IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-02-15

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th1aHi aks.05:59
aksth1a: hello05:59
th1aHave you started your pilots?05:59
aksth1a: nope, not yet, we are busy with other priorities05:59
aksth1a: Rwanda OLPC deployments is set to use schooltool as well06:00
th1aOK.  Do you have any definite plans?06:00
th1aOh, Rwanda?06:00
aksth1a: yes, I was there to support them with the technologies we are working/using06:00
aksth1a: we're working upon the framework for piloting schooltool06:00
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replaceafillth1a, interesting email from Tony Anderson16:16
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th1areplaceafill, zyt?23:17
replaceafillth1a, yep23:17
th1aHow much data was in that data.fs?23:17
replaceafill200 MB23:17
th1aHow long had they been using it?23:17
replaceafillat least in size23:17
replaceafillthe first transaction dates back to september 201023:17
replaceafillbut dwelsh said:23:18
replaceafill"Maybe between the two of you we can see if we can save some of their data,23:18
replaceafilland if not, we can get them back up and running with a fresh database."23:18
replaceafillthat last line makes me wonder...23:18
th1aDo you have any idea what caused it?23:18
replaceafillnot really, i googled a lot for that message and everybody blamed disk failures23:19
th1aJust some garbled data at the beginning?23:19
replaceafilland it doesnt even let you do FileStorage(path)23:19
replaceafillalmost at the beginning23:20
th1aIf they were upgrading wouldn't there be backups just from that?23:20
replaceafillaround 24k or 240k23:20
replaceafillthat's the weird part, Matt provided me the backups23:20
replaceafillsame thing!23:20
replaceafillthe backup is like 40 MB smaller23:21
th1aCan you see what the most recent revisions are?23:21
replaceafillbut throws exactly the same error23:21
th1aMake sure the Lithuanians get a copy.23:21
replaceafillnope, for that the only way i know to look at the transactions, is creating a storage in python23:21
th1aDid you look at this?23:22
th1aIt is only 12 years old.23:23
th1aI'm sure it will still work.  :-D23:23
replaceafillman, lots of emails were from 2000!!!23:23
replaceafilli only got a couple from 2008 and 201023:23
th1aZope used to be very popular!23:24
th1aIt was the Ruby on Rails of 1999.23:24
replaceafilleven in the plone world i couldnt find an answer :(23:24
th1aDid you just try chopping it up>23:24
replaceafillso when i noticed i've spent 2 hours in it, i threw the towel23:24
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replaceafilltruncating the file works23:25
replaceafillbut you get only the first transaction23:25
th1aWell, generally it is something we'll have to work on.23:25
th1aTruncating it where?23:25
replaceafillwhen you start the server, you get:23:25
replaceafill2011-02-15 15:25:55,924 /home/replaceafill/.sandboxes/cando/instance/var/Data.fs data record exceeds transaction record at 2273323:26
replaceafillif you truncate the file at 2273323:26
replaceafillyou get a working data.fs again23:26
replaceafillbut again, with no data23:26
th1aSo basically the "chop off the end" trick doesn't work with a badly corrupted file.23:30
th1a(as opposed to just some kind of programming bug)23:30
replaceafillth1a, file sent to Lithuania :)23:46

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