IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2011-01-15

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aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?06:37
replaceafillhey aelkner06:37
aelkneri was looking at your comment about ILinkedColumnActivity,and i'm not sure what you mean06:38
replaceafillah ok, can you take a look at the schooltool.gradebook.browser.gradebook module?06:38
replaceafillclass GradebookOverview06:38
replaceafillmethod activities06:38
replaceafillonce you get the filtered activities,06:39
replaceafillyou check if its a linked column06:39
replaceafillif it is06:39
replaceafillyou check if its linked to another regular activity (or external)06:40
replaceafillor if linked to an average06:40
replaceafillbut after those two checks, there's an 'else'06:40
replaceafillshortTitle = longTitle = bestScore = ''06:40
replaceafillsetting that ^06:40
replaceafillwhich i cannot get to with the coverage reports06:40
replaceafillbecause i think that would never be a case06:40
aelkneri'd call that a fail safe06:41
replaceafillhhmm i rather fail fast :P06:41
aelknerif you are adding tests and consider that code not testable, then i see wh you would get rid of it06:42
replaceafillit's impossible to get there in a test, i think06:42
aelknerthe more tests we have, the less need to fail safe06:42
aelknerwhat if source is None?06:43
aelknergetSourceObj returns None in many cases06:44
aelknerif the section has disappeared06:44
aelknerif the activity is gone06:44
replaceafillso, i could test those corner cases and get there06:44
aelkneri'd leave it in, and if you have time to come up with tests06:44
replaceafillremove the source06:44
replaceafillis '' the best way to tell that to the user?06:45
replaceafillmaybe a 'This source was removed' or something06:45
aelknerthat would be better06:45
replaceafilli'll ask th1a to come up with a message :)06:45
aelknergood idea06:46
replaceafillso, i stand corrected, it's possible to get to that part ;)06:46
aelkneryou can see how it could easily happen that a person would link to something06:46
aelknerand that thing would disappear06:46
aelknerdefinitely we need a good message from th06:46
replaceafillyes, specially with worksheets06:46
replaceafillright, i'll put in on my notes and ask on monday06:46
aelknerbutalso, if you can come p with the edge tests, that would be good06:46
replaceafilli will, also in the notes :)06:47
replaceafillthanks aelkner06:47
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