IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-12-20

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aksyvl: hello12:41
aksyvl: hello12:41
yvlhi, aks12:41
aksyvl: the 1.5.3 build seems to be running good12:42
aksyvl: I'm modifying the automated build script to add features like automatic depdency generation (by reading the requires.txt) from the package module file12:43
aksyvl: after that I'll rebuild and test, and then upload the rpm packages with the scripts12:43
yvlhmm, be careful with that12:43
aksyvl: careful in what sense?12:43
yvlI'm not sure if everything can be made automatic12:43
yvlyou should ask menesis about that12:44
aksyvl: dependency generation needs to be automatic because they change so frequently in subsequent release and if not tracked will break the builds12:44
aksyvl: and it's too much of manual work to track them and have them reflected in the respective spec files12:45
yvlyou're right12:45
yvlI just don't know if there's any manual work after the automatic part12:45
yvlthat needs to be done12:45
yvlyou'll probably be fine12:46
aksyvl: I've done basic testing of dependency generation and it seems to work well, just integrating the feature in the mainstream class12:46
aksyvl: most of the part of shall be automatic, the manual work shall include checking the failed downloads for sources and spec files, and then failed rpmbuilds and redoing them12:47
yvlsure, just ask menesis at some point how he's doing that12:47
aksyvl: oh ok12:48
yvlthere might be some corner cases12:48
yvlor maybe not12:48
aksmenesis: any issues on this ^^^ ?12:48
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yvland morning to you :)16:18
yvl* good morning ;)16:18
fsufitchwell i didn't say "good" because im still half asleep16:22
fsufitchhopefully the meeting will change that ;)16:22
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th1aHi aelkner, replaceafill, yvl, menesis, fsufitch.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
th1aaelkner, I hope you figured out what time the Eagles game was yesterday.16:30
yvlhi guys16:30
aelkneractuallly, i missed the beginning, but the end was all that mattered :)16:31
th1aI took a nap for most of the fourth quarter.16:31
th1aOK, aelkner, how are things looking with David?16:33
th1aIs his presentation today?16:33
aelknerthat's what i would assume16:34
aelkneri haven't heard form him since Sat, but he said he had to travel, so...16:34
th1aWell, hope for the best, I guess.16:35
aelkneryep, that's all we can do16:36
th1aAny outstanding issues?16:37
aelknerwell, he hasn't used schooltool all that much, so who knows how many questions he'll have soon16:37
th1aBut not from your end.16:38
aelknerwell, i need to do one more thing with the schooltool demos branch16:38
aelkneri need to create vocabularies for the limit keys so that there is a pulldown16:39
aelknerrather than a free-form text box16:39
aelknerin the case of person demos, the pulldown is teachers, students, administrators16:40
aelknerfor resources, it's location, resource, equiptment16:40
aelknerso i need to create those two vocabs and use them in the edit views16:41
aelkneralso, any code review changes that yvl suggests16:41
aelknerso that is what i would do next while waiting to hear from David16:41
aelknersound ok?16:41
aelknerthat's it for me16:43
th1aAnyhow, the context here for the rest of you is that David is supposed to be having his big presentation to... I guess a bunch of people from around Nigeria today.16:44
th1aWhat's really happening is impossible to say.  ;-)16:44
aelkneryeah, we're just hoping16:44
th1aOK, replaceafill?16:45
replaceafilli applied the same template fix to the gradebook that i applied to cando's gradebook16:46
replaceafillmoving the dynamic javascript code to the gradebook template16:46
replaceafilland making the static part a file resource16:46
replaceafilli also checked an error reported by aks in his fedora 9 rpms16:46
replaceafillit seemed like intervention was enabled at the beginning and then turned off16:47
replaceafillalso, i started removing some style="..." attributes from the gradebooks templates16:47
replaceafilland moving that info to the gradebook.css file16:48
replaceafilli'd like to hear from you guys what way you think is better to follow to avoid clashes among core and plugins16:48
replaceafilli remember yvl said something about namespaces?...16:48
replaceafilllike schooltool-..., gradebook-..., journal-..., etc16:49
replaceafillfor the css styles16:49
yvlyes, something along the lines16:49
yvlas in - "schooltool-lyceum-journal" div16:49
yvlthat wraps the journal content16:50
replaceafillyvl, should i try to change that?16:50
yvland then CSS rules that say schooltool-lyceum-journal table or something16:50
yvlif you have clashes - yes16:50
yvlif not, it can wait, I guess...16:50
replaceafillwell, cando and the gradebook are the ones clashing at the moment16:51
replaceafillalso, i tried to remove ellipsis use from the gradebook functional tests16:52
replaceafilland while i was doing that, i noticed lines like:16:52
replaceafillWe need to put the score back for future tests to pass.16:52
replaceafillFinally, we will reset the preferences to none so that the rest of the tests16:52
