IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-01-26

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replaceafillaelkner_, you around? :)05:24
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aelkner_replaceafill, hey06:58
replaceafillhey aelkner_06:58
replaceafilljust a quick question06:59
replaceafilli've been reviewing the report sheet code06:59
replaceafilli dont know if you read my chat this afternoon with th1a06:59
replaceafillthe IGradebookDeployed interface in the gradebook promises:06:59
replaceafillclass IGradebookDeployed(interfaces.IRequirement):07:00
replaceafill    """Container of Deployed Report Sheet Templates (by term)"""07:00
replaceafill    contains('.IReportWorksheet')07:00
replaceafillbut in gradebook.browser.report_card.DeployReportWorksheetBaseView.deployTerm07:01
replaceafilli found:07:01
replaceafill        deployedWorksheet = Worksheet(worksheet.title)07:01
replaceafill        chooser = INameChooser(root.deployed)07:01
replaceafill        name = chooser.chooseName(deployedKey, deployedWorksheet)07:01
replaceafilldeployedWorksheet is a regular IWorksheet07:01
replaceafillnot an IReportWorksheet07:01
replaceafilli mean, functionally it all works07:01
replaceafillbut if i only look at the interfaces definition, i'll belive that IGradebookDeployed will store IReportWorksheets with IReportActivities...07:02
aelkner_this is a good point07:03
aelkner_ok, there are three levels07:03
aelkner_the source of all report sheets, in gradebook root/templates07:04
replaceafillyou mean: templates, deployed and layouts?07:04
aelkner_then there is the deployed report sheets, by term07:04
aelkner_let's not consider layouts for the moment07:04
aelkner_the second level, the deployed sheets, are also kept in gradbook root, under 'deployed'07:05
aelkner_the last level is the actual worksheet in the section07:05
aelkner_the thing about deplyed workseets is:07:05
aelkner_they are Worksheet objects07:05
aelkner_deployed = True07:06
aelkner_so basically, since the deployed part of gradebook is just a holding place for what gets deployed07:06
aelkner_automatically, mind you, when a new section gets created07:06
aelkner_it doesn't really matter whether it is a ReportSheet or a Wroeksheet07:07
aelkner_not as far as i can remember there being a need to distinguish them07:07
aelkner_the idea is that ReportSheet is not deployed07:08
aelkner_and it can not have the same set of scoresystem choices as a regular (teacher) worksheet)07:08
aelkner_now that i think of it, that is a key issue that tom could speak to07:08
aelkner_but if i remember corroctly, the main reason for ReportSheet is the different behaviour in the edit views07:09
aelkner_coudl you confirm any of that?07:09
replaceafilldifferent behaviour? you mean because of the score system?07:10
replaceafillright, and the category07:10
replaceafilland the due date07:10
aelkner_so there's a different view class, right?07:11
replaceafillwait, you mean ReportSheets?07:11
replaceafilli thought you said ReportActivities :(07:11
aelkner_that's right07:11
aelkner_one contains the ther07:12
replaceafill  <page07:12
replaceafill      name="index.html"07:12
replaceafill      for="..interfaces.IReportWorksheet"07:12
replaceafill      class=".worksheet.WorksheetManageView"07:12
replaceafill      template="templates/"07:12
replaceafill      permission="schooltool.view"07:12
replaceafill      />07:12
replaceafillthat's the zcml for reportsheets07:12
aelkner_yeah, so it act differently for the user07:12
replaceafillbut the class it's the same as for regular worksheets07:13
aelkner_i provided a subclass or Worksheet that edited diffeetnly07:13
* replaceafill looks07:13
aelkner_the view classes should be different07:13
aelkner_ReportActivity add/edit, that is07:13
replaceafillah, so you were talking about activities vs reportactivities07:14
replaceafilli was still at worksheets :(07:14
replaceafillreportsheet vs worksheet07:14
aelkner_yeah, you see, the child has the socresytem difference, but the parent is located in the gradebook root07:15
aelkner_i won't defend it to the death, but i had my reasons for organizing it this way07:15
aelkner_i was dealing with the whole zope container/containment issue07:16
replaceafillcool, i understand07:16
