IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2011-01-08

aelknerfsufitch, ok, so there isn't any browser yet, but before our weekend was cuttoff due to illness00:11
aelknerwe would have added views for creating the base CourseInfo objects00:11
aelkneri think it would be best to get that part working as an XP-like small deliverable00:11
fsufitchaelkner, ok00:24
fsufitchso what i would want is views to add "extra course info" or something sounding like that, correct?00:24
aelkneryou can call them CourseInfo in views00:35
aelknerthe thing is, schooltool is in the process of adding demos to various object types00:36
aelknerthe motivation behind which is to allow developers around the world00:36
aelknerthe freedom to adapt schooltool any way while also allowing us to help them easily00:36
aelknerbecause adding demos does not change the code00:37
aelknerthat being the case, the CourseInfo objects you have there00:37
aelknerare only for David's app00:37
aelknereven if they were to end up being universally used00:38
aelknerlike cando or schooltool.intervention00:38
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aelknerthere's reason to say that courseinfo is any less vague than them00:39
aelknerso i'd just think of them as course info objects in the views until we have reason to change it00:39
aelkneranother way o looking at it, what is courseinfo?00:40
aelknerin the case of this package, it is a set of deployment info00:40
aelknerthat would need definition at the very least for anyone to understand the intention of the code00:40
aelknerso we do that and then we don't worry about what we call things that are internally consistent00:41
aelkneri'd just do the explaining in the beginning of the README.txt for now00:42
aelknerjust a paragraph, then focus on getting the objects defined, unit-tested, viewed, functional tested00:42
aelknerand remember, a small enough commit would be:00:43
aelkner1) created objects and unit testing them in the most basic way00:43
aelkner2) creating just the views for the newly created object (smaller commits would be nice, but don't over-commit)00:44
aelkner3) bug fixes, of course00:44
aelkner4) any edge case tests00:45
aelknerbut above all, try to keep these commits separate as possible00:45
aelknerif you find a bug, and you can live without it being fix, then make a note, and fix in its own commit right after the current commit00:46
aelknerthis will make it easier for people to code-review00:46
aelkneri can follow along with what you are doing, and that makes sense considering the investment i have into understanding the goal of the project00:47
aelknerand i'm sure sure tom wants me to spend a bit of my time on it00:48
aelkneranyway, i go on :)00:48
* th1a nods.00:50
aelknerbtw, reading back on what i just said, by "don't over-commit", i mean don't stress out if it's much more convenient to press on00:50
aelknerdoes that make sense?00:50
aelknerfsufitch, ping00:54
replaceafilldamn annotations! >:(00:56
aelknerwhat happened?00:56
replaceafilli mean, we have lots undocumented :(00:58
* replaceafill puts it in his sprint notes :P00:59
th1aOh... our new partners...01:29
th1aDo a view source on this page:
replaceafillth1a, wtf?01:32
replaceafill<w:LsdException Locked="false" Priority="62" SemiHidden="false"01:32
replaceafill   UnhideWhenUsed="false" Name="Light Grid Accent 2"/>01:32
th1aYou need that to display a press release.01:33
* replaceafill wonders what '[if gte mso 9]' means01:34
replaceafillYou are looking at a conditional comment that says01:35
replaceafill"if using Internet Explorer and Office 2000 or later is installed then01:35
replaceafillexecute the following code until [endif]" Otherwise skip the code.01:35
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