replaceafillwhich made me think, wouldnt be better to split those large functional tests?16:53
replaceafilli mean, even the readme has inline sections like "Activity Categories", "Initial School Setup"16:53
replaceafillbut again, i don't know if it's worth it16:54
yvlrule of thumb - it's good to test one aspect of functionality in one test16:54
yvldon't know if it's worth to change now :)16:55
th1aI don't know exactly, but generally we'll be working a lot on the gradebook, so it is a good place to do some cleanup.16:55
menesisgradebook test is only one big file16:55
replaceafillyvl, i think at least we should stop adding things to those long README.txt16:55
th1aAlso, it is generally sensitive to bugs.16:55
menesisand gradebook does not have unit tests, I think16:55
menesisit would be very good to split README into smaller tests, and write more16:56
replaceafill1532 of 3931 uncovered according to coverage16:56
replaceafillmenesis, +116:56
replaceafillth1a, i'd like to work on splitting the ftests, at least for the gradebook16:57
replaceafillmenesis, also the ppa bug is still there, correct?16:57
replaceafilli mean, schooltool-cando can't be installed (at least easily)16:57
menesisif there is a new functionality added or an area that causes problems, write a new test instaed of adding to README. would be a start.16:58
menesisreplaceafill: yes, probably. I haven't done anything about this16:58
menesisthe incomplete ppa list16:58
replaceafillth1a, i guess that's it from me16:59
replaceafilli just wanted some feedback on what i'm doing and planning to do16:59
th1aSounds good.  Thanks.17:00
th1ayvl: Is the end in sight?17:00
yvlI was sick almost all week17:00
* th1a needs to send yvl some vitamins.17:01
yvlwell, it was the same thing I got earlier, just got worse17:01
yvlI hope I'll work this week,17:02
yvl(well, at least I did today)17:02
yvlbut there are not many days left this year17:02
th1aYes.  Do your best.17:03
yvlWill do.17:03
menesissome good news17:04
menesisthe first batch of packages have finally made their way to ubuntu universe17:04
menesis36 new packages17:04
menesisare already in17:05
menesis18 more are waiting for sponsors, and some 26 I still have to upload17:07
menesissome of the remaining ones have the ZPL 2.0 confusion17:07
menesisonly this week will be fixing those17:07
th1aYes... are you waiting for permissions or anything on the Zope side?17:07
menesisnot really, I could have done this myself17:08
menesisbut not yet17:08
menesisI was fixing some Zope packages last week17:08
menesisone was a bug that fedora guys have encountered17:09
menesisand a few without licenses or wrong copyrights17:09
menesisI have asked for permissions on to be able to release upstream zope packages myself17:10
menesisyesterday srichter has granted me all the rights that he has :)17:11
th1aGood.  :-)17:12
menesisso now I can commit to zope, upload to pypi, and upload to ubuntu :)17:12
th1aNow we're cookin'!17:13
menesisyeah looks good, looks likely I can finish with zope uploads this year :)17:13
menesiswhat else.17:14
menesismade a CanDo 2010.12 release as Douglas asked17:14
replaceafillthanks :)17:14
th1aYes, thanks.17:15
th1afsufitch, ayt?17:16
th1aWhat have you been up to?17:17
fsufitchi am finishing the last couple of user stories for jelkner's pybookbuilder17:17
fsufitchweb2py has horribad documentation of uploading files17:17
fsufitchanyway, i can get started on schooltool work once that is finished (likely will finish tonight)17:18
th1aSounds good.17:19
th1aWell, I guess that's it.  Should we meet next Monday?17:20
th1aIt is probably not necessary.17:20
fsufitchi'll be here regardless :)17:21
yvlI'll be working (if not sick) the last week, so I'll hang around on IRC17:21
yvlbut it's a last week of a year17:21
yvlso :)17:22
th1aLet's assume no meeting.17:22
yvlyes :)17:22
aelkneri vote for that :)17:22
th1aProbably we should book our flights to Portugal before the end of the year.17:22
th1aYou should have gotten an email from Alex about that.17:22
yvlwe did17:22
aelkneri saw it17:23
th1aCan we drive in Portugal?17:23
th1aHow does that work?17:23
yvlhmm, my drivers licence should be valid there17:23
yvlso I guess we just have to rent a car and try not to crash it ;)17:24
yvlfor some reason I think aelkner's licence will be valid too :)17:25
th1aaelkner has driven in Europe.17:26
aelkneryeah, there's no problem there17:26
th1aOK.  So arrive the 6th and leave the 12th.17:26
th1aUnless you want a longer vacation.  ;-)17:27
yvl"work and travel Portugal" :)17:27
th1aWell, gentlemen, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.17:29
replaceafillthanks everybody for your support this year17:29
yvlHappy holidays to all :)17:29
aelknerhappy holidays everyone17:29
th1aIt was kind of a weird year for SchoolTool -- but has ended on a very high note.17:29
aelknergood blesses everyone :)17:29
th1aGet rested up and we'll power into 2011.17:30
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:30
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replaceafillaelkner, just saw the ny - phi highlights! wow20:03
* Lumiere is just happy the caps got outta their losing streak20:12
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