replaceafillbut now i have a weird use case07:17
aelkner_i saw, with levels07:17
replaceafillright, different deployed sheets in different sections07:17
aelkner_you opened up a can of worms there :)07:17
aelkner_we don't have any concept of level at any level of the gradebook data model07:18
aelkner_level, level  -  unintentional humor07:18
replaceafillanyway, i'm still digging this desing07:19
replaceafillthe regular worksheet and the interfaces promise got my attention07:19
aelkner_if you think you found anything that doesn't fit, it's important that we fix it07:20
replaceafillif key.startswith(deployedKey)07:20
replaceafilli want to break that :D07:20
replaceafilldeployed keys are like schoolyear.__name__, term.__name__07:20
aelkner_isn't that the reverse of NameChooser?07:20
aelkner_i have to consider the case that more than one report sheet is deployed to the same term07:21
replaceafilli wonder if you have several terms like ('2009', 'myterm'), ('2009', 'myterm-2'), ('2009', 'myterm-3')07:21
replaceafilldeployedkeys will start with the same string07:21
aelkner_ooh, good point07:21
aelkner_perhaps startswith is not precise enough07:22
aelkner_what devides the term from the rest of the id?  a |07:22
replaceafilli'll write a test to break it first07:22
replaceafill(if it's possible of course)07:22
replaceafillno, '_'07:22
aelkner_ah, that's it07:22
aelkner_the code needs to do the .split('+) first07:22
replaceafilli've always wondered if it's better to store tuples instead of creating these strings07:23
replaceafillcompare both independently07:23
aelkner_the thing is, strings make the best keys07:23
aelkner_they are easily viewed in pdb07:23
aelkner_even users can handle a string better than ('this', 'is', 'a', 'tuyple')07:24
replaceafillusers dont care too much about our ids, right?07:24
aelkner_so i will defend the whole string as key idea07:24
aelkner_i'm a user :)07:24
aelkner_don't you care about me?07:24
replaceafillyoure a developer man07:25
aelkner_that's me, mster developer man07:25
replaceafillok, i'll keep reading the code07:25
aelkner_i still like string keys for BtreeContainers07:25
replaceafillwill try to come up with a solution for the can of worms :)07:25
aelkner_traversal, for one thing07:25
replaceafillwe have to use strings for container keys07:25
replaceafillyou're right about that07:25
aelkner_isn't that what we're talking about?07:26
replaceafillright, i guess it's just a matter of centralize this splitting, naming logic07:26
replaceafillbecause now it's handled in several places07:26
aelkner_you could add mucho value to the code if you did just that07:26
aelkner_mucho macho, you would be07:27
replaceafillok muchacho, thanks for your help07:27
replaceafilli'll keep thinkin about this07:27
aelkner_always a pleasure07:27
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replaceafillaelkner_, :|09:29
replaceafillthe term is not used when you retrieve the activity for a report column!09:29
replaceafilland as we suspected, several terms could break the define layout view:
replaceafillgradebook.browser.pdf_views.BaseStudentPDFView.getActivity should check: ITerm(section).__name__ == termName09:35
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?19:06
replaceafillshould i jump back to merge cando fixes? i was working on the design of gradebook report sheets + level stuff19:09
th1aNot immediately.19:10
replaceafillah ok19:10
th1aIf they really need it immediately we'll know.  ;-)19:11
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replaceafillmenesis, you around?20:46
menesisreplaceafill: a little20:47
replaceafillmenesis, just a quick question :)20:47
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replaceafilli found some new bugs in the gradebook, is it ok if i push my new changes to the same branch i request the merge20:47
fsufitchello everyone!20:48
replaceafillhey fsufitch :)20:48
menesisreplaceafill: yes, you can continue there20:49
menesisdoing an awesome job on gradebook!20:50
replaceafillmenesis, ah ok, thanks20:50
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* replaceafill loves schooltool :D21:17
replaceafillth1a, just explained the integration procedure to mattva0121:17
replaceafilldwelsh is going to do some testing21:17
