the level and speed of synchronization that is practical.16:33
jelknerbecause the success of the project long term will depend on delivering real value all along the way16:34
jelknerso if isaac and i can do warmups, tests, and quizzes next year16:34
jelknerand have the results go into our ST gradebook16:34
jelknerit will:16:34
jelkner1. "wow" everyone16:34
jelkner2. become a real magnet to other teachers to try ST16:35
jelkner3. make isaac and my life sooo much easier16:35
jelkner4. provide immediate feedback to students and help them learn better16:35
jelkner(4 is just an added bonus ;-)16:35
jelknerreplaceafill and i will be rooming together in atlanta next week16:36
jelknerso we can discuss it more at length then16:36
th1aWe should be able to do everything by having your app send requests to SchoolTool.16:37
jelknerthat sounds great16:37
replaceafillth1a, ala CL?16:37
replaceafillthe CL way?16:37
th1aI guess so.16:38
th1aWe don't need a separate hub though.16:38
jelknerok, i'm going to have to get back to teaching stuff16:39
jelknerbut one more quick thing...16:39
jelknerth1a: any word back from nepal?16:39
th1aI should ping aks again.16:40
jelknerwe have time16:41
jelknerbut i don't want to forget about it16:41
jelknerok everyone, talk to you later...16:41
th1aI mean, if we can put her to work anyway, it might take a while for the Nepal pilot to get going.16:41
jelknerso, we still don't know yet about Niti16:41
jelkneri mean about the governor's school for language16:42
jelknerso once that is final16:42
jelkneri'll want to plan more seriously16:42
jelknerbut the other student responded with interest16:42
jelknerso i think if there is someone in nepal that they could talk to16:42
jelknerit would be nice to get a conversation started16:43
th1aI'll try to set that up.16:43
jelkneryour email was great16:43
jelkneri was hoping they would respond16:43
jelknerok, later16:43
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th1aIt takes a while for people to process ideas out of left field.16:43
th1areplaceafill:  My pandaboard is up.16:45
replaceafilldid you install ubuntu yet?16:45
replaceafillor does it come with ubuntu preinstalled?16:45
th1aYeah.  That was almost disappointingly smooth.16:45
th1aYou need to put the os on an sd card.16:46
replaceafillwhat ubuntu image do u use?16:46
replaceafillis there an arm image or something?16:46
th1aI'm upgrading to Natty, which is supposed to take 12 more hours.16:48
replaceafillhow big is the SD? 4, 8, 16 GB?16:49
th1aI have a 4.16:49
th1aI got a pretty high performance one.16:50
th1aI guess I'm going to have to buy/find one that I can put Android on to satisfy my curiousity.16:53
th1aAh... here's a 2.0 gig one in my drawer.16:58
th1aThat may be big enough.16:59
replaceafilli thought ubuntu downloads like 1 gb when you upgrade17:00
th1aI appear to be ok so far.17:00
th1aI may die after 10 hours though.17:00
th1aI can always remove all the gui packages though.17:01
th1aI mean, everything is downloaded but unpacking everything might do me in.17:01
replaceafilli think 4 GB is ok17:02
replaceafilli dont know if 2 would be17:02
th1aI assume android is smaller.17:02
th1aI mean, the base pandroid tgz is 42 mb.17:03
th1aSo yeah, it is smaller.17:03
replaceafillpandroid :D17:03
th1aotoh, there are a lot more steps to getting android up.17:04
th1aThis may have to wait until we start working on our Android client app in 2013.17:08
replaceafillthe guy who wrote the web design form book, gave a nice talk about how you should design first your app for mobile devices17:10
replaceafillhe says that when you have all those constraints you focus on the important stuff17:10
th1aYou mean, the constraints of a mobile app force you to be more focused?17:12
th1aWell, yes.  But our mobile apps will only do a subset of what the whole web interface does.17:13
th1aSo it is easy to be focused then.17:13
replaceafillth1a, schools in the US don't calculate a 'consolidated' annual grade for the student (based on all the sections), correct?18:01
replaceafillby grade i mean average18:02
th1aFor a term/year?18:14
th1aThere is a multi-year grade point average that is very important.18:15
th1aBut its not like the DON'T calculate it for term/year.18:15
replaceafilli was  thinking about cambodia's use case and if it could land in trunk18:16
replaceafillth1a, is that the GPA?18:17
replaceafillwell, experimenting a little, it is possible to adapt the student and a year to produce a score ;)18:27
th1aOne would hope.18:28
replaceafillso, it's done! :D18:28
replaceafillthanks yvl :P18:28
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?19:48
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th1areplaceafill:  I've made a bunch of little paper boxes and I think I'm picking up on the grid mojo.21:05
replaceafill"Documentation Driven Development" :O21:50
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