IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-01-19

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replaceafillth1a, zyt?20:14
replaceafillhey th1a just a question, i'm adding tests for the gradebook's reports and i've noticed some 'glitches', like:20:23
replaceafill- student/report_card.rml:20:23
replaceafill  + Tardy and Absences headers defined by the user are not used20:23
replaceafill  + Courses column should be sorted20:23
replaceafill  + if Second Term is selected Tardies and Absences are not printed, if First Term is selected they are20:23
replaceafillbut i was thinking, if a report manager is on the way, is it worth to work on these little things?20:23
th1aWell, they are things that need to be done at some point.20:23
th1aI guess we aren't particularly good at tracking things which were left out.20:24
th1aThat is, there probably aren't actually bugs for the omissions.20:24
replaceafilli've written down all these little things though20:24
th1aOverall, yes, those things would be priorities.20:24
replaceafillfor instance, in oulines, you see section titles like: Math (1), Chemistry (2), Physics (3), Math (1), Chemistry (2), Physics (3)20:25
replaceafillthe first three are from one term20:25
replaceafilland the last three from another20:25
replaceafilljust adding the term title makes sense20:26
replaceafilllike: First Term - Math (1), ..., Second Term - Math (1)20:26
replaceafillagain, little things20:26
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th1aIt is time for little things.20:26
replaceafillcool, i'll fix them20:26
th1aPlease do.20:27
th1aThis is stuff aelkner and I barreled through at some point.20:27
replaceafilli18n in reports needs fixes too20:27
th1aI imagine.20:31
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aelkner_th1a, hey there22:12
aelkner_replaceafill, hey22:23
replaceafillhey aelkner_22:40
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