fsufitchaelkner_: ping21:32
fsufitchreplaceafill: ping?21:34
replaceafillfsufitch, pong?21:35
fsufitchyay someone answered21:35
fsufitchso, for some reason zope is ignoring my src/ directory21:35
fsufitchi tried sorting buildout out, but i can't spot anything wrong21:36
fsufitchdo you have any pointers?21:36
replaceafillare you creating a new schooltool package?21:36
fsufitchyes, schooltool.courseinfo21:36
th1areplaceafill:  btw, not to throw you out of gear, but the levels + report sheets probably isn't top priority either.21:37
replaceafillth1a, right21:37
replaceafillth1a, i just like to think about it (report sheets) because it even helps me find new bugs in the current code :)21:38
fsufitchreplaceafill: there's a "schooltool.courseinfo.egg-link" under develop-eggs/ but i'm not sure it's getting that far21:38
replaceafillfsufitch, can you push your branch so i can look at it?21:39
fsufitchit's at bzr+ssh://
* replaceafill checks...21:40
replaceafillfsufitch, rev 7?21:41
fsufitchoh wait i made some tweaks with aelkner to make it work, since rev 7 that i branched from him was a bit broken21:42
fsufitchone sec21:42
fsufitchok pull rev 821:43
replaceafillfsufitch, still using python2.5, uh?21:45
fsufitchit's what the buildout specified, not my choice21:45
replaceafillyou can change the Makefile21:46
fsufitchoh i didnt realize that's where the option was21:46
fsufitchthat makes me happy21:46
fsufitchbut it doesnt fix my problem21:48
replaceafillfsufitch, i'm building it...21:48
fsufitchwhat i did to make sure of this is i inserted blatant syntax errors into the configure.zcml, and it still runs just fine21:50
replaceafillyou can also check your bin/start-schooltool-instance script21:51
replaceafilland check the paths there21:51
replaceafillfinished building21:52
replaceafill(using python2.6 here)21:52
fsufitchpaths look good21:52
replaceafillrunning: make run21:54
replaceafillok, running21:56
replaceafillPython path21:56
replaceafill    * /home/replaceafill/.sandboxes/schooltool.courseinfo/src21:56
fsufitch... right?21:57
replaceafill <hey look a syntax error />21:57
fsufitchanything you can see wrong with it?22:02
replaceafilllet me try something22:03
replaceafillfsufitch, yay!22:05
replaceafill=== modified file ''22:05
replaceafill--- setup.py2011-01-26 19:43:01 +000022:05
replaceafill+++ setup.py2011-01-26 20:00:59 +000022:05
replaceafill@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@22:05
replaceafill     include_package_data=True,22:05
replaceafill     zip_safe=False,22:05
replaceafill     entry_points="""22:05
replaceafill-        [schooltool.instance_type]22:05
replaceafill-        schooltool.courseinfo = schooltool.courseinfo.app22:05
replaceafill+        [z3c.autoinclude.plugin]22:05
replaceafill+        target = schooltool22:05
replaceafill         """,22:05
replaceafill     )22:05
replaceafillchange the entry_points in your setup.py22:05
replaceafillremove [schooltool.instance_type]22:05
fsufitchchannel flooding yay!22:05
fsufitchyeah i got it22:05
replaceafillchange it to autoinclude22:05
replaceafillyou will get a new error:22:06
replaceafillCouldn't import schooltool.courseinfo.browser.courseinfo22:06
replaceafillwhich makes sense :)22:06
replaceafilllet me know if it works22:07
fsufitchugh, this machine im on is a really crappy university machine on which explorer.exe regularly freezes every couple of minutes22:08
fsufitchZopeSAXParseException: File "/home/fsufitch/schooltool.courseinfo/src/schooltool/courseinfo/configure.zcml", line 7.16,  not well-formed (invalid token)22:12
fsufitchthank you :)22:12
fsufitchnow to fix these stupid syntax errors i included :)22:12
th1aJust try to make sure menesis knows about any bugs you just found in the build process.22:14
replaceafillth1a, i guess it's just that this branch was created a long time ago22:15
fsufitchthis was actually introduced by aelkner and his weird build setup that he gave me22:15
replaceafillseveral things have changed in that process22:15
fsufitchwhat he said22:15
fsufitchargh, this whole "explorer froze" business is getting really irksome22:16
fsufitchi should have a working netbook by tomorrow though, which is good22:16
fsufitchgotta go, ttyl!22:48
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