IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2011-02-26

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aelknerreplaceafill, what are the steps again?20:19
replaceafillaelkner, 'make coverage' just gives you the numbers right20:19
replaceafillyou need 'make coverage-reports-html'20:20
replaceafillyou'll get a 'coverage' directory in your buildout20:20
replaceafillthen you'll get a coverage/reports directory20:20
replaceafillwith lots of html files20:21
replaceafillyou can open any of those in your browser and navigate20:21
aelknersh: enscript: not found20:21
replaceafillmake ubuntu-environment ;)20:21
replaceafillbut let me check20:21
aelkneri haven't had to do that for a long time, but it does seem to be getting enscript20:22
replaceafillaelkner, r u using schooltool trunk?20:22
replaceafillah ok20:22
replaceafillyes, enscript is part of the20:22
aelknerdid you add that recently yourself?20:22
replaceafill'new' ubuntu-environment rule20:22
replaceafill ;)20:23
aelkneri see20:23
replaceafillaelkner, notice that 'make coverage...' will give you unit test infor20:24
replaceafillif you want functional tests information:20:24
replaceafillmake ftest-coverage-reports-html20:24
replaceafilli focus mostly in ftest reports20:25
aelkneri don't see a coverage directory20:26
replaceafillr u using schooltool trunk?20:26
aelknersorry, i do20:28
aelknerjust looked in the wronf sandbox20:28
aelknerit's not schooltool trunk, it's schooltool.intervention trunk20:28
* replaceafill updates his intervention trunk20:28
replaceafilloops, branch format conflict20:29
* replaceafill upgrades his intervention trunk20:29
replaceafillaelkner, if you dont have {buildout}/coverage, can you check {buildout}/parts/test?20:30
aelkneri have all the reports now20:31
replaceafillah ok20:31
aelknerso basically, the pink is for the lines that are not tested, right?20:31
replaceafillthe goal is have all the code ftested ;)20:32
aelknerand if i run ftest-coverage-reports, it will replace the html files from the unit test version?20:32
replaceafillit will create a new directory: ftest-coverage20:33
aelknerah, cool, so i can have both20:33
aelkneryou were right about it taking forever...20:35
replaceafillthe gradebook takes around 30 mins20:35
replaceafillusing fast hardware20:35
aelkneri'm sure the intervention will go faster as it is not as complex20:35
replaceafilland it doesnt have many tests ;)20:36
replaceafillonce you're done it should take like 3 hours :P20:36
aelknernot really, it's not as complex a set of use cases20:36
aelkneryou add intervention objects, and they show up later somewhere else20:37
aelknernot like all the edge cases in the gradebook20:37
aelknerbtw, i replaced 'in manger.contents' with xpath in my reports tests20:38
replaceafillthanks! ;)20:38
aelkneri create a query that gives me all the report names, then i say 'in report_names'20:39
aelkneri still need the non-specific 'in' logic because my tests can't anticipate future reports20:39
aelknerbut at least it goes through xpath first20:39
aelkneri create an xpath query that gets all the text() of the report links20:40
aelknerthen i say 'Absenses by Day' in report_names20:40
replaceafillthat's not necessary20:40
replaceafilland then expect all the links20:41
replaceafillthe way you're doing right now it's still weak20:41
aelknerand what if schooltool core adds a report in the future20:41
replaceafillif i *add* one, it wont detect it20:41
replaceafillif *i* (douglas) add one, i should run the tests right ;)20:41
aelknernot true20:42
replaceafilland *i* should updte them20:42
aelknerif you add a report to schooltool core in the future, you should not have to fix gradebook tests!20:42
aelknerthat would be extremenly bad test design20:42
aelknerand frankly, annoying to the merge folks20:43
replaceafillif i add a report to the gradebook i should run the tests20:43
aelknerif you add a report to schooltool core?20:43
aelknerdn't forget that case20:43
replaceafill is testing the gradebook, right?20:43
aelkneryeah, so?20:43
aelknerthe gradebook depends on core20:43
aelknerso any report added in core would show up in the quryHTML20:44
aelknereven if the gradebook coce doesn't know about it20:44
replaceafillin that point in time20:44
replaceafillthe gradebook could be using core v 1.5, or v 1.620:44
replaceafillit's the same when you have to update a plugin because a change in core20:44
aelkneranyway, you shouldn't have to update the plugin as a result of a spurious change in core20:45
aelknerthat's just wrong20:45
aelknerso my test avoids that20:45
aelknerand it's not so weak as you suggest20:46
replaceafillthe word is not weak20:46
aelknersince the xpath query is much more specific20:46
aelknerthan just 'in manager.contexts'20:46
replaceafillit's definitely better than the old way ;)20:47
aelkner'the way you're doing right now it's still weak'20:47
aelkneri'm just quoting you20:47
aelknerand i want you to take it back :)20:47
replaceafillit's "KIND OF" weak20:48
aelkneras you always say, 'ah come on'20:48
replaceafillif i work in the gradebook, and i add a test, your test will still pass20:48
replaceafillsorry, if i add a report20:48
replaceafillwrong :P20:49
replaceafillit wont force me to update the GRADEBOOK tests20:49
aelknerwell, that's better than having to change the test when someone adds a report to core20:49
aelkneror lyceum journal20:49
aelkneror intervention20:49
replaceafilllet's leave it for the monday meeting ;)20:50
aelkneri've work you out, eh?20:50
replaceafilli'll make sure i write it down :D20:50
replaceafillnah, we're just talking 'air'20:50
aelknertalking air?20:50
replaceafillur point of view and my point of view20:50
replaceafillwe need 'schooltool's point of view ;)20:50
aelkneryeah, let the mergers decide20:51
replaceafilli'm so glad you care about the mergers :D20:51
aelknerthey are the ones who will have the gotcha when we are not reachable and tests are failing20:51
aelknerand yes, i do20:51
replaceafilland i'm sure they wont be able to detect what went wrong....20:52
aelknerwell, they probably could figure it out, but it may annoy them20:52
aelknerbut we'll let them decide20:52
replaceafilli worn you out, uh?20:52
aelknerno, it's just not for us to decide i guess20:53
replaceafillyvl, can you please comment on this ^20:53
aelkneranyway, thanks for your help with the ftest-coverage20:54
aelkneri finished running20:55
replaceafillah cool20:56
aelknerthe reports are nice20:57
replaceafilland useful ;)20:57
replaceafillaelkner, have you consider separating the report links?20:59
replaceafillcore, pluginA, pluginB, etc?21:00
aelknerhow do you suggest separating them?21:00
aelkneryou mean in the view?21:00
aelknerreportLink directive does not specify the plugin, nor should it, ight?21:01
replaceafillif i remember your view correctly, it's a title + a table with all the links right?21:01
replaceafilli havent checked your latest implementation, sorry21:01
replaceafilli just remember what you showed in the sprint21:02
aelkneryou are probably remembering seeing 'Category'21:02
aelknerStudent, Group, Term, etc.21:02
aelknerthat has nothing to do with the plugin21:02
aelknerany plugin or core for that matter can create register a report for an cateogryy21:03
replaceafilli just think about some visual difference if a plugin is enabled/disabled21:03
aelknerthere isn't any21:03
aelknerthe /reports view is in core21:03
aelknerit looks for reports that are registered via reportLink directive21:03
aelknerit doesn't know who registered them21:04
replaceafillgradebook external activities have a title for the source21:04
aelknera cando source is a skilldriver21:05
replaceafillbut whatever, i remember th1a was clear about 'we shouldnt start the report discussion from this view', so...21:05
aelknergradebook doesn't know that, right?21:05
replaceafillin the gradebook there are external activities + external activity21:05
replaceafillthe first one is the source21:05
replaceafillfor instance CanDo titles its external activities source as 'CanDo'21:07
aelknerbut that's just a title21:07
aelknernot anything that can be logically tested21:07
replaceafillstub? :)21:07
aelkneryeah, and you have your mock external activities for testing21:07
replaceafillwith a title21:08
aelknerand you title them stub?21:08
aelknerbut again that's just an arbitrary title21:08
replaceafill    title = u"Sample Source"21:08
aelknernot anything logical like a fixed category or something21:08
