IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-01-20

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replaceafillaelkner_, damn connection >:(00:37
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dadengaelkner, hi00:46
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aelkner_replaceafill, ping03:35
replaceafillaelkner_, pong03:36
aelkner_hey we finally meet :)03:40
replaceafilldamn connection03:41
aelkner_i was reading your chat with tom earlier03:41
aelkner_i don't understand the part with the +03:41
aelkner_is that you or output of a program?03:41
replaceafillah sorry, those are my notes03:42
replaceafilli write them like:03:42
replaceafill- item03:42
replaceafill  + subitem03:42
aelkner_who is the user?03:42
replaceafillthe user?03:42
aelkner_'defined by the user but not used'03:43
aelkner_your words03:43
replaceafillas manager, i defined a layout for the report card03:43
replaceafillyou can select Tardies and Absences03:43
replaceafilland define headers for those03:43
replaceafilli mean, in the layout03:44
aelkner_ah, the layout03:44
aelkner_so you add Tardies and call it Lateness03:44
aelkner_and that is not coming out in the report?03:44
replaceafillin the pdf you'll get Tardies again03:44
replaceafillit seems like the other activities are stored somewhere03:45
aelkner_ok, so you're fixing that?03:45
replaceafilli've gather a batch of small things like those03:45
replaceafilland was asking th1a if it was worth to fix them03:45
replaceafill- student/student_detail.rml:03:46
replaceafill  + the view shows the data (grades and absences detail) for all the school year. the problem is that the grades and attendance methods of the BaseStudentDetailPDFView class do:03:46
replaceafill        sections = [section for section in ILearner(student).sections()03:46
replaceafill                    if ISchoolYear(ITerm(section)) == self.schoolyear]03:46
replaceafill    which gets all of the sections for the schoolyear, maybe the if should compare ITerm(section) == self.term03:46
replaceafillthat happens in the student detail report03:46
aelkner_the report is for a term?03:47
aelkner_then right you are :)03:47
aelkner_the test should change to ITem(section) == self.term03:48
aelkner_do you have any other questions?03:49
replaceafillhhmm no i guess not, will ping you if a hit a wall :)03:49
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* replaceafill wonders if we should use zope.i18n formatter for dates or use app preferences...21:50

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