IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2011-02-14

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aelknerth1a: no meeting today?16:35
th1aOh, no.16:36
yvlhi guys :)16:36
aelknerhey yvl16:36
replaceafillhey everybody16:36
aelknergot your bag o?16:36
th1aYes, I was assuming no meeting.  ;-)16:36
yvlyes, thanks aelkner16:36
th1aUnless everyone wants to tell me what they did last week.16:36
aelknerreplaceafill, got your message from jelkner, thanks16:36
yvlglad to hear that everybody got back ok :)16:37
yvlaelkner, before you ask - I'm responding your email ATM16:37
aelknerreplaceafill, oh, and you, too16:37
replaceafillaelkner, :)16:37
aelkneryvl, i was going to ask, but you read my mind :)16:37
yvlit's in my job description :D16:38
yvlto read minds, that is16:38
aelknerso what am i thinking now?16:38
replaceafillyour piano?16:38
th1a"I guess I can go back to sleep."16:38
aelkneri thought i already was asleep16:39
replaceafillaelkner, your thinking of that wonderful GPS!!!16:39
aelkneryou got it, keep right baby16:39
yvlwell, you're probably proud that you will be the first person to write a <schooltool:xxx> namespace directive ;)16:39
aelknerthe first after you, you mean16:40
yvlactually... no16:40
yvlthe first person ever :)16:40
aelkneryou wrote security descriptions, no?16:40
yvlyeah, but not in schooltool directive namespace16:40
yvland... Gintas / Ignas wrote them16:41
yvlwell, ok16:41
yvlthey used namespace16:41
aelkneryou didn't mention namespace directives last week, is there something i'm missing?16:41
aelkneri thought i was writing metaconfigure16:42
aelknerthe word namespace did not come up16:42
aelknerwell, when i read you note, i guess i'll understnad better16:42
aelknerbut please sick around for an hour after you send so i can ask you the inevitable questions16:43
jelknerth1a: did you see the emails from Vid?16:44
th1ajelkner:  I've not yet read them.16:44
jelknernp, but please respond in a timely manner16:44
jelkneri sent her to you, so i'm responsible for seeing she gets satisfaction16:45
jelknerbtw. my hunger to hear more about last week is deep ;-)16:45
jelkneryou're planning on some kind of announcement, right?16:45
th1aI needed to sleep yesterday.16:46
jelknerof course16:47
jelkneri wasn't planning on becoming a pest until tomorrow, but my brother told me last night the meeting was on for today16:47
aelknerso it's my fault, is it16:50
th1aI guess I didn't clearly answer aelkner when he brought it up.16:54
aelknerwell, it's true that we don't need to update each other, but we are all here, so it's like a meeting16:55
th1aIt is like a meeting but you can go to sleep whenever you want.16:56
aelknerisn't this a dream, aren't i already asleep?16:57
jelknerand let th1a get to work telling the rest of us eager STers about the exciting news from the sprint16:57
* th1a is aswering vid's email.16:57
jelknerthanks, th1a!16:57
aelknerwhose stopping him :)16:57
aelknerthey sound the same, but not the same16:58
jelkneras we say almost ever day with our ELL students.. "English is *crazy*!"16:58
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yvlaelkner, I won't finish all of it today17:29
yvlbut I'll send you the first batch of comments shortly17:29
replaceafillyvl, quick question17:29
yvlshoot :)17:29
replaceafilldo you have the journal patches from CL?17:29
replaceafilli couldnt copy those last files17:30
yvlsorry, no17:32
yvlI think only menesis has them17:32
replaceafillah ok17:32
yvland he's on vacation Mon-Wed17:32
replaceafillthanks yvl17:32
yvlsomehow I missed out on copying them :/17:32
yvldamn broken USB port :/17:33
th1aOne thing I forgot about is that I have to nail down a contributor agreement from CL.17:33
th1aSo we shouldn't have any of their patches in the new release.17:33
yvlah, ok17:33
th1aIt is also probably above the pay-grade of the guys in Portugal anyhow.17:33
th1aThe hard part will be sorting out who can actually make this decision.17:33
th1aBut I'll be working on it.17:33
th1aThe guys in NJ already agreed in principle.17:34
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yvlaelkner, mail sent18:10
yvlI did not cover the report reference view, only the request views18:10
yvllike I said at the sprint - this is essentially your report design18:10
yvljust implemented via zope's machinery18:11
aelkneryvl, thanks18:11
yvlthis should be enough to get you going18:11
aelknerlots to look over, i'll email you tonight if i have any questions18:11
yvljust that there are no misunderstandings:18:12
yvlat some point you'll likely be "what the hell, this is actually what I was doing just implemented in a weird way!"18:12
aelkneryeah, but you mentioned it now, so i can't complain :)18:13
yvlwell, best of luck to you18:14
aelknerthanks again18:14
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* replaceafill hates when people uses rich text in emails >:(18:47
th1areplaceafill:  Try to send an email to Cambodia just to restart things there if they slowed last week.19:05
replaceafillth1a, ah ok19:05
replaceafilli can mention the sprint, right?19:06
replaceafill"just came back home, talked about you, etc"19:06
th1aAnd perhaps re-ask some of the questions which seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle.19:10
replaceafillah ok19:10
replaceafillth1a, which UI related books did you order? :)19:47
th1aThe form one.19:47
th1aI should get here this evening.19:47
replaceafillthe one recommended by Vitor?19:47
replaceafillah ok19:48
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replaceafillth1a, "Ars longa, vita brevis, occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile" ;)21:52
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