IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-01-25

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replaceafillth1a, nice, they have been using the cambodia demo instance :)22:08
th1aAh, good sign.22:08
replaceafillit has teachers and students created22:08
replaceafillvillages, etc22:09
replaceafillth1a, question22:09
replaceafilli've been looking in my notes but i cant find that discussion22:09
replaceafillit's about the use of report sheets22:09
replaceafillspecifically for cambodia22:09
replaceafillright now a report sheet gets created, it has activities and you can deploy it in a year or a term22:10
replaceafillall the sections in that year or section gets it22:10
replaceafill*or term22:10
replaceafillbut cambodia needs two different type of sheets22:11
replaceafillone for sections with levels 1-8, and 10-1122:11
replaceafilland one for sections in levels 9, 1222:11
replaceafillif i go trying to adjust the report sheet behaviour to use the level, i think i should create a schooltool.gradebook branch22:12
th1aYes, although that's probably a fairly common use case.22:12
replaceafillah! you think?22:12
replaceafillthat could land in gradebook core at some point22:13
replaceafillwe'd need the binding with level, course, section etc that yvl created for cambodia in core...22:13
replaceafillso, would we have to define report card layouts per level or something?22:15
replaceafillthe word template comes to my mind for some reason :(22:15
th1awent to check on my stew.22:25
th1aEssentially, yes.22:25
th1aOne question is -- does one school really have the full range of grades here or are they different schools?22:26
replaceafillfull range of grades?22:27
replaceafillyou mean for cambodia or in general?22:28
replaceafilllike some school only has 6 levels and another has 12 and so on22:28
th1aWell, for Cambodia.22:31
th1aHere, elementary schools have a different style of report card than high schools, but they are different schools almost always.22:32
replaceafillaelkner_, you around?22:47
aelkner_replaceafill, hey23:52

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