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aelknerdadeng, i sent you an email, but i forgot to mention that I am working on getting rif of the nad Edit link00:35
aelknerbad Edit link00:35
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aelknerdadeng, ayt?00:39
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dadengi'm here04:04
dadengaelkner please check your email04:13
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aelknerdadeng, i replied to your email04:32
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aelknerdadeng, hey05:03
dadengi'm checking the directory for the fontdir05:03
aelkneryou uncommented the line in schooltool.conf?05:04
dadengyes, i did05:04
dadengbut it doesn't seem to have the full path at the end of the line05:04
dadengyeah, i have it down the line in the example etc05:06
dadengbut it also said i need to update the path05:06
dadenghow do i do that?05:06
dadengnow i have uncommented all of them05:07
aelknerall of what?05:07
dadengbut how do i update the path to PDF generation?05:07
aelknerthe only thing you need to uncomment is the report_;ab line05:08
dadengthere are about 3 lines in schooltool.conf that make reference to reportlab_fondir05:08
dadengok, i have done that but how do i update the path to PDF generation?05:09
aelknerwhy do you want to update the path?  who suggested that?05:13
aelkneryou are working with the sandbox, right?05:15
dadengwell.. that is the instruction in the schooltool.conf05:15
dadenganyhow it is ok, i have it generated now05:15
aelkneryou have the census report in front of you now?05:17
aelknerthat would be really good news05:19
aelknerdadeng, ?05:19
dadengi do05:19
aelknerwell, horray for that!05:20
dadengit generated in less than 3 minutes on my machine05:20
dadengok, did u see my last email on report card?05:20
aelkneryes, and i have an answer for that, but what are your reactions to the pdf?05:20
dadengi go to bed now and will be up in 2hours time05:20
dadengit is ok for now, well done!!!05:21
aelkneri can help you with the report card right now05:21
dadenglet's go05:21
aelknerdo you remember, i wrote you a custom report card a month age05:21
dadengno, i can't remember that05:22
aelkneri created a report sheet template called 'Exams'05:22
aelknerit is already installed in your instance05:22
dadengoh, can't remember05:22
aelknerhere's what you need to do05:22
aelknergo to the school year view05:22
aelknerhit the Deploy Report Sheet button05:22
aelknerchoose Exams in the drop-down and hit Apply05:23
aelknernow when you go to any section's gradebook, you will see a tab titled 'Exams'05:23
dadengApply or Deploy?05:23
aelknerDeploy, sorry05:23
aelknerany grade that go in that part of a teacher's gradebook is for the exams05:24
aelknerand will come out n the report card05:24
aelknerthe custom report card is by term05:24
aelknerand the link is05:24
dadengok, so how do i get a view of it?05:24
aelknerDownload Report Card'05:24
aelkneryou have to go the schoo year view05:24
aelknerclick on the term05:25
aelknerand you will see the link05:25
aelknersince you haven't filled in any grades, the output will be boring05:25
dadengno problems05:25
aelkneranother thing05:25
aelkneryou had a problem editing students and teachers05:25
aelkneruntil i figure out a way to fix the clash between standard schooltool links and the custom ones05:26
aelkneryou have two 'Edit' links when you are in a student view05:26
aelknerwhen you hove over the second one, you will notice that the link ends with /edit_student.html05:26
dadengone works the other has a bug05:26
aelknerthat ones should work05:26
dadengit works05:27
aelknerif i can get rid of the other one, i will this weekend05:27
dadengok, good05:27
aelknerbut for the demo, if you can just make sure to use the one tat works05:27
aelknerthe same problem prorably exist for the teacher05:27
aelknerso be careful to hover over the link and look for /edit_teacher.html05:27
aelkneragain i will try to fix this for prior to you demo05:28
aelkneryour demo05:28
aelkneri would hope that you fill in your students, teachers and classroom with some meaningful data05:28
aelknerso that the output of the census report looks interesting05:28
dadengyes, the teacher from the school will help out with that05:29
aelkneri checked with the data.fs you sent us and the output is pretty blank05:29
aelknerwhen?  is the teacher going to meet you prior to the demo?05:29
aelknerah, good05:29
dadenglater today05:29
aelknerafter you get some sleep, right?05:30
dadengyes, but much later05:30
aelknercan you train the teacher to use the working Edit links until i have a fix for that?05:30
aelknerdid you see the change to school type?05:31
dadengthe only thing is that there will be a break out session during the presentation05:31
dadengwhere groups will freely interact with schooltool05:31
dadengand report back their findings05:31
dadengdid u see the last update i sent?05:32
aelknerah, so we need those bad links gone by then05:32
dadengthe agenda was included05:32
dadengyes, but not at all cost05:32
dadengjust do whatever is within stress limit05:33
dadengI can always explain that to them05:33
aelkneri'll do my best05:33
aelknerany other changes needed?05:33
aelknerdid you see the school type change?05:34
dadengi think it is ok for now05:35
dadengwe'll dig deeper later05:35
aelknersleeeeeeeeep :)05:35
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