replaceafillbut it can be used to visually separate external activity sources21:08
replaceafillsuppose i create a 'External Activities Source' page :D21:09
aelknerwell, good for it!21:09
replaceafilli can have a CanDo table21:09
aelknerbut seriously, the reportLink directive has no such field21:09
replaceafillit seems like i will have a 'PyQuiz' table ;)21:09
replaceafilladd it dude :D21:09
aelknerif we had another reason rather than just for testing, i could see adding a 'plugin source' attribute21:10
aelknerthen it could be used in testing to solve the problem you are having21:10
replaceafilli guess the approach of having the directive is different21:10
replaceafillbut again, "not from this view..."21:10
aelkneryou're quoting tom referrring to the reference view21:11
aelknerbut the situation applies to the /reports views as well21:11
aelknerthere i tests the report names that show up there21:11
aelknerand i only test for the gradebook reports, not any unforseen reports in other plugins21:11
aelknerkeep in mind that your complaint is only a failure to test for a new gradebook report21:12
replaceafillyou test for *7* gradebook reports ;)21:12
aelknerbut the test there is not to catch new reports21:13
replaceafillagain, let's take it on monday :D21:13
aelknerit is only to demostrate that reports show up there21:13
replaceafillit should!21:13
aelkneryeah, yeah21:13
replaceafillWEAK test21:13
aelknerpicky, picky21:13
replaceafill:D :D21:13
replaceafilli'd apply for the VP of functional testing!!! :D21:14
aelknerwe'll add 'Vice president in charge of merging to your list' :)21:14
replaceafillfuchila! (yikes!)21:14
replaceafilli dont want a merging charge21:14
aelknermaybe we'll create a category just for testing to make you happy21:15
aelknerwe'll see what the mergers say :)21:15
replaceafilllet's make it interesting $$$21:15
aelkneri don't like adding complexity to the elegant reportLink directive21:15
aelknerfew lines, much function = elegant21:16
replaceafillit's the most beautiful zcml directive that i've ever seen :D21:16
aelknerif there were a way to automatically detect the plugin in the meta implentation21:17
aelknerthen we wouldn't need to add it to the directive!21:17
replaceafillno man, too much complexity ;)21:17
aelkneri'm talking about NOT adding the plugin to the directive21:18
aelknersee, that's less complex, more elegant21:18
aelknerbut we could go on forever, so...21:18
replaceafillwell, i'm happy as long as you're happy...21:18
replaceafillr u happy aelkner? :D21:18
aelknerwhenever you're not happy, i have this sinking feeling21:19
aelkneri don't want to say burning, because that would be overstating it21:19
aelknerlet's see what our mergers say at the meeting...21:20
aelkneri'm spent21:20
* replaceafill thinks we should write those decisions down, seriously21:21
aelkneri saw your notepad at the sprint, i have one too21:21
replaceafillwe have lots of implicit 'dos' and 'donts'21:21
replaceafilland we should share those21:21
replaceafilland talk about them etc21:22
aelknernobody wants to have a Wiki for some reason21:22
replaceafilli bet yvl's notepad is interesting :D21:22
aelknerlike launchpad somehow magically replaces the need21:22
aelkneri don't see the magic, but that's the politically correct belief21:22
replaceafilli see your point21:23
replaceafilli just think we dont use it right21:23
replaceafillfor instance, my notepad can be a blueprint21:23
replaceafillwhich i edit or something everytime we decide on something21:23
aelknerblueprints and bugs only allow appending to the end21:23
replaceafilllike i do in my .txt file21:23
aelknerwikis are much better than that!21:23
aelknerone doc, in-place editing, one click to view it21:24
aelknerblueprint, shmooprint21:24
aelknerso there, no i'm in trouble21:25
replaceafillhey! you can change blueprints!21:28
replaceafilli wonder if launchpad saves the difference in the edit, like with bugs21:28
* replaceafill will try to put his notes in a blueprint later21:30
aelknercreating one blueprint for your notes has its merits, but it doesn't compare to a multi-level html wiki21:35
aelknerthat we can refer to with one click and edit in place21:36
aelknerthat's all i'm saying ;)21:36
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