IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-02-25

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replaceafillyvl, u gone?16:29
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replaceafillmenesis, when you selected z3c.recipe.sphinxdoc for generating the docs, did you check collective.recipe.sphinxbuilder?19:43
menesisreplaceafill: no, haven't seen it19:45
replaceafillmenesis, ah ok, just curious :)19:45
* replaceafill is comparing both :P19:46
th1amenesis:  So... are we in natty universe?19:57
menesisschooltool packages have been uploaded before the feature freeze19:58
menesisso, yes19:58
menesisthey are in the NEW queue:
menesisand have not been blessed by archive admins19:59
menesisso, not yet in universe19:59
th1aWhat does that mean?19:59
menesisthey have to review package and approve it19:59
th1aHave they done that for the Zope packages uploaded previously?20:00
menesismaybe they will have complaints, but so far I have not received anything after the final upload20:00
menesisyes, all Zope packages have been uploaded by January 1020:00
th1aHave they been blessed?20:01
menesisexcept for one, zope.html, that entered universe two days ago20:01
menesisblessed is not the term used. reviewed. approved.20:01
th1aOK, approved then?20:02
menesispackages were uploaded a few hours before the freeze20:03
menesisalso, I have filed needs-packaging bugs and asked for exception just in case20:04
th1aI'm just trying to determine if our zope packages were ever accepted.20:04
menesisyes, all of them are accepted20:05
th1aOK.  Thanks!20:05
menesisNEW -> Accepted -> Done20:06
menesissponsors -> archive admins -> universe20